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I was off yesterday. I originally requested the day off because I was going to be driving up to Detroit for the softball tournament. Since I got injured, I couldn't go, but then the patio door installers called and rescheduled for that Friday. And then it rained all day and they had to reschedule again.

I'm not devastated, as this just happens. And it allowed me to sleep in a bit and gave me time to get ready in the morning, which takes more time due to the boot.

One of the perks of being relatively couch-bound is that I've managed to catch up on my DVR a bit. I love watching "The Strain," about modern-day non-handsome vampires taking over NYC. It's definitely a dark show.

I'll be spending a bit of time writing issue #23 of my comic book while taking it easy.

And now I'm seeing photos of my team at the softball field this morning in Detroit on Facebook. Darn. Sigh.
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It's only Tuesday. Ugh. It just seems like it is definitely crawling along.

  • Over the weekend, I helped my mom move to her new room at the nursing home. She had a single as long as she did rehab. When her rehab stint ended, she had to move into a room with a roommate. Change is not easy for anyone, so I went down to try to ease the transition, which was surprisingly easy. Mom was in good spirits and very clear-headed for a change. I found out last night through my sister that Mom had fallen in her new room, tumbling out of her wheelchair when she stood up to water her plant. As good as she's doing according to the physical therapist, the reality of it is that she cannot live on her own anymore. Luckily, nothing was broken this time.

  • I'm not feeling the post-issue malaise that usually comes with posting my comic book. I've been so busy on weekends and at work that I've not noticed. Tonight, with softball canceled due to rain, I found myself oddly out-of-sorts with nothing that I HAD to do.

  • My newest TV binge watching has been "Schitt's Creek". I've heard of this show for a couple of years, but I finally managed to buckle down and watch it. OMG! How have I missed this?? I've always been a fan of Eugene Levy (who is a wonderfully furry daddy bear) and Catherine O'Hara. Levy's son Daniel also stars and writes the series, and he's very handsome and furry himself. The comedy is both silly and biting. The story of a very rich family who loses it all and has to move to a rural community is prime with possibilities. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix streaming, season 3 is on DVD right now.

  • I'm teaching class next week. We usually have 5 or 6 instructors for 30 students, but several of the instructors are unavailable, so we're down to three instructors and one newbee, so I'll be teaching half of the class this round. I'll tell the students to set their universal translators to "hillbilly" (*writing down this joke for class*)
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I usually don't watch any "reality" TV shows. I think they have wrecked TV for the most part for years. TV seems to be recovering a bit these days with more interesting sitcoms and dramas. However, despite my usual dislike for it, I have watched "RuPaul's Drag Race" since the beginning because I find it to be a fascinating window into a particular part of gay life and entertainment.

After eight regular seasons and one previous All-Stars season, the second season of "All-Stars" is currently running. For those who don't watch it, All-Stars brings back queens from previous seasons for a second chance for the crown and the money. This season is fun because it brings back a lot of fan favorites like Alaska Thunderf*ck, Detox, and Alyssa Edwards, as well as known "villains" Roxxxy Andrews and Phi Phi O'Hara. One particular spin is that instead of the bottom two queens lip syncing for "their lives" and the lesser being eliminated by RuPaul, the top two queens perform for "their legacy" and the winner eliminates one of the bottom queens of her choosing. I personally didn't like this twist, but it does create more drama and changes the dynamic in the work room.

In her regular season, Phi Phi O'Hara was pretty vicious to the eventual winner Sharon Needles. Phi Phi blames the editing, but there were things she said that you couldn't have viewed differently no matter how you edit the scenes. She herself admits that she was too aggressive in her season, that it hurt her ability to get gigs afterward, and that she had received death threats and attacks online. She supposedly re-invented herself as a cosplay queen, doing some pretty impressive looks online, and the perception of her seemed to change.

She came on All-Stars to get a TV redemption, proving that she had grown and she wasn't the vicious person TV made her out to be.

While she's not the yelling shrew she was in Season 4, she still seems a bit devious, giving advice to queens that makes them change their minds about how they pursue a challenge, usually to their detriment. Now that the show is being aired, Phi Phi has gone online stating that the show is editing her scenes again to make her the villain.

I was reading her twitter and she's gone off the deep end, ripping on RuPaul and the show overall, promising to skip the reunion show where they crown the queen (which makes me think she gets eliminated at some point). It looks like RuPaul herself has unfriended her. Phi Phi just dropped a new album. She's using the hype to push her new album under her male name. Somehow, I don't think pissing off RuPaul, the unquestionable queen of drag, is a smart idea career-wise, but it looks like Phi Phi is shooting for a real music career out of drag. However, she's definitely dropping hints about the show, so the producers may have a case to sue her for breaking her confidentiality agreement. It's real drama, versus the staged stuff that the show might have made.

Sadly, I was hoping Phi Phi had changed as I respect her for her new looks, but she's coming across as a loon. And I have to admit that I find Jaremi (Phi Phi out of drag) kind of cute, but looks aren't everything.

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Sometimes the hardest part of recovering from a cold is trying to physically get back into the swing of the usual routine. Those energy reserves that normally help with the odd stresses of the day just aren't back yet, so the end of the day leaves me unusually drained.

Still, I'm trying. It was a sunny and mild day here today, so I decided to go for a run. I'm not back to where I was in terms of time, but I did push to get the distance in. It felt good at the time. After getting home and showered, I was wiped out. Muscles have started aching from the sudden usage after weeks of taking it easily. I'm going to seriously regret that tomorrow.

So I crashed in a sense. I was going to work on my comic book tonight, but my creative drive isn't there. Instead I decided to do the most un-creative thing possible.... my tax returns. Luckily, my refunds are pretty good, which I plan to put to good use.

I watched the new "X-Files" episode tonight, which was goofy and a bit disappointing to me. The new series "Lucifier" is pretty interesting though. I found the premiere episode last week to be fun and I knew right off the bat that it would raise the hackles of the One "million" moms group, who have already threatened sponsors with boycott and everything. I couldn't care even if I had the energy.

Yay... Monday is done at least.
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While I've been sick, I've not done much other than flop on the couch and watch TV. I've been in recovery mode. I think I'm about 90% better, so I'm going to attempt going to work tomorrow. My co-workers will just have to get used to my raspy, frog voice for a while.

Stanley Tucci, Sofie Gråbøl, and Richard Dormer of "Fortitude"

The first disc of "Fortitude" showed up from Netflix on Monday. I popped it in the DVD player and settled back. This British series involves a murder in a small fictional Arctic Norwegian settlement called "Fortitude." One murder leads to another death along with other discoveries and indiscretions among the townspeople. US audiences will recognize stars Stanley Tucci, Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccelston, and (possibly) Sofie Gråbøl, the last being the lead in the award-winning Danish series "The Killing."

When I got through the first three episode on the first disc, I was disappointed. Netflix is good, but I knew it was going to be two days before I could watch more. While I was looking at to see season one was available on DVD, I found the season was available through Amazon Prime for free. And there was much rejoicing (yayyyyyyyy!!!)

So Tuesday and today, I binge-watched the rest of the season. I thought it was remarkably well-written, with various storylines interwoven together. I also enjoyed how the series led me to question the morality of a character, believing his or her actions to have been shady, only to reveal later that other circumstances were involved that exonerated him or her in my mind. It's a good mix of police drama, murder and mystery, and even a touch of horror. There was also quite a few bearded bears (series lead Richard Dormer is a handsome blond bear of a guy) as well as a bit of delightful male nudity (though sadly none with Mr. Tucci).

I am learning to appreciate the short seasons that British TV usual goes. Twelve episodes are actually quite a large season for the UK. According to Wikipedia, there is a second season being made. I'm looking forward to it already.
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Still sick here, but better.

What sucks for the most part, besides the surprise bursts of coughs that happen every so often, is the fact that I don't feel like doing anything. Being idle isn't something I'm usually good at. I thought yesterday that since I was sick, I'd get some drawing done or finish up planning the pages for the next comic, but I spent the day binge-watching "Criminal Minds" and being zombie-like.

I did watch "The X-Files" last night, which is making me incredibly nostalgic. I remember seeing the premiere when I was a senior in college. It struck such a chord with me that I became an instant fan (along with almost the entire campus). I saw the previews for next week's episode which has a guy in a hat and suit that looks suspiciously like Carl Kolchak, the supernatural reporter from "The Night Stalker." Kolchak was a 1970's show about a reporter investigating supernatural and alien events, very similar to the X-Files. I remember reading somewhere that they wanted to do a Kolchak-X-Files crossover of sorts back during the original series, but Darren McGavin, the actor who portrayed Kolchak, didn't want to reprise the character for the show. He did a couple of episodes of the show, but as a different character. I'm very curious to see what this upcoming episode involves.

I also watched "Lucifer," which has an interesting premise and the lead is very attractive. The jury is still out in my minds on this show, but I'm willing to give it a go.

*cough* *cough* -- Ugh...
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Nothing major happened this week. It's been busy at work and I've been relatively tired when I get home from work. A few naps occurred. Here are some bits and pieces of news and other things I remember (so far):

  • Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed away this week. During my teenage years, his hits "The Heat is On" and "You Belong to the City" were popular thanks to the movie "Beverly Hills Cop" and the show "Miami Vice." I remember thinking that he was very handsome and I enjoyed his videos for the music and the eye candy. It's rather sad when artists you sort of grew up with start passing away. It brings your own aging to the forefront.

  • I have managed to get the next issue of "Grizzly and The Bear Patrol" plotted out. Hopefully, I'll have the pages plotted out and can start drawing soon. However, I've been in a bit of a drawing slump of late. After the 365 days of cartooning, I guess I subconsciously took a bit of break.

  • Caribou Barbie (aka Sarah Palin) endorsed Donald Trump for President. What a spectacle... As one circulating online meme states, "Hot Mess Endorses Dumpster Fire!" I snort-laughed at the one, which almost never happens. Since McCain lost the presidential election with her as a running mate, I don't see her endorsement as a positive one for Trump. I dread the election season. It makes us look so ridiculous to other countries.

  • I've been binge-watching "Criminal Minds" and "Keeping Up Appearances" on Netflix. How is that for two ends of the spectrum in terms of entertainment.

  • The snow is a-coming apparently. The volume keeps changing, but it looks like my area will be getting around 6 inches. The rest of KY is looking at much more. Luckily, I've already been to the store for groceries. Friday is looming, so I'm good with the snow.
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Nothing major happened this week, so I don't have a specific theme for the post. Here are the odds and ends:

  • The cartoon for my coworker is done. I'll email it him tomorrow. And by "done," I mean it is finished and not available for changes.

  • I finished up "Jessica Jones" this week. It's a great series. I look forward to another season of it (if they make one). I think the next hero series is supposed to be about Luke Cage (aka Power Man), but I'm sure Jessica Jones will make appearances in it. I've been going through Netflix and found an Australian series called "The Principal" that is pretty good. It stars a swoonworthy bearded hottie named Alex Dimitriades as the lead.

    Alex Dimitriades-The Principal

  • I need to mix up my workouts. I "like" Men's Health on Facebook and I've seen some interesting cardio workouts to try. One of them involves kettlebell swings, something I can do when it's raining or snowing and can't run outdoors. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the guy demonstrating the workouts is BJ Gaddour, their fitness director, and another bearded hottie.

    BJ Gaddour

  • Yesterday, I was standing in line at Starbucks, which was full of holiday shoppers wanting caffeine. I stood in line for ten minutes when this blonde 20-something witch came up and started chatting up her friend in front of me. Then she just stood there. I was staring daggers at the back of her head until she finally turned around, saw me, and said "hi." I smiled and immediately told her where the back of the line was, which was behind me and the ten other people she cut in front of. She giggled and said that she was only in line to talk to her friend. Sure, I thought. She then whispered to her friend how rude I was. Ironic, isn't it? She left the line, but her friend ordered something for her as the little bitch left drinking an iced coffee.

  • Hopefully, my Christmas shopping is done. I went last night to (ugh) Wal-Mart. Since I am shopping for folks far away, it made sense to get the stuff where they could exchange them. And worse, I ended up buying things I need/wanted, spending more on me than on everyone else. Yeah, I bought the kettlebell. Sigh...

  • Last night, I did a sketch of the kettlebell, just a doodle while watching TV. I uploaded it to my Flickr account and two folks marked it as a favorite. I checked one of the folks who picked it and saw nothing but nudes and sexual pics among his favorites. It just struck me as funny that among all of these x-rated favorites is this one pencil sketch of a kettlebell.

  • Monday is looming. Luckily, I'm working the week and then will be off for the holidays.
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After the Thanksgiving holiday week, I spent a lot of time catching up on my DVR. One of the perks of this time of year is that a lot of series are hitting their mid-season finales, which frees up a lot of time from TV to watch other things.

I went through my Netflix and finally decided to watch Jessica Jones, after reading rave reviews by various folks on Facebook. I hadn't read the comic book, but I was familiar with the character and I could see it would make for a great series.

Admittedly, I was hooked after the first episode. Krysten Ritter plays the damaged superhero/private investigator really well. She comes across as tough, but cautious; caustic, but vulnerable. The supporting cast is just as good. David Tennant as Kilgrave (the Purple Man from the comics) is especially villianous.

The first season only has 13 episodes and I've been trying to meter out my watching of them. I have three episodes left and I'll probably go through those this weekend.

With this series being so good, I am now planning on watching the Netflix "Daredevil" series next, as I've heard good things about that one too.
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Subtitles can be a bit distracting when watching a foreign movie or television show, but in time I've learned to cope with them, as there is some really good shows and films out there in other languages. I love Spanish horror movies. I also became a big fan of "Les Revenants" (aka The Returned), a French television drama about people who suddenly returned from the dead.

The second season started on Halloween night on the Sundance Channel and it's getting REALLY GOOD! One of the big changes (and major pluses) for this season is the higher bear quotient. Characters from last season have grown beards, making them even woofier, and new characters are being introduced, including one brawny ginger bear.

Because I like to share, here are a few photos of said bearish actors:


Daddy Jerome and his daughter Lena (top)
Son and Father - Serge and Milan (bottom)

So far, this season is better than the last as the action is starting to heat up. One thing that has changed for the worse is the sudden blurring of nudity. Last season, they showed everything, including full-frontal on the guys, but the last episode had them blur out the breasts of a character. The French are not prudes when it comes to nudity, so I'm guessing Sundance is doing this for some reason.

Still, I'm loving the show and can't wait for next week.
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My posting here on LJ has become lackluster of late. Between my work and working on my comic book, there hasn't been much to report.

After work every day this week, I've been coloring comic book pages. They used to take an hour each, now they seem to take an hour-and-a half each. I think I am paying more attention to the coloring details. So each evening, I've been trying to get two or three pages done to get things moving along. It's a daunting task and fills up the evening quickly.

To help out, I bought an Amazon Fire Stick. I can watch Netflix on the big screen downstairs using my Apple TV. I color the pages upstairs on my home office desktop with the one monitor, so watching Netflix while I color toons isn't possible. Now I have the Fire Stick on the office flatscreen TV, so I've been streaming movies this week, which has helped.

One of the shows I've been watching is called Hinterland, a Welsh detective series. It's been very interesting and the lead actor is a handsome bearded otter named Richard Harrington. From what I've read online, the show is filmed in both English and Welsh, so each scene if filmed twice.

Last night, after the Cincinnati MovieBears and I went to see "The Martian" and grab dinner, I came home, watched another episode of "Hinterland" (they are long) and finished up the last two comic pages. Now I have to finish the cover and letter the issue and it's done. So hopefully the finished comic will be posted this week and I'll be posting more on here.
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I seem to be lacking for topics to write about. Well, that and the time. I've been spending a lot of my free time drawing and inking the next issue of my comic. Between my trying to get back into the swing of work after my time off and getting the house back in order after being gone, it seems that each day seems to evaporate a bit.

All of the pages for the comic book are inked and scanned, so now I get to start coloring pages. At an hour a piece, it'll take me around 24 hours to finish. My goal is to get the comic book done by the end of October.

Speaking of comic books, a comic book project I've been working on with Bill ([ profile] boomerz1) is coming to fruition. Bill and I put together a six page preview called "The Crime Fighter Inquiry: Prologue," which got published in a comic anthology a couple of years back. Since it was published, Bill wrote a first issue and I did the art for a first issue. Bill launched a Kickstarter for it this week. Funding seems to be coming along. Bear Nerd, a bear-centric pop culture website in Brazil, will be interviewing Bill on Saturday about it (and me if I can get the app to work). They interviewed me a couple of years ago about "Grizzly and the Bear Patrol" and they are great guys.

Tonight, I going to start the coloring and am digging through my usual stack of DVD's to occupy my side-eye as I'm working on it. I've been catching up on a British mystery series, "Rosemary & Thyme," about gardening detectives. I saw the premiere of the show when I was traveling through England in 2003 and grew to love it (no pun intended). I have the DVD sets, but they are also on Netflix. I also have a few horror flicks to pick through. More than a few actually.

Thankfully it is nearly Friday. I'm looking forward to the weekend.
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Just a few odds and ends from the weekend and this morning:

  • I saw “It Follows” on Friday night. The movie tells the story of a young woman who finds herself stalked by an unknown entity after having sex with the entity’s previous stalkee. The entity follows the person at a walking pace and changes its appearance each time. The movie is original and the low-budget feel definitely gives it a creepy edge. I enjoyed the movie and the theater was packed the night I went, so word of mouth is selling it.

  • Saturday night, I went to see the “Girl Power” concert of the Cincinnati Mens Chorus. Earlier that day, I got saw an SOS on Facebook from the volunteer coordinator, asking for help manning the sales and ticket tables. I volunteered as I was going to the go there that night anyway. While the show was great and the guys sounded fantastic, I only got to see about half the concert with the volunteer duties, but I enjoyed the experience.

  • Facebook exploded over the weekend with Indiana Governor Mike Pence signing that nasty “religious freedom” discrimination bill late last week. The social and political backlash has been wonderfully quick and devastating to him and his supporters. Pence went on a morning news show to “clarify” the “misconceptions” about the bill, but floundered horribly and predictably when asked repeatedly if the bill could be used to refuse service and goods to GLBT people. A simple yes or no question that he dodged as gracefully as a drunk on a skateboard with three wheels. He is a piece of crap, that one. Indiana folks need to get him out of office to save their state and repeal that piece of trash bill.

  • The season finale of “The Walking Dead” was last night. LOVED it. No spoilers though.

  • I did managed to get a few pages of Issue #17 of “Grizzly and the Bear Patrol” done. I had to insert a new page last night to put a bit more action into the comic. I particular loved how this panel of Polar Bear, the last I drew for the evening, turned out. I’ll hopefully start inking this week.

088 - Polar Bear Power Up
Polar Bear Powering Up

Happy Monday, if that’s possible….
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I haven't posted much lately because I have very little to report. I'm just spending most of the week catching up on my DVR and getting ready for the holiday.

  • "The Walking Dead" seems to be taking a different tact this round, with each episode having a different story with various characters, but not all. Prior seasons seem to be very linear, where this season has multi-arcs going on.

  • "American Horror Story: Freak Show" is not as scary as previous seasons. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, as it seems to drag, but then has these really interesting story moments. I like the characters and the back stories they have, but there doesn't seem to be a consistent villain in the show right now. The musical bits are odd too. I liked the ones by Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, but when Lobster Boy did a Nirvana song, I think they jumped the shark.

  • "Sleepy Hollow" is as good as always. Last night's episode was interrupted by the Ferguson, MO grand jury decision. I'm not making any comments on that one as I don't know all the facts. If only others would do that.

  • I've been enjoying odds and ends too, like "Bob's Burgers" and "Black Dynamite."

  • I still need to catch up on "The Flash."
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It was a pretty busy weekend, but it was a great time.

  • Friday night, [ profile] mickeymac and I grabbed dinner followed by a visit to the USS Nightmare, a haunted riverboat on the Ohio River. He told me that he usually doesn't get to do these things because his partner isn't much for scary stuff. So I took the lead through the boat, he was right behind me, followed by a trio of girls we didn't know. I loved the layout and the shocks. It was really fun. The best part was watching [ profile] mickeymac scream and jump throughout the ship. Afterward, we decided to go see "Annabelle," which he hadn't had a chance to watch. Again, more jumps -- so much fun.

  • Saturday was the usual working out and lunch, followed by some shopping for my Halloween costume which is nearly done. That evening, the Cincinnati MovieBears met for a showing of Dracula Untold. It's an interesting twist of the history of Dracula prior to the events of the book by Bram Stoker. It's not overly accurate historically, but twisting Dracula into an anti-hero of sorts was pretty cool. And Luke Evans, the Welsh actor who plays the title role, is pretty damn hot. And he wasn't the only one. The movie also stars English actors Ferdinand Kingsley and Dominic Coopers, both very woofy! So the eye candy alone was good. The guys seemed to enjoy it.

  • Sunday involved my working on the costume. That was pretty much a huge chunk of the day. I spent most of last night catching up on "American Horror Story: Freak Show" and "The Walking Dead"... OMG, that was good entertainment.

  • I took today off because I have quite a bit of unburned vacation time.

  • Tomorrow, I scheduled an impromptu Cincinnati MovieBears event to go see "Pride" at the local arthouse theater. It's drawing a decent crowd, so it should be fun.
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While I was washing and folding laundry today, I started watching "The Strain" on "On Demand." All I can say is ... wow...

When a flight from Berlin is preparing to land in the US, the flight attendants encounter something in the cargo hold. The flight eventually lands, but nearly everyone on the flight is found dead. The CDC shows up to investigate. The mystery deepens when they can find no reason for the deaths, the few found alive start exhibiting odd behaviors, and the dead are not what they appear to be. I'm being vague on purpose.

The show really sells on my love of horror movies and I think the plot is pretty impressive, slow and steady with some very good tension building.

There have only been three episodes released, but the fourth new one is tonight. I highly recommend it if you like the spooky stuff.
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Whew, these late nights watching TV after a grueling workout make the next morning rough.

I ran my 3.2 miles yesterday after work and even did a set of chin ups at the park. I felt good, but wound down quickly once I got settled in the house. I was working on the next issue of my comic book last night, staying up late to catch the season finale of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

I won’t wreck it for anyone who might be watching it later on DVR. Don’t check Facebook or the spoilage will smack you right in the face before you have a chance to dodge it (it’s a trending item right now).

  • Okay, first of all, it was good to see all the queens back, even that crying pothead Laganja (to a point).

  • The opening number was pretty fun and the male dancers were HOT HOT HOT! I like how each queen got a walk down the runway with an approximate amount of time proportional to how long they were on the show. I’m surprised Kelly Mantle didn’t have to sprint down to the edge and back for how little time she was there.

  • Gia, such a bitch. Really.

  • Milk, you are a good looking man, but you an ugly woman. On purpose, I think.

  • Laganja still did her “yeessss, ma-ma” crap and admitted to being high on stage. They played the clip of Michelle Visage reading her about her affected persona. Laganja was unapologetic and did her usual schtick, to which they cut to Michelle in the audience who was giving full-blown “resting bitch face” while others laughed. She ain’t too impressed. I wasn’t either. I’d not pay any money to see her perform. If she smokes so much weed, how does she stay so skinny? I though pot made you hungry.

  • The only real negative point I saw was this pathetic video where Adore and Laganja were supposed to reconcile for getting into an argument about Laganja’s fakeness. Laganja started playing the victim (again) and crying. I swear I think the bitch can cry on demand. The video was pathetic and stupid, a complete waste of TV time in my book.

  • Joslyn Fox got married on stage. It was really sweet. She has good taste too, her hubby is a nice, handsome furry bear!

  • BenDeLaCreme was proclaimed “Miss Congeniality.” I was happy for her because I felt she had gotten shafted in the show, a point Ru made after she had been eliminated, based on the public response.

  • Finally, the final three. They all looked good. I will say this Jinkx Monsoon appeared to hand out the crown and she’s looking different. Really, oddly different.

  • I think Adore is just too immature to handle this. Every answer she gives reminds me of a teenager trying to relate to things in her own little world. She needs to grow up a bit.

  • Courtney was pretty as always, but honestly, crowning an Australian as America’s Next Drag Superstar might have been a stretch. Every post on FB I saw had almost no hashtag Courtney votes. If we got down to numbers, I think she was third.

  • Bianca Del Rio won the crown! It doesn’t surprise me really, as she clearly seemed to be a frontrunner all season, never once being in the bottom two or three or having to lip sync until the end. Every FB post I saw on the voting had been flooded with hashtags for her, so it seemed clear to me that she was the fan favorite. Her mouth was a bit more filthy than usual, more bleeping, but she was still funny. With Ru throwing the crown away in season 2 to WhatshernameBeyoncewannabe, I was worried that RuPaul was going to pass it to Adore, but I’m glad the public swayed RuPaul to choose Bianca.

Until next season… or All-Stars 2… or Drag U….

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Last night was fun. I went to watch a friend and coworker play in her volleyball league. We have a friend in town for a conference and she and I were drinking beer and eating bar food while watching the volleyball games. It made for a good night, but it made for a late evening too.

I got home later than I wanted, missing the first 10 minutes of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” I thought it was a good episode, but I’ll not wreck it for those who have it recorded.

As has been the formula for the last few years, this episode involved doing some dancing, lip synching, and acting for RuPaul’s latest music video, this one for “Sissy That Walk.”

On the dancing part, Bianca and Courtney were burning it up. Both of them very much in sync and to the beat, but I know Adore and Darienne Lake were a bit off. Bianca stumbled a bit when having to strut and dance on a treadmill. If I had to do that in heels, I’d probably break my neck. The others faired a bit better.

On the acting, I actually thought they all did a really good job. Adore was surprisingly good, though I know she’s played the drunk Anna Nicole before and she was definitely channeling her. Darienne does screaming drama well. Bianca was giving off a cool Joan Crawford kind of vibe with her performance. Courtney was okay, but she looked a mess and not in a good way.

All four queens had to lip sync for their lives, which was the first time we got to see Bianca and Courtney involved there. Both do it very well. Bianca doesn’t do a lot of high energy moves, but she gives good face and her lips definitely match the words. Adore’s face is all over the place. Courtney was entertaining, but I have to admit that Darienne gives good lip sync. It’s a bit hard to do any of the acrobatics some queens do when the stage is full like this. It’s also hard to concentrate on any one performer with so much going on.

In the end, Darienne was sent packing, which wasn’t really a surprise, but I have to admit that she showed some real talent in this episode I thought. As cute as Adore is, I almost wish that Darienne had stayed and Adore left. Adore has a bit of seasoning to do and her immaturity just seems very apparent to me, while the others show a lot of professionalism that she lacks.

So, final three – Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act, and Adore Delano. I had two of the three in my predictions. I hope Bianca brings it home.

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Monday nights have been rough TV-wise for me. Both "Being Human" and "RuPaul's Drag Race" come on at the same time. I DVR both, but usually can only get one in before heading to bed. Last night was the series finale of "Being Human" and a double-header of "RuPaul's Drag Race," which just made it that much harder. I've watched both now and both were exceptionally good. I put my comments behind the spoiler cuts for those who haven't had a chance to watch them yet. You've been warned.

Being Human Finale

Lately, it seems that when shows end, they try to come up with either an ambiguous ending or something oddly bittersweet, usually ending with someone popular dying. At least some shows get an ending, which is always better than having it just canceled with no resolution at all. The recent conclusion of "How I Met Your Mother" has come under some scrutiny as one of the worst, but I didn't think it was so bad.

I had my own predictions of how "Being Human" was going to end. And, no pun intended, but I was dead right with the end result, if not with the how. Sally the ghost sacrifices herself to change her love, hunky vampire Aidan, into one of the living. While this works in making him human, it's a temporary relief as Aidan is over 200 years old and his organ quickly start failing. He nearly gets a new vampire to change him back, but is stopped by werewolf Josh.

Married werewolves Josh and Nora spend as much time as they can with Aidan, who accidentally lets it slip that Nora is preggers. To save Josh from being possibly killed, Aidan confronts the last "big bad" solo, the demon linked to their old home. After the demon nearly kills him, Aidan burns down the house at the last minute, killing him and the demon.

Josh and Nora come to the old house just in time to see an ambulance removing a covered body from the charred remains. They enter the house in tears, losing both Aidan and their old home in one sweep. Once inside they encounter a familiar voice, Aidan as a ghost. They joke about for a moment before Aidan's door to eternity appears. He says his goodbyes and enters the door to find Sally waiting for him.

The last scene has Josh and Nora some time later, awakening in a field from a dream where they, Aiden and Sally were spending a great afternoon in the old house. They look around and find their two children, named Aidan and Sally, nearby. A happy family, they laugh and play as the screen goes black.

It's the happy ending I like. Aidan and Sally together in eternity. Josh, Nora, and their family happy together. Everything resolved and complete.

RuPaul's Drag Race Double-Header

The first episode was the commercial challenge, followed by the stand-up challenge in the next episode.

The commercial challenge was kind of a dud, but the comedy challenge was spectacular, both in the good comedians and the really bad ones.

My personal favorite, Bianca Del Rio, was hands-down the funniest and won the challenge without breaking a sweat. I would pay money to see her do stand-up. Seriously, she should have a Comedy Central special at the very least.

Drama queen LaGanja Estranja got sent packing, which was fine with me. Her spineless whiny bitch routine was old several episodes ago. She wants to be the center of attention and being booted definitely got her screen time. If she put as much effort into her drag as she does coiffing her out-of-drag hair, she might have stayed longer.

Okay, time for bed here.
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  • I had a doctor's appointment today. It was to discuss with my doctor whether or not I could stop taking the warfarin pills. It's been a year since my less-than-fun hospitalization due to blood clots. All tests, even the genetic ones, suggest that there was no inherited cause for them. The pulmonologist stated that the likely cause was my trans-Atlantic flight the previous month. My regular physician said that he wanted me to stay on the pills for a year at least. So, given all this data, my doctor said I could stop taking the warfarin. Since I'm going to be traveling a bit in March, we agreed that I would stay on them through the end of March just as a precaution. I'm happy to give these pills up.

  • As I'm driving home, I came up to an intersection at a red light where a guy in a burnt orange Camero was hoping to be allowed into the lane from a parking lot. So I motioned him in. I followed him up to the entrance ramp to the interstate. We were coming up to a split to the interstate or another exit and I held back because I wasn't sure he was coming over into my lane again or not. He veered into the exit lane. As I passed, the driver stuck his middle finger up at me. I guess good deeds don't always illicit the response you would expect.

  • While eating a late lunch, I watched Being Human, the North American version (it's filmed in Canada). I DVR'd last night's new episode. For those of you who haven't seen it, it's about a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire who share a home in Boston. It has both comedy, horror, and drama. The acting is good, the cast is attractive (but not in that teeny-bopper sort of way), and the writing definitely throws some serious curves. This episode has the ghost of the house (Sally) going back in time to the moment where she is killed by her abusive boyfriend. She possesses her past self and prevents her death, leading to a new timeline where she lives and then finds her vampire and werewolf friends to make their lives better, with some disastrous results. I do love the show, but I found out online that it's been canceled and the series finale will air in April. While there are FB pages to rescue the show, the stars have already appeared in videos saying their cheery, heart-felt good-byes to the show, so I suspect there is no saving it. Sad.


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