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I managed to squeeze in four miles before the sun went down last night. It wasn't easy and I had to really rush through that last lap to have enough sunlight for a cool-down walk. Sometimes I hate DST.

Green Shirt Thursday After my run, a shower, and a snacking dinner, I dropped to the couch to watch some DVR and do some drawing. I also decided to watch "Trick-R-Treat," a wonderful horror movie anthology from a few years ago.

I am loving RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars. No spoilers, but I think the wrong team went home last week. There is a pair among the remaining that just isn't up to par with the rest, in my opinion.

It's Thursday, I'm wearing one of my favorite green shirts today.

The weekend is nearly here. What's everyone doing?
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Yesterday, I turned into the grumpy old man on my street. I always knew that it would happen, but not so soon and not at this age.

Grumpy Old ManMy neighbors are a young couple, in their early 30's I think, who have three kids -- a boy who is 5, a daughter who is 3, and a newborn son. While Mom was on her porch with the baby, the other two were riding around in one of those Power Wheels, battery-powered jeeps. They make an ugly "whirring" sound, these things.

I had just gotten home from a run, sweaty and disheveled, and was getting ready to strip off the gym clothes in my laundry room when I heard that noisy jeep make a spin around my house. The boy was driving with his sister squealing in delight. I rolled my eyes, hoping it was a one-time occurrence, but then it happened again... and again... They were going through my yard, across my patio, between my house and the one next door, down the embankment, up my driveway and to the sidewalk. My biggest concern was that the embankment is next to my garage where I had a tree removed last summer. The stump is still there and if they hit it, the jeep will tumble over the stone embankment to my concrete driveway about 2 feet down.

Not wanting the liability of this, I went out and asked their mom to have them stop doing that. She said, "they just love the hills around your house." I don't give a $#!+ if they do, I thought. I explained about the stump and the drop and she said she didn't know about that.

I never thought I'd have to explain to a neighbor that her kids couldn't play in my yard. It seems like a natural assumption that most people would make. Having found toys in my yard before, I guess I'll have to put forth a stronger reminder, but in doing so, I've now become the grumpy old guy on my street.

I should buy a cardigan sweater and a cane to shake at the kids.
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I was chatting online before work this morning with the ever handsome [ profile] sunbeam_bears, who remarked "Green Shirt Thursday?"

Green Shirt ThursdayAs a known creature of habit, I was wearing green already.

So after a busy morning, I went out for lunch by myself. My office is having an Oktoberfest cook-out/fundraiser thing. As I was strolling back into work, carrying my Chipotle drink cup, a coworker kidded me for being a "party-pooper."

While the celebration would be fun, the meal was a choice of brats or veggie burgers, neither of which sounded appealing. There was also potato salad and desserts. Granted it was only $5, but when it's food you don't want, it feels like wasted money. I mean, potato salad... who thought up to mix cold potatoes, eggs, and mayonnaise?? Ick.

I'll celebrate the old fashioned way, with a beer, sometime later this week.
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So far, not much has happened this week. I'm not complaining, as last weekend was quite the blow-out of things to do. A bit of downtime is in order.

Green Shirt ThursdayAfter work, I skipped my usual workout for two hours of yardwork -- cleaning gutters, trimming bushes, weed-eating the tough spots, raking and mowing. I'm sure my pregnant neighbor (at least I think she's preggers, I didn't ask just in case she was just gaining weight) would have preferred I put my shirt on.

The fun of mowing the yard and such is that I come into the house with a very lawn-landed, earthy odor that the cats love! I usually don't get this much attention from them, but they smell freshly cut grass on my legs and go rubbing them. Murphy has even tripped me doing this.

Not much else to report, just looking forward to the weekend.

Happy Green Shirt Thursday!
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After yesterday's drive home in the pounding rain, I just crashed into the bed for a nap without doing my usual workout. I'm feeling guilty about that today, but I'll likely make it up this afternoon.

Green Shirt ThursdayThe parade of ties continues. This is the first time I've worn this one. I was called "monochromatic" today because I'm in all green. I never realized how well this tie blends with this shirt until I got under the fluorescent lights.

Sadly, I'll not be wearing it long today. This morning I realized that something isn't quite right with my A/C system as it's not blowing air throughout the house. So I have a call in to the repair folks and will be meeting them this afternoon. I'm not going to meet him in a shirt/tie for fear that he'll find all sorts of things wrong and think a tie = money. I hope he's cute at least.

I seriously cannot wait for the weekend to arrive. It's been a long week already.
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Green Shirt ThursdayI'm working though my wardrobe little by little. My goal is to wear as many different ties as I can throughout the month.

Work is pretty much draining me though. I go home tired. In fact, I napped for three hours yesterday right after work. I managed to trudge through my bicep workout after waking up, but it made for a very late dinner. Still, I was happy I got it finished.

Today is Day 9 of 20. I'm already looking forward to the end of this.

Mark at 39

Jan. 5th, 2012 10:33 am
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Usually for my birthday, I recount some story with accompanying photos. For some reason this year (and it seems the last couple), I'm coming up empty.

Mark at 39
Great Scott! The end of my 30's are approaching!
A quick costume change and I'm ready to save the world!

I've wondered about this and I think that my reason for not recounting something is that I'm slowly learning to live in the present instead of the past.

Turning 39 today is a bit unnerving. It's my last year in the thirties. I think when people think of folks in their 30's, they're still viewed as having some sort of "young adult" properties. This can be both good and bad, depending on the situation. I think people 40 and over are looked at as more authority figures, while those in the 30's are viewed as still having much to learn. It's all about appearances as it really depends on the person if the stereotype holds true or not.

I think everyone has a few things in life that they hope to have done by a certain age. I have a lot of what I love at this age and a few things, some life-changing, that seem to have yet occur. If you had asked me ten years ago if I would have had them by now, I would have guessed that I would. I don't feel that I'm necessarily behind, but rationalize that these things just haven't presented themselves yet. Logically, it gives me something to look forward to.

So at 39, I'm working on grace. Accepting the losing of the hair, the silver in my beard (and my chest hair), and hoping I can get a decent body through working out. I think it's called growing up. I'm still working on that a bit, but not completely convinced it's worthwhile.

After all, how many people my age still dream of being a superhero?
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It is Thursday. Only one day more after today before "Sleeping in Saturday."

Green Shirt ThursdayIt's also Green Shirt Thursday! I've posted this shirt before, but there is only so much greenery in the closet, even if it is my favorite color.

Some odds & ends:

A near mint-condition of Action Comics #1 sold for over $2 million at auction yesterday. It's the first appearance of Superman and only about a 100 copies are known to still exist and very few in such good condition. My family often asks me if I would sell that comic if I owned it. Hell yeah! While it would be awesome to have such a comic, I recognize that I could do a lot with that kind of cash. And I could buy a reprint to read the story. Trivia Question: What other golden-age hero (with ties to a current heroine) also made his first appearance in this issue?


I was watching an independent horror flick on Netflix last night called Victim (Warning - movie poster is NWS). It's the story of a guy who gets abducted by a crazed scientist and his brutish assistant and experimented on for a very disturbing purpose. It was actually an interesting movie, not great but good enough to pass the time. The burly, goateed assistant is who caught my eye. He never speaks during the movie, is shaved bald with a graying mustache and thick goatee, and has a like pro-wrestler build. He's played by Irish actor Brendan Kelly, who played hairy-chested Mike in a really bad syndicated action show from the 1990's called "Acapulco H.E.A.T." He's aging REALLY well :)

A coworker paid me a great compliment yesterday. He's going overseas for the first time for work this weekend and he stopped by to ask me questions on how to do certain things on this sort of trip. We talked for probably a half-hour and I gave him some things to ease things along, based on my experience. Before he left, he told me, "You know, you'd make a really great teacher!" I'm flattered. :)

Happy Green Shirt Thursday, y'all!
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It's been a fairly busy work week, but not much has happened otherwise. I've been trying to "re-start" P90X diet-wise with so-so success to see if I can't work on this flabby mid-section.

Green Shirt ThursdayIt's Green Shirt Thursday!

We've had some pretty great weather the last few days, the reminants of I think our last "Indian Summer" for the year. I wanted to go running yesterday, but one of the side-effects I've found of going high protein/low carb is a bit of a drop in energy. The nap I took instead felt darn good though.

I have my Christmas card designs *almost* ready. I'm off tomorrow, so maybe I'll get them to the printer this weekend.

This week I found out I'm heading to a training class in Sacramento, CA in December. I've never been to any parts of California, so this should be interesting

I missed last week's episode of "The Walking Dead" and it irritated me that I forgot about it. I have to remind myself to set up the DVR to record it automatically. In trolling the web, I discovered that hottie-creator Robert Kirkman is a Kentucky bear.. er, .. boy! Yay! Score one for my home state. How I missed that tidbit, I'll never know.
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I got the cover art for "Grizzly & The Bear Patrol #6" inked last night and I have to admit that I liked how it turned out. I'm hoping to color it tonight. I hope to have the issue posted next week.

Green Shirt Thursday with TieNormally I post the images to my LJ Scrapbook, but I've been wondering if it might be easier to put them on Flickr. I've not used Flickr for this sort of thing, but I think they have a slideshow function that might be better. One of the issues I'm concerned with is that Flickr is something I have to renew, but my LJ is a permanent account, so I don't have to worry if I fail to renew.

Eric ([ profile] ericdabear) had asked me in passing about possibly posting a PDF of the issue to download. What do you think? Have any of you guys done this sort of things before?

Oh, and it's Green Shirt Thursday. I have a big meeting today, so I'm in a tie. Sigh...
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Happy Green Shirt Thursday! We're nearly there, y'all, just one more day!!!

Green Shirt ThursdayLast night I was chatting a bit online before bed and I found the flyer card for the Cincinnati Comic Expo from last weekend. On this one was an image of Wonder Woman, Batman and Batgirl fighting in the Cheetah on a roller coaster with a bat theme. It struck me as very familiar when I first saw it and remembered it's The Bat from King's Island. It made me think of other roller coasters I'd always heard about but never ridden, like the Screamin' Demon. So I did a bit of online research on them before bed.

King's Island was a three hour drive from my childhood home in Kentucky. My parents took the whole family there when I was four (1977) and I didn't go again until I was probably a senior in high school (1990). The 1977 trip was a miserable, hot "are-we-there-yet" debacle that my parents refused to repeat. So I missed out on the 'Demon because I was too little to ride it, as it was operational from 1977 to 1987. I missed The Bat completely because it was only open from 1981 to 1984. However, I remember my cousins and friends telling me how fun they were, so in my mind I recall thinking how cool it would have been to ride them. I was happy to see the Bat has not been forgotten and it made a cool backdrop for the Expo ad.

For the folks who have been recently via Pride Night and other occasions and don't remember these rides, The Bat was situated where the Vortex is now. The Screamin' Demon was somewhere around the Son of Beast area. In the list of defunct KI roller coasters, I suspect the "Son of Beast" will probably join these two in the future as it seems like one of those rides with inherent safety problems. At least that one I can brag about having ridden. :)
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Green Shirt ThursdayLast night, I didn't get as much done at home as I wanted. I drew page 11 of Bear Patrol #6. I folded laundry. I played with Murphy the Cat. I stopped watching a particular bad horror flick from Netflix and finished with an episode of "She-Ra" and a couple of episodes of "South Park" and "American Dad."

Today, I'm wearing green for "Green Shirt Thursday" but I suspect I should be wearing red. Maybe it was the "Shoulders & Arms" workout yesterday that did it or possibly the usual stresses of the week, or maybe both, but I'm feeling rather aggressive today. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

I think I need a life. Anyway, I'm ready for an argument today. And I don't mean "just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says."
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Happy Green Shirt ThursdayAfter yesterday's office potluck I was feeling pretty... um... guilty. Pizza, mac & cheese, and cheesecake, among so many other things eaten. To say my diet was blown would be an understatement.

After work, I told myself I had to do more exercise than normal, so I tacked on an extra mile to my run with every intention of doing my bicep workout after. The five miles I did. The bicep workout, no. I just didn't have the energy. And to add injury to insult I got a charliehorse (cramp) in my leg after my shower. Now that hurt. I did sleep like a rock though.

So, I'm here, starting a new day. Green shirt Thursday, no less. Is this shirt too tight? I keep telling myself I've gone down a shirt size, but I'm often wondering if I'm kidding myself.
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Nothing really to report here. With the rash of brutal storms that have been through here in the last couple of days, it's nice to actually see the sun out and about.

Green Shirt ThursdayI may actually get to go for a run today outside. I skipped working out yesterday and am feeling a bit guilty.

I snapped a quick Green Shirt Thursday pic in my office. That's Bunratty Castle in Ireland in the frame behind me. I can't believe it's been three years since I've been to Ireland. I really should update the photos on the wall sometime.
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After work, I went and did the workout thing. With the warmer weather, I decided to go for a run again (instead of doing Kenpo X). After getting home, taking a shower, and getting dressed, I met up with the often-missing-in-action [ profile] cubtharsis for dinner and a movie.

OMG!  Is it time to go home yet?Originally we had planned to watch "The King's Speech," but once at the theater, we decided on something less dramatic and more camp and went to see Drive Angry 3D.

Now normally, I'm not a Nicholas Cage fan. He's not a great actor in my opinion (regardless of the Oscar) and he's made nothing but terrible movies of late, my guess because of his tax problems. I admire that he continues working bomb after bomb though. This movie played to his strengths though. Lots of car chases, explosions, etc.

What surprised me was the supernatural aspects of the movie, which I didn't expect. And it's something of a Grindhouse feature -- graphic and corny with tons of nudity (sadly mostly female). It reminded me in tone of the Pirahna 3D flick from last summer. With all this, I loved it! And would see it again.

Happy Green Shirt Thursday, all. I for one am looking forward to the end of the day already.
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Green Shirt ThursdayWow.. how that gray/silver is really creeping in there.

Not a lot to say really. The work week is going along, I ran four miles yesterday, and spent the last couple of evenings working on the comic book. I think that it's the post-Pride Night blah. After having such a full weekend, the week just can't seem to compare in any way really.

I am looking forward to some movies coming out this weekend. "Easy A" looks like a lot of fun, full of actors I like, and the story seems interesting for the usual teen dramedies that have been out of late. And I have to admit that the previews for "Devil" look really good, but I've been burned so many times by M. Night Shyamalan (sp?) that I really don't want to give him another chance to rob my wallet.

I'll be reporting on at least the first. I'll be waiting for reviews for the second.
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Green Shirt Thursday 1/28/10I'm not doing the 365 days of photos of me or anything, but since it's GST, I thought I'd post it.

Today feels much calmer at the office for me, though I still have a great deal of work to get through in the next few days. I really wanted to draw a cartoon last night, but two pints of stout beer at The Pub made me very sleepy last night. The good news is that I slept very sound.

No snow this morning, despite the predictions, and no movies coming out this weekend that are grabbing my attention. What to do, what to do...
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Green Shirt Thursday - 10/15/09In trying to stay positive on this dreary, rainy autumn day in Cincinnati, here's my photo for "Green Shirt Thursday."

There's nothing like sneaking a photo of yourself with the iPhone in my office, in the hopes that no one will see you do it.

And I'm not necessarily sucking my stomach in, I think I may have just found my perfect angle for tummy photos. See, photography is all about illusions, great angles and good lighting :D
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Green Shirt ThursdayIt seems like I always forget it's Green Shirt Thursday until Thursday morning and I hope that a green shirt is clean. I'm pretty sure I've posted pics of myself in this shirt before, but it's comfortable and the temperatures are getting cooler.

One of the more recent times I wore this to the office I think I ended up standing on my head for the photography class at work.


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