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I've always enjoyed the Giffen-era "Legion of Super-Heroes" from back in the 1980s. I loved the artwork. It was the era when I started reading the Legion, learning about how each Legionnaire had to have one unique power to belong, sometimes with heroes only having one power.

Duo DamselSometimes the heroes had some pretty weak powers. Duo Damsel was one of those, having the ability to split into two identical selves, each having no other power. While in reality, it would be a very cool and practical power, being able to get so much more done. In the comic book world, it hardly put her at Superman levels. Still she was a favorite of mine.

One of my favorite quotes was from Duo Damsel.

"The best part of the LSH is how heroes with relatively weak powers can combine to become highly effective."

I enjoyed how a hero with a single power could be useful in certain circumstances. So for fun, in the comments, tell me your power and your "kid, boy, girl..." code-name. Remember, you have to have a power no one in the Legion has to be eligible to be Legionnaire.

Mine would be "Replay Lad," who had the power of psychometry, allowing him to see past events when he touched objects or people. And of course, he could fly using the Legion flight ring.
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Back in the late 1960's/early 1970's, DC Comics made the decision to have Wonder Woman give up her Amazon powers (as the result of the Amazons leaving this dimension for another) to stay in "Man's World." Without her powers, Wonder Woman left the Justice League and opened a mod-fashion boutique. She trained with a mysterious martial artist named I Ching and became an adventurer, fighting street thugs and the occasional spy. Comparisons to Emma Peel of The Avengers TV-show were made. The title of her comic became "Diana Prince: Wonder Woman" and she did not use her Wonder Woman alias.

Recently, I bought three trades of the Wonder Woman series from this era. I was curious, having only read sporadic issues I bought here or there, how the series ran. In my opinion, the writing and artwork for the series was better than it had been, but Diana Prince still lingered in the shadow of the super-powered Wonder Woman and it's hard to say that the latter wasn't missed. According to history, even Gloria Steinem called in to DC to complain about Wonder Woman's power loss.

Wonder Woman Hot Pants
Between crime-fighting battles, Diana Prince worried about her hot pants orders.

Diana Prince wasn't left out of the DC continuity though. She teamed up with Superman and Batman on occasion in their respective books, still being referred to as Wonder Woman. She also appeared in the Justice League of America comic during one of the summer JLA/JSA crossovers.

The power loss lasted for around 23 issues of her book. Eventually, Diana regained her Amazon powers and rejoined the Justice League as Wonder Woman.

Whether the "Diana Prince" path was a good creative decision for DC has been long-debated. Many considered it a brave choice for the time, bringing in a then-modern and original storyline. Others have stated that the most iconic superheroine in comics had been defanged, pointing out that the writers wouldn't have done this sort of thing to Superman.

In reading it myself, I think the stories were good (okay, minus the hotpants panel above), but I think DC could have very easily created a new heroine to be the mod-super spy. One thing I think the change did do was force the comic to be more modern in its approach, maybe even more gritty, which it sorely needed.
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Ugh. Another week of not posting. Work is the devil.

I have a dilemma that I'm sure a lot of people would love to have. I have been saving money of late in the hopes of buying a new car. My current car is from 2007 and has almost 160,000 miles on it. Granted, that's not bad, but I'd enjoy getting a new car before I have to start putting money into this one. I have the money right now to buy the new car outright if I want.

However, the other day, I got my mortgage statement for my house. The amount I owe on the house is pretty much the same as the new car. Back in 2001, I changed my 30-year mortgage to a 15-year and have steadily paid it down, so I have a little over a year left on it.

So, the choice is do I buy the new car or pay off the mortgage with the saved money? There are pros and cons to each.

If I buy the car, the status quo of the household budget won't change significantly. I have a newer vehicle with more bells and whistles and the mortgage payment stays the same. I still get to take off what mortgage interest I'm paying on my taxes, which means a bigger return in the spring.

If I pay off the house, the mortgage payment disappears. So I can finance a new car at that point, the monthly payment being less than the mortgage payment, so I come out a few bucks ahead and can save the difference. When it comes time for taxes, I won't have the mortgage interest to itemize, so my return will be significantly less.

Either way would be great, but I'm terrible at deciding when it comes to these sorts of things.

What do you think?
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Asked by [ profile] mat_t:

"Have you ever been in love? Or thought that you might be falling, even if it didn't fully develop?"

That's a good question, but not necessarily an easy one to answer. I would like to think I fell for someone (a couple of someones), but the reality that is it was likely infatuation as it never developed into more. Not sure what that says about me.

I keep hoping to find the special someone that makes me feel that way though.

Short, sweet, but truthful...


March is question month and it's winding down. If you have a question you'd like to ask, post it here.
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Asked by the furry bear known as [ profile] texwriterbear:

"If you could go back in time to tell your 14-year old self something, what would you tell yourself?"

I won't lie. Fourteen was not a good year for me. I started high school that year and encountered the douche-nozzles that would make my life rotten for the next four.

However, that year also marked a huge turning point in my life in a very defining way. My family never had money. We weren't even middle-class. We were poor. And I know a lot of people say that, but we were seriously poor. Always broke, my parents got calls from creditors all the time. Bills were always behind and paid late and generally my grandparents had to provide when something extra was needed.

And that summer, things got worse.

My dad had a massive stroke. He and Mom stayed in a Lexington hospital, about 90 minutes up the road, for two weeks. Dad was the breadwinner and his paychecks were now gone. Mom had just started a job as a clerk in a shoe store and she had to quit. For those two weeks, my teenage sibs and I learned self-sufficiency, taking care of the house all on our own and burning through our parents' meager savings quickly. After that came welfare and food stamps, then Dad collected SSI, which had us going from "poor" to "dirt poor." Dad would never work again.

So, I have thought of this question in the past many times. That summer, the tell-tale signs of Dad's upcoming massive stroke were there. None of us knew them for what they were. Dad never had regular doctor visits which would have detected them. If had the chance to tell my 14-year-old self something, I'd tell him about dad's upcoming stroke and to get him to a doctor as soon as possible, by whatever means necessary.

I have no idea if this would have made a difference in how the future turned out, but I would like to think it would have bought us some sort of quality father-son time, because we never really had any after the stroke and had very little before it.


March is question month. If you'd like to ask me a question, you can post it here.
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Asked by the buff [ profile] mort_83:

"When did you start lifting weights? What kind of equipment do you have (heh!)? What is your program like?"

I started lifting weights back in 1994 when I joined my first gym. However, I usually did the weight machines and didn't change my diet at all, so the results were pretty weak. I joined a fancier gym in 1996 in Kansas City during my time there and I started to see more progress, but I also did the "body pump" classes which helped. I actually remember getting ogled (for lack of a better term) by a female coworker or two at the time.

I felt back into old habits when I moved back to the Cincinnati area in 2000 and my weight and state of fitness fluctuated.

In 2011, my gym "lost" my membership and I decided not to renew as the gym was falling apart. In response, I bought a set of adjustable 50 lb weights, along with two sets of 25 lb and 15 lb free weights. I also bought the P90X system for a program. I shed a lot of fat and gained good muscle in the right areas. I think I was in the best shape of my life with that program.

I still follow the program in a sense. I still do the workouts for arms, shoulders, chest, and back. I admit, I slack off for the legs part, but I tend to run outside for my cardio. Right now I lift two to three days a week with two or three days of cardio on alternating days. I seem to be maintaining muscle in the right places, but I need to get rid of the thickness of my midsection that has crept up over the last couple of years.

Lately, I have thought of rejoining a gym so I could have access to heavier weights and different cardio equipment.


March is question month. If you'd like to ask me a question, just ask it here.
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Asked by [ profile] guywithmonsters:

"What one book would you have everyone read if you could?"

Honestly, I don't have an answer for this one, as I've never had a book that had an overly profound effect on me. This has more to do with my reasons for reading and the type of books I go for.

Since I left college, I have made reading (outside of work) strictly an activity for pleasure. I read very little non-fiction for fun. I read to escape and they tend to be horror, mystery, and science fiction.

However, I guess if I had such a power to make people read something, I probably would have them read something outside their usual comfort zone in the hopes of expanding their horizons. For example, I would make overly religious people read a book on witchcraft or paganism, or a racist read a book by Toni Morrison or Terry McMillan.


Asked by [ profile] boobooirl:

"If you had to stay one age for the rest of your life what age would you choose?"

I guess there would be a lot of perks to say I would like to be 21 or 25 again, but as I've gotten older I realize how people my age often view the people that age. To be viewed as a adult "kid" would not be so fun.

I think I would choose "35" as my permanent age. It seems like that is a great place to be, experienced enough to have the respect of others, but young enough to still enjoy an evening out with friends. At 35, I think I was in my best shape and my work life was at a very exciting stage. If I could maintain the feeling that accompanied that year, I think it would be a great life.

What about you guys?


March is question month. If you would like to ask me anything, go here.
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Asked by "Anonymous":

"What is your favorite food, and what is your least favorite food? What food memory brings you the most happiness?"

Sometimes it's hard to pick out a favorite food, because it really depends on the mood I am in at the time. I crave Indian or Thai food on occasion. If I had to choose a food that I almost never, ever turn down, it would probably be pizza. Pizza doesn't seem like an adequate answer as it has now gone beyond simple tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni. Now it can come with chicken, pineapple, ham, jalapeno peppers, etc. The mix of different flavors slapped on heated bread with sauce is really an amazing food.

If we're talking desserts though, I never turn down pecan pie. I always think of my grandmother when I have a piece as she's the one who gave me my first slice as a kid and her pecan pies were wonderful.

When it comes to the least favorite food, the list changes considerably. I don't eat seafood. I've never been a huge fan of it to start with and never liked shellfish. However, I spent four years working in a food laboratory in Kansas City, primarily doing mercury analysis on seafood, and the smell of rotten fish is forever burned into my nostrils. I can never eat it again.

As a kid, the one food that just made me literally gag was white hominy, which we always had in the house because my sister loved it.


March is question month. If you would like to ask me anything, go here.
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Asked by the handsome [ profile] dr_tectonic:

"What things are you a big fan of that you never expected to be? (Movies, music, books, comics, other.) What has won your heart even though it doesn't really fit your image of what you like?"

Hmmmm... I'll give you two things:

  • Rock music from the 1960's -- My parents were conservative folks who were teenagers in the 1950s. As such, when I was growing up, we never had anything that would have played at Woodstock in the house. "Hippie music" or "druggie music" is what my dad referred to it. The LPs and 8-tracks in our house was 1950s and 1960s R&B (The Drifters, Diana Ross and the Supremes, The Platters) or Country Music (Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Charlie Rich). The only common artist my parents enjoyed equally seemed to be Elvis Presley. I adopted my parents' view of 1960s rock music without even really listening to it, referring once to Janis Joplin as a screeching owl on drugs.

    When I went to college, I got exposure to other types of music and the soulful allure of the music of the Woodstock era suddenly made sense. Yes, Janis Joplin was still on drugs, but her voice became textured and emotional when I finally gave it a decent listen, not the screeching I believed. I learned to appreciate this music much more, enjoying songs from Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, CCR, and The Who. My iPhone isn't full of this music, but they are present in bits and pieces among everything else.

  • The second thing is food. I used to turn my nose up at everything that wasn't meat and potatoes, or a common fast food, like pizza. My hometown did not have any ethnic food restaurants beyond the most basic Mexican restaurant. My parents never pushed us to try anything new as it wasn't available. I didn't try Chinese food until college, but even that was Americanized. I usually dodged anything new until I moved to Cincinnati and had more worldly friends who introduced me to some of the cool restaurants about town. It was then that I learned to love Indian dishes, Thai food, Cuban cuisine, etc. I have found over the years that there is very little I will not eat. Seafood is probably where I draw the strongest line, as I've never really enjoyed it (and yes, I tried them). Even today, if I suggest to my mom to try Indian food, she'll balk. She's likely never had it and will never eat it because it is too far outside her comfort zone. She has no idea what she's missing.

What about you guys? Have anything like this to share?? :)

March is question month. If you would like to ask me anything, go here.
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Asked by fellow comic book fan [ profile] maxauburn:

"Who are your favorite super heroes- and why?"

My all-time favorite hero is probably Wonder Woman. My first comic book ever was Wonder Woman #250, bought for me by my older cousins Stephanie and Debbie in 1978. It cost a quarter. With Wonder Woman being on live TV and in cartoon form on "Super Friends," I was immediately drawn to her. It was fun to watch and fun to read. The transformation spin would run me dizzy. Her strength, speed, ability to deflect bullets, and have a cool lasso made her easy to mimic.

I always enjoyed the link to Greek mythology. When George Perez revamped her in the 1980s, I fell in love with her all over again. The current version in the DC's New 52 is a travesty of the character, in my opinion.

I have other favorite heroes, usually finding one on every team, like Star Boy in the Legion of Super-Heroes, Angel in the X-Men, The Scarlet Witch in the Avengers, Mirage in the New Mutants, The Flash in the JSA, etc. Each one for different reasons. If I kept on, the entry would be too long to read. :)

So which ones are yours?

March is question month. If you would like to ask me anything, go here.
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Hi all!

March on LJ used to be "Question Month" and I have been meaning to do that, but work has kept me busy to where I've forgotten to post it.

So here is an opportunity to ask any question and get a hopefully complete and honest answer to the best of my knowledge.

If you want to ask anonymously, go ahead. I've turned the IP thing off for the rest of March. Also, I've turned on the comment screening. If you would like to ask the question, but remain anonymous when I answer just let me know.
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Sorry to have let this one "March Question" slip by, but work got a bit busy.

The dashing Mr. Moof (aka [ profile] barak) wanted the following:

"I'd like to know something amusing about the Markā„¢."

It's not the easiest request to fulfill. I could tell you about my dislike of white hominy, my disdain for the phrase "touch base" outside a softball game, and my complete irritation at people who talk in movie theaters.

Honestly, I don't find myself to be that interesting. It's ironic, I know, considering I have a ten-year LJ where I've written in regularly, but it often becomes a place to show off my comic, discuss things I find intriguing, ask for advice, or just rant. I don't have elaborate hobbies. I don't travel for vacations. I have even just bypassed dating all together of late (though my right hand is getting close to asking for money for services rendered).

So my days have greatly become -- work, workout, shower, eat, play with kitties, watch TV, draw, sleep, repeat.

Just don't tell me in the middle of a good movie that you wanted to "touch base" with me to see if my white hominy aversion has changed. That would completely throw me out of whack.
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Work has been unbelievably busy. I've not been able to check LJ at all. In fact I made it all the way to lunch yesterday before I realized I'd not checked my work email. Freaky.

One perk I've enjoyed lately is this season's "RuPaul's Drag Race." It's been an OK season, but I can't say I'm taken with any of the queens that have progressed thus far. Usually, I back one of them early on, but this season has not made me do that. here's my breakdown of the queens remaining (including the one that got sent home this week so as not to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet).

  • Alyssa Edwards -- So far, all I have been able to discern from her is that she's good at the lip synch and not much else. She isn't funny, she can't act, and she doesn't think quickly on her feet. I can't imagine her hosting a show effectively. She generates a lot of drama, which is the only reason I suspect she's still in the running, but I don't think she can win it.

  • CoCo Montrese -- See above. She seems to be getting bitchier as the season progresses. She always talks about how generous she is, but then tears into people once she makes a negative comment and gets called on it. I think she should have gone home already. The catfights between her and Alyssa are getting old and stale, like moldy donuts.

  • Ivy Winters -- I like her. She's pretty and can sing, but she doesn't seem to be outgoing enough to win this thing. She shines as a performer, but flops at entertaining and other creative endeavors.

  • Roxxxy Andrews -- She works a curvy body well and is probably the cutest as a guy. She flubbed several challenges of late, so I don't see her for the long haul. And her crying on the runway during a lip synch about being left by her mother seemed odd, like she was shooting for some sympathy from RuPaul. I'm cynical and just thought it seemed overly timely for such an outburst.

  • Alaska -- She's been regularly in the "high 3" group and has not had to lip synch for her life yet. I think she has talent and I like her sense of humor. I think she does have a shot at winning this as her game seems to be stepping up.

  • Detox -- I think she's a contender. She's very creative, but I think her style might work against her a bit. Her odd lip synch style could work against her though, as it seems like a schtick.

  • Jinkx Monsoon -- At this point, she's my vote for winner. Her backbone seems to be getting stronger as the competition moves forward. Her personal style is growing on the judges. Comedically and creatively, she seems to be outshining some of her more vocal, bitchier counterparts. She's a bit odd, but I think it's setting her apart.

Any thoughts? Just curious.
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Asked by the Inquisitive [ profile] epinoid,

"What are your favorite ways to explore/learn the stuff you are interested?"

Usually when something new catches my attention, I tend to surf the web for background information on it -- history, photos, blogs, etc. If it's something that lends toward a hobby or trying something new, I might buy how-to books on it. When I wanted to improve my cartoon inking skills, I bought a couple of books on inking techniques. Recently, I bought a Dummies book of sewing because I've thought about learning how to use a sewing machine (granted I need to buy one first).

"If you could immerse yourself in another culture (any type) which ones would you pick?"

I've always been a big fan of Irish history and recently Scottish culture. I realize they are not so drastically different than say Japanese or Norweigan culture, but the familiarity makes them appealing.

"What is a skill you want to learn in the next few years?"

Other than the aforementioned sewing machine stuff, I'd love to learn to speak Spanish.

"What does your life look like in ten years? in twenty?"

Heh! At 50, I'd like to have a furry husband of many years with no mortgage and heavily-stamped, well-worn passport. At 60, I'd like to be retired with the same husband, in good health, and still traveling about places we'd like to go. I wish I could be more elaborate, but I rarely think so far ahead.

"What do you find most engaging in other people?"

The ability to make me laugh often catches my attention the most. I like being able to have a good conversation with someone where the topics evolve where each of us learns something.


I have other questions to answer and I'll get to them soon!

March is Question Month! If you would like to ask me anything (anonymously if you prefer), you can leave your question on this entry.
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I'd not seen anyone post this yet, so I just might be early. I thought this might liven things up at least for a while.

March is typically "March Question Month," an opportunity to ask any question and get a hopefully complete and honest answer to the best of my knowledge.

If you want to ask anonymously, go ahead. I've turned the IP thing off for the rest of March. Also, I've turned on the comment screening. If you would like to ask the question, but remain anonymous when I answer just let me know.
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Having watched many seasons of "RuPaul's Drag Race" now, I have picked up a bit of the lingo they throw about. Mostly through the constant overuse by the queens. I have noticed a few odds and ends that seems to be overused.

  • You too can talk like a drag queen strutting the runway, just fill in this blank: I'm serving ___________ realness!" I think I read on FB a comment by [ profile] ericdabear) where he pointed this out too. It's cute the first few times you hear it, but every single one of them fills in the blank almost every time they romp down the runway.

  • When did it become the norm for drag queens to pull their wigs off during a high energy performance? I've been to only a few drag shows in my life and I've never seen it. At least one queen who is "Lip syncing for their lives" seem to throw the wig every week. This week one of the queens did it (no spoilers for those who haven't seen it) and Santino Rice shook his head "no" after it happened. I guess I don't understand doing that because it shatters the illusion that it's a woman. You ain't serving fishy realness doing that.

  • Has anyone else noticed that often the queen who seems to be getting a lot of screen time during an episode is often the one who goes home? I haven't seen it so much this season, but in past seasons the queen who was involved in the most drama or discussions in a specific episode was the one sent packing.

And now back to non-drag related life :)
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The ever brilliant and buff [ profile] mort_83 asked:

Do you like to cook? If not, what don't you like about it or what's the issue with not doing it? If you do cook, what's your favorite things to make?

I do like to cook, but the only drawback is cooking for one, which for me is often not worth the trouble or time. Paula Poundstone once joked that if it takes more than three steps, you might as well cook. Often when I get home from work, finish a workout, and shower, the longing to cook anything is gone. I don't have a fancy kitchen with pricey pans or utensils. I make due mainly with a lot of hand-me down pans from mom and grandmothers.

When I do cook (usually on weekends), there are usually two dishes I enjoy making. One is a mastaccoli, which is basically pasta, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, and various cheeses. You cook, add, mix and layer into a pan and bake. It's easy, smells great, and reheats well. A coworker gave me the recipe over a decade ago and I still make it (with various tweaks to try stuff out).

The second is a chicken "pocket" that another coworker taught me to make. It's basically chicken (or turkey, getting rid of those Thanksgiving leftovers), cream cheese, onions, garlic, peppers, etc., all mixed together and placed into two crescent rolls pushed together to make a square. Fold it over and bake until brown. I often tweak the recipe here and there, different peppers, flavored cream cheeses, etc. Again, pretty easy and usually with enough for leftovers for the week.

The best meal I ever made was over a decade ago, during my time in Kansas City. Again, the recipe came from a coworker. It was a beef brisket that took over a day to cook properly. With it, I made garlic and horseradish mashed potatoes from a recipe I found in an old Irish cookbook I found at a used bookstore. It was the tastiest dinner I've ever made. I knew it was a hit when two ladies from my office were caught dipping their fingers in the nearly-empty mashed potato bowl when I went to get dessert from the kitchen.

And just what do you like to cook?


BTW -- Only a few days left in March The Question Month. If anyone would like to ask a question, you can post it here. You can ask anonymously if you'd like, IP addresses are not recorded for the month. Comments to this entry are screened and if you would rather I not identify you, please make a note of it in your post there.
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Also asked by [ profile] designerotter,

For you, what are the steps of creating a character, including the individual costume design?

I think the first step when creating a character is what kind of character do I need. If I'm drawing a hero team, the powers of each has to be considered. A team of all heroes with super-strength is boring. Variety is the key. So if there is an existing team, I look to see what kind of powers are missing from the team dynamic, or which ability would be useful. No one hero is all-powerful, or else he or she can't be defeated, which again is kind of dull.

It sounds strange, but the hero's powers often dictates the costume design for me. A speedster would never wear a bulky or baggy outfit because of wind resistance. A person with heat powers might wear a more revealing costume than other heroes because they would never get cold. If I'm drawing a hero for a friend who is a bit of an exhibitionist, he would likely get a more revealing costume than someone who tends to be shy in real life. When it comes to color, the hero's powers might also tell me what to pick. A hero with ice powers would probably wear cooler colors (though it's an interesting thought to give such a hero a green or red color). I sometimes look to see what colors are in the costumes of the existing team heroes and pick a main costume color that's missing and start working from there.

I take all of these sort of things into consideration when designing a costume. If it's a hero that I'll be drawing over and over (like for the comic book), then the designs usually aren't too elaborate. Too many details make it hard to draw over and over.

When I'm drawing a character for a friend, I usually ask for what kind of powers they'd like to have. Some friends just give generic powers like super-strength or speed, where others get really creative.

So once I get the powers, favorite colors, and other details for a friend's hero, I start drawing. When I get an artistic block, I just doodle until I see find that might work, doing a bit of trial and error. When I started drawing the "Bear Runner" hero for Derek ([ profile] _decibel_), I ended up creating a blank hero toon that I could pencil different designs on with out having to redraw the form. Once the pencil design was done, I inked over it with notes and colors. Then I would draw a separate cartoon in an appropriate position.

Blank-Hero Bear Runner Draft The Bear Runner
The Blank Hero (left), Draft Bear Runner with notes (center),
and Finished Toon (right)

When it comes to coloring, Photoshop has been a godsend, allowing me to try different color variations without wrecking the original cartoon. If I'm drawing a new hero unrelated to a request, I tend to show a bit more fur here and there. I guess I could say that I know my comic's fan base and what they like to see :D


March is Question Month. If anyone else would like to ask a question, you can post it here. You can ask anonymously if you'd like, IP addresses are not recorded for the month. Comments to this entry are screened and if you would rather I not identify you, please make a note of it in your post there.
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From the master artist [ profile] designerotter:

- How did you get to the point where you could create superheros so well through your drawings?
- Was this a long process of trial and practice?
- Did you take figure drawing classes? i.e. how did you get so proficient with anatomy?

I put the answers behind the cut to save space as I tend to get wordy about drawing and stuff. I also put some old and new cartoons behind the cut, all work safe.

Drawing History )


March is Question Month. If anyone else would like to ask a question, you can post it here. You can ask anonymously if you'd like, IP addresses are not recorded for the month. Comments to this entry are screened and if you would rather I not identify you, please make a note of it in your post there.
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Asked by the loveable and witty [ profile] mikiedoggie,

If you had to move to another area of the United States, where would you like to move to, and why?

Well, there is nothing like my old Kentucky home, but I have given it some thought as I'm fairly certain future promotions at work will likely result in my moving.

I wouldn't mind moving to the Washington DC area. I visit there often for work and I love the surrounding areas. I love the Metro system (I wish Cincinnati had one) and there always seems to be something to do. The cost of living would be something to contend with, but so many other friends and coworkers have managed to make it work, so I'm sure I could too.

The other area I've thought about is out West, like Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona. My best friend Brian ([ profile] aceofspace) lives out there and loves it. I've visited before and it does have a lot of charm and is definitely different from the woods and forests I'm used to being surrounded by. The milder temperatures of their winters would be nice too. Due to work, this one would be less likely.


March is Question Month. If anyone else would like to ask a question, you can post it here. You can ask anonymously if you'd like, IP addresses are not recorded for the month. Comments to this entry are screened and if you would rather I not identify you, please make a note of it in your post there. I'll be answering more questions this week :)


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