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My sister and her family came up yesterday to hang out. We goofed around the house for a little bit before heading to the softball field. This is the first time in my life that my family has seen me in a gay-friendly setting. I wasn't nervous as my sister has always been supportive, but I always worry about her hubby JB being uncomfortable. My 17-year-old nephew is a modern teen and is always okay with stuff.

Everything went well. My sister and brother-in-law were slightly inebriated (I drove) and had a lot of fun at the games. I hit a great shot my first time at bat. At my second time at bat, my sister yelled from the stands, "GO T-BUD!" "T-Bud" was my dad's nickname and he was a horrible athlete. I turned to the stand with the "WTF??" look, my sis laughed, and I ended up hitting a beautiful shot three feet in front of home plate. I hauled ass to first and was luckily safe, turning around and nearly giving my sister the finger for distracting me. She was laughing and her hubby told to her keep her mouth shut when I bat. :D

I sat out the second game as we had other folks who hadn't played, so I spent time with them watching the second game. My family was having a great time and my sister was sad that our hometown doesn't have a co-ed league that she could play in. She even made comment that she might come up and play in the tournament over Labor Day with my team. My team captain actually looked hopeful she would (my sis is a good softball player).

We won both games and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a late dinner. We got home and stayed up talking until about 1 AM. I asked my sister if she got hit on at the park. She said no, but she noticed that her hubby got a few looks. I told her that a couple of them came from my dugout, according to what some of my teammates were saying about him. JB took it in stride with a smile. I like a straight guy who can take a complimentary glance from a gay man. :)
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