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I went to bed Friday with a slight, nagging cough. A dose of Nyquil would guarantee me a good night, or so I believed.

It was one of the worst night's sleep I've ever had. The cough kept me up all night. My muscles were aching and I thought I felt chills. By the time I got up, it was 8 AM and my head was throbbing. So after some ibuprofen and a couple of hours of goofing off in a mental fog, I tried to crash for a few more hours, waking up around 4 PM. I literally slept the day away... and not a good sleep either.

Thinking it was a one-off, I downed another dose of Nyquil Saturday night, only to repeat the experience. In my waking hours, the coughing was just intermittent and annoying, but when I lay down, it just magnifies and becomes almost continuous.

So on Sunday, I took some allergy medication, hoping it wasn't a cold, but a reaction to the blooming crap in the Spring air. It didn't help. In fact, it made it worse. My nose was dripping all night along with everything else. I seriously couldn't win. I woke up at 3 AM to go to the restroom and get some ibuprofen to the recurring headache. I called in to work so I could get some more sleep and then go to the urgent care.

The doctor didn't think I had a cold as a lot of symptoms were missing, so she gave me a script for prednisone for a possible allergy and some of the cough syrup with codeine to help me get some sleep. I am hoping it works because i really need some rest tonight.

I am meeting my new boss tomorrow and I could do without the raspy voice and lack of energy.
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