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2017-09-20 08:15 pm

The Busy Day Off

I took the day off from work since I had a lot of things happening.

First, I had a doctor's appointment with the orthopedist this morning. She took a look at my foot and said I could leave the boot off. I told her that I had taken a few steps without the boot and just had a slight ache from using muscles that had been locked up for a while, but she told me that was normal. She said that in the future, if I started having this pain again, that I didn't need to see her, just use the boot again for a week. It's certainly strange to have a doctor tell me not to come see them, but it makes sense.

I've noticed that my foot has been sore today. I've backed off the ibuprofen because I'm sure my system is sick of it, but I caved tonight before I go to bed.

When I got home, I had a few hours before the cable guy was to show up, so I decided to clean out the car. I cleaned the windows, had Armour All wipes for the dashboard, and brought out the vacuum cleaner to get cloth free of lint and stuff.

There was a bit of time to rest before the cable guy showed. He was a nice ginger cubby named Ben. I tried to sneak a pic, but he was pretty alert. I showed him the severed cable and he agreed that the door installer was an idiot. It took him a whole five minutes to fix it. Since he was here, he checked the cable boxes outside the house for some routine maintenance. There was supposed to be a separate work order (second cable guy) to come and put in a cable line in my spare bedroom, but he never showed. The cable company said that there was no second order, though Ben found it on his tablet, so I'm not sure what happened. They said I'd need a second cable box for the house and it just seemed like too much trouble for the spare bedroom, so I canceled it, since it didn't appear to be happening anyway.

I'll be back at work tomorrow, no boot, so I hope my feet will hold up.
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2017-09-17 08:57 pm

Weekend Update

It's been a fairly active weekend, so here's a summary of everything that went on:

  • Friday I called the cable company and set up a repair visit. They could have done it over the weekend, but I have to take Wednesday off, so I scheduled it for then. And the repair will be free believe it or not. I still plan on giving the installer company a good chewing out. While it isn't costing me anything, the annoyance of being without cable in my bedroom for nearly two weeks has sucked

  • Saturday was a Cincinnati MovieBears outing to see "IT." It was a beautiful night and it was good see the guys. Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie, which I've now seen twice. I imagine that clowns will be a popular this Halloween.

  • Brian ([profile] cincycub) brought me a wonderful gift. While he was at Market Days this year, he bought me three issues of "How to Kill A Superhero," by Pablo Greene, autographed to me. According to the author's website,, the novels tell the story of Roland, a young man who is changed forever by an occult book that grants its reader dangerous but seductive superpowers. It involves some superheroic bondage, which is very enticing. I was so thrilled with them, I hugged Brian twice. I look forward to reading them. The author is very much into superheroes, spandex, and singlets. I can relate :)

  • Sunday was mostly home stuff. I mowed the yard (by removing the boot and wearing the ankle guard), did laundry, and finished a retirement cartoon for a co-worker. It did wear me out a bit.

  • Tonight is the series finale of "The Strain." I'm curious to see how our heroes defeat the Strigoi (the vampires). It's been a very interesting show, with some cute leads. After the last season where Zach set off a nuke and gave the vampires reign over the world, I'm kind hoping he gets offed. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch it.

  • My next doctor's appointment is Wednesday. I sincerely hope I'm done with the boot. I need to get back into working out, as my lower body and mid-section are seriously out of shape.
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2017-09-16 10:09 am
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The Stolen Bike Dream

While my foot heals, my doctor gave me a muscle relaxing medication so I could sleep with this bum foot of mine. I think it might be the cause of a very strange dream I had.

I had ridden my bicycle to a local shopping center to meet some friends and watch a parade. I parked the bike in a small parking space next to another bike and met with friends. While we were talking, I happen to notice a family giving my bike some attention, to the point where their 14-year-old daughter sit on it.

The mom picked up the bike and began walking away with it. Her directional sense was off though, as she started walking right toward me. I stopped her and asked where she was taking MY bicycle. She said it wasn't mine, that she had given it away to charity and wanted it back. I followed her and her daughter into a jewelry store where an unassuming man in a suit seemed surprised to see us.

She told the man that the bike was hers. She explained that she had given it away to charity and wanted it back. I told the man, who apparently was ambushed as an uninvolved third party, that I had bought it at a flea market for $80 and that if she had surrendered it to a charity, she no longer has a claim to the property.

The man was getting his checkbook out and was going to write me a check for $80, presumably to get rid of us. I asked the woman how she knew it was her daughter's former bike. I asked if she recognized any damage that looked familiar, or if she had written her name on it somewhere. The daughter said no and the mother was unsure. I stated then that she could not guarantee that it was her former bike and couldn't take it from me. The man stopped writing the check, giving up on being involved in the crazy.

The woman seemed reluctant to continue and her husband and son then walked into the store. I was getting ready for another argument, when I woke up.

And, by the way, the bike was small and pink. Yes, this was the bike I'd bought and whose ownership I was defending.

In the words of Mr. Mackay from "South Park," "Ummm... drugs are bad...m'kay..."
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2017-09-13 08:43 am

The Negative Home Depot Review

So it has been a week since the patio door was installed, a week since the installer cut through the TV cable to my bedroom, and a week since the installer's supervisor told me he would contact the installer to fix this issue ASAP. It's also been a week since I've heard from the installers. Seriously, not an email or a phone call to apologize or make arrangements to fix this.

I figure a week is enough time, so I pulled up my Home Depot email asking for feedback on the job and noticed that it expires today. Being the suspicious person I am, I wondered if the installation company was waiting to for the feedback survey to expire so instead of getting a negative rating, they got no feedback, which is probably infinitely better.

On the Home Depot survey, I left a lengthy comment about how the installer cut the cable during the install of the door and then stuck the pieces back up on the top of the exterior door frame so I wouldn't see it. I also commented how I had contacted the contracted installation company and was promised corrections ASAP, and then went a week with no follow-up.

In the end, I have no idea what effect this will have on the situation, but I'm going to call my cable company about coming out to fix it. If any party involved contacts me now, I'm just going to tell them to reimburse me the cost of the repair.
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2017-09-10 09:18 pm
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Pride Night at King's Island

So Friday night was the last Pride Night at King's Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. The planner explained that there are sponsor conflicts and less enthusiasm by the new owners to keep it going. If I won that big lottery money a few weeks back, I'd keep it going for the next 20 years. It's the only time I ever go to the park -- no lines, few kids, no overwhelming crowds, just a bunch of wonderful gays and our families having a night to ourselves.

Banshee 2017

To make it even more special, [profile] mikiedoggie and his other half John came down from Chicago (along with several other Chicago folks) to enjoy the last Pride Night. One of the wonderful things about the night is seeing so many friends that you usually don't see out very much. Also in attendance was [profile] _decibel_ and [profile] kybigstew as well as several bears from my softball night.

Even with the dreaded boot on my foot, I managed to keep up. Because of the boot, I had to get a pass to see if I could ride the rides. Because I could take the boot off without hurting myself, I could ride everything, but some rides I had to remove it. The Banshee above was one of the six. The plus of having this "hall pass" of sorts was that I could cut any line and take three people with me. So I pulled this pass on a few rides (including The Banshee) and took a few of the crew with me.

We made it the entire night, heading out at midnight. I certainly hate to see Pride Night disappear, but I'm hopeful that it may reappear in the future sometime.
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2017-09-02 10:33 am
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A Long Weekend

I was off yesterday. I originally requested the day off because I was going to be driving up to Detroit for the softball tournament. Since I got injured, I couldn't go, but then the patio door installers called and rescheduled for that Friday. And then it rained all day and they had to reschedule again.

I'm not devastated, as this just happens. And it allowed me to sleep in a bit and gave me time to get ready in the morning, which takes more time due to the boot.

One of the perks of being relatively couch-bound is that I've managed to catch up on my DVR a bit. I love watching "The Strain," about modern-day non-handsome vampires taking over NYC. It's definitely a dark show.

I'll be spending a bit of time writing issue #23 of my comic book while taking it easy.

And now I'm seeing photos of my team at the softball field this morning in Detroit on Facebook. Darn. Sigh.
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2017-08-29 09:21 pm
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Boot Updates

The weekend was not terribly pretty in terms of the boot. Being someone who likes to stay busy, just sitting on the couch with my leg propped up is annoying me. It's also very distracting, which leaves me struggling to concentrate on things.

Night time has been the worst part of it. After I take off the compression socks to help with the swelling, my ankle becomes abnormally sensitive. The slightest touch of it can hurt, so finding a comfortable position to sleep in has been nearly impossible. This past week has been a lot of fitful sleeping.

The good news is that my foot seems to be on the mend. The pain is nearly gone and the sensitivity has disappeared. I slept so soundly last night, I didn't want to get up. I found myself very drowsy at work today, so I was happy to get home. I set the alarm for an hour nap and did not want to get up from it either, so my body is clearly ready to catch up on my rest.

The only negative is that my OTHER foot is starting to hurt now. Not in the same way, but like a strained muscle in my arch. I've relied to heavily on my good foot this past week, I know it's tired of having to bear my weight most of the time. I'm hoping it passes quickly too.

I want this boot off so bad. I missed out on softball again tonight. Boo.
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2017-08-26 08:12 pm
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When A Stranger Calls

I am a huge fan of the original 1979 film "When A Stranger Calls," starring Carol Kane and Charles Durning. The first 20 minutes of the movie are the best, the one where Jill the babysitter gets the phone calls asking if she's checked the children. From what I heard, those 20 minutes were the original film and then they added the rest to make it a full movie.

The 2006 remake of the movie took the original 20 minutes and stretched them out to length of a full movie. Camilla Belle plays Jill this round, a teenager who is having boyfriend trouble and went over her minutes dealing with him. As punishment, her parents deactivate her cell phone and get her a babysitting job on the night of the big bonfire to help pay for the bill. The formula pretty follows suit after that -- creepy phone calls from an unseen stalker asking if she's checked the children.

The reviews of the 2006 remake were dismal, but I really liked the movie, enough to have seen it in the theater twice and then have purchased the DVD when released. While it may be a bit slow, it does do what most modern horror movies do not, it develops the characters so you care about them. Jill is not just a stereotypical babysitter, she's a reasonably responsible young woman. Granted, she makes some mistakes, but she becomes quite the hero toward the movie's end, definitely finding a spot as "final girl," despite the fact that the number of murders in the movie is low.

I watched the movie again the other night. It ages well, except for the cell phones being dated. While it's low rated on Rotten Tomatoes (9%), the audience score is 43%, so it looks like I'm not totally alone in liking it.
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2017-08-25 10:28 pm
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C.H.U.D. Revisited

I bought a horror movie four-pack DVD the other day. The set contains the original "Children of the Corn," "Creepshow 2," "House," and "C.H.U.D." All of them are movies from my childhood, so I had to get it.

As I was coloring a drawing the other day, I put the "C.H.U.D." DVD in and watched it for the first time since high school. For those unaware of the movie, C.H.U.D. stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller. In NYC, toxic waste stored underground transforms transients into flesh-eating monsters. It's somewhat cheaply made and gory in places, but it's a very standard 1980's horror flick.

What surprised me about the movie is the number of future movie/tv-stars in early non-lead roles, including Patricia Richardson from "Home Improvement," John Goodman from "Roseanne," and the recently-late Jay Thomas from "Mork & Mindy" and "Murphy Brown."

I was thoroughly entertained as usual.

There was a sequel according to IMDB, so I may have to add it to my Netflix queue.
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2017-08-24 03:52 pm
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Ouch of a Night

My booted foot started aching horribly at work yesterday. I think I was walking too much on it. I can't just sit at my desk all day, so I tended to get up, albeit infrequently, to stretch my legs. After me and my lunch crew grabbed something to eat, I couldn't focus on work at all as every throb would distract me. I left early and stopped by the store to get a plastic tub to soak my foot in, and even bought more stuff - compression socks, a cane to help me balance, one of those spiky balls to massage my arch, etc.

I tried to take it easy last night, but it didn't help. I couldn't focus on anything at home either. Around 10 PM, I went to bed after rubbing some menthol gel into my sore foot and popping some ibuprofen. Every time I moved my foot, I'd get a painful jolt and it would wake me up. Midnight came, then 1 AM, then 2. Finally around 3 AM, I crashed... only to have my alarm go off at 4:30 AM. I cursed out loud I think. The executive decision was made, turn off the alarm and try to salvage some sleep.

Finally, I woke up at 8:30 AM, hobbled to the bathroom, did my business, then emailed my supervisor that I was taking a sick day.

I've been lounging around most of the day, but I have to admit that the pain has subsided quite a bit. I've been wearing a compression sock and keeping my foot elevated. I'm hoping for some real sleep tonight, so I can make it to work tomorrow.
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2017-08-21 10:11 pm

Back in the Boot

My cleats have been crushing my feet lately, but they had been feeling better. On Saturday, I re-laced my running shoes and did my usual 3.4 miles on the track. I felt pretty good when I finished and walked back up the hill to my car. After my shower, I went to lunch and started to notice a twinge in my right foot. As I ran more errands, the twinge grew into an ache, then into dull pain, and ending at sharp pain. I was thrilled to get home and take it easy, thinking that the pain would pass overnight.

It didn't.

I took it easy all day Sunday. I didn't even leave the house. My foot had swelled and was very red on its bridge. I iced it and kept it elevated, thinking that I had overdone it. As I went to bed that night, it hurt even more. In bed, I grabbed my phone and found that the local orthopaedic office had an urgent care just down the road from my house.

The urgent care is pretty well set. The lady at the front desk was a bit of a bitch, but I can live with as long as they see me. There were lots of kids in casts and even a prisoner in chains, decked out in gray and black striped clothes. The theater of the living was kind of fun.

They took me back, shot several x-rays of my foot in various painful positions, then put me in a room to wait for the doctor. The doc was a funny lady, just a few years younger than me, who listened intently to what I had done to myself. She said that she believes that I have stress fractures on my right foot. She said that we can't see them on the x-ray until they heal, but she pointed out past fractures that had healed. It was pretty interesting considering the pain I was in. She verified the fractures by striking a tuning fork and placing the end along each metatarsal on my right foot. As she moved the fork end down the bone, she would reach a spot that would hurt. The fork would cause the bone to vibrate and vibrating breaks... hurt. It turns out that two of my five metatarsals have apparent fractures.

She was going to put me into a boot, but luckily I still had the same one from a couple of years ago, so I was ready to roll. I made it back to work for a few hours, then home to catch up on the sleep I didn't get last night.

I'm in the boot for at least two weeks. No softball tomorrow or next week. And sadly, no softball tournament in Detroit. I should be out of it by the time Pride Night at Kings Island rolls around.
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2017-08-17 09:14 pm
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Poor Podcasting

I have a half-hour drive to work and home from work. With construction in town, the drive has been stretched to 40-60 minutes of late. To pass the time, I listen to a variety of podcasts in the car. Some are really good, including "You Must Remember This," "What's the Tee," "Nooner with Alec and Calpernia," "The Pandora Boxx Show," and "WTF with Marc Maron."

I often test-drive other podcasts related to shows I like. Last night, I downloaded a couple of episodes of a podcast that recounts and discusses the Adult Swim animated series "Rick and Morty" for today's drives.

And it was horrible.

It started off okay, but the hosts quickly fell apart. The commenters are obviously much younger than me. The female commenters and the one male host use the word "like" incessantly.

"Like, it was so strange... like, the moment that this happened, I was ... like, laughing so hard.."

It was insanely distracting. I counted that in one 60 second portion of the discussion, the hosts used the word "like" over 20 times. If this were turned into a drinking game where listeners took a shot with every use of the word, people would be $#!+faced in minutes, passed out in a puddle of their own vomit while crapping themselves.

I had to turn it to something different after about 20 minutes. I'll be looking for a different podcast to replace it.
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2017-08-13 09:17 pm
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Softball Ouchie

I've been having trouble with my feet lately. A couple of weeks ago, they hurt so bad after a softball game that I couldn't bear to wear my cleats. I took them off and walked in my stocking feet to the parking lot and my car. I blamed the cleats as they have been crushing my feet, so I think they were a bad buy.

That night, my feet ached like crazy, so on top of them being sore, I believe I had a gout flare-up. So I took my gout meds and went to work. The following weekend, I bought some new shoes in the hopes that it would fix the problem. I played in the new shoes last week and things went great. However, my feet started aching a couple of days later, which I believed was tendonitis in my heel.

I'd not been running as a result, which had been really bugging me. Today, even though my heel wasn't 100%, I decided to go for a run. I did a weird gallop the first couple of laps, but then my gait went to normal. I'm sure the endorphins were kicking in. By the time I was half-way through my 3.4 mile walk-run, the pain was pretty much gone. I've found this to be true in the past, that working out will often get whatever kinks taken care of. My heel hasn't hurt the rest of the day, so I'm hoping it will stay that way.

Softball is looming in a couple of days, I hopefully will not experience a repeat of the past week.
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2017-08-12 09:03 am
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A Spending Dream

I had a quirky dream this morning. It started off by my dreaming about an older woman who went around spending money, but she was spending it on others. She put large tips in the buckets for street performers. I saw a large volume of change sliding down a change catcher, playing for everyone getting on a bus. I seemed to have the impression that this woman was not long for this world and was spreading as much joy as she could with all the money that she had. She wasn't miserable or sad, she was happy.

The last part of the dream was me on a metro train and I had paid $200 to pay for several people on the train. The train folks said that they didn't have the change for it, so I told them not to worry as I had paid for multiple folks. They said I wasn't supposed to do that, but I exited the train before they could chastise me for it. It just seemed more important to spread the happy around instead.

And then I woke up to Milo head-butting my chin.

"Feed me, human," he lovingly appeared to say.
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2017-08-06 05:44 pm

Dealing with Drivers

I was visiting family down in my hometown over the weekend, checking on my mom, who has been adjusting to life in the nursing home. She's had a few falls, most of which involve her forgetting that she's not supposed to get out of bed or out of her wheelchair without assistance. She seems to be doing okay. So after having lunch with her today, I did the near three-hour trek back home.

The roads were full of the crazy today. I'm not sure what is happening, but the roads seemed to be crowded and people were not paying attention. I had or saw three different encounters on the highway that nearly led to a wreck.

  • The first had a black Chevy truck driving in the far left-hand lane that was ending. And it ended while he was driving to the left of me. So he started drifting back toward me and there was a car to the right of me, so I was boxed in. I hit the breaks and the Chevy-driving @$$hole swerved into my lane. Freakin' moron.

  • The second had a truck pulling a off-road buggy on a trailer in the middle lane. He swerved into the left lane where there already a car. The trailer slammed into the car and the car moved to the left to get away. There was contact, lots of burning rubber, etc. Both cars kept moving. I was expecting them to pull off to the side of the road, but neither did. I was surprised. Both eventually pulled off into Berea, but at two separate exits.

  • The last was after I pulled off the interstate, which was crowding because of construction. I pulled off to take the back road home. A guy was pulling out of a post-office parking lot, turning left when he would need to cross two lanes of traffic to go the other way. It's not so far fetched, as he could pull into the turning median. The truck ahead of me allowed the guy to pull out, but a beige sedan was flying up the turning median to get to a turn lane at the light and plowed right into him. I saw it all and cringed. Both drivers got out and were walking around, so no permanent damage to them, but their night just got horrible.

You'd think that would be the end of it, but then I pulled down my street and found my meth-lab @$$hole neighbor had parked his car IN FRONT OF MY DRIVEWAY! I looked at it incredulously, like it wasn't real. Now my neighbor has pissed me off before, but this was just unbelievable. This wasn't a mistake. So I pulled through my yard to get my car in the drive, then walked out to look at it. My other neighbor was spraying off his driveway and looked over at me. I told him that the guy across the street had blocked my drive. He said he hadn't noticed, so it likely hasn't been there long.

I overhead one of his kids yell in the house, "Mark is yelling that you need to move your car."

After about five minutes of expecting this butthole to move it, I went over and banged on his door. He looked up at me through the door and yelled, "I'm coming!"

"Today would be nice," I replied. I went back inside my house and waited for him to move the car. He took his sweet time. Even when he sauntered to the car and got in it, he spent a moment or two before it started and moved. It was almost like he was prolonging this just a bit more to piss me off.

I should have just called the police and let them deal with him. He better not do this again, inconsiderate jerk.
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2017-07-31 09:07 pm
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Getting to the Home Stuff

After 15 1/2 years, I paid off my tiny house in January. I was thrilled to do it, to pay such a large debt in a reasonably short amount of time. I did it mainly by almost never taking a vacation. With all of my work travel, both domestic and international, I never felt particularly deprived in doing this. Work travel also meant per diem, which added to my bank account for anything I didn't spend.

Now that the house is all mine, I am beginning to fix and change things in the house. One of the biggest is replacing the patio door. The seal on one side was broken when I bought the house, as evident by the cloudiness in the window. Every year, I had planned to do this, but then other things would creep in -- a new heating/air system, new windows, family emergencies where the money was needed elsewhere. So it was constantly pushed off until this past week.

Earlier in the week, I had the patio door measurement done, then over the weekend, I went to Home Depot to drool incessantly over the men in orange aprons... and to order the door. It should be here in a week or so. I'm looking forward to the positive change in the house.

There is still a lot left to do. I need to remove the wallpaper in the living room and paint it. I need to replace the toilet in the main bathroom, which I'm very tempted to try to do myself. I'd like to replace all three sinks in the house. I need to have the exterior of the house painted. Eventually, I will need a new roof.

The replacement of the patio door has got me itching to do these things. I'm not sure how people buy a property and do all these repairs and remodels, as I was cash poor when I bought mine in 2001. However, I'm looking forward to doing some of that now.
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2017-07-23 08:10 pm
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While I was traveling for work last week, I read a book I bought last year called "Horrorstör," a horror-comedy novel. I learned of the book from a post by [personal profile] barak and I thought it sounded like a real hoot.

The story deals with a group of employees at a Ikea-type store called Orsk, which sells various ready-to-assemble furniture with odd Scandinavian names. One night, the manager asks two employees to stay the night in the store with him to investigate who is damaging store property before a corporate auditing team arrives the next morning.

As the evening progresses, the employees find that the entity damaging the store property is of the supernatural variety and that they are all in danger because of it.

As someone who has worked retail in the past, I found the forced business culture and sayings as terrifying as the supernatural activity itself. I don't want to give any more of the story away, but I really enjoyed the story. It was a fairly quick read, as I breezed through it on the flight out and the flight back home. I especially like the way the book looks like a catalog and has pages describing various Orsk home and office products, which gradually become more and more disturbing as the story advances and each has an order number containing "666."

According to the Wikipedia page for the novel, the rights have been optioned for a television series. I would recommend not reading the Wikipedia page as it contains spoilers for the book.
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2017-07-11 08:38 pm

Odds and Ends Again

It's only Tuesday. Ugh. It just seems like it is definitely crawling along.

  • Over the weekend, I helped my mom move to her new room at the nursing home. She had a single as long as she did rehab. When her rehab stint ended, she had to move into a room with a roommate. Change is not easy for anyone, so I went down to try to ease the transition, which was surprisingly easy. Mom was in good spirits and very clear-headed for a change. I found out last night through my sister that Mom had fallen in her new room, tumbling out of her wheelchair when she stood up to water her plant. As good as she's doing according to the physical therapist, the reality of it is that she cannot live on her own anymore. Luckily, nothing was broken this time.

  • I'm not feeling the post-issue malaise that usually comes with posting my comic book. I've been so busy on weekends and at work that I've not noticed. Tonight, with softball canceled due to rain, I found myself oddly out-of-sorts with nothing that I HAD to do.

  • My newest TV binge watching has been "Schitt's Creek". I've heard of this show for a couple of years, but I finally managed to buckle down and watch it. OMG! How have I missed this?? I've always been a fan of Eugene Levy (who is a wonderfully furry daddy bear) and Catherine O'Hara. Levy's son Daniel also stars and writes the series, and he's very handsome and furry himself. The comedy is both silly and biting. The story of a very rich family who loses it all and has to move to a rural community is prime with possibilities. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix streaming, season 3 is on DVD right now.

  • I'm teaching class next week. We usually have 5 or 6 instructors for 30 students, but several of the instructors are unavailable, so we're down to three instructors and one newbee, so I'll be teaching half of the class this round. I'll tell the students to set their universal translators to "hillbilly" (*writing down this joke for class*)
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2017-07-09 03:48 pm

Grizzly and the Bear Patrol 22

This issue took a LONG time to get done. I was writing the issue back in February, but family and work stuff got busy and I finally had the time to put the issue together. I drew the villain for this issue a long time back, but finally got around to using the character. I already have the idea for the next issue, so hopefully the next issue won't take so long to put together. Issue Notes are at the bottom as usual. Enjoy :)

Cover 22

Issue #22 - Shadows & Light )

Issue Notes - May Contain Spoilers )

Comments, questions, criticisms?
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2017-06-27 10:40 am

At the Gym!

Yesterday, I went to the gym for the first time in a couple of months. I work out regularly, but I often do cardio by running outside or lift free weights at home. I joined Planet Fitness back in January because I needed to change things up and a place to get my cardio in when the weather was nasty. For the first six weeks, I was in a great routine. However, with Mom's stroke and broken hip, the aftermath of her hospital stay, the flooding at my house, the washing machine, and other bits of family-related drama, the gym visits fell to the wayside. It was just easier to work out at home and then deal with the other things.

Yeaterday's visit was perfect really. In my absence, the New Years resolution folks have bailed and the gym is a more manageable environment. I grabbed a bench in the free-weight area to get some chest presses in next to a very brawny daddy bear, then hit some of the chest and back machines. I finished out with some cardio and an episode of "Bob's Burgers."

When I got home, I mowed the yard in anticipation of rain. I got my shower and hunkered down for some coloring of comic pages, while watching both "Friday the 13th" and "Friday the 13th Part 2."

I feel pretty good today. Seriously, why should that surprise me so much?