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Thanks everyone for the condolences and e-hugs in my last post. I really appreciate them and it helps immensely. Losing a guy like Murphy is hard, as he was the playful kitty in the house. Maggie the Cat is a bit more like a roommate, though she's been very affectionate these last few days. She misses Murphy too.

Here are a couple of videos of Murphy at his best.

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Love her commercial for her new "fragrance..." (might be NSFW)

Are you Red.. E for me...?
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I posted a video from my day in Glasgow but Flickr is still processing it, so I suspect there is a problem with it. I'll try to fix it later. Uploading takes a while.

The video from Edinburgh is fine though.

Here's the link in case it doesn't load:
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Lately, very few commercials have caught my attention. I boil it down to the dancing/rapping hamsters in the Kia Soul commercials and the Farmer's Insurance commercials of late. I like the Farmer's Insurance commercials because 1) they are pretty funny and 2) there is a really cute bearish guy in them. It has driven me crazy trying to figure out who he is. He's the "distracted driver" in one of my favorites.

I posted the question on the video and another commenter gave me his name: Thomas Fowler. Of course, now I can look at his other works, which per IMDB isn't many, but he seems to be a commercial/skit actor for now. I did find that he's "Kabukiclown" on YouTube, so I can see his future exploits there. Here's a video from his page. It's not the best sound quality, but I like how he fills out a tee-shirt.

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While this may look like abuse, I promise you it isn't. Murphy is a 15-lb. monster of a kitty and is very sturdy. You'll notice he doesn't run away, but comes back for more. Here is 90 seconds of subjective cuteness.

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This is what happens when a moth gets in my house. Murphy the cat goes all stealthy hunter and I get the camera out. Be careful of the audio as I accidentally let an explicative get loose during the filming. I didn't realize I had the camera on its side until halfway through the movie, but it gives it a surreal feeling, don't you think?

"Spider cat... spider cat... does whatever a spider cat does..."
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This morning, I was chatting with the ever-handsome [ profile] kodanuki, who asked if I was going to post any more videos. Earlier, I had been looking through my photos from my last Ireland trip and found the last video I made before I left. I didn't get a chance to post it before I left and then I forgot about it. So here it is, in my Guinness-laden state, a recap of my last night in Ireland. :)
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Waterford Crystal Factory
The Waterford Crystal Factory in Waterford, Ireland
click the above photo or any of the others to see more

The highlight of my day was visiting the Waterford Crystal factory here in Waterford. This is a lengthy post with multiple photos, so I put it behind a cut for the uninterested.

The Waterford Crystal Factory Tour )
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As requested by [ profile] snowboardjoe, here's my very first video post, totally unrehearsed.

I'm squinting and blinking a lot because it's windy and raining in my face. I'm looking away because there are some weird skater dudes nearby... and well... lots of "ummmm's" as I wonder what to say. It's as real as it gets.

I hope everyone in the home area is doing okay after getting a bit of shake today, I hear.

And does anyone know how to change the preview shot on the video. Geez, I look like I'm about to spit up...


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