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While my love of horror movies is well known, lately I have been getting into watching foreign horror movies, beyond the English speaking ones from Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland. The problem with watching a horror movie in a foreign language is that I do have to really concentrate because of the subtitles. Often, I save these sorts of movies for when I'm not working on a comic.

A couple of weeks back, during the snowpacolypse, I rented the 2014 remake of "Mas Negro Que La Noche" (Darker than Night) from a Redbox. This is a Mexican horror movie in Spanish with English subtitles. The story involves a young woman who inherits her aunt's home after she passes away. In addition to the manor and the money, she also inherits the aunt's beloved black cat Becker, whom she must care for as the only stipulation of her inheritance. She moves into the manor with her three girlfriends and throws a large housewarming party of sorts. When Becker ends up dead, the spirit of her aunt isn't too happy and bad things begin to happen. The movie is fun, with the deceased aunt's ghost often just floating around in the distance background subtly. The acting is good, and there is at least one hot mustachioed guy to admire. I enjoyed it enough to buy the DVD.

On a lark, I decided to watch the original 1975 version on YouTube last night. The movie was without subtitles, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. I knew a large chunk of the story already and I was surprised how much of dialogue I was able to pick up. The story does deviate a bit regarding the death of Becker and what the girls are doing with their free time. Especially creepy is when the ghostly aunt stalks one of the young ladies in the library where she is working alone. The ending is also much simpler than the remake. What I found enjoyable, along with the usual scares, was the fashions, the attitudes, and the "dancing" of the mid-1970s. Hopefully one day they'll release a DVD of the movie with subtitles, which isn't available according to

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Because of the crappy weather and road conditions, I stayed home yesterday. Today's weather is worse and yet I made it to work somehow. The drive here was a butt clencher, but I got here safely. Oh well....

My dreams lately have been a little off the mark (as much as they are ever on, actually). Here are a brief synopsis of the last couple of days as much as I can remember them so long after the fact.

  • My dream from Tuesday involved me being a stage magician. I had just finished a successful show and changed backstage. Magician David Copperfield was there backstage and was congratulating me on a fine performance. He helped we push my gear to my car and said good night. I was in a hurry to get home because I needed to fix up my stuff. I was especially concerned because a small mouse I used in my act was still in my stage costume pants and I needed to let him out.

So after I got home, I reached into the pants and found the mouse. He was in a small plastic container. I was going to turn him loose outside as I didn't need him for the act anymore. When I pried open the container he was in, the mouse exploded. Not in a red, bloody mess, but in a white blob, kind of like a bug. And on that note, I woke up.

  • Last night's dream was not so detail oriented. My hair had grown long. Really long. Like romance novel cover hunk long. Everyone was noticing it and I could feel it swaying on my neck as I turned my head. It was strange. And obviously a dream because my hair doesn't grow long as much as it grows out into a frizzy mass. I attempted the mullet in high school and my hair wouldn't cooperate, so I stopped. A blessing in disguise because high school photos of my brother's mullet still exist and are hilarious.
  • I've seen some guys with longer hair and they can pull it off. Personally, I don't think my face is designed for such a mane of hair, and I don't think I'd enjoy the upkeep on it. Original designs for my Polar Bear hero had him in a Viking type costume with long white hair, but it wasn't so easy to draw, so I nixed it. Still, I may bring it back for another hero. The toon below was from earlier this year and shows it could be fun.

    035 - Beard and Mane

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    I haven’t had much to post about the last few days. Work has been both slow and busy. I have three different things up in the air, waiting for someone else to get parts of it done before I can move forward myself. I’ve been trying to keep busy while waiting for one of them to drop. It makes for long days.

    After work, I’ve been trying valiantly to keep up with my workouts. The cold, drab days makes that hard to do. Yesterday, I went for an outside run while the sun was shining. It wasn’t so bad really. The sunlight kept me warm(er) for the most part until you hit that shaded area on the track… brrrr! 3.5 miles yesterday. I felt good about that, hoping I’ll be in shape for bikini weather (joke).

    Most of my evenings this week have been taken up with finalizing the interior art, the cover, and the lettering for the next issue of my comic. I was really hoping to have the lettering done last night. I finally got them all done, but the cover. I’d have tackled that, but I really needed to get to bed. I’m hoping to post it tonight/tomorrow.

    My social life tends to take a hit when I work on an issue. Some local friends have already commented on it, stating that they haven’t seen me much lately. I’m hoping to remedy that for a bit after getting this issue done.

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    Odds and ends of the week thus far.

    • After being off work for a week, Monday was a rough one. This time of year makes it hard to get out of bed with it being so cold. Even Maggie the Cat isn’t all energetic in the mornings any more.

    • I watched a Netflix DVD last night called ”The Giant Behemoth. It was a 1959 monster movie about a radioactive dinosaur in England. It stars John Turner, who was the bearded hottie in “The Black Torment” I wrote about last week. He’s a bit younger in this one, with no beard or shirtless scenes, but it was good camp for a cheap movie. Some cool things about the movie was the special effects, which were primitive. The dinosaur didn’t breath fire, but would emit radioactive bursts that could roast a person, which happened quite a bit. And when the people of London were being evacuated, they must have used locals for background actors. A lot of the people in very tense dramatic moments could be seen nervously smirking or smiling and taking quick glances at the camera. In the scenes where they were running from the monsters, I was impressed to see these little old grannies really hoofing it.

    • I finished the plotting of the next issue of my comic book last night. I just have to set up the panels and I will probably start drawing it tomorrow. Issue #16… wow…
    • .

    • I have no NYE plans. My usual plans include attending the annual bash thrown by my softball buddy Thom and his hubby Jay, but this year they’re taking a break. They’ve even posted on FB that they have no plans themselves and have no idea what to do tonight. They just got back from a trip down South, so I’m sure they’ll be taking it easy anyway.

    • I got my new ID badge at work today. My photo is very, VERY yellow. I look jaundiced. Nice that they used the DMV camera and that I’ll keep it for the next four years. Sigh… where is Photoshop when you needed it…

    Happy Hump Day, all y’all!

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    Whew! What makes the three-day weekends go by so fast? Not that I did much.

    Friday, I spent the bulk of the after-work day doing the usual – workout, clean house, etc. I’m in comic-book-drawing mode right now, so I’m spending a lot of time drawing pages for the upcoming comic.

    Saturday, I worked out, had lunch, spent several hours drawing at the local library. I find that a change in setting helps me focus a bit. No distractions like at home that can bog me down. I got through a fair number of pages. However, it wasn’t without distraction as the library has this VERY burly bear named Eric working the circulation desk. His shaved head, thick black and long beard, and fit body had me looking at him over and over during the time there. I tried to do some stealth photography with my phone, but it just didn’t work out. Needless to say, I’m thinking I’ll be heading back there again sometime to … um… draw more.

    After my drawing endeavors, I met up with a buddy for dinner and a movie. We saw “As Above, So Below.” Don’t. Just … don’t. The first half was amazingly boring, the second half was amazingly confusing, and Hollywood just needs to quit it with the damn hand-held, footage movies, as it’s making me ill. The acting was a bit better than usual, but … wow… it just sucked. And the sad part was.. it wasn’t really that scary.

    Sunday, I was invited to a fireworks-viewing party at a friend’s house near the Ohio River. I hate crowds and that location was going to become a traffic nightmare so I passed. More drawing instead. Monday was pretty much more of the same.

    So, my three-day weekend was pretty low-key. How was yours?

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    Normally, I’m not one of those people who have to see a movie during the special screenings, the night before a flick comes out. I don’t feel the urge to have those bragging rights or anything. I’m patient enough to avoid the spoilers until the next day or over the weekend, if it’s something I really need to see.

    However, a buddy of mine texted me to see if I wanted to see The Guardians of the Galaxy at the screening last night and I couldn’t resist.

    A well-muscled and furry Chris Pratt plays Peter Quinn, a human thief living in outer space who calls himself “Star-Lord.” When he heists a metallic globe for a high price, he finds himself stalked by Gamora and his former partners. With a price on his head, he is chased by bounty hunters Rocket Raccoon and the living tree Groot, all of them ending up captured and in prison. When they find out how dangerous the globe is and what it is to be used for, the group of them band together to get out of prison and stop the globe’s use.

    Aside from the great special effects and battles sequences we have come to enjoy with the Marvel movies, this one is FUNNY, with lots of intentional humor all over the places, as well as a few “easter eggs” if you keep your eyes open. The Guardians are a flawed group and the flaws are what make them so fun as heroes. I admit that Rocket was my favorite and the CGI to make him come to life was awesome.

    The movie also has a pretty impressive soundtrack, some great hits of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Younger folks may think the songs are new. I also believe they will have no idea what is a cassette tape or a Walkman, both being in the movie.

    I’ll probably see this one again and it’s already got a spot on my DVD shelf waiting. If you like superhero movies, this one is a good one to see. There is an extra scene at the end, so don’t bail during the credits.

    Happy Friday, everyone….

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    I had an odd dream last night. Not freaky as they usually are, but interesting.

    I *think* I was back in college and I was planning a project to test creek water for heavy metals. The creek I had chosen was Lynn Camp Creek, which is the creek that I basically played in growing up. It’s not a small body of water for the most part, as it runs through my hometown and extends as far as a couple of towns to the North and South. It is very wide and shallow in some places, and narrower and deep in others. When it rains it can really fill up. Kids are fascinated by running water and I was no exception to that. I loved playing near that creek, catching crawdads and the occasional catfish. The feeling of mud and moss squishing through your toes is actually very satisfying.

    Engineer Street Bridge
    Engineer Street Bridge over Lynn Camp Creek, Corbin, KY

    Anyway, back to the dream. When I ran this plan to the mayor’s office, they balked and said I couldn’t do the testing. Now why I needed their permission to sample water from a public creek I’ll never know. I easily could just go to the county portions outside the city limits and ignore them anyway. Undeterred, I’d already mapped out where I was going to sample and even included on the diagram the locations where I’d fallen in as a kid. This part is real by the way, as you can’t play near water on a nearly daily basis as a kid and not occasionally slip.

    Before I could get the plan into action, I’d stopped by the lab to check on the analytical part of my plan and ran into my sister who was a scientist there too. This part is pure fiction. My sis hated chemistry.

    The dream didn’t go anywhere after that. I woke up and was in a rush to work or I’d have posted this earlier with more details. It was a good dream nevertheless.

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    Sometimes when people tell me stories, my mind puts together an image of what they are describing. And that's the beginning. Eventually, my imagination takes the facts and runs a little wild with them.

    Tonight, I went out to dinner with the other instructors from the class I teach and one of the students. The student was telling the story of how he and his wife were visiting a college town for vacation.

    At an intersection, a gaggle of drunk sorority girls lazily crossed against the light and he and his wife had to wait in their car for them to cross. Irritated, the student and his wife honked the horn at the drunk college girls.

    This of course resulted in a flurry of middle fingers from the college girls to the student and his wife. The birds were returned.

    While his story ended there, in my mind, the story went even further. I crafted an image of a blonde, drunk girl named Buffy. She stood in front of the waiting car, and motioned for them to bring it on.

    Eventually, the loud obnoxious drunk girl Buffy created such a ruckus that a passing police car turned the lights on and set off the siren.  The girls, drunk and now shocked by the presence of the police car, quickly panicked.

    "Oh my God, Buffy, run the police are here!" said one of the girls.

    The completely discombobulated Buffy turns to run, forgetting that she's wearing a flip-flop on one foot an a stiletto on the other.

    I described this image to the others, laughing so hard I could barely catch my breath. Yeah, I can be silly sometimes.  It was super-funny in my head.  I even told them, if they could only see the images I'm dreaming up, they'd laugh too.

    Stumbling as she runs in a completely random direction, Buffy eventually trips on a discarded beer bottle cap and face plants onto the filthy asphalt.  In my mind, I see the image of this blonde bimbo sprawled out on the street face down on the concrete. Moving and yet not moving.

    Muffled by the street concrete, I imagined Buffy weakly saying "Oh Cindy, I'm going to be sick. Hold my hair back. "

    Honestly, this is a cartoon story I might need to draw.

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    More odds and ends…

    • Last week I dealt with a snarky IT contractor regarding an issue with a training database. I’ve been complaining about an issue with him for over two weeks, even going as far as sending him screen shots of the issues and the error messages. I’ve done this sort of help desk thing before and I know it’s usually helpful. He finally IM’d me and I described what happened (again). He tells me that I need to update “A” and then “B.” Having used and trained others on this system for 18 years, I explain to him that “A” and “B” are updated on the same screen, which causes an error when put in an update mode. He then quotes me some stupid Zen something or other, followed by a snide comment. That’s the issue with these contractors, they really don’t know the system they’re supposed to be supporting. I’m sure I’ll be dealing with him again this week.

    • My phone call with Mom yesterday was less than fun. Her fascination with NASCAR continues and she always tells me the “racin’” is coming on. When I tell her in a flat, monotone “… great…,” she responds fully-knowing that I couldn’t give two $#!+$ for it. Then she proceeds to talk to me about it for ten minutes, about Richard Petty and how he won some stupid race 40 years ago and his nephew won the same race on the very day Richard Petty retired some 40 years ago and how Richard Petty’s wife passed away but he was still a great racer and how these new kids have no idea what it’s like to race like that… blah… blah… blah… She broke stride just long enough to tell me that my sister and brother-in-law were traveling to Atlanta to see his grandson who turns two and she hopes that they won’t leave him in the car in the hot sun, as people have been doing that and their kids are dying. She’s a bucket of laughs, my mom.

    • I saw a fun horror movie yesterday called “Kiss of the Tarantula.” An early 1970-something flick about a young woman who has a fascination with spiders. Her father runs a funeral home and when some high school thugs break in to steal a coffin on Hallowe’en, one of them kills one of her pet tarantulas while threatening her. She then uses the spiders to get revenge on the high school jerks, such as setting them loose in their car when they’re on a double-date at a drive-in. What’s unusual (and somewhat humorous) about it is that these people end up killing themselves essentially out of panic over the spiders. In trying to kick and fight their way out of the car to escape, they basically tear themselves apart. Now I don’t have a huge fear of spiders, but I know others do, so it’s not so far fetched.

    • Okay, it’s Monday again… yay… Hope it’s a good one for everyone, or at least not a bad one.

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    My collection of horror movies is growing and growing. I can imagine that no one would ever let me babysit their child after seeing the flood of scary movies in my house. This, I think, is just an extra perk to owning them.

    Last night, after a workout and my dinner, I settled in to start inking the next issue of my comic book and was looking for a scary movie to “watch” while I did it. As luck would have it, Amazon delivered three, early 1980’s horror flicks, so I had plenty to select from.

    I picked The House on Sorority Row. The only really famous person in the flick is Harley Jane Kozak in an early role. It’s a pretty standard fare. Sorority girls play a prank on their bitch housemother, bitch housemother is killed accidentally, girls try to hide it and have party, and girls start getting killed off by unknown assailant. The acting was a bit better than usual, but still has a few groan-worthy moments. As usual, I was pretty entertained by it.

    In the end, I got two pages inked with only 22 more to go, then will come the coloring, then the cover. It might be a bit optimistic to say I’ll have it done by the end of June, but it would be nice.

    So what did you do last night?

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    I had planned on going to bed early last night. As I was looking through my emails, I found a fraud alert for my main credit card. Earlier this week, I’d gotten a voicemail about this activity and handled it through their automated system. When I looked at the email, I realized that I may have told the credit card company that a declined charge was authentic, so I phoned the credit card company at 11 PM last night.

    It turns out that someone in Florida had locked into my credit card number. I’m not sure how this happens really as I’ve not been to Florida in years, but there it was, someone trying to buy some female diet crap at $49.95. Luckily, my credit card company flagged it and declined the charge, but it did freak me out.

    While I was on hold for the next available customer service rep, I checked my current charges online and saw nothing unusual, so hopefully the thief got tired of my card declining and moved on.

    As a security measure, my credit card company axed my current card and is sending out a new one. The rep said it should be here this weekend, and I needed a new one anyway as the magnetic strip on the back was getting worn (yeah, I charge everything to it for the points).

    The problem is that I was very keyed up last night afterward, which made it very hard to go to sleep. So the creep who tried to use my card did steal something from me besides my credit card security… a good night’s sleep. @$$hole…

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    Whew, these late nights watching TV after a grueling workout make the next morning rough.

    I ran my 3.2 miles yesterday after work and even did a set of chin ups at the park. I felt good, but wound down quickly once I got settled in the house. I was working on the next issue of my comic book last night, staying up late to catch the season finale of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

    I won’t wreck it for anyone who might be watching it later on DVR. Don’t check Facebook or the spoilage will smack you right in the face before you have a chance to dodge it (it’s a trending item right now).

    • Okay, first of all, it was good to see all the queens back, even that crying pothead Laganja (to a point).

    • The opening number was pretty fun and the male dancers were HOT HOT HOT! I like how each queen got a walk down the runway with an approximate amount of time proportional to how long they were on the show. I’m surprised Kelly Mantle didn’t have to sprint down to the edge and back for how little time she was there.

    • Gia, such a bitch. Really.

    • Milk, you are a good looking man, but you an ugly woman. On purpose, I think.

    • Laganja still did her “yeessss, ma-ma” crap and admitted to being high on stage. They played the clip of Michelle Visage reading her about her affected persona. Laganja was unapologetic and did her usual schtick, to which they cut to Michelle in the audience who was giving full-blown “resting bitch face” while others laughed. She ain’t too impressed. I wasn’t either. I’d not pay any money to see her perform. If she smokes so much weed, how does she stay so skinny? I though pot made you hungry.

    • The only real negative point I saw was this pathetic video where Adore and Laganja were supposed to reconcile for getting into an argument about Laganja’s fakeness. Laganja started playing the victim (again) and crying. I swear I think the bitch can cry on demand. The video was pathetic and stupid, a complete waste of TV time in my book.

    • Joslyn Fox got married on stage. It was really sweet. She has good taste too, her hubby is a nice, handsome furry bear!

    • BenDeLaCreme was proclaimed “Miss Congeniality.” I was happy for her because I felt she had gotten shafted in the show, a point Ru made after she had been eliminated, based on the public response.

    • Finally, the final three. They all looked good. I will say this Jinkx Monsoon appeared to hand out the crown and she’s looking different. Really, oddly different.

    • I think Adore is just too immature to handle this. Every answer she gives reminds me of a teenager trying to relate to things in her own little world. She needs to grow up a bit.

    • Courtney was pretty as always, but honestly, crowning an Australian as America’s Next Drag Superstar might have been a stretch. Every post on FB I saw had almost no hashtag Courtney votes. If we got down to numbers, I think she was third.

    • Bianca Del Rio won the crown! It doesn’t surprise me really, as she clearly seemed to be a frontrunner all season, never once being in the bottom two or three or having to lip sync until the end. Every FB post I saw on the voting had been flooded with hashtags for her, so it seemed clear to me that she was the fan favorite. Her mouth was a bit more filthy than usual, more bleeping, but she was still funny. With Ru throwing the crown away in season 2 to WhatshernameBeyoncewannabe, I was worried that RuPaul was going to pass it to Adore, but I’m glad the public swayed RuPaul to choose Bianca.

    Until next season… or All-Stars 2… or Drag U….

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    Last night was fun. I went to watch a friend and coworker play in her volleyball league. We have a friend in town for a conference and she and I were drinking beer and eating bar food while watching the volleyball games. It made for a good night, but it made for a late evening too.

    I got home later than I wanted, missing the first 10 minutes of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” I thought it was a good episode, but I’ll not wreck it for those who have it recorded.

    As has been the formula for the last few years, this episode involved doing some dancing, lip synching, and acting for RuPaul’s latest music video, this one for “Sissy That Walk.”

    On the dancing part, Bianca and Courtney were burning it up. Both of them very much in sync and to the beat, but I know Adore and Darienne Lake were a bit off. Bianca stumbled a bit when having to strut and dance on a treadmill. If I had to do that in heels, I’d probably break my neck. The others faired a bit better.

    On the acting, I actually thought they all did a really good job. Adore was surprisingly good, though I know she’s played the drunk Anna Nicole before and she was definitely channeling her. Darienne does screaming drama well. Bianca was giving off a cool Joan Crawford kind of vibe with her performance. Courtney was okay, but she looked a mess and not in a good way.

    All four queens had to lip sync for their lives, which was the first time we got to see Bianca and Courtney involved there. Both do it very well. Bianca doesn’t do a lot of high energy moves, but she gives good face and her lips definitely match the words. Adore’s face is all over the place. Courtney was entertaining, but I have to admit that Darienne gives good lip sync. It’s a bit hard to do any of the acrobatics some queens do when the stage is full like this. It’s also hard to concentrate on any one performer with so much going on.

    In the end, Darienne was sent packing, which wasn’t really a surprise, but I have to admit that she showed some real talent in this episode I thought. As cute as Adore is, I almost wish that Darienne had stayed and Adore left. Adore has a bit of seasoning to do and her immaturity just seems very apparent to me, while the others show a lot of professionalism that she lacks.

    So, final three – Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act, and Adore Delano. I had two of the three in my predictions. I hope Bianca brings it home.

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    With lots of stuff going on at work, I got home Friday and was drained. All I really wanted to do was sleep, but I’ve been doing that a lot of late, so I struggled through a bicep workout and managed to stay up. I had a big day planned on Saturday, which was anything but exciting.

    Saturday, after my morning run and shower, I went shopping for cleaning supplies. It was time to do the Spring cleaning. I have company coming this weekend and I really wanted to get the house in shape. So after a less than fun time at Wal-Mart (oh, sometime I absolutely hate that place), I dragged myself home and started cleaning the carpets. I do this once or twice a year. The process is labor intensive, as I move all the stuff from one side of the room to the other, vacuum and then shampoo the carpet, put a fan out to help dry it, and then go to another room and repeat it. Eventually I have three rooms with all the crap pushed to one side, then I go back to the first room which is dry and then repeat it by pushing everything to the OTHER side of the room and starting again.

    I lead the exciting life, right?

    So several hours later, I’m a sweaty mess with clean carpets throughout the house. I will admit that does do something to those carpets, because when I put my bare feet on them, they feel so much softer. Of course, this could be all in my head after all that work, but I’ll take it.

    I’d bailed on a Derby party to do this, but a friend called and wanted to grab a quick dinner and I was more than happy to go.

    After waking up incredibly sore the next day, I spent several hours trying to find a DVD rack as all the moving of furniture trashed on the one I had. Well, with the movies streaming these days, DVD racks are becoming hard to find. I finally bought a bookshelf and just used it.

    Again, exciting life… yay… Happy Monday.

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    Gilda Live

    Apr. 17th, 2014 08:11 am
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    As I was driving home this past weekend, I changed up the CD’s in my CD player. Yeah, I know, how archaic is that nowadays, but my iPod often gets static in some of the hilly parts of the drive, so CD’s give me a chance for clearer sounds. Typically, I put audiobooks in the CD player, but this time I put a mix of music and audiobooks.

    One that I put in was the soundtrack to “Gilda Live!” which was Gilda Radner’s Broadway show back in 1980. It features most of her Saturday Night Live characters doing various skits as well as a couple of original songs like “Let’s Talk Dirty to the Animals.” While they are a bit dated in a sense, they do make me laugh out loud. They also make me remember SNL when I was really young. I only caught the earliest seasons of SNL in reruns, but I do remember watching Gilda during the 1979 season when I was all of six and got to stay up late on Saturdays.

    It also saddens me a bit to listen to her work, knowing that there was really so little of it due to her untimely death in 1989. I often wonder what she’d be doing today if she were still around. She’d be 68 years old, but really that’s not very old these days, and I can imagine she’d be playing great parts on “Hot in Cleveland” or an Emily Litella-grandmother character on some sitcom. Even better, I can imagine her hosting SNL now and putting the new talent to shame. She really was wonderful.

    Here is probably one of my favorite skits from “Gilda Live!” Those of you who know me and my work will understand why.

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    Just a quick post. My friends' party last night was awesome and wore me out. I didn't overindulge on alcohol but on food. I slept in late, worked out, then had an extended nap.

    2012 will hopefully be a great year.

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    I feel like I'm in a repeat of last year, sitting here at Reagan National Airport, and recognizing the lengthy day and night ahead of me.

    Delta decided to replace their 70 seat, full-flight to Cincinnati with a 50 seater. The change was due to "mechanical issues" they say, but the never said with that plane. I overheard a gate agent say that Delta had taken the 70 to replace an earlier flight to St. Louis. This same thing happened to me last year.

    So instead of my 2 PM flight home, I'll be heading to Atlanta at 5 PM, where upon landing at 6:35 I enjoy the local ambiance until 9 when I'll finally head home, landing at 11 PM or later.

    I have 300 Delta $'s and a lunch voucher for my pain and time, 100 Delta $'s of which the counter lady added for being nice about it.

    My suspicions get aroused when they do this switch. I often wonder if this shell-game of planes isn't a ploy to fill empty seats on later flights. I see some @$$holes doing beancounting and card shuffling in my head, the jerks smoking expensive cigars and guffawing at the thought of the weary travels whose only thoughts are of slumbering in their own beds finally.

    Either way, no point in raising hell with the gate agents who caught some serious grief from other passengers. It's not like they did it themselves.

    I guess I'll start drawing.

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    Hey all. I need a bit of help, especially from those of you who remember the 1970's better than I do. Most of my vague memories are from the late 70's and it's hard to remember what people wore.

    Did guys go about in vests without shirts in the 70's or was that more of a late 60's thing? I need the info for the next comic book installment.

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    I had just woken up from a nap, trudging around downstairs in a tee-shirt and sweatpants, when the doorbell rang.

    An older guy in a tie was at the door, about 60, with a thick mustache, trying to sell me some home improvement stuff.

    Before he started his pitch, he seriously asked:

    "Excuse me son, but is your mom or dad at home?"

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    In my many travels to and from DC I rarely have had any troubles. So obviously, I was due. Today is my day.

    The self-checkin kiosk said it couldn't find my e-ticket. So I waited in line behind a family with enough luggage to dress Suzanne Sugarbaker on a weekend trip to have the ticket agent tell me the airline changed planes to one with fewer seats. I got bumped. She gave 200 Delta $'s and booked me to JFK connecting to Cincy.

    Through security and to my gate to find the JFK flight had been diverted for some reason. Off to the counter and a tall gruff-looking agent run through the possibilities again. As of now I'm off to Boston in 2 hours and then Cincy. He topped it off with an additional 400 Delta $'s for my troubles.

    I'm tempted to hold out for 1st class if it happens again, though my arrival time is getting later and later. And I'm losing faith that my bags will be waiting on me at Cincy.

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