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Besides photographs, I don't have a lot in my house from my days as a kid. One of the things I have managed to keep is a small white, dingy teddy bear known in my childhood as "Littl'un," a hillbilly truncation of the name "Little One."

Mom and BrotherThe teddy bear has a history. In late December 1973 or very early January 1974, the twin decided to get into the stuff under the sink and drank bleach (or Brasso, the story has been told both ways) and was taken to the hospital. The twin was in the hospital for several days, spending our first birthday there. This pic is Mom and the twin at the hospital. The little bear in the photo was a gift to him while he was there.

After he came home from the hospital, he seemed to have no interest in the bear. So Mom and Dad gave him to me, starting my life-long interest in bears, starting with the teddy variety then seguing into the more human version as an adult. Every year until I was 16, my mom got me a teddy bear for Christmas. I had quite a collection for the longest time, including a giant blue and white one called "76," named after a gas station where my dad bought him. It was about this time, the little white bear garnered his name "Little One."

After I left for college, my teddy bear collection was put away. After I graduated, I moved to Cincinnati then Kansas City. Mom and Dad moved out of our old house because of Dad's health and the house fell into a horrible state. On one of my trips home from Kansas City, I collected a few things of mine from the house, including Littl'un to make sure nothing happened to him and he's been in my custody ever since.

When I had that nasty bout with blood clots a few years back, my sister and twin came up to see me at the hospital. They stayed at my house overnight and noticed Littl'un resting on the bed in the spare bedroom. They couldn't believe that I still had him. I can't imagine why they'd think I'd NOT have him.

He's more off-white, than white. His paws are worn. He is missing an eye, most of the nose, etc., but it's how I remember him from my childhood. He's been drooled on, peed on, dragged outside and back. In reality, he's probably a toxic wasteland of baby germs. I'd throw him in the wash, but I don't think his body would hold up to the agitation. I've given him a thorough dousing with Lysol though.

He's a huge part of my history. It's strange how we imbue inanimate objects with so much of our lives. Like a kid, I worry about his comfort, which is why is sleeps on the spare bed and not on a shelf. I'm happy he's still here with me.

Little One
Littlun in His Natural Habitat
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Whew! I just got home. Overall, Christmas went very well back in my hometown. I'm still a bit wiped out from jumping from house to house as I usually do, but Mom was in fairly good spirits all things considered. What really made me laugh was unwrapping presents last night at the twin's house. My 8-year-old nephew Bradyn has a really smart mouth and it gets him in trouble with his parents. He comes by it honestly as the twin's mouth was (and is) pretty much the same way. Here are the two examples that left me laughing when I shouldn't have been:

The twin was getting irritated when my nephew was acting all hyper and huffy, so he told him to sit down on the couch next him.

The twin: Sit down! You sit down right here and don't you move! (The nephew complies reluctantly)
Twin's wife: (from the kitchen) Bradyn, come in the kitchen for a minute!
Nephew: (sarcastically) Caaaannnn't!

Later, after everyone had eaten and we'd unwrapped presents, I saw my nephew had gone to the kitchen and made himself some pop tarts. I've long learned to shrug my shoulders at anything he does, so I said nothing. His mom came by a moment later and made comment.

Twin's Wife: Bradyn! Why are you eating a pop tart??
Nephew: (insert eye roll here) I'm not eating A pop tart. I'm eating TWO pop tarts!

Yeah, my twin deserves every minute of this.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)
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First, thanks for all the condolences and well-wishes from everyone. It really means a lot and I do appreciate them all.

I made it home over the weekend and was happy to do so. While I love my family dearly, having spent five days with them in a crowded hospital room was not the most comforting thing in the world. For a person who enjoys his personal space and solo time, it was nerve-wrecking in instances. I would walk out and just go hang out in the often-empty 3rd floor waiting room to recover. I spent most of the remaining weekend sleeping.

Our softball league end-of-the-season party was Sunday and I missed it. Honestly, I'd forgotten about it. A buddy posted on FB that I was awarded the "Best Team Player" award, which didn't mean I was the best player, but I think "Miss Congeniality" award, which I wear with pride. If you can't laugh at yourself screwing up, you've no business on the field in my book. I have no idea when I'll get the trophy, but I'll post a photo when I get it.

Today, I was late to work because I had a doctor's appointment that I'd scheduled weeks ago. It's with a new physician and I like him already. He seems very normal, very at ease and a good listener. Of course, I explained about losing my older brothers to cancer so he scheduled my first colonoscopy. Ummm... yay...? Not sure you'll see photos of that one, but it's necessary evil considering the family history. The twin had one a few weeks ago and the worst thing to come of it was his farting the rest of the day. I can hope to be so lucky.

Happy Monday all...
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Last night I had my weekly phone call with my mom. Among the ups and down of gloom, doom and sunshine she throws at me, she informed me that my twin and his young son were at Wally-World the other day. While walking through the aisle, my nephew saw a dorm fridge. He told his dad that he wanted it. My twin thought this was so cute that he bought it for him. When he got it home, my nephew went to the kitchen fridge, got his juice boxes, and put them in his own private fridge now humming away in his room.

"Isn't that cute?" Mom said.

"Mom, you mean that Joe bought him an $70 dorm fridge for his room? Mom, he's only four years old," I replied in a bit of astonishment.

"Oh I know, but Joe just thought it was so cute," she responded.

"Yeah... cute..," I replied, "I can't wait until he asks for a car when he's ten."

Now I've been chastised by some for casting my parental opinions before, even by my mom, especially since I'm both single AND gay. However, I'd like to think I'm entitled to an objective opinion despite the fact I've not bred. To me, the twin is caving to unrealistic demands of a child. Does he need his own personal fridge?? No, so why waste the money I'm always hearing he doesn't have. It's Joe's only kid, and he's obviously still under the new parent spell, wanting to do everything that makes his child happy. However, he needs to start using the word "No" as I fear he's slowly creating a spoiled monster.

And no, I don't think it's all that cute.

Mark at 38

Jan. 5th, 2011 10:05 am
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Ah, here we are again. Thanks so much to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday so far :)

I woke up at my usual time too, which really stinks when I've taken the week off and looked forward to sleeping in. Still, I did manage to get in a little bit more before the twin called at 7 AM to wish me a Happy Birthday.

January 5, 2011Thankfully, he didn't call at 12:01 AM like he usually does. I've been trying to cut down on the four-letter words and I'd hate to use up a year's supply in one phone call.

Normally, I'd recount some story about me and him, but this year nothing seemed to come to mind.

Last night, I was working on drawing a cartoon to post with today's entry, but I couldn't get anything to materialize on the pad.

I think the last couple of months of constant decision-making has burned me out. I took the week off to recharge the battery a bit. I'm also making a few changes to things that I'll post about later.

Hope everyone is having a grand day!
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First, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope that everyone has traveled safely if they traveled and can unbutton their britches to relieve the pressure from eating way too much. I certainly know that feeling, thankfully. I've been to my hometown and back in the last two days. There have been a few fun little things happen over the days, which made it a great time.

Cut for brevity )

And it's good to be home after three hours of driving, two of which in the pouring rain. Work tomorrow. Hopefully an easy day.
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It's been a rough few days. The short story of it is this: my older brother Ronnie passed away on Wednesday from apparent complications to cancer. Funeral in Dalton, GA on Friday. Burial in Lily, KY today. Home finally just a few hours ago.

Mom's Five Kids - January 2000
Mom's Five Kids in January 2000 -- My brother Ronnie second from left

The rest of it is very long. I'm not sure why I'm typing the rest up, I think as a reference to me.

The rest of it -- cut for the uninterested )
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Normally for our birthday, I would recount something the twin and I did together. This past birthday I came up empty so I left it alone, but was reminded by something in the car on the way to work this morning, something I was afraid I'd forget by next year. So here it is...

Mark, Joe & the Flatulent Granny -- Cut for the uninterested )
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Big thanks and hugs to everyone who emailed, LJ-posted, IM'd, and called me to wish me a happy birthday. It means a lot to know you guys thought of me. You guys are great! I'll also throw out a big birthday hug to [ profile] coachbear who shares my birthday too :)

Usually, I recount something about the twin and me on our birthday. I'm thankful he didn't call right after midnight last night like he usually does. To quote him, "well, if you only curse me out once a year, that's pretty good."

This year, I'll post about video games.

Text and Toon behind the cut, cut for the uninterested )
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Yarn throwing with my nephew
The Twin and the Nephew

Just to note, the photo is crooked, not the house.

While visiting Mom yesterday, the twin and my nephew Bradyn stopped by. I'm still amazed how well behaved for the most part my nephew can be. Considering the wild hellion my twin was as a kid, it just seems like he's getting off too easy in the kid department. My sister is envious, not that her's was that bad.

To keep Bradyn occupied, Mom and Joe grabbed her balls of yarn and were throwing them about her place. I managed to snap a few photos, but I liked this one best as Bradyn is about to nail me with the red one.

Later that night, I went over to Joe's house to see him and Bradyn again. It seems that the twin's young'un (hey, I'm in Corbin again... in the holler...) hasn't quite figured out that throwing soft things and hard things aren't the same. He got in a bit of trouble throwing his giant Leggo blocks at the dog.

It's fun to watch the twin learning to be a parent along with his son learning not to throw hard objects.
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One of the big projects I plan to do sometime is to scan in family pictures and give copies of the CD's to my family. I'm the unofficial family historian of sorts. I was looking around the other day and found the aged Polaroids of my and the twin’s second birthday.

Me, Joe, and Rhonda in January 1975
Me, Joe the Twin, and Our Sister Rhonda

Another Polaroid Shot of Us )

To this day, I am amazed that my mom held it together with three small children in the house at the same time, each driving the other crazy on a daily basis. Even more amazing I’m surprised that we’re not wearing that cake in the picture (or maybe we were after the Polaroid photo was snapped).

Hard to believe that was 31 years ago today. Eek, that means the twin and I are now …. *gasp* … 33!

Unlike my older brothers Donnie and Ronnie (yes, they’re identical twins), Joe and I never exhibited the unusual psychic twin stuff. While the older two could often read each other’s thoughts, know when one was hurt, and speak same sentences at the same time (they are creepy sometimes), Joe and I were very different. However, it was like having an in-house partner-in-crime.

Among our hi-jinks )

Hmmm.. maybe Joe is the evil twin…
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Wondertwin Powers... Activate!

What can I say? I’m 32 today… and I didn’t turn it alone!

I’ve made several references in my posts regarding the "twin." I put together this quickie collage to satisfy those who have often wondered what he looks like, as you can see we’re not identical. Joe (the twin) and I do not have rhyming names, we do not dress alike (anymore) and we’re happily as opposite as night and day. We always have been, despite numerous attempts by parent and relatives to dress and influence us otherwise. Joe and I were born on this day, within three minutes of each other (I often refer to him as my former "wombmate"), and people have always expected us to be the same.

Strangely enough, Mom wasn't sure she was having twins with us. Because of the orientation of our positions in the womb, the doctor couldn't give her and Dad a sure evaluation. It was 1973, technology wasn't what it is today. According to Mom, the nurses were literally taking monetary bets on whether there were two of us or not in the delivery room. She says when Joe appeared after me, there was alot of screams because some of the nurses just made some money (and some just lost). We were also the young doctor's first set of twins he'd every delivered. He is still Mom's doctor today and reminds her of that.

When growing up, we fought more than got along, mostly because we had little in common other than family. We do much better as adults. I’ve gone through the differences for those interested parties.

Night and Day )

Despite our differences, we do get along and I love him dearly. Even though the goofy shit called me at 12:01 AM to wish me a Happy Birthday, even after I told him not to do it. Big happy birthday to my "little” brother (aka "The Golden Child”).

Update: Revenge is sweet. I called the twin to wish him a happy birthday this morning... at 4:30 AM.


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