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I was off yesterday. I originally requested the day off because I was going to be driving up to Detroit for the softball tournament. Since I got injured, I couldn't go, but then the patio door installers called and rescheduled for that Friday. And then it rained all day and they had to reschedule again.

I'm not devastated, as this just happens. And it allowed me to sleep in a bit and gave me time to get ready in the morning, which takes more time due to the boot.

One of the perks of being relatively couch-bound is that I've managed to catch up on my DVR a bit. I love watching "The Strain," about modern-day non-handsome vampires taking over NYC. It's definitely a dark show.

I'll be spending a bit of time writing issue #23 of my comic book while taking it easy.

And now I'm seeing photos of my team at the softball field this morning in Detroit on Facebook. Darn. Sigh.
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The weekend was not terribly pretty in terms of the boot. Being someone who likes to stay busy, just sitting on the couch with my leg propped up is annoying me. It's also very distracting, which leaves me struggling to concentrate on things.

Night time has been the worst part of it. After I take off the compression socks to help with the swelling, my ankle becomes abnormally sensitive. The slightest touch of it can hurt, so finding a comfortable position to sleep in has been nearly impossible. This past week has been a lot of fitful sleeping.

The good news is that my foot seems to be on the mend. The pain is nearly gone and the sensitivity has disappeared. I slept so soundly last night, I didn't want to get up. I found myself very drowsy at work today, so I was happy to get home. I set the alarm for an hour nap and did not want to get up from it either, so my body is clearly ready to catch up on my rest.

The only negative is that my OTHER foot is starting to hurt now. Not in the same way, but like a strained muscle in my arch. I've relied to heavily on my good foot this past week, I know it's tired of having to bear my weight most of the time. I'm hoping it passes quickly too.

I want this boot off so bad. I missed out on softball again tonight. Boo.
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My cleats have been crushing my feet lately, but they had been feeling better. On Saturday, I re-laced my running shoes and did my usual 3.4 miles on the track. I felt pretty good when I finished and walked back up the hill to my car. After my shower, I went to lunch and started to notice a twinge in my right foot. As I ran more errands, the twinge grew into an ache, then into dull pain, and ending at sharp pain. I was thrilled to get home and take it easy, thinking that the pain would pass overnight.

It didn't.

I took it easy all day Sunday. I didn't even leave the house. My foot had swelled and was very red on its bridge. I iced it and kept it elevated, thinking that I had overdone it. As I went to bed that night, it hurt even more. In bed, I grabbed my phone and found that the local orthopaedic office had an urgent care just down the road from my house.

The urgent care is pretty well set. The lady at the front desk was a bit of a bitch, but I can live with as long as they see me. There were lots of kids in casts and even a prisoner in chains, decked out in gray and black striped clothes. The theater of the living was kind of fun.

They took me back, shot several x-rays of my foot in various painful positions, then put me in a room to wait for the doctor. The doc was a funny lady, just a few years younger than me, who listened intently to what I had done to myself. She said that she believes that I have stress fractures on my right foot. She said that we can't see them on the x-ray until they heal, but she pointed out past fractures that had healed. It was pretty interesting considering the pain I was in. She verified the fractures by striking a tuning fork and placing the end along each metatarsal on my right foot. As she moved the fork end down the bone, she would reach a spot that would hurt. The fork would cause the bone to vibrate and vibrating breaks... hurt. It turns out that two of my five metatarsals have apparent fractures.

She was going to put me into a boot, but luckily I still had the same one from a couple of years ago, so I was ready to roll. I made it back to work for a few hours, then home to catch up on the sleep I didn't get last night.

I'm in the boot for at least two weeks. No softball tomorrow or next week. And sadly, no softball tournament in Detroit. I should be out of it by the time Pride Night at Kings Island rolls around.
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I've been having trouble with my feet lately. A couple of weeks ago, they hurt so bad after a softball game that I couldn't bear to wear my cleats. I took them off and walked in my stocking feet to the parking lot and my car. I blamed the cleats as they have been crushing my feet, so I think they were a bad buy.

That night, my feet ached like crazy, so on top of them being sore, I believe I had a gout flare-up. So I took my gout meds and went to work. The following weekend, I bought some new shoes in the hopes that it would fix the problem. I played in the new shoes last week and things went great. However, my feet started aching a couple of days later, which I believed was tendonitis in my heel.

I'd not been running as a result, which had been really bugging me. Today, even though my heel wasn't 100%, I decided to go for a run. I did a weird gallop the first couple of laps, but then my gait went to normal. I'm sure the endorphins were kicking in. By the time I was half-way through my 3.4 mile walk-run, the pain was pretty much gone. I've found this to be true in the past, that working out will often get whatever kinks taken care of. My heel hasn't hurt the rest of the day, so I'm hoping it will stay that way.

Softball is looming in a couple of days, I hopefully will not experience a repeat of the past week.
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It was incredibly cold night to play. The temps were in the low 60s, but it was overcast and windy, which made for a very chilly night to play. We had a double-header, the early game and the late with a hour break in between.

The first team we played was not very good, but both teams are in the recreational division. Several of them were working out injuries. We beat them easily, but we were courteous, taking only one base when we could grab two. One inning, we even gave them six outs so they could bat around more. Playing right field, I caught a pop fly for the final out of the game.

The second game was more aggravating. It's the team "formerly known as Shooters," named after a closed country/western bar. They were in the competitive division last year, but they claim they've lost and replaced players and now are in the intermediate division. I saw some of their replacement players and they are past players on the team. On their whole team, I'd say maybe two of them play at the intermediate level. The rest are still at the competitive level.

Naturally, they trounced us, 30-something to some single-digit score. Sore losers are bad enough, but sore winners are freakin' worse. One of our guys had three fouls and was about to bat again, when the pitcher said he should be out. He said the rule was one free foul, but the ump was allowing it. Now, the Sheldon Coopers of the world would say rules are rules, but when you already have a double-digit lead on us, it looks very petty.

Worse, I was catching the second game and had to listen to three straight, insufferable twats on their team sit on the bleachers and give ESPN-like play-by-play of every mistake we made. When two outfielders nearly collided on a high fly hit, dropping the ball, they were laughing and talking about our team's lack of communication. They communicate better, they said cackling. It grated on my last nerve.

Normally, I'm very jovial, cracking jokes with the batters as they come up, and I did for the first part of the game, but after this insult to injury I had no f**ks left to give. After they batted through their line up the second time or so, we finally got a third out. I was coaching first and the other team's first basement tried to joke with me, but I just smiled and let it go. Their scorekeeper tried to flirt with me, but I wasn't in the mood and just nodded without a word.

Ironically, while I ended the first game by catching the last out, I ended this game by being tagged out at second.

I think our captain is going to report their playing level to make sure they play in the right division. We're not perfect, but against an intermediate team, would have done much better. I don't want it to sound like we're sore losers. We lost both games last week and had a great time, but dealing with the overly macho crap with this team made it no fun at all.
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I originally had two separate entries to post about work, but both of them seem so negative that I didn't feel like spraying that around. So instead, here's some bits and pieces of the week:

  • Now that Issue #20 of my comic book is out, I am feeling a bit of the post-issue malaise that comes with it. Working on the comic book engulfs a lot of my free time when I'm working on an issue, so the sudden flood of free time throws me. I tried to draw some cartoons, but the ideas just don't seem to come. The well feels somewhat dry.

  • I am enjoying the 2nd "season" of "RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars," but I swear I think there must have been a sale on lip injections. A lot of the queens have been visiting their plastic surgeon to get those lips plumped up and it seems to throw off their faces when they are out of drag. Seriously, Alaska and Adore Delano are fish-lipping it. I'm thankful my full lips are natural :D

  • Got my full 5K run into today without taking a break. I'm going to pay for that tomorrow, but I'm feeling accomplished today.

  • The Midwest Invitational Softball Tournament (MIST) is this weekend! I am playing for the team I may be switching to next year. I've got the jersey already. I'm looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to meeting the visiting teams. We are playing in the lowest level, recreational bracket, so I expect lots of campy fun.

  • I took all next week off. I have four weeks of vacation time I need to burn before the end of the year, but I've been too busy to take it. I will be off a lot in the next four months. Definitely a first world problem, but a great one to have.

  • Pride Night at King's Island is next Friday! Six hours of no lines for rides, beautiful bears everywhere, great friends visiting to go, and Lady Bunny will be performing!
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It's been a busy week so far:

  • My boss is out of town, so I'm acting branch director this week. Luckily, there are a lot of trainings going on, so we're on a near skeleton crew. It's not been crazy busy, but the workflow has been constant.

  • Playing competitive teams at softball continues. It's an unusual thing really. We got trashed by a team who we should have beaten, but then beat one of the best teams in the league afterward. I actually had one of my best hitting nights. I have found that my "no f**ks to give" attitude seems to be helping my game as there is no longer any pressure on me.

  • Boo the Kitten is settling in well. She got her first bath at home last night. She jumped into the unflushed toilet, thinking the lid was down I'm sure. She wasn't happy and neither was I. She fought the bath, but it was a necessary thing, I assure you. She is getting along with Milo the Cat, which is a good thing.

  • Most of my evening time is being taken up with coloring the pages for the next issue of "Grizzly and the Bear Patrol." It's taking about 90 minutes a page. Not sure why, but I'm trudging through it.

  • Dentist appointment this morning, so I'm going in late today. I did manage to get my bicep workout in this morning, so ... yay...
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Last night, the weather was absolutely perfect for a double-header softball game. Seriously, I wish it could be like that all year.

I was catching both games last night. During the first game, we were losing badly. Our power hitters were slamming it right into the glove of the left fielder as though his glove had a magnet and the ball was made of iron. He almost didn't have to move.

While others were feeling the burn, I wasn't giving a damn, which is the best way to play.

One of the opposing batters got up, hit the ball, and promptly slung the bat behind him... right at me. I'm not sure which of my usual colorful explicatives escaped as it hit me, but the umpire noticed and chewed him a good one. His team was far more apologetic than the batter himself. He said he was sorry and it happens in the course of the game. Still, he was pretty careless with the bat the next time around. The ump called him out on that too.

Softball Bicep Boo Boo

My bicep was red, and turned this lovely purplish color by this morning.

My first softball ouchie of the year.
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This week has been tiring and busy, so I haven't been in much of a posting mood. Not that I've been in a bad mood, but I'm fairly wiped out at the end of the day.

  • Milo the Cat continues his self-imposed, storage-space hiatus. He's almost like a sad kid who didn't want to go to his grandparents' home for the summer. When I am asleep, he does get out. When I'm at home, he stays in the storage space. When I check on him, he just stares at me, keeping his distance. I am getting some faint glimmers of hope. He meowed at me today when I looked in on him an hour ago. Baby steps, I guess.

  • I did catch up on my DVR. I've been really enjoying this season of "RuPaul's Drag Race." I thought the Snatch Game episode was a bit of a bore, but the queens are a varied bunch this season. So far, my favorite two are Bob the Drag Queen and Thorgy Thor, both of whom are doing well in the competition. I strongly suspect Bob the Drag Queen will win it.

  • The local softball season was supposed to start with a scrimmage this past Tuesday, but the fields were too wet from a couple of rainy days. I was both disappointed and relieved, as work has me so tired I wasn't sure what my game was going to be like.

  • On the car front, I found a brown Kia Soul that I really, REALLY like. I test drove a 2014 last weekend, but there is one at Carmax that's a 2015 with fewer miles and less cost, so I'm having it shipped down to Cincinnati from Illinois. I'll give it another test ride when it shows up, but I think I'm wanting it.

  • I'm in a bit of a creative slump. I've started writing Issue #20 of my comic, but it's slow going. I guess I'm just not in the mood.

  • I am getting the itch to do some hard-core Spring Cleaning, including some purging of the comic books. I tried this once with little success, but I'm starting to buy into the idea of uncluttering those that I really haven't read or wanted to read for some time.

  • I burned through some of my earned credit card points this week. I decided to get into my "wish list" and get some DVDs. One that just came available this week is 7500, which I wrote about a while back. It never got a wide-release in the US, which is surprising as it's better than some of the other crap that has been put into theaters of late. I'm watching it as type this up. I have seen the movie as someone posted a subtitled version on YouTube.

Luckily, the weekend is looming and I'm grateful. I'm looking forward to sleeping in and enjoying the warm, sunny weather we're supposed to have.
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The week is barely half over for me. Here are some bits and pieces so far:

  • Saturday, I went to see a matinee of "Mr. Holmes," at the local arthouse theater. It's a really good movie. Ian McKellen and Laura Linney are wonderful and it's deserving of the praise it's getting.

  • News about my not applying for the branch director position has been slowly getting around. I think a large majority of people just assumed I had put in for the job, so very few have directly asked. Today, I told one of my coworkers at lunch and he looked genuinely disappointed. It made me second guess my decision for a split second, then it passed.

  • The latest internet person who is being judged in the court of public opinion is a Minnesota dentist who went on a big game hunt and ended up killing a tracked, famous lion in Zimbabwe. He paid about $50K for the hunt, killed the prized lion, took the head and skin as trophy, and had his photo taken with the kill. It sounds like there was some illegal activity in getting this lion lured from the preserve where he lived so he could be hunted. I honestly don't see the appeal in the big game hunt, especially when you're essentially doing it from a staged vantage point with a paid guide. My college roommate was a deer hunter, but at least he does eat what he hunts. This guy is just trying to compensate for some short-coming, I think. He put the info out online, so I really don't feel sorry for him and his horrible hobby of hunting.

  • I had a voice mail at work today from my credit card company that a questionable charge had been attempted. I called my credit card back via the number on my card. I don't trust anyone from the credit card company who calls me. It turns out someone in Florida had attempted a $60 internet charge at some uniform shop. I verified all the other charged on my card, but because one was fraudulent, they canceled the card and will send me another. This is the second time this particular card has been replaced in the last three years. Not a big trend, but still, it's very annoying.

  • Softball tonight was a mixed bag. It was insanely hot and humid. By the time both games were done, I was soaked to the skin, literally not a single dry spot on me. We won the first game and lost the second, but overall it was my best hitting night in a LONG time. Every hit of mine was a base hit. I was playing right center and caught way more than I anticipated. So, playwise, it was probably my best night of the season so far.

  • This weekend is my 25th high school reunion. I'm starting to actually look forward to it. It's hard to believe that it's been that long. I'm curious to see how everyone has changed.
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So the Saturday before last, I went for a run. And it was a good one. I did the full 3.2 miles and felt incredible after. No pain, no problems. I went to the movies afterward with the friend and all was well.

Sunday, I started feeling some aches in my foot. I just thought this was the after effect of muscles tightening. By Monday morning I was hobbling. The top of my foot was sore as possible. It got so bad by Tuesday that I called off softball, which just sucked, as softball is equal parts cardio and social activity for me.

I made it through work and continued to limp all week. Finally I found the name and cause of the pain online. It's called "extensor tendonitis," where over-tightening the laces on my running shoes irritated the tendons on the top of my foot. The symptoms were exactly the same and the cause was apparent given the onset of the pain. The treatment: rest, ice, ibuprofen.

The pain on the top of my foot finally faded over the weekend, only to move to my ankle. You see, while I was limping, I was putting pressure on my heel to steady myself and basically hurt something else. So I've been dealing with that this week.

I had to call off softball for a second week now. Today was the first day I actually could walk in a straight line without wincing, limping, or cursing. I thought about taping it up and going, but I just can't take the chance I'd be asked to play and hurting it again when I'm so close to recovery. The guilt is settling in, because I know my captain was running out of players tonight due to other injuries and people out of town.

Getting old is a pain.

Tell me something fun and light-hearted.
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I found out this morning that one of the guys on my softball team passed away over the weekend.

Rob was one of the straight guys on my team and we'd played on the team together for years now. Tall, lanky, and blond, he was a lot of fun because he always took the gay jokes among us in stride. When I asked him once if our foolish gay antics ever made him uncomfortable, he told me no. He said he always enjoyed looking some of the hot girls running about, knowing that he was one of the few guys paying them any attention.

He often brought his then-wife and his kids to the games. This past year, he had gotten divorced, but still showed up with his two kids, both of whom are still in the single-digit ages. Often, we watched them in the dugout while he was on the field.

He had told us a few weeks ago that he wasn't going to be able to play with the team this year because he had taken a new work position and his hours conflicted with softball night. Still, I was confident that he might make it to the occasional game.

He was only 34. I'm not sure what happened. The visitation and service is this weekend.

It left me a bit stunned for most of the day. Life is short. ...
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We had two softball games tonight. We played the first one very well, coming back from a crappy first inning where they were ahead 8-0, to finishing the game with us winning 20-11. So we had an hour break and then another game, this one against a team in the division above us.

I had high hopes as we came off the first game playing very well, even though the other team called The Dirtbags was in the division above. I was the designated hitter, so I didn't field the game. I was keeping the scorebook during the inning. We held our own the first two innings, but then fell apart the third inning. They were hitting really well and our fielding moxie just tanked. By the end of the third inning, we were behind by ten or so runs.

I can handle losing, but I get very irritated by the Dirtbags' fans, particularly two goofy drunk women. We've had other teams that have had the f-ed up fans who blast airhorns and goofy party favors, but they've mostly died down. These bitches' "ladies'" (loose term) big thing was to say everything with the word "hashtag" in front of it.

"Hashtag good pitch! Hashtag strike! Hashtag swing!" and on and on and on. They were friends with one particular lesbian on the opposing team.

So after three innings of this, I was getting sick of it. Again, it's annoying, but it's hardly affecting the game.

Then suddenly, they turned their attention toward us when we were batting. Teammate Bruce was up and they started heckling him.

"He's got nothin'! Hey batter, batter, batter, swing...." Again... over and over.

I will say this, I've never EVER heard anyone do this during the softball games in the nearly ten years I've played in this league.

Now, if we were in a dead heat, neck and neck in scoring, I might have been understanding, but their team had a 10+ run lead. They had no reason to do this as we were losing and it felt much like them rubbing salt in the wound. It was full-blown douchebaggery. And this is where I felt they crossed the line.

So eventually we were run-ruled as the other team had more than a ten-run lead at the end of the 5th inning. As we were taking the field to do the "good game" high-fives with the other team, I decided to do my own hashtagging while with my team.

I've talked about my ability to crank up my intimidation levels at work. Instead, I decided to use a rarer setting, "the mocking @$$hole." It's an add-on function.

"Hashtag OMG! Hashtag That Was So Much FUN! Hashtag Awesome! Everyone, let's do our annoying Hashtag chant!" said in my loudest, valley-girl swishy voice.

My team was laughing as we'd all suffered through this crap throughout the game.

"Hashtag Have a Safe Drive Home Everyone!"
"Hashtag You Guys Are AWESOME!"
"Hashtag Go TEAM!"
"Hashtag Bitches!"
"Hashtag OMG This is ANNOYING!"
"Hashtag Mocking!"
"Hashtag F*&@, it's late!"
"Hashtag Hashtag!"

All the while staring over at the two bitches who refused to make eye contact.

If I were going to be in town for the games next week, I would make it my mission to go watch the Dirtbags next game, cheer for the opposing team, and playing the mocking "Hashtag" game every spare moment I had. Get a few drinks in my teammates and I bet they'd join in.

Okay, I'm tired now and need to get to bed.
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Tonight we had the early game at softball. As we were getting ready to take the field, we only had nine players. We can play with nine players, but the tenth position in the line-up causes an out every time it comes around, which really hampered us.

To add insult to injury, the opposing team had an extra player show up after the second inning, a young college age guy who looked and played like he was a ringer. Ugh.

Still, we held our own as best we could. I had four decent hits tonight, making it to base three of the four times at bat. Things on that front are improving somewhat. My third time at bat, I hit it right into the lanky short stop on the opposing team. His arm span is twice his height, I swear. Luckily, the last time at bat, I knocked it right over his head. Take that, tall boy!

We were ahead by one run at the top of the seventh inning (the last) and we were the home team. If we could prevent the visiting team from scoring a run, the game was over. The late arrival college guy was up to bat and my team captain, who is also the pitcher, made a strategic move. We walked him.

Now normally we don't pull such stunts (though perfectly allowable), but with us down a player and them pulling a ringer in on us, we played the card. The batter made a face and begrudgingly sauntered to first. The next two batters were two of their less capable female players. With one out in the bag, we got the next two batters out and the game was over.

Despite having a serious handicap when we started this game, I was happy we managed to pull it off.
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I had a few ideas regarding upcoming LJ posts, but for some reason my mind has gone completely blank on them as I was starting this entry.

Tonight was fun though. Our softball season officially started this evening. Sunny and windy at the start, the temperatures started falling until we were all freezing toward the end. However, we had a great game. Everyone played well and it was a very close game right up to the last inning. That always makes for a good game, but we pulled it out at the end and won by two runs.

I have a good feeling about softball this year, though I need to drag my fat @$$ to the batting cages for some much needed practice.
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It's been a busy weekend. I don't usually travel on holiday weekends because I despise the traffic that comes with them.

After a brief overnight visit from [ profile] aceofspace who was driving through on his way to our hometown, I went to watch my team play in the MIST softball tournament on Saturday. The tourney brings in teams from Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto, etc. I'd never played in it before, so I was really kicking myself for not being able to play in this one because my hurt calf was back to normal yet. I watched my team play in a couple of games and it was KILLING me... I really wanted to play so bad and just keeping score wasn't doing it for me. The last game was interrupted by a big storm that saturated the fields, so we were done for the night. I did have to run after some signs blown by the storm, and realized that my leg held up well.

So... the next morning, I wrapped my leg up as best I could, threw on my softball jersey, and headed out to the field at 7 AM. It was fortunate I did because we were short players and had exactly enough to cover the field. We won our first game, lost the next two so we were out. The good news is that my leg held up for the most part, just a bit of soreness this morning, but nothing really painful.

The best part of the tournament was the visiting teams actually. Toronto sent several hotties down. I fell in love with the catcher of Woody's Woodpeckers, a beautiful man named Tyler, as well as their left center, a muscled furball named Randy. I chatted with both a bit, both of whom are nice guys. In chatting with Danny, I found I wasn't his type as he liked the bigger bears (and left with one -- heh), but that I was Tyler's type. Sadly, Tyler had already left to go shopping with the team after they were eliminated from the tournament. I skipped the fireworks party as I didn't get my wrist band to get in. The aforementioned bigger bear went to the party and sent me a message later that Tyler thought I was cute. Great... I guess there is always next year...

Overall, the weekend has been great. I dread going to work tomorrow.
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After I got home last night from softball, I took a hot shower and put more Ben Gay on my aching calf. The smell of menthol filled my bedroom, which naturally got the cats very curious, so they were all over me as I was climbing into bed.

I had the TV on and watched a bit of "Family Guy" before going to sleep. I was still a bit keyed up from the game. A commercial came on for "Cougar Life" or cougarlife dot com or something similar. It had a beautiful blond lady, in her late 30's or 40's going around in a restaurant as she overheard these beautiful young 20-something girls basically dissing young men or such. With each situation, she'd give a fun little quip that was snarky and comical. The one that caught my attention was:

Beautiful girl snidely says to her date with an air of disappointment, "Oh... you're a computer geek..."

To which, the blonde cougar replies, "... and you fold sweaters for a living, honey..."

It was like Anatasia Beaverhausen was alive and well and trolling the bar for fresh meat.

After the show was over, I went to sleep. I woke up this morning with a VERY sore calf as the muscle had tightened up overnight.

I took another hot shower to loosen it up and managed to get dressed though getting that right sock on was a trick! Hopefully with a bit more stretching, it'll be fine by the end of the day.
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My sister and her family came up yesterday to hang out. We goofed around the house for a little bit before heading to the softball field. This is the first time in my life that my family has seen me in a gay-friendly setting. I wasn't nervous as my sister has always been supportive, but I always worry about her hubby JB being uncomfortable. My 17-year-old nephew is a modern teen and is always okay with stuff.

Everything went well. My sister and brother-in-law were slightly inebriated (I drove) and had a lot of fun at the games. I hit a great shot my first time at bat. At my second time at bat, my sister yelled from the stands, "GO T-BUD!" "T-Bud" was my dad's nickname and he was a horrible athlete. I turned to the stand with the "WTF??" look, my sis laughed, and I ended up hitting a beautiful shot three feet in front of home plate. I hauled ass to first and was luckily safe, turning around and nearly giving my sister the finger for distracting me. She was laughing and her hubby told to her keep her mouth shut when I bat. :D

I sat out the second game as we had other folks who hadn't played, so I spent time with them watching the second game. My family was having a great time and my sister was sad that our hometown doesn't have a co-ed league that she could play in. She even made comment that she might come up and play in the tournament over Labor Day with my team. My team captain actually looked hopeful she would (my sis is a good softball player).

We won both games and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a late dinner. We got home and stayed up talking until about 1 AM. I asked my sister if she got hit on at the park. She said no, but she noticed that her hubby got a few looks. I told her that a couple of them came from my dugout, according to what some of my teammates were saying about him. JB took it in stride with a smile. I like a straight guy who can take a complimentary glance from a gay man. :)
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I had four days off this weekend, and enjoyed sleeping in for each and every day of it. Other than that, I really didn't do very much. I didn't go to the movies, or the bar, or anything.

Thursday night (or was it Friday night, I forget), I finished drawing the last page of the next issue of my comic. I was thrilled. So naturally the next day, I started inking it. You wouldn't think that inking, essentially tracing over the pencils with black ink (Sharpies, ink brushes, etc.) would take long, but you'd be surprised. Because my pencil art is somewhat "unfinished," I add details with the inking (such as chest hair) along the way. Each page takes 30-60 minutes to ink, depending on the art. I have three more pages to go and then I start coloring them. I'm hoping the next issue is out by the end of June.

Yesterday, during my inking frenzy, I watched "Daughters of Satan" on Netflix. The movie stars a 26 year old Tom Selleck with full mustache, as an art expert who buys a crappy painting in the Phillipines of three witches being burned at the stake. One of the witches in the painting resembles his wife and the rollercoaster of demonic dog visitations, possession, and death ensues. Tom goes shirtless quite a bit, which was fun to watch, especially when he's asleep in bed and being nearly asphyxiated by demon smoke by his possessed wife. He definitely had a 20-something's body, which luckily filled out more before he hit his "Magnum, P.I." days. It's good camp when nothing else is on.

Today is the substitute Monday here, trying to catch up on the stuff that piled up while I was out. Softball double-header tonight against two teams from the tier above us, so it's going to be a rough night. Fingers crossed we can hold our own.
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Oh, the pain... More on that later...

So we had a double-header last night at softball. It rained during the first game of the night, but my team was playing the second and third games. Still, they didn't call a rainout, but the fields were pretty wet, which made for some interesting running.

We played a church group the first game. I don't think they have any gays on their team, but they seem to be really good sports. Their pitcher loved to tap my Shiny Red Helmet(TM) for luck. We beat this team badly the first time we played them, but we made a few errors here and there and it was close. We finally rallied and scored five more runs the last inning to win it.

I was running at high speed around the bases and slipped between 2nd and 3rd to take a rough tumble, but still made it to 3rd safely. My right elbow and knee are scuffed up and sore this morning. It's a balance, as I looked filthy (sign of a good night playing), but was sore as hell the rest of the night.

Since I played catcher the first game, I sat out the second to let my buddy Marty catch. My captain had me "DH" instead, which is awesome. I get to bat, but don't have to take the field, which is great when you're feeling a bit banged up. My last time at bat, I jacked a BEAUTIFUL shot to left field. The guy had to run for it, but managed (barely) to catch it in his glove. I was shocked. His team was shocked, with their pitcher telling me he'd not caught anything all night. Just my luck.

With a tied game and the other team batting last, they had the bases loaded and we needed one out. They had a poor batter up and she knocked it right to our pitcher. He instintively threw to first and it slipped out of the baseman's glove. The runner made it to first, the guy on third scored, and the game was over. $#!+ happens :)

It's my favorite kind of game when it's so close and I really don't mind losing. Their team really came from behind to take it and a bunch of little screw ups added up to the loss.

After I made it home, grabbed a shower and slathered on some Ben Gay on certain parts of me, I went to bed after midnight. I woke up this morning feeling 100 years old. This stuff is supposed to keep me young, right? Ow....


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