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I spent most of the day sleeping. I'm not depressed or anything, but after a weekend full of softball, followed by an afternoon in Lexington, KY with my sister, and then another softball evening, I was just beat. I slept in, goofed around online for a couple of hours, went back to sleep for a couple of hours, then got the day started.

After an early dinner, I stopped by Home Depot as I was thinking of buying a pressure washer. I just wanted to look at them to see what they cost. I found a good deal on one, so I went ahead and bought it. My reason for getting it was to clean the exterior of the house, which desperately needs washing. One of the issues of living so close to the woods is that the green pollen, algae, or whatever clings to the house.

I'm sure I will feel incredibly manly blasting the house clean tomorrow. I suspect it will have many other uses, like cleaning the steps, the patio, anything requiring a good water blast. Heh...
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Yesterday, I hopped in the car and drove to my hometown to help my sister out with my nephew's upcoming move to college. She and her hubby had a few unexpected money issues this past week, so I told her I'd help out to get my nephew some odds and ends he needed.

After we spent the entire day shopping and burning a hole in my credit card, we had dinner with the twin and his family (Mom refused to go out, but that's a whole different negative story). So eventually, I crashed around midnight and was up around 5 AM this morning. My sister didn't even go to bed, she stayed up doing laundry.

The Alumnus and the FreshmanWe got to the Berea College campus around 9 AM and did a quick unload in his dorm room. His roommate had moved in, but had gone to soccer practice already. After we got everything settled, his roommate and his family showed up. His roommie is a great guy, he likes horror movies and comic books. Honestly, he'd have made a perfect roommate for me back when I started there in 1990. I think he and my nephew will hit it off well.

Next, we ran all over campus, getting his student ID, his books, his laptop, etc. We stood in line for HOURS. I felt like we'd gone to Kings Island without the rides. The one thing my sister was amazed about was the fact that everyone was so nice. There were students to guide you anywhere on campus, some students were there to help you move your stuff, etc. My sister said that when she went to Eastern Kentucky University, the student guides just ignored you.

Eventually, we grabbed a late lunch at one of my old hangouts, which was wonderful, before they had to go do the parent-student thing. At that point, I left them to head home. I'm sure my sister was a mess to let her kid go.

I'm so envious of him honestly. It made me remember my first day on campus and being both excited and terrified. If I could do college over again, I'd do it in a heartbeat I think.
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My sister sent me a text message earlier today, giving me some of the details for my nephew's upcoming orientation at Berea College, where he's starting as a freshman in a couple of weeks. I called her and we discussed things. He has his schedule, his roommate is a guy named Jacob from West Virginia who he doesn't know, and he's got his dorm assignment (a fairly decent dorm really).

My brother-in-law asked my sister if she would ask me to go with them next Saturday. As a Berea alumnus, they feel like I know the ropes better than they do. I can tell they are starting to freak a bit. This is my sister's only kid, so she only gets to do this once.

I talked to my sis about making sure he had all the odds and ends -- a fridge for the room, a TV, bed sheets and towels, pillows, garbage can, laundry basket, washing powder, shower shoes, etc. I told her that he needs to call his roommate to see what he's bringing so they don't double dip.

I told my sis that I'd be there Saturday morning to help him get settled. I have a feeling I may be buying his books for the first semester. Just a feeling. We'll get his room situated and I'll take him to lunch at one of my old favorite hangouts. I hope to see my old dorm room if I can.

Before I got off the phone, my sister told me, "This $#!+ is getting REAL!"

Yeah, it is. Her baby is grown and going off to college. I hope she can handle it.
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I had an odd dream last night. Not freaky as they usually are, but interesting.

I *think* I was back in college and I was planning a project to test creek water for heavy metals. The creek I had chosen was Lynn Camp Creek, which is the creek that I basically played in growing up. It’s not a small body of water for the most part, as it runs through my hometown and extends as far as a couple of towns to the North and South. It is very wide and shallow in some places, and narrower and deep in others. When it rains it can really fill up. Kids are fascinated by running water and I was no exception to that. I loved playing near that creek, catching crawdads and the occasional catfish. The feeling of mud and moss squishing through your toes is actually very satisfying.

Engineer Street Bridge
Engineer Street Bridge over Lynn Camp Creek, Corbin, KY

Anyway, back to the dream. When I ran this plan to the mayor’s office, they balked and said I couldn’t do the testing. Now why I needed their permission to sample water from a public creek I’ll never know. I easily could just go to the county portions outside the city limits and ignore them anyway. Undeterred, I’d already mapped out where I was going to sample and even included on the diagram the locations where I’d fallen in as a kid. This part is real by the way, as you can’t play near water on a nearly daily basis as a kid and not occasionally slip.

Before I could get the plan into action, I’d stopped by the lab to check on the analytical part of my plan and ran into my sister who was a scientist there too. This part is pure fiction. My sis hated chemistry.

The dream didn’t go anywhere after that. I woke up and was in a rush to work or I’d have posted this earlier with more details. It was a good dream nevertheless.

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As I was coming in from lunch today, my phone gave that special "double-vibrate" that signifies that I've gotten a text message. I wasn't expecting anything specific today, so it took me a few moments to get my phone out to take a look.

The message was from my sister. She told me that my nephew had gotten his acceptance letter to Berea College. She and my nephew have anxiously been waiting for news and I'm happy that he made it in. It will be a good experience for him I think and the proximity to home (it's 45 minutes away from our hometown) will give him some security but enough distance for independence. At least that is what Berea did for me. He will get a good, well-rounded education there, with small classes and individual attention. I expect it will also be an eye-opening experience for him too.

The funny part is that he still doesn't know yet. After classes today, he went straight to work and won't be home for another 10 minutes or more. My sister didn't text him or call him, she wants him to read the letter himself. I replied via text to her soon after reading the message to express my congrats!

So, another Berea alum in the family. I'm happy. I suspect I'll be buying his books and paying some odds and ends expenses for him at times, but I'll be glad to do that.
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Last night, I had a two hour phone call with my sister. Usually, such a call would be about something nutty our mom has done, but my sister was more excited than that. Not that Mom didn't come up, but my sis was excited that about the visit that she and my nephew had done at Berea College, where I got my bachelor's degree back in the early 1990's.

Berea is a small private college, academically respected, but better know for their work-study program. No student that goes there pays tuition, but all students must work on campus at least 10 hours a week. It's an ideal place for students who have the smarts for college, but lack the money. In fact, the school has a limit that your family can earn as part of the enrollment process. I was concerned that my sister and her husband made too much money for my nephew to go there, but my sister told me that they qualified as "highly likely."

Now our folks were poor as church mice, so my getting in was easy, but I think the criteria was more clear-cut back then and may be softer now. My sis and nephew went to the campus yesterday for a tour and an interview to see if my nephew would be a good fit and it appears that he is, provided he can get his paperwork to them by the end of this week.

The campus has changed certainly and they do make it easier for students to get around. My sister loved it and is practically praying that he gets in. I hope he does too. It'd be nice to have another Berea grad in the family.
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My sister and her family came up yesterday to hang out. We goofed around the house for a little bit before heading to the softball field. This is the first time in my life that my family has seen me in a gay-friendly setting. I wasn't nervous as my sister has always been supportive, but I always worry about her hubby JB being uncomfortable. My 17-year-old nephew is a modern teen and is always okay with stuff.

Everything went well. My sister and brother-in-law were slightly inebriated (I drove) and had a lot of fun at the games. I hit a great shot my first time at bat. At my second time at bat, my sister yelled from the stands, "GO T-BUD!" "T-Bud" was my dad's nickname and he was a horrible athlete. I turned to the stand with the "WTF??" look, my sis laughed, and I ended up hitting a beautiful shot three feet in front of home plate. I hauled ass to first and was luckily safe, turning around and nearly giving my sister the finger for distracting me. She was laughing and her hubby told to her keep her mouth shut when I bat. :D

I sat out the second game as we had other folks who hadn't played, so I spent time with them watching the second game. My family was having a great time and my sister was sad that our hometown doesn't have a co-ed league that she could play in. She even made comment that she might come up and play in the tournament over Labor Day with my team. My team captain actually looked hopeful she would (my sis is a good softball player).

We won both games and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a late dinner. We got home and stayed up talking until about 1 AM. I asked my sister if she got hit on at the park. She said no, but she noticed that her hubby got a few looks. I told her that a couple of them came from my dugout, according to what some of my teammates were saying about him. JB took it in stride with a smile. I like a straight guy who can take a complimentary glance from a gay man. :)
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Santa the Muscle Bear 2012
Merry Christmas! I hope Santa is good to you tonight

I drove down to my hometown on Saturday morning. Traffic was not bad at all, which was great. I dropped off [ profile] aceofspace at his parents and then drove to my Mom's house. Her TV gave up the ghost a few days ago, so she's buried herself in some very cool craft projects, mainly her embroidering things again. While I like that she can keep herself occupied, I bought her a new TV on Sunday because it really isn't a luxury in my book. Her new TV picks up the digital music channels from her cable, which she loves!

Comic Book Locker BoxBesides hanging out with family, including my oldest nephew Chris who showed up unexpectedly, the best part of the trip was the gift exchange. We did it a day early as my brother, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law all had to work today. My sister got my name in the drawing at Thanksgiving and she presented me with this! A locker box that she decoupaged comic book panels and images on. It was quite a surprise. I had no idea what she got me, though I discovered the Mod Podge on her counter the day before. I haven't figured out what to use it for yet, as the possibility are endless.

I decided to come back home today as most of the family was occupied with other things. I really wanted a day to myself and sleeping in my own bed.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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One thing I love to do when I go home is marvel at how much my sister changes her home. Being currently unemployed, she has a lot of free time and not a lot of money to spend, but she likes to stay busy. So she has been inexpensively painting and changing her home. She painted her small kitchen, painted the cabinets and changed the fixtures. The overall effect is impressive. Her kitchen looks new, done very inexpensively, and I'm jealous.

ArcherNow I'm itching to do the same things to my house. I've lived in it for twelve years almost and have done very little to it decoratively other than painting rooms. My kitchen looks dated, but a complete overhaul isn't in the budget, but doing the simple things that my sis did to her kitchen would work on mine. It's definitely a project to consider when the holidays are done.

I had planned on drawing up some ideas of how I'd like the kitchen to look last night, but I got distracted watching TV and started doodling this archer instead. I like the look and I think I'll use him in a future comic book issue.

Happy Monday everyone. If you can muster it. :)
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Trick-or-treaters were not out in mass last night. I bought 10 lbs of Tootsie Rolls and assorted candy and still have 2/3 of it left. I think I had about a dozen kids and I encouraged them to grab handful after handful. Sigh... I brought the rest to work so my co-workers will hopefully eat it.

Shake that money maker for daddyI did find that sometimes enticement was needed to get the kids to the door. With the porch light on, I left the front door slightly ajar, so Murphy the Cat would plop himself down between it and the screen door. Kids saw Murphy and yelled "KITTY!" and came up. That's right, I whored my cat out to attract the kids. Don't judge. I had candy to be rid of. I'm not ashamed.

Between the sparse visits, I was watching my DVR'd shows and getting goofy texts from my sister. They went something like this:

Sis: "Happy Halloweenie to my favorite weenie!"
Me: "Happy Halloweenie!!"
Sis: "Weenie!"
Me: "You are what you eat, you know."
Sis: "LOL. True. Guess that makes us both weenies. Lol."
Me: "LOL! I've had four treaters in 30 minutes. Going to be a slow night."
Sis: "Haha. I've had zero. I never have any. Woohoo. Good thing 'cause all I got to give em is some bacon and maybe a couple of tomatoes."
Me: "LOL! Glad you're prepared!! ;-)"

Geez! It's November! Brrr!
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My big (and only) sister hits the big 4-0 today. I haven't quite figured out if she's happy about it or not. She leans one way, then the next it seems, but maybe that's only to fart. I'll be calling her later to see what she's up to and to sing horribly to her. I'm hoping she's got big plans. I wish her birthday had fallen on the weekend so I could swing home.

Softball last night was fun. We only lost by three runs, but I had at least one beautiful shot to the outfield. My teammates even said let loose a big grunt when it smacked it. Sadly it got caught, but it looked really good. One day I'll go over that fence, I promise. It was a good night though, perfect weather, and the Lesbian team we played included some really jokers.

Sleeping MurphyI snapped this other night when Murphy wasn't being a pest while I was drawing. My couches are only a couple of years old, but the back pillows have these huge depressions in them. They are essentially kitteh sleeping compartments. It's hard to get upset with him when he looks this cute. I'll just fluff the pillows up later.

Happy hump day, y'all....
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First, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope that everyone has traveled safely if they traveled and can unbutton their britches to relieve the pressure from eating way too much. I certainly know that feeling, thankfully. I've been to my hometown and back in the last two days. There have been a few fun little things happen over the days, which made it a great time.

Cut for brevity )

And it's good to be home after three hours of driving, two of which in the pouring rain. Work tomorrow. Hopefully an easy day.


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