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I went to bed Friday with a slight, nagging cough. A dose of Nyquil would guarantee me a good night, or so I believed.

It was one of the worst night's sleep I've ever had. The cough kept me up all night. My muscles were aching and I thought I felt chills. By the time I got up, it was 8 AM and my head was throbbing. So after some ibuprofen and a couple of hours of goofing off in a mental fog, I tried to crash for a few more hours, waking up around 4 PM. I literally slept the day away... and not a good sleep either.

Thinking it was a one-off, I downed another dose of Nyquil Saturday night, only to repeat the experience. In my waking hours, the coughing was just intermittent and annoying, but when I lay down, it just magnifies and becomes almost continuous.

So on Sunday, I took some allergy medication, hoping it wasn't a cold, but a reaction to the blooming crap in the Spring air. It didn't help. In fact, it made it worse. My nose was dripping all night along with everything else. I seriously couldn't win. I woke up at 3 AM to go to the restroom and get some ibuprofen to the recurring headache. I called in to work so I could get some more sleep and then go to the urgent care.

The doctor didn't think I had a cold as a lot of symptoms were missing, so she gave me a script for prednisone for a possible allergy and some of the cough syrup with codeine to help me get some sleep. I am hoping it works because i really need some rest tonight.

I am meeting my new boss tomorrow and I could do without the raspy voice and lack of energy.
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So after running 3.5 miles yesterday, followed by 2 hours of pressure-washing the house exterior, I felt sore. Actually, I felt weirdly light-headed too, but attributed that to being dehydrated. After a shower and lunch, I took a nap and felt worse. The chills surprised me. I managed to crawl out of bed eventually and checked my temperature, which was 100.2 deg F. So I bundled up on the couch, took some ibuprofen, and settled in to catch "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars." The fever broke before the top two lip-synced for their legacy (ugh, that just doesn't roll off the tongue easily).

I went to bed early, despite the nap. The dream I had last night was odd, but I don't think being sick was the cause. I dreamed of my first house, a small two-bedroom, one bath that was literally next door to the house I grew up in. My mom and dad lived there for six years, including my first four, before we moved.

114 Andrew Street Corbin KY
Courtesy of Google Maps

A realtor was showing the house and I asked if I could take a tour. She took me to the roof to enter, which was silly. We went back down and through the front door. The previous owner had obviously done some renovating. They had torn out the ceiling and created a vaulted ceiling to the roof. The living room was basically a show room of cabinets full of clothing and jewelry for sale. It was obviously a dream as the inside of the house was larger than the outside.

I looked the house up on Google maps this morning and saw the house had been remodeled. My cousin did the first remodel years ago, but it looks like the current owners did more. The elephant-ear trees had been cut down in the front yard. The stumps are still there.
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While I've been sick, I've not done much other than flop on the couch and watch TV. I've been in recovery mode. I think I'm about 90% better, so I'm going to attempt going to work tomorrow. My co-workers will just have to get used to my raspy, frog voice for a while.

Stanley Tucci, Sofie Gråbøl, and Richard Dormer of "Fortitude"

The first disc of "Fortitude" showed up from Netflix on Monday. I popped it in the DVD player and settled back. This British series involves a murder in a small fictional Arctic Norwegian settlement called "Fortitude." One murder leads to another death along with other discoveries and indiscretions among the townspeople. US audiences will recognize stars Stanley Tucci, Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccelston, and (possibly) Sofie Gråbøl, the last being the lead in the award-winning Danish series "The Killing."

When I got through the first three episode on the first disc, I was disappointed. Netflix is good, but I knew it was going to be two days before I could watch more. While I was looking at to see season one was available on DVD, I found the season was available through Amazon Prime for free. And there was much rejoicing (yayyyyyyyy!!!)

So Tuesday and today, I binge-watched the rest of the season. I thought it was remarkably well-written, with various storylines interwoven together. I also enjoyed how the series led me to question the morality of a character, believing his or her actions to have been shady, only to reveal later that other circumstances were involved that exonerated him or her in my mind. It's a good mix of police drama, murder and mystery, and even a touch of horror. There was also quite a few bearded bears (series lead Richard Dormer is a handsome blond bear of a guy) as well as a bit of delightful male nudity (though sadly none with Mr. Tucci).

I am learning to appreciate the short seasons that British TV usual goes. Twelve episodes are actually quite a large season for the UK. According to Wikipedia, there is a second season being made. I'm looking forward to it already.
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Still sick here, but better.

What sucks for the most part, besides the surprise bursts of coughs that happen every so often, is the fact that I don't feel like doing anything. Being idle isn't something I'm usually good at. I thought yesterday that since I was sick, I'd get some drawing done or finish up planning the pages for the next comic, but I spent the day binge-watching "Criminal Minds" and being zombie-like.

I did watch "The X-Files" last night, which is making me incredibly nostalgic. I remember seeing the premiere when I was a senior in college. It struck such a chord with me that I became an instant fan (along with almost the entire campus). I saw the previews for next week's episode which has a guy in a hat and suit that looks suspiciously like Carl Kolchak, the supernatural reporter from "The Night Stalker." Kolchak was a 1970's show about a reporter investigating supernatural and alien events, very similar to the X-Files. I remember reading somewhere that they wanted to do a Kolchak-X-Files crossover of sorts back during the original series, but Darren McGavin, the actor who portrayed Kolchak, didn't want to reprise the character for the show. He did a couple of episodes of the show, but as a different character. I'm very curious to see what this upcoming episode involves.

I also watched "Lucifer," which has an interesting premise and the lead is very attractive. The jury is still out in my minds on this show, but I'm willing to give it a go.

*cough* *cough* -- Ugh...
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Ye gods, what a night...

Last night, a small group of us went out to the movies to see "The Boy". The theater was full of teenagers, but they were strangely well-behaved. Despite some decent acting and a cool setting, the movie was rather dull. The guys thought so too, as we tore it apart while having dinner.

On my way home from the outing, I stopped and bought some Nyquil as I coughed intermittently all evening. Before bed, I started coughing so hard that I threw up a couple of times. I blamed it mainly on eating too much for dinner and went to bed after things settled down.

Then the night went south fast.

I have had chills before but not like last night. From midnight to 3 AM, I shook so violently, I couldn't sleep. The whole bed was shaking like crazy. At some point, I had to get up to go to the bathroom, and the chills were so bad, I could barely walk to the bathroom and back. At 3 AM they finally stopped. It freaked me out so much, that I worried that I needed to go to the ER. Seriously, they were that bad. The last time I had a night even remotely close to this was an evening where food poisoning was involved, so I worried that had happened again.

It took an hour for me to build up the strength to get out of bed. I tried so desperately to get the chills to stop that my muscles were incredibly sore and I was exhausted. I finally got dressed and drove over the ER, which is only a couple of miles away from my house.

The ER was thankfully not busy. The intake clerk was an @$$hole. I told him that I thought I might have food poisoning. I told him it started with the sneezing and coughing and he cut me off with a tone of disbelief.

"That doesn't sound like food poisoning," he snarked, giving me a look like he didn't believe I was sick.

"Well, hang on a second, and I'll tell you WHY I'm worried it is," I retorted.

After he checked me in, a nurse took me back to a room where I was found to have a 103 degrees F fever (take THAT check-in clerk!) The doctor saw me and she wanted a chest x-ray to make sure I didn't have pneumonia. Luckily, my lungs are clear, so she concluded that I have a flu. She told me the usual -- rest, liquids, etc. She checked my temperature again, it had dropped down to 99 degrees F. They finally discharged me around 6 AM and I drove home.

I crashed for five more hours, this time sleeping better than before. I'm still coughing, but all the other symptoms seems to have passed.

I'm beat. :(
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I got up a bit late today, but the day has been fairly decent.

  • I did my first run in two weeks today. Holidays and head colds have really put a major dent in my diet and workout routine. It wasn't a bad run. I did two miles without stopping, then ran sprints for another 1.5 miles. It was cold out, but sunny and that is actually not bad running weather.

  • The head cold is down to a nagging intermittent cough right now. Hopefully it'll be all gone next week.

  • A buddy of mine and I saw "The Hateful Eight" last night. It was a long movie, but very entertaining. Like typical Tarantino, it was loaded with curse and had copious usage of the n-word, largely directed at the top billing star Samuel L. Jackson. He really is a great actor. Actually, the whole movie was loaded with good actors and the story is told in "chapters." The audience seemed very engrossed in it and clapped when it was done.

  • The found money total for 2015 was $4.02, which is the most I've found since starting this in 2009. Oddly, I've been finding quarters a lot lately.

  • I've been working on my computer today. The "El Capitan" OS X has wrecked havoc on my use of my desktop computer, to the point where it is very counterproductive. I can't imagine what the reviews of this system are, but it blocks so many different types of software I use. So I tried to partition the hard drive so I could load an older OS X version on it and boot from it, seeing if it would allow me to access the software I need, but El Capitan blocks any way of reading the older discs I have. I have an idea or two to try to see if I could get this partition set up, but it's turning into a nightmare.

  • I forgot that my nephew's birthday is Monday. Sigh... I'll see if I can't send him a belated card.
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I woke up around 2 AM Thursday morning with my right foot throbbing. I had drank a pumpkin ale at the bar the night before, which I suspect triggered a gout event. I don't tend to drink much, so sometimes an occasional beer seems to cause this, as far as I can tell. So in the middle of the night, I trudged downstairs to take a colchicine tablet, a prescribed anti-gout medication. Per the doctor's directions, I am to "take one every two hours, as needed, for pain." I was up again at 5 AM and took another and again at 8 AM.

When I finally got moving around yesterday morning, my foot was still aching with each step, so I continued to take the pills throughout the day. Eventually, the pain went away.

Now the nasty side-effect of these pills is that they can cause severe diarrhea.

I was aware of this, but last night was sheer misery. Apparently, the number of pills I took to clear things up were a bit excessive. Every hour I was up again and in the bathroom. And a new twist was added -- vomiting.

While I was up and between bodily expulsions, I looked up the current labeling for this drug online. It seems that the recommended dosage is 2 pills the first hour, with one pill the following hour, FOR THE DAY! Due to toxicity issues, the dosage had been changed to this in 2009 and the efficacy pretty much remained the same with the pain subsiding eventually. I had taken ten over the course of the previous day. I'd overdosed myself, based on the doctor's direction. The vomiting was a symptom of excessive dosing.

I'm in no danger, as the total dose I took was still below what had been known for severe toxicity issues, but I'm irritated that the doctor's direction set me up for this. I'm hoping the rest of the side-effects pass today.
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The weekend was kind of blah after Murphy's stressful visit to the vet's office. Now I'm getting concerned about his behavior since.

Murphy's Cold Shoulder

When we got home on Friday, he fell over and acted incredibly cute, very normal behavior for him. I walked up to the kitchen and he ate like a horse. He was famished. I thought this was okay as I thought he was just stress eating a bit.

Then the weird behavior started the next day. He would sleep in the middle of the floor... anywhere. I would catch him drinking water and making the odd mewing sounds. He seemed very tired, like he aged overnight. At first I thought he was mad at me, but now I'm thinking he doesn't feel well. I know the vet visit stressed him out, so I was concerned that this was the after-effect.

I did some checking online. He got his vaccination shots while we were at the vet and there are several blogs where cats have odd behaviors afterward. They suggest that after getting shots, their immune system is reacting to them, making them feel odd and maybe even a bit sick, so I'm wondering if that's the problem.

Has anyone gone through this with their pet before?


Apr. 13th, 2013 07:06 pm
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Ugh. I hate being sick. Silly, as I can't imagine that anyone enjoys it, except for hypochondriacs. Luckily, with my itchy eyes, coughing, general lethargy, chills, and diarrhea, I know mine is legit. I've slept a lot this weekend.

This one crept on me. It started with a periodic sneeze earlier this week. It's Springtime, so I blamed it on the blooming trees and such. Then it became a cough. Again, it wasn't constant, so I blamed the Springtime flood of plant crap in the air. By Friday, a headache settled in. Several folks at work had headaches and we blamed it on weather front changes. By lunchtime, I finally caved to the idea that I'm sick and went home. I slept three hours, was awake for three, then back to bed again.

Thank heavens for The Golden Girls marathons on Logo, TVLand, and another cable station. It's kept me entertained through my few waking hours.

I'm hoping this all blows over by Monday. I have a busy week ahead of me.
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I felt a bit achy on Thursday, but figured it was due to working out. I ran 3.4 miles outside and just figured I'd not had good form. By Friday, my nose started running and I was having sneezing fits that got progressively worse through the day. Again, I was thinking it might have been an allergic reaction from running outdoors in this very mild winter. By Friday night, I caved in and knew I had a cold. I've been taking the usual DayQuil/NyQuil shots and eating Vitamin C gummies like candy. I'm hoping I'm on the upswing.

Last night, I had the most unusual dream that I've had a in a LONG time. I put it behind the cut, because it's a lengthy description.

The Alien Baby Abductors Dream )
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After a long, LONG day at work, I got home in time for my nose to clog up and various bouts of sneezing to occur. It's official, I've got it. I got some hot and sour soup from PF Chang's on the way home, which seemed to help for a bit.

Various observations of the day:
  • People talking on Bluetooth. In the old days, when you'd see people talking to themselves, you assumed they were crazy. Now you assume they have Bluetooth microphones. I guess they could be both.
  • The waiters at PF Chang's wear all black. When I see a skinny guy in all black with glasses, like the one who served me at the carryout counter, I think of Mike Myers' Dieter from SNL. "Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance."
  • While at lunch, I recalled the snarkiest thing I think I've ever said... "With a good personality, she just might make a good fag hag for some hot gay man." I'll have to recount the context some other time.
  • People who offer to make me soup are going to Heaven. Thanks [ profile] ericdabear... *big hugs*
  • Work tomorrow.. have to go... ugh...

... NyQuil is good....
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Last night, I was having a sore throat, so bad I was wincing in pain every time I swallowed or ate. I ditched the low carb diet for a milkshake, which seemed to help. Waking up this morning was not a pleasant experience, congested again, coughing and hacking, and a trail of blood from my irritated nose on my pillow (sorry for the visual).

I called and managed to snag an appointment with my doctor at 10 AM. The nurse told me I was running a low grade fever in comparison to my historic body temperature. Thank goodness, I thought I was having hot flashes. She also did a quick test and determined I didn't have strep. A medical student, cubbish and from my neck of the woods, came in to take down my symptoms and poke around on me. Ordinarily, I would have somewhat enjoyed this, but not today.

The doctor showed up, looked in the ears and up my nose, and took a peek at the throat. His conclusion was acute sinusitis, caused by a possible bacterial infection, as evident from the yellow pus running down my throat he observed. Now I'm on zithromax and a few other OTC drugs. Ugh!

I had to cancel my date this weekend because of this. Sigh... :(


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