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Friday night, I went to see Sinister. I decided to treat myself to the "21 and Over" section at the Rave Theater. It was $5 more, but I thought I'd experience the film without teenagers. Overall, I thought the movie was very good, some really great scares, and was pretty darn creepy in its story. The only thing that messed things up was the setting. While the adults section is very comfy with leather seats and servers bringing you food and drinks, it's distracting to have the servers walking in front of the screen all the time and whispering to patrons. I am not sure I'll do it again for that reason, as it's hard to lose myself in the movie.

Saturday, I was up early for my morning run. I put in my four miles, rushed home to change, then went to the movies again to catch a cheap matinee of Smiley. This was a "Bloody Mary" style flick where typing a phrase three times in a chat room would cause "Smiley," an internet killer, to appear and kill the person chatting. The movie was predictable, the writing was horrible, and the acting was dull. It was something worth holding off until Netflix.

On a bright spot, I saw this cute actor in an orange juice commercial. He's burly with a nice voice. I do wish commercials had a database so viewers could learn the actors names and see if they have done other work. I'd park illegally to see if I could get him to come around. :)

Joe the Tow Truck Driver
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I did my usual routine Saturday stuff today and there are some highlights so far.

  • I ran my 3.2 miles this morning. I tried for 4, but ran out of steam. There was a nice mustachioed daddy bear walking his dogs along the trail, so at least there was something to look at besides nature.

  • I had to get my Christmas cards printed at a different Kinko's location. The one I had been using was supposed to send me proofs to approve on Thursday and I still haven't gotten them. I went there today to ask about them, but they were swamped. I lost confidence that they'd do it right, so I went to the one where I had my comic book printed (the file copy) and set them up there. The clerk has an HRC sticker on her car so I suspect she might be family. She loved the "naughty" card, so I have confidence she'll do much better than the other location.

  • Joseph Beth has opened a bookstore where my favorite Borders closed. I'm still sad to see Borders go, but I'm happy another bookstore is there. They don't sell DVD's which is sad, but DVD's never did sell well there. I met a single bearded buyer working there today, I'll call him Brian, the Sci-Fi Bear. Not sure if he's family, but he's bearded, tall, bald, handsome and no ring on his finger. I bought a book because he suggested it. I'm so stupid.

  • Had anyone every ordered large items from Ikea? Is the delivery of large things an issue or overly expensive? I'm thinking about ordering bookshelves. There is an Ikea here in the Cincinnati area, but buying furniture is hard to transport with my little Toyota Corolla.

  • Brian ([ profile] cincycub) suggested I created a Facebook fan page for "Grizzly & The Bear Patrol" so that people can be more easily notified when new issues are ready. I'm not sure there is much of a fan base of the comic beyond you fantastic LJ folk. What do you think?
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It was a pretty busy weekend, which suited me just fine. The weather was beautiful and is likely going to be one of the last really warm ones we have for a while.

USS NightmareFriday night, Brian ([ profile] cincycub) and I went to see the prequel version of The Thing at Newport on the Levee. While the reviews are coming back mixed (but leaning toward the negative), I personally thought it was a lot of fun. I kept looking for the clues that tied it to the 1982 movie and they were there, even to great recreations of the sets. I felt the movie tied the two movies together really well and there was a lot of great bearded eye candy to see.

After the movie, Brian and I went to take a spin on USS Nightmare, the haunted ship on the Ohio River. I try to go every year and I dragged Brian to this one. Instead of getting paired up with a group of girls, we got paired with a couple of young cubbish types. They giggled a lot and I couldn't tell if it was scared-giggles, high-giggles, or scared-high-giggles. I think we both got the vibe that they they were family. The boat was as a lot of fun as usual, a few new twists and turns.

Me on the Big Bone Trail

The next morning, after my usual morning run, I grabbed lunch and attended the "Salt Festival" at Big Bone Lick State Park. It was a beautiful day, lots of fun little booths to shop or stop, a bit of Bluegrass music at the main tent, and lots of bears in old settler costumes. I felt like walking around, so I left the fair grounds to walk up to the museum and hoped to run into the cute bear that is the park naturalist. Unfortunately he wasn't there, but must have been at the fairgrounds somewhere. I sort of lost him in the crowd. There was plenty of other bears to look at. Clicking on my photo will lead to the photo set of the pics I took that day. I ended up buying a new tee-shirt and hat and a few rocks to use for a future rock collection.

Sunday was a day of working out, grocery shopping, and doing laundry. I admit that I did most of my shopping at Wal-Mart, which never seems to amaze me how quickly it can make me despise some of my fellow humans. Still, it was a good afternoon afterwards. I'm gearing up for the week here, got a lot to do and hopefully I'll get it done before next week.
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After My First 5KOn Saturday morning, I ran my first official 5K run. I thought after all my running outdoors I was fully prepared, but the hills actually took a lot of wind out of my sails by the third mile. I found my official time online yesterday, 27:36 minutes, running an 8:55 minute mile. I'll take it.

This was Pride weekend in Cincinnati. I went to the 701 Bar on Saturday afternoon for the Bear Party. Before going, I decided to play around with a packet of iron-on transfers to make a Grizzly tee-shirt to wear. It turned out pretty well I thought for my first try. After a while, the crowd started picking up, running into Brian ([ profile] cincycub), Derek ([ profile] _decibel_), and Chris ([ profile] kybigstew) for a few beers.

The Cincinnati Pride Parade took place on downtown with a festival on Fountain Square. Some local community values-douchebags reported days before that we gays, lesbians and supporters would be roaming naked and having rampant sex in public there, but I was disappointed that no debauchery abounded while I was there.

The parade was a lot of fun. I took dozens of photos. You can get to the set my clicking my photo here. I played with the iron-on transfers again after Brian made comment that my Pride Kilted Bear would look good on a shirt. It got some good comments. I got my annual free HIV screen test (negative) and stopped by the Wire & Twine booth to get a shirt and visit with [ profile] chrisglass, one of the hardest working guys on the Square.

There was lots of eye candy running about as well as a few more bizarre sights. It was great to run into so many friends in the crowds, getting many hugs, many smooches, and one surprising nipple nibble by a handsome furry muscle bear. It was a big success.

Today, I'm just relaxing...
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I've been to the movies a few times over the last few days. On Saturday, I decided to catch a matinee of Astro Boy. When the head of robotics of the floating Metro City loses his son, he decides to create a robot version complete with weapons and rockets. The robot searches for his place in the world and picks up the name "Astro" along the way. I was never a big fan of the Japanese cartoon or the anime comic, but I really liked the movie. It has a great story and is full of action. My only beef with the movie is casting Nicholas Cage as Dr. Tenma. Cage's voice is flat and emotionless most of the time, much like his usual acting in person.

Cloudy OpeningYesterday, I watched a matinee of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I'd been meaning to see this one for some time. When genius inventor and often screw-up Flint invents a machine to convert water into food, he becomes a town star and savior of his town until the machine starts to malfunction and the food gets a bit bigger than most folks can eat. The animation is very fun and the story is extremely original. I do like how they put little sight gags in the movie.

One of the best parts is what I will call "cartoon hotness" in regards to some of the characters, particularly Flint's (the inventor's) dad Tim, who is a complete technophobe. The designers really captured the blue-collar working man, complete with big bushy mustache.

Tim the Dad

I highly recommend both movies!
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Me and Neptune
Groping the King of the Sea

Never having been to Portugal, I did what I often do in new places. I took the double-decker bus tour. Unfortunately, I ended up buying the one that took me around the coast of the river, the area I had pretty much already seen walking around. So, I snagged the historic tour at one of the stops and went around.

Neptune here was supporting a large statue of someone locally famous, but it was tall and I didn´t manage to get the name like I normally do. I was amazed by the level of work this sculpting took, the musculature is perfect. Of course, when no one was looking I had to ham it up a bit. He said he´d call me, but you know how those god-types are.

I found a portable removeable drive in my backpack, but it only holds 120 MB, so there will be no mass gallery of photos until I get home. A photo here and there never hurts though. And, of course, there is a cleaner version of the photo above that I can show my mom.
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RuPaul's Drag RaceI have rarely been a fan of reality TV as I feel most of it has been done to death. Whether or not the bachelor picks the best girl from a troop of plastic gold diggers or the model/singer/actress contestant on the island manages to snatch the immunity idol from Queen Hula Hula's volcanic hot springs, it rarely captures my attention or interest. Of course, this changes when it's all drag queens camping it up for a camera, being bitchy to each other, etc.

Howard BragmanRuPaul's Drag Race has been a lot of fun to watch. It's a fairly inexpensive production, but I think it is interesting to see what these guys go through for drag. I even stayed up late last night to catch the third episode. I already have my favorite picked out and the one I hate picked out. I guess I can see the appeal of some reality TV.

I also enjoy the guest judges they bring on board each episode to help sort out the divas from the mess. Last night was Howard Bragman (right), a gay public relations pro, whose bearish good looks was a stark contrast to the glitz and glam on the runway. I wont spoil who got bumped last night for the TiVo crowd, but I will say that I thought it weird that Logo had the bumpee listed on their website for the show a few hours before it aired.
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I'm on the last leg of my trip, the last stop being here in Bunratty, Co. Clare, Ireland. The Bunratty Castle is literally right across the street from my hotel, which is a really cool sight. I love castles. I took a tour at the castle and the folk park that surrounds it, which are constantly being patrolled by a gaggle of roosters that crow all the time (as evident in my video above).

No big write-ups this time, but the photo gallery for the castle and grounds is here. The end of the gallery has some bearded bears visiting the castle along the time I was there, including a cutie for [ profile] cincycub. Heading home on Friday.
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James the Tour Guide at Reginald's Tower
Click the photo for the gallery

I didn't make it to the Kilkenny Castle today. I went to bed late, some jerk decided to bang on my door and run as a gag at 3 AM, so I didn't get up until noon. After hearing about the lack of photography I hadn't had much desire anyway. I got dressed, ate lunch and decided to visit Reginald's Tower instead.

The rest, cut for the uninterested )
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A very odd thing happened to me today at lunch. I went out with a few co-workers to a nearby deli. While I was standing at the salad bar, waiting for my pizza slice to be warmed up, I caught a glimpse of this guy watching me.

.. and the rest of the story )
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Dr. Lee GrismerI was watching Animal Planet today and saw a special called Reptile Kings: Search for the Lost Viper. Now I don't like snakes, but I do like attractive people hunting them.

As living proof that scientists can be hot and sexy, I saw the muscular, mustachioed Dr. Lee Grismer (left), one of the leading experts on reptiles. While I cringe watching him reach into a tree and pull out a snake that I wouldn't go near, I have to admire a man who loves his work that much.

Nearing 50, he's quite the hunk and incredibly fit. Usually walking around in the woods in a tank top, his furry chest and big arms are definitely eye-catching. For those who like them younger and leaner, he does this special with his son who is following in his dad's footsteps.
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I went to lunch solo today as the office is somewhat deserted. When I'm alone, I generally go to Skyline because it's fast and I can watch TV. As usual, there was a bear who caught my attention. A bit taller than me, he was balding with dark hair, blue eyes, black mustache and graying goatee (always a hot combination in my book), very broad shoulders, furry chest and arms, rubbable tummy, and no wedding band (it helps to know I guess). I had a great seat to sit and watch him smile at his friends and far enough away that I could act like I was watching television instead if he looked my way. Sigh.. :D

While my eyes were occupied, my ears caught a conversation behind me of some 20-somethings discussing movies. One lady didn't like Keira Knightley in the new Pirates film. She says the only reason it made money was because it was well-hyped and marketed. It made me wonder, what truly makes a blockbuster movie, a good marketing strategy or a good movie, or is it a combination of both? There are good artsy movies out and I wonder if they had a better marketing budget, could they have made more money?

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I got to work at home today, as my heat pump has been leaking and the repairman was coming. I'm taking a break from the report writing and thought I would post.

The A/C guy, Brad, is a hot, blond daddy bear. With a nice gruff voice, graying beard, and furry arms, this blue-collar god walked into my house and I was breathless.... again. See, this isn't his first visit to my house, he worked on my A/C last year. Naturally, when it started leaking I thought of him. He's good eye candy, especially when he's laying flat on my floor checking out the heat pump.

He's a super nice guy, a bit pricey, but I can live with that. For those who wish to know what he looks like, I asked if I could take his picture. I didn't tell him exactly why, but he's a good guy and went along.

Brad, the A/C bear

Yummy blond, blue collar daddy bear


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