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So [ profile] texwriterbear came a visiting the weekend before last. We had a great time, hitting some of the fun bits of Cincinnati, some of which were a bit off the beaten track. I'm sure he has better photos than I do of it. We went to dinner with [ profile] _decibel_, [ profile] kybigstew, [ profile] cincycub, and Brian's partner Justin on Saturday night on the Ohio River, then hit Graeter's for ice cream on Fountain Square, then hit a retro arcade bar called 16-bit, and then late night drinks.

Sunday was Big Bone Lick State Park, brunch, a long stint at the American Sign Museum, and dinner. We were beat I think when we got it all done.

Here are a few of the photos, most at the American Sign Museum. I finally got around to pulling them off my phone tonight.

Sean Visits - Aug 2015
Click the "Attack of the Big Boy" Pic for the Full Flickr Set
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I have hundreds of pics on my iPhone. Some of them are photos I have planned on posting for a while, but time gets away from me. I was cleaning them out tonight and here are a few:

Rainbow Vodka
Light Fixture at My Favorite Bar

Maggie The Cat in Sunlight
Maggie the Cat in Sunlight
Cats are solar-powered, you know...

From my office's odd device collection
Guess where you stick this!

Virol Sign at the Irish Pub

Me and Beymax
I loved "Big Hero 6"
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So before I packed up and headed south, I purchased a used DVD of "Black Christmas". I've written about this movie over and over again. I'm jokingly obsessed. I have no idea why, I just find the movie fascinating in odds ways.

Now I have the Blu-ray and a DVD copy already, this after I gave away another copy to a buddy, so why buy another? In my research online about the movie, I came across a nearly defunct website that listed some cool features on an earlier DVD release that strangely are missing from later DVD and Blu-Ray releases. So, I found a copy on Amazon Marketplace. It had been sitting at my post office while my mail was held during Christmas.

I got this DVD copy in the mail today and it's full of extras that are absent from the later releases -- good extras.

BC Poster Bit
Black Christmas Movie Poster

Among the extras available are:
  • Audio commentary by Director Bob Clark (he also directed "A Christmas Story" and "Porky's").
  • Audio commentary by stars John Saxon and Keir Dullea.
  • A "Revisited" Documentary.
  • A Episode of a TV Series called "Dark Dreamers" staring John Saxon (not sure why this is on here, but okay... something more to watch)

What surprised me about the DVD is that there are even more extras as a DVD-ROM, yet the DVD doesn't even state this on the cover or the interior flier. I wouldn't have even known of them if I hadn't seen them on the aforementioned website.

The DVD-ROM includes a PDF press book for "Silent Night, Deadly Night," which was the original US release title; a PDF of their movie posters (the above pic is a portion of one of them); and (the best part) is a PDF of the original script, with crossed-out scene, hand-written pages, etc. It must have been a working script by the writers. It's nice to be able to read some of the lines that got a bit blurred in the movie. Even more fun was some of the cut scenes, which were actually pretty funny. This is probably one of the fun scenes in the movie, between Sergeant Nash and Barb (Margot Kidder) when she gets the best of the officer, using a word he's unfamiliar with.

Black Christmas Script Bit
Black Christmas Fellatio Phone Number

Unlike most movies today, where they do whole "making of" documentaries to accompany a film, there is very little production documentation and photos I can find. It is rare that I delve so far into something like this. I have one more "piece" of the movie background to get. In my searches, I came across a paperback novelization of the film in 1976, released in Canada (where the movie was filmed), written from the screenplay. Supposedly, it contains extra scenes that are documented out, probably like the script I have. With the joys of the internet, I managed to find a used copy of a nearly 40-year-old paperback. It should be here next week.

I am such a geek. Seriously.
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It's not so bad, coming back to work after the trip. Everyone is usually very happy to see you home. I did managed to comb through the 200 photos I took and posted a selection of each.

Teddington Station

Click Above to go to Teddington, London, England

Glasgow City Centre Station

Click Above to go to East Kilbride, Glasgow & Edinburgh in Scotland

Happy Monday!
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Whew! What a weekend! I'm still a bit wired, believe it or not.

Ermagherd!There really wasn't any "post-artum depression" (as brilliantly coined by [ profile] prisoncitybear) after posting issue #8 of "Grizzly and the Bear Patrol" on Thursday night. I appreciate the comments and feedback. I even geeked out and rushed to get a printed copy for my file at home. I wont lie, it looks so cool when it's printed out. I am sure this is how I looked when the Kinko's guy gave them to me.

The best part of the weekend was the visit from [ profile] mikiedoggie, his boyfriend John, and their lovely dog, Boomer the Wonder Dog TM. Mikie came down for his annual trek to Pride Night at King's Island. Though the weather wasn't entirely cooperative, it was a GREAT evening. The best part of Pride Night is seeing everybody come out for the rides. So many friends and so many handsome bears! I only got a handful of photos, but you can click the pic below for the set on Flickr.

2012 Group
The 2012 Crew - Me, Mike ([ profile] mikiedoggie), Chris([ profile] kybigstew), Derek ([ profile] _decibel_), John, Justin, and Brian ([ profile] cincycub)

DSC02848On Saturday, John and Mike wanted to go to the Cincinnati Reds game. In my 14 years of living here, I've never been to a game. The team in 1995 ticked me off by going on strike when I had tickets to the game. Thinking them spoiled-rotten super-athletes (not that they aren't), I just wrote the whole team off. I'll eat some crow here, because I had a great time. There is something about being at the field that you don't feel watching it on TV. I'll be more likely to do it again now.

Like true Reds fans, we left after the 7th inning. We were hungry and getting tired. Luckily, the Reds managed to win without us those last two innings.

It was a great Pride Night Weekend. I'm already looking forward to next year.
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I needed a bit of levity and found it on Flickr. I love looking through old photographs from the early 20th century. Everything is in black and white because the world wasn't in color until the 1950's, you know.

James Dawson
Yeah, you know he's a bit guilty looking...

The sets of arrest photos from the Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums are found on Flickr. There are quite a few guys (click for link) that are rather cute I think. And there are the ladies(click for link) who may have been arrested for larceny, but their true crime is that against fashion.

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After my morning run, I showered and changed and headed over to the 2011 Cincinnati Comic Expo in downtown Cincinnati. This event was coinciding with the ZinZinnati Oktoberfest celebration, so parking was a bit of a pain, but at least there was good access to food.

Wildcat and Power GirlIt was pretty much what I expected -- comic vendors, comic creators, artists, tee-shirts and people in costume. There were a few industry folks there and I tried to stop by to see them.

The "headliner" was comic artist Jim Steranko who did the main poster. I got the free poster and was going to get in line to get him to sign it, but stopped to take his photo. He put up his hand to make me stop while talking to others. And I thought... "Huh?"

I'm sure he was very busy and probably was getting tired of having his picture taken, or maybe he wasn't comfortable having his photo taken.

Okay, now that I've given the Miss America-for-the-judges, simple logic and understanding answer for the kiddies and the Lord, let me move into my more irrational and emotional answer.

I thought it was a bit of a douche-y thing to do. He was there to meet the fans, people who respect him and enjoy his work, and was probably paid a big amount of money to show. So is he really too hot $#!+ to be photographed? I don't think so. Don't worry, Mr. Steranko, even though I got the shot anyway before you threw up the almighty stop, I'll not soil my journal with your egotistical mug. In disgust and personal protest I threw my free poster away in a recycle bin on the way out the door later.

After I blew a bit of money on some back issue comics, I found myself at Jose Delbo's table. He drew the other free Expo poster, the one I couldn't get because they were all snatched up. He is known for his long artistic run on Wonder Woman in the 1970's. In fact, my first comic ever was Wonder Woman #250, which he drew. I spoke with his wife while he was looking at a small comic drawn by another attendee. He gave a very honest critique of it and even allowed the attendee to video tape the critique. And he didn't charge the guy a cent. I thought that was truly classy, a sharp contrast to the "headliner."

Bruce O. HughesI did run into Bruce O. Hughes, the artist I chatted with last year. He certainly continues to look great. I didn't get the chance to speak with him as he was busy with other attendees. And his mug is certainly a welcome site on my blog!

I didn't take as many photos as I left my camera at home, but I did snag a few photos with the iPhone. You can view them here.
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Tony and MikeOn Saturday, I made a day-long trip to Columbus. I got there just before lunch time to meet a couple of friends for lunch. I've been chatting with Mike and Tony for years. Mike is a KY transplant to Columbus, a handsome ginger bear of a guy, and his hubby Tony is a sweet cub type from Michigan. We met up at the Old Mohawk for really good food and service. After lunch we walked to a coffee house next to a 32-room bookstore called "The Book Loft" for coffee-flavored drinks :)

Tony had to work and he and Mike had driven together, so they went on their merry way. I didn't want to be super-early for the party at Sean and Bo's (aka [ profile] fedex_cub and [ profile] demcub), so I decided to check out The Book Loft. The bookstore is a converted multi-apartment home or something like that. The gay/lesbian section was all the way at the top of the floors. I ran into a group of trio of bears who were in town for Bearcamp. While we chatted I happened to notice a fourth daddy bear of sorts who seemed to be following us from room to room.

Eventually the bear trio parted ways and I was shopping alone again only to notice the daddy bear still going room to room with me. He was a tall, blue-collar guy, blondish-gray goatee and stache, and wore a baseball cap. The proximity of him to me was noticeable, but I thought I was just being cruised. It was very flattering actually. Finally we ended up talking, him asking me if I was local and where was this great burger joint he'd heard about. I had to defer him to the clerk for that info. After a quick chat, we split off to other rooms.

As I was roaming about, I ran into him again. He was sitting in a room reading through a book. He saw me and we started chatting again. He asked me what I was in town for and I explained I was there for an annual party some friends throw during the bear run. He perked up on the phrase and asked what that was. "Oh boy," I thought. So I explained what a bear run was and told him the three guys I was hanging with earlier were here for that gathering. He asked if there were guys that looked like him there and I told him emphatically, "Oh yeah...." He was waiting there for his wife to be done with a conference nearby, but that he often spent time at some adult bookstores to meet up with guys. He added, "Of course, I don't want my wife finding out about that."

He was heading out soon and I needed to make my way to the party too. I felt really sorry for him. He seemed like a nice guy who yearns for something he felt he can't have. I suspect he is one of those guys from rural Ohio who got married because that was what was expected of him.

Sean, Tommy & BoParty time rolled around, so I went to Bo and Sean's and had a fantastic time. It was quite a list of folks attending, including Brian ([ profile] cincycub), Derek and Chris ([ profile] _decibel_ and [ profile] kybigstew), and Jeremy ([ profile] jeremasaur). I also got to finally meet a few folks in person, like Sean ([ profile] txwriterbear), Tommy ([ profile] allsmilesbear), and John ([ profile] rockyjohn).

The punch was tasty (and way too inviting on a hot day) and I skipped the Jell-O shots because I heard they were potent (Heh!). There were so many folks there, I've heard the number was around 150. It was hard to keep track of them all and I did eventually start forgetting names, though I will blame the punch for part of that. Despite the rain, it was a fantastic party and it was great to see so many familiar faces. Big thanks to Bo and Sean for another amazing bash!

I took lots of pics. The full set can be seen here.
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Another day on the road. This time, the roads were up and down and very winding. I would have made better time today if not for a an old guy in his Blazer doing a cool 20 miles an hour in the 45 miles an hour area for a good ten miles. Oh, if ONLY I could have passed him.... I shouldn't complain, I did get a lot of work done today.

I did bring the camera and found a few more roadside gems along the way. Some scare and some tickle...

Ready for What?
Nothing like an ominous warning to make a stranger feel welcome...

I saw this one on the side of the highway around Ravenna, KY and it honestly spooked me a bit. It's been my experience thus far that the deeper you get into rural Kentucky, the more Bible-thumping the natives. In the midst of work yesterday, the guy I was dealing with asked me if I went to church. I don't know what I said to get that question. He gave me pamphlets.

More pics and commentary )

I was going to stay at the Boone Tavern Hotel tonight in Berea. I used to work in the dining room. I've eaten there several times over the years, but I've never stayed in the hotel. I was going to treat myself to that only to find the hotel closed for renovations until January 20. That figures. Sigh, some other time I guess....

Tomorrow: Home!
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I slept about twelve hours last night, a testament to how utterly exhausted I was after flying home. Thank heavens I didn't go to work today.

New Ross, Ireland picturesI spent the morning working on pictures from my trip. I didn't realize that I'd had so many of them, even in New Ross, Ireland, but I guess I snapped pretty much anything that caught my eye. Clicking on the photo on the right will take you to the New Ross, Ireland photo gallery. Ireland is a beautiful country, I sincerely hope to go back someday on vacation, when I wont have to work. I feel like there were so many sights I didn't see. On Ireland, I noted a few things. One, watch where you step, the dogs crap everywhere and there are no apparent scooper rules. Two, the Irish seem to be all business when working. It seems idle chat is more for the pub, most of the customer service at restaurants or shops, the folks seemed very short because they had to get back to the other things. I'm not saying they were rude, just always seemed busy. Three, cell phones! Everyone had one, it seems. It made me wish mine worked over there :)

Welwyn Garden City and London picturesAfter the bombing incidents, I admit that I wasn't all that keen going to England, even though I was working outside the city. In looking at the pictures, I realized I caught some decent shots of the city and the Tower of London. The pictures of the missing folks sent some remorseful feelings. Some of the missing are being identified every day, but it's a painstaking process and their recovery from the tube is not easy due to the unsafe conditions.

On the lighter side, I did catch a few cute guys here and there. One of the finest was the London Tower Beefeater to the right. Clicking on his handsome mug will lead to the picture gallery for London and Welwyn Garden City, the latter being where I was staying.

Again, big hugs to everyone who wished me a welcome home, it is greatly appreciated.


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