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Nothing major happened this week, so I don't have a specific theme for the post. Here are the odds and ends:

  • The cartoon for my coworker is done. I'll email it him tomorrow. And by "done," I mean it is finished and not available for changes.

  • I finished up "Jessica Jones" this week. It's a great series. I look forward to another season of it (if they make one). I think the next hero series is supposed to be about Luke Cage (aka Power Man), but I'm sure Jessica Jones will make appearances in it. I've been going through Netflix and found an Australian series called "The Principal" that is pretty good. It stars a swoonworthy bearded hottie named Alex Dimitriades as the lead.

    Alex Dimitriades-The Principal

  • I need to mix up my workouts. I "like" Men's Health on Facebook and I've seen some interesting cardio workouts to try. One of them involves kettlebell swings, something I can do when it's raining or snowing and can't run outdoors. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the guy demonstrating the workouts is BJ Gaddour, their fitness director, and another bearded hottie.

    BJ Gaddour

  • Yesterday, I was standing in line at Starbucks, which was full of holiday shoppers wanting caffeine. I stood in line for ten minutes when this blonde 20-something witch came up and started chatting up her friend in front of me. Then she just stood there. I was staring daggers at the back of her head until she finally turned around, saw me, and said "hi." I smiled and immediately told her where the back of the line was, which was behind me and the ten other people she cut in front of. She giggled and said that she was only in line to talk to her friend. Sure, I thought. She then whispered to her friend how rude I was. Ironic, isn't it? She left the line, but her friend ordered something for her as the little bitch left drinking an iced coffee.

  • Hopefully, my Christmas shopping is done. I went last night to (ugh) Wal-Mart. Since I am shopping for folks far away, it made sense to get the stuff where they could exchange them. And worse, I ended up buying things I need/wanted, spending more on me than on everyone else. Yeah, I bought the kettlebell. Sigh...

  • Last night, I did a sketch of the kettlebell, just a doodle while watching TV. I uploaded it to my Flickr account and two folks marked it as a favorite. I checked one of the folks who picked it and saw nothing but nudes and sexual pics among his favorites. It just struck me as funny that among all of these x-rated favorites is this one pencil sketch of a kettlebell.

  • Monday is looming. Luckily, I'm working the week and then will be off for the holidays.
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It's a very entertaining weekend so far.

Saturday afternoon, the Cincinnati MovieBears met up to see "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit." The story involves a young Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) being drafted into the CIA under the guise of being a financial analyst, only to find himself involved in an international plot to wreck the US economy and a terrorist attack. It had quite a bit of actions and some really tense scenes. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of political thrillers, but this was a good movie. I was especially impressed by Kenneth Branagh, who both directed the movie and plays the Russian mastermind. I admit that I've always had a crush on the man. Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie.

We had nine guys show for the outing, the most in a long while. Most of us hit dinner at a nearby bar and grill called "Brothers," where were served by a young, bearded cubby named David. I laughed at this, because it felt like we were somehow being ironically rewarded by having cute, bearded guy wait on us. We tipped him well.

I got home relatively early, but these outings tend to wear me out a little, coordinating everything and trying to make sure everyone is relatively happy. The pint of Guinness also added to the sleepy feeling I usually have. Before going to bed, I got online to see if any tickets were available for the US tour of "The Book of Mormon" for the next day. I lucked out getting one of three available seats.

So today, I saw the matinee show. I admit I had purposefully avoided learning the storyline for the show. I wanted to see it relatively cold to the story and songs, even though I had figured it was very satirical given it was written by the South Park creators. I wasn't disappointed. It was a very fun story, biting in some places, but entertaining.

Somewhere in the middle of the first half, a young couple left. At first I figured that they went to the restroom, but couldn't understand why they left as a pair. They never came back, so I assume that they had been completely and utterly aghast at what they'd seen and heard. I suspect it was the song regarding "F*รง< You, God" that may have sent them over the edge, but it likely could have been any other. I've heard this is not unusual for this show, for people to get upset and leave, but I can't imagine paying out the ticket price and not knowing ANYTHING about the show. The left with such an awkward gait, I can only guess it had something to do with the sticks they were clenching in their rectums.

Anyway, for those of us with stronger constitutions, I think the show was wonderful. My seat had an incredible view of the stage for being up the loge area (the lower tier balcony), so I didn't miss anything. I don't see me singing the songs or anything after, but it was definitely worth the money.

So, I'm off tomorrow and I'll use the day to catch up on things. Work is about to get really busy, so I'm happy for the three-day weekend.
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Oktoberfest Zinzinnati 2007
Oktoberfest Zinzinnati 2007
Click above for more pics...

A group of us met up to check out Oktoberfest in downtown Cincinnati yesterday. Lots of really good food and some decent eye candy (I have pics!). I'd forgotten how good deep-fried pickles could be. After wandering about for an hour or so, Bo had to head home and the rest of us ventured over to Newport on the Levee to see Shoot 'Em Up. It was just a blast, so much action, so little plot. Clive Owen is yummy and Paul Giamatti makes a great villian. I'm surprised this movie isn't getting more press.

So tired... lots done this weekend... rest today...
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Author Michael ConnellyBoy, do Mondays suck.... so sleepy... *yawn*

Sadly, I haven't been in a reading mood of late. In fact, it has been months since I've sat down and read anything outside of a magazine or a comic book. Heck, the last Harry Potter novel is still on my nightstand, I've not started it yet.

Court TV is running a new show based on authors of true crime fiction called "Murder by the Book." The premiere episode runs tonight at 10 PM and stars Micheal Connelly (left) as its first author. I've heard of Connelly, but never read his fiction or his true crime novels. Naturally, I was struck by how good-looking this bear of a guy is, though this picture is a bit dated as his hair is a bit more gray.

Hmmmm... maybe I should pick up one of his novels... *le sigh*
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I went to lunch solo today as the office is somewhat deserted. When I'm alone, I generally go to Skyline because it's fast and I can watch TV. As usual, there was a bear who caught my attention. A bit taller than me, he was balding with dark hair, blue eyes, black mustache and graying goatee (always a hot combination in my book), very broad shoulders, furry chest and arms, rubbable tummy, and no wedding band (it helps to know I guess). I had a great seat to sit and watch him smile at his friends and far enough away that I could act like I was watching television instead if he looked my way. Sigh.. :D

While my eyes were occupied, my ears caught a conversation behind me of some 20-somethings discussing movies. One lady didn't like Keira Knightley in the new Pirates film. She says the only reason it made money was because it was well-hyped and marketed. It made me wonder, what truly makes a blockbuster movie, a good marketing strategy or a good movie, or is it a combination of both? There are good artsy movies out and I wonder if they had a better marketing budget, could they have made more money?

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Whew! It is so good to be back in familiar territory again. Nothing against any Cleveland or Cleveland-born LJ'ers, but it was a dreary week up north. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it had been summer and for non-work reasons. That four hour drive is rough in somewhat bad weather, I'm a bit tired.

There was a lot of eye candy roaming about though, many bearded bears and cute cubby types in plain sight at work and out-and-about. The one thing that winter has going for it is that it's the time of year that lots of guys get bearded and woolly. Of course, I had left my traveling camera in the car most of the week.

I went to dinner at the Winking Lizard (insert dirty reference here), a wings and beer joint that is a local chain of sort up there. I met up with some local co-workers and had a great time. The place even has a glass cage with a large iguana roaming around in it. Not the most appetizing sight, but the food was good. My diet has been blown all week.

However, I did have my camera on the way home and spied this good looking bear gassing up his car in front of me. Something about that graying goatee just drives me crazy.

Pics of a random traveling bear, cut for space reasons )
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I have found myself watching a lot of Animal Planet lately. They recently started a new show called Animal Planet Heroes Phoenix, starring animal rescue from Phoenix, AZ. The show is actually pretty good, a bit more "adventurous" than some of the Animal Precinct show.

Rob McGeheeIn watching several episodes, I kept seeing this really cute guy, but he didn't seem to be one of the main animal rescuers. With his thick dark hair, dark goatee, and husky body, I was in immediate lust.

I taped an episode and finally got his name, he is the Hospital Manager Rob McGehee. This was the only picture of him on the internet I could find, but it's a good one. From the website where I got it, I found out he's a graduate of the University of Dallas (a Biologist, you have to love scientists) and that he's married with three kids and a house full of animals (dogs, cats, lizards, ferrets, etc.) What a lucky wife she must be (sigh)...

Due to the lack of pictures of him, I got a couple of screen captures. I put them behind the cut for the disinterested.

Screen Captures of Rob McGehee )
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Copied from Yahoo! News...

Dench Doesn't Read Plays for Pleasure

NEW YORK - Judi Dench says she is no intellectual and never reads plays, just doing them "because someone asked me to."

"I've gotten myself into real trouble by saying yes to a play, then going to the first reading and realizing, `This is a bummer!'" the actress said in the latest issue of Newsweek.

Dench, who plays a 1930s British dame who opens a nude theatrical review in "Mrs. Henderson Presents," also admits to sneaking a peek at Bob Hoskins, who appears briefly in the nude.

"Of course! Don't think I'm going to let Bob Hoskins take all his clothes off and me not take a look? I just had a quick look up and down, like you would," she said.

Ah, she's a chick after my own heart... I'll have to see this movie. I've always thought that Bob Hoskins was an ruggedly-handsome daddy bear :)
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I don't usually watch popular TV. If you ask me about "Lost," "American Idol," or "Desperate Housewives," you'll likely get a blank stare from me. It's not that these shows aren't good, I just never found that much interest in them. I watch a lot of the forensic science programs on A&E, animal shows on Animal Planet, goofy stuff on Spike TV, and other cable channels. I've found a lot of attractive bear types watching these programs. I put their pictures and whatnot behind the cut. All pics are work-safe.

Random non-actor cable TV bears )

Well, that's it! I'll have to post something of more substance later. I head to my hometown Wednesday morning for the week. Given my last trip home and the limited internet access, I may not be online too much until I get back.
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Today was a very lazy day of sorts. I got up, cleaned house, did laundry, made it to the gym, etc.

I spent a bit of time watching DVD's, my favorite episode of Gilmore Girls from last season. It's called "The Reigning Lorelai," where Lorelai's acid-tongued grandmother, played wonderfully by Marion Ross, passes away. Lorelai and her mother Emily are inventoring Grams' house and find a letter she had written to Emily's husband begging him to leave Emily at the alter. While it sounds incredibly depressing, the story is actually very humorous seeing how each family member deals with the situation. Emily gets livid, starts drinking and smoking in her robe, and refuses to help plan the funeral. Richard is naturally a mess. Lorelai has to plan everything, finally blowing up at a poor salesgirl while trying to buy underwear for her dead grandmother, and Rory writes up the obit. It was incredibly well done, very poignant and very funny. I do love the show.

While watching TV today I finally managed to snag a photo of Max Montoya, the former Cincinnati Bengal who now does television spots for Remke Markets, a local grocery chain. I saw him for the first time a few months ago and thought, "Damn, that's a fine looking daddy bear." With his graying hair and big shoulders, I was drooling. I tried to find a current photo of him on the net without success, so I finally got a picture of him to share.

Max Montoya and Pony

Max Montoya and Remke Markets :)

Seeing the picture makes me think that I should invest in a flat screen TV sometime. :)
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Comedy Central is putting The Comedians of Comedy tonight, which is an odd show of sorts. It's part reality show, part stand up, mostly sheer goofy stuff. The show stars Patton Oswald and Zach Galifianakis and two other comedians I've never heard of. It's interesting to see how they interact as they travel about. Tonight's episode had them getting thrown out of a Cracker Barrel for bringing in cameras and then has the four of them sitting on the front "porch" on the rocking chairs, giving country witticisms about religion and freedom of choice. I've never seen the chick with the pink hiar before.... or have I?

Ain't he cute?

I'll have to watch it again. Zach Galifianakis is strange, but he's awfully cute with that messed up hair and thick beard. Yum! He reminds me a cute local bear I've dated.
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A new shopping area has opened up near my house. They have some great restaurants, upscale shopping (which I'll likely not patronize often), and a Borders! The last makes me the most happy because I love bookstores and I can check the store's inventory online and get discount coupons in the mail. I've already spent a good chunk of money there on DVD's this weekend.

I bought the DVD box set of Kolchak: The Night Stalker, a sort of X-Files precursor from the early-to-mid 1970's starring Darren McGavin as the reporter who finds himself often investigating the supernatural. It has a great mix of comedy and horror, something I think the new Night Stalker series lacks. It only lasted for a couple of seasons, but I think it would have done well if they hadn't canceled it. It has a cult following of sorts. And Darren McGavin is a nice furry guy as I found out from the episode "The Ripper."

I'm really here to find the killer...

Kolchak investigates a massage parlor and shows some skin...

One of the other movies I bought this weekend was Bram Stoker's The Mummy, found in the bargain bin while out and about. The movie is pretty much independent junk, but it stars Richard Karn in a supporting role. It's one of the few chances to see him shirtless. I snagged a screen capture for those who are interested to see it.

Ah.. Al Borland fur

Richard Karn also shows some skin...
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Due to scheduling some stuff for a charity bake sale at work today (yay! I made it to work), I ended up going to Skyline Chili solo for lunch. It's not so bad, they have TV's playing "The Price Is Right," so I can enjoy lunch while watching overweight soccer moms in bad shoes jump up and down and nearly flatten Bob Barker.

I ate up on the upper deck, a slightly raised platform in the restaurant and ended up overlooking this really cute 40-something fireplug of a guy named Jerry (his name was on his shirt). With his NASCAR ball cap covering his brown hair, his blue work shirt, somewhat dirty blue jeans, and work boots, Jerry was stereotypical blue collar guy. His face was covered in a nice thick brown mustache and was hairy all down his arms. What was great about my vantage point was that I got a bird's eye view of his very furry chest through his shirt, which he had thankfully left unbuttoned a couple from the top, giving me a grand sight every time he turned towards his buddy to crack a joke. Whew! I was warming up and it wasn't the hot sauce on the food. His chest fur was this nice dark brown color with just a hint of gray here and there. With every turn towards his buddy, his shirt would open up that much more, allowing me a visual of his meaty, furry pecs which I greatly appreciated.

Eventually, my lunchtime crush got up and left, giving me a nice opportunity to see this short, little furball's cute butt as he walked out the door. Ah, the hard-working redneck guys are soooo hot!

.. and now back to your regularly scheduled workday... :)
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Mom and my stepdad were at my house when I got home. I'm glad I gave her a key to the house, I'd hate for them to have been waiting on me outside. I'm also glad I put certain magazines away before she got there ;)

After we hung around the house for a bit, I took them to the new shopping area being built nearby for dinner at The Pub, an English pub-type restaurant. The guy at the door was a hot graying daddy bear, broad shoulders, thick goatee, and wearing a KILT! Oh he was impressive! Great legs!!! I was kicking myself for not bringing my digital camera. Luckily my mom brought a disposable camera with her and she wanted her picture taken with the Scotsman. I got two pictures and begged her to send me a copy when she got them developed :)

The wait for The Pub was too long, so we decided to go somewhere else. On our way back to the car, we walked by McAlister's, which wasn't open for business really, but they were open for training servers. So the managers there invited us in for a FREE dinner. I noticed that the guy running the kitchen was a huge, wrestler-type bear, shaved head, brown goatee, big shoulders and arms, fur peeking out from his shirt, etc. YUM! (again kicking myself for not bringing my camera).

My mom told me that the young waitress who took our order kept staring at me. When I got up to put a tip in the donation jar, Mom told me that the waitress brightened up in the hopes that I was coming to the counter. I told Mom, "Well, I rather it was that burly kitchen manager back there." Mom just smirked at me and took another bite of her sandwich. Ah, teasing her is so fun...
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... this time at Don Pablo's. A group from work was taking a visiting supervisor out before he leaves next week. The food is always good, naturally, but it was the scenery that impressed me the most.

There was this cute cubby of a waiter running about, he was about 6 ft tall, very cute, longish fuzzy hair, dark eyes behind stylish glasses, and a full beard, neatly trimmed. He sported some broad shoulders, furry arms, and slight tummy. Not sure what the chest had fur-wise, he was wearing a tee-shirt under his polo. Sigh.. he was fun to watch, too bad he wasn't our waiter. We got stuck with a perky blonde girl, but she was a good server. I made eye contact with him a couple of times, but I'm sure I was just making him nervous. My guess would be that he was a young college student.

The other bear that caught my eye was the manager I think. A bit taller than me, around 5'10", again with dark eyes, balding with dark hair, THICK black goatee, shirt and tie that hugged his shoulders and chest, and just enough tummy for a good rubbing. He was frantically running all over the place which gave ample opportunity to check out his very attractive caboose. Ah, I bet he has no idea the effect he has on the average bear admirer.

I'd say these two, plus a few cute customers, could give Qdoba a run for its money when it comes to good food and great ogling locations for lunch.
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I went to lunch yesterday at Qdoba, a Mexican Grill chain, only to have this tall, cute Hispanic cubby type ring up my order. Oh he was cute -- dark eyes, furry arms, and a goatee! A customer had to have him get some sweetener for his iced tea and the cubby had to bend over under the soda fountain counter to get it. I'd like to thank that customer for doing that because it was nice to see such great... customer service ;)

While eating I spied this muscular guy whose arms could rip up tree trunks from a yard. While he had no facial hair, he looks like the type who could grow a nice beard (usually signified by the 5 o'clock shadow he had at noon). When he got up to leave, I realized just how muscular this guy was.. huge wide shoulders, meaty pecs with hardened nipples showing through his shirt (it was cold in the restaurant), big hairy guns, thick furry legs, and a butt you could serve tea on.

Okay, there must be something in the air or the water there. I'm going to lunch there again today. :)
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I got to work at home today, as my heat pump has been leaking and the repairman was coming. I'm taking a break from the report writing and thought I would post.

The A/C guy, Brad, is a hot, blond daddy bear. With a nice gruff voice, graying beard, and furry arms, this blue-collar god walked into my house and I was breathless.... again. See, this isn't his first visit to my house, he worked on my A/C last year. Naturally, when it started leaking I thought of him. He's good eye candy, especially when he's laying flat on my floor checking out the heat pump.

He's a super nice guy, a bit pricey, but I can live with that. For those who wish to know what he looks like, I asked if I could take his picture. I didn't tell him exactly why, but he's a good guy and went along.

Brad, the A/C bear

Yummy blond, blue collar daddy bear


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