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It's only Tuesday. Ugh. It just seems like it is definitely crawling along.

  • Over the weekend, I helped my mom move to her new room at the nursing home. She had a single as long as she did rehab. When her rehab stint ended, she had to move into a room with a roommate. Change is not easy for anyone, so I went down to try to ease the transition, which was surprisingly easy. Mom was in good spirits and very clear-headed for a change. I found out last night through my sister that Mom had fallen in her new room, tumbling out of her wheelchair when she stood up to water her plant. As good as she's doing according to the physical therapist, the reality of it is that she cannot live on her own anymore. Luckily, nothing was broken this time.

  • I'm not feeling the post-issue malaise that usually comes with posting my comic book. I've been so busy on weekends and at work that I've not noticed. Tonight, with softball canceled due to rain, I found myself oddly out-of-sorts with nothing that I HAD to do.

  • My newest TV binge watching has been "Schitt's Creek". I've heard of this show for a couple of years, but I finally managed to buckle down and watch it. OMG! How have I missed this?? I've always been a fan of Eugene Levy (who is a wonderfully furry daddy bear) and Catherine O'Hara. Levy's son Daniel also stars and writes the series, and he's very handsome and furry himself. The comedy is both silly and biting. The story of a very rich family who loses it all and has to move to a rural community is prime with possibilities. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix streaming, season 3 is on DVD right now.

  • I'm teaching class next week. We usually have 5 or 6 instructors for 30 students, but several of the instructors are unavailable, so we're down to three instructors and one newbee, so I'll be teaching half of the class this round. I'll tell the students to set their universal translators to "hillbilly" (*writing down this joke for class*)
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After work on Friday, I hurried to the nearest movie theater to catch a 3D matinee of "Wonder Woman". The character was one of the few highlights of "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice," so I was eagerly looking forward to seeing her solo movie.

I was surprised that the theater was so sparsely attended, even for a matinee, as it was just me and two other folks. I have to remember that I get off work earlier than most.

The movie was FANTASTIC! Any concerns I had about Gal Gadot getting the role of Diana were quickly dismissed. The story was great, the characters were entertaining, the setting was amazing, etc. The setting of the movie is WWI (hardly a spoiler), which is a bit outside of canon as Wonder Woman started in WWII, but it's forgivable. I loved the action. When Diana whips out her glowing lasso and it flies around the screen, I was almost giddy as it brings a character I adore to life for me.

I will watch it again in the theater, very soon, I think.

Saturday was a relatively dull day. The appliance repairman was supposed to show up early Saturday afternoon, only to show up at 6 PM that night. It does irritate me that I was left to linger about the house waiting for this guy to show, but the time wasn't wasted. I inked a lot of comic book pages that day. And the washer is fixed and fully operational again.

Now it's Sunday night and work will come early again tomorrow. Ugh.
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Here are some odds and ends of the past week:

  • My holiday weekend started early. I took Friday off because I had to be home for the appliance repair guy to show up. I started it off by SLEEPING IN. An alarm clock is a necessity on work days, but the mornings where I don't have to hear it, it's pure pleasure to just come to consciousness.

  • It was a beautiful, sunny day, I went for a run. Both of my usual outdoor running places were taken up by picnics and such, so I went to Pioneer Park, which is down the road from me. I've driven past it many times, and planned to run there, but never got around to it until today. It's a nice park, definitely adding it to my list of places. However, I explored the running path behind the dog park portion and got lost, thinking the trail would loop back to another park section and it ended up on a public street. I kept running thinking another entrance would appear, but I ended up on the highway. So I had to run another 3/4 mile on the highway to get back to the park. A screw up, but it definitely increased my distance.

  • The appliance repair guy was not hot sadly. The good news is that the problem with the machine is a cracked hose. The only negative is that he has to order it, so I'll be taking more time off next week to actually get it fixed.

  • With no washer and laundry piling up, I went to the local coin-laundry. I've been there before to wash a comforter, so I'm familiar with the place. It is a nice little place, but it definitely draws a Wal-Mart crowd, so the people watching is fun. No hotties in there though. Still, the clothes are clean!

  • I've been working on Issue #22 of "Grizzly and the Bear Patrol." I'm about half-way through penciling the issue, which I hope to finish this weekend.

  • Going out with the guys tonight to see "Alien: Covenant" tonight. It should be fun.

Have a great holiday weekend guys!
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First, big thanks to all the birthday wishes! I really appreciate them! :)

I spent a large chuck of the last couple of days being somewhat lazy, napping and the like. The temps have fallen into the single digits and it's not much fun going outside. However, a few things did get me out of the house.

  • Friday afternoon, I went out to see a matinee of "Passengers", the sci-fi thriller about two people who wake up on a long-distance startship to colonize a new world. They wake up about 90 years early, while everyone else is still in hibernation, with no way to undo it. While the movie has a fairly low rating on Rotten Tomatoes (around 31% as of this post), I actually enjoyed it. There were some seriously big plot holes, the sight of Chris Pratt's backside was worthwhile.

  • I got home from the movies to find that my garage door wouldn't open. This happens quite a bit when it gets really cold. The metal contracts and provides some resistance that makes the door halt. This was different. So, I went inside through the front door and into the garage to find the track had come loose from the wall and blocked the door from rising. It was too late to go to Home Depot, so the Bearmobile had to sit outside in the freezing cold for the night.

  • Last night, I hunkered down and watched the Blu-Ray of "The House That Screamed", a 1969 Spanish horror movie staring German actress Lilli Palmer. The movie was in English and definitely had that late 60's Hammer-esque feel to it. It's set at a girls boarding school around 1900, where the headmistress runs a strict place, flogging girls when they are overly defiant. The headmistress has a gestapo-like "head girl" platoon who also do some questionable activities, with a distinct Lesbian vibe. Amidst all of this, girls who try to run away from the school are killed by an unknown assailant. Certainly, an odd movie of sorts.

  • This morning I got up early, without showering, to head over to Home Depot. I bought the necessary screws and support joints, checked out some very handsome bearded fellers roaming the aisles, and left to grab lunch. After I got home, I had the garage door fixed in about 30 minutes, which felt pretty good. A lot of it is common sense really, when it comes to fixing things, but I won't deny that it makes me nervous for some reason.

  • I was tempted to hit another movie, but decided to just grab a nap instead. It's cold outside.
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I was pretty happy to have the weekend start. Knowing I have several days off certainly did help. It's been a good weekend so far.

  • Friday was a Christmas party at a friend's house. I had a great time. I met several new folks and I wish I had gotten last names so I could connect with them again, but I'm sure I'll see them around.

  • Saturday was unseasonably warm. I got a break between rain bursts to get a late morning run in. I managed to do a full 3.4 miles, which felt really good. Once it gets really cold, I lose my enthusiasm to go out, but I force myself to do it.

  • Saturday afternoon, I went with friends to see "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" at a swank new movie house called Cine-Bistro, where they serve dinner along with the movie. The movie was AMAZING! I'm not giving anything away, but, in my opinion, it is exactly what Episode Three should have been.

  • I was invited to another Christmas party after the movie, but the rain was torrential and I just wanted to get home. It was so heavy that it almost doubled my drive home.

  • Today, I went out to grab lunch and get the last of my Christmas shopping done. It was just a trip to Bath and Body Works to get some lotion that my mom likes, but it was a zoo. I was the only guy in there and the lines were long. I grabbed three of the lotions and a bath soap from the men's section for me, only to have the cashier tell me that I could get two more for free. After standing in line that long, I didn't want to get out of line to grab them, so I just told her that I didn't need them. She told me it would be cheaper and I still begged off, saying it was worth the money not to have to stand in the line longer. She nicely said that if I told her which ones, she would grab them while I paid for the goods with my credit card. So I got three of my bath soaps too.

    But still, this is how I feel about standing in lines during the Christmas season, I'm willing to forgo free stuff to get out. Luckily, I am now DONE!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!
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I've not been posting much of late. There is no particular reason, other than I've been insanely busy at work and nothing post-worthy has been happening in the last couple of weeks. The cold and dreary weather is setting in and I've been pretty tired after work.

Tonight I went to a Christmas party hosted by some local friends. I almost begged off, but I realize that I can flip into "hermit" mode so easily and I need to find myself around friends. The party was a great time as always. I got to see a lot of friends that I don't get to see often, as well as a few new ones.

I left the party relatively early because some freezing rain was coming in tonight and I thought the roads might get a bit nasty. My windshield was icing up as I was driving, so I know that was a good idea.

Christmas shopping is done (almost). One more present and I'm finished except for the wrapping.

And I'm off work until the 27th! Yay!
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I was more than happy to have a three-day weekend thanks to the Columbus Day holiday. There is nothing I enjoy more than sleeping in, especially when there is an extra day. It was mostly a weekend of odds and ends.

  • Friday was a bit of a blur. Because of the number of people who had taken the day off and the employee picnic, the office was practically empty by lunchtime. I think when I left, there were four people in the office counting myself. I'll head into the office tomorrow asking what the employee picnic was like.

  • I found a new podcast over the weekend that I am loving. It's called "Lore," produced by a writer named Aaron Mahnke, and each episode describes something scary or horror-related from the past. They're only 15-25 minutes long, but they have a great NPR kind a feel to them. From what I've read online, a producer of "The Walking Dead" is in talks to turn it into a TV horror anthology. The podcast is available on iTunes, or you can find it at

  • Saturday was sleeping in, followed by a grueling workout. It's an alternating workout of kettle bell swings, squat thrusts, and standing squats. You do 15 swings, followed by 15 thrusts, and then 15 squats. Then you do 14... then 13... then 12... until you get to 1. I am soaked to the skin with sweat by the time I get halfway done and am exausted at "1." Still, it does work those butt muscles.

  • Saturday night I went to my buddy Rob's birthday dinner. It was a good time, but I ate WAY TOO MUCH. His birthday cake was almost half-made of icing, I swear. I woke up Sunday with what I call a food "hangover."

  • Sunday was more of the same. Sunday night was the 2nd presidential debate. It was pretty much the train wreck I expected, but sadly I wasn't as irritated as the first. The Orange Dumpster Fire pretty much showed his true colors again, especially after his past p*ssy-grabbing comments have come to light, refusing to answer questions and deflecting what he could to topics he half-understands. The online world had a field day with the debate afterward. I really wish the election was over and done.

  • I spent most of the day cleaning out old tee-shirts and socks. It sounds weird, I know, but it's amazing how fast old undershirts get stained and socks lose their elasticity, but they always end up in the drawer again. I think I made some room in some overcrowded drawers.

Tomorrow is a substitute Monday... ugh..
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I originally had two separate entries to post about work, but both of them seem so negative that I didn't feel like spraying that around. So instead, here's some bits and pieces of the week:

  • Now that Issue #20 of my comic book is out, I am feeling a bit of the post-issue malaise that comes with it. Working on the comic book engulfs a lot of my free time when I'm working on an issue, so the sudden flood of free time throws me. I tried to draw some cartoons, but the ideas just don't seem to come. The well feels somewhat dry.

  • I am enjoying the 2nd "season" of "RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars," but I swear I think there must have been a sale on lip injections. A lot of the queens have been visiting their plastic surgeon to get those lips plumped up and it seems to throw off their faces when they are out of drag. Seriously, Alaska and Adore Delano are fish-lipping it. I'm thankful my full lips are natural :D

  • Got my full 5K run into today without taking a break. I'm going to pay for that tomorrow, but I'm feeling accomplished today.

  • The Midwest Invitational Softball Tournament (MIST) is this weekend! I am playing for the team I may be switching to next year. I've got the jersey already. I'm looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to meeting the visiting teams. We are playing in the lowest level, recreational bracket, so I expect lots of campy fun.

  • I took all next week off. I have four weeks of vacation time I need to burn before the end of the year, but I've been too busy to take it. I will be off a lot in the next four months. Definitely a first world problem, but a great one to have.

  • Pride Night at King's Island is next Friday! Six hours of no lines for rides, beautiful bears everywhere, great friends visiting to go, and Lady Bunny will be performing!
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I'm three pages away from having the interior pages of my next comic book issue done. I've spent a lot of time on them today, getting eight pages colored today, as well as getting some laundry and house cleaning done. My desire to have the pages done has to slow down a bit, as I worry that my coloring gets sloppy if I push myself. I'll have it done this week.

While I've been coloring away, I've been watching some of the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) horror movies. Today's list includes:

  • "My Bloody Valentine" -- the 2009 version. It's very well-written, containing a bit of humor in some places, along with some inventive scares. There is a scene where a young lady, after having sex with a hunky bald dude and realizing the dude had videotaped their rendezvous, goes after him to get the video tape while wearing nothing but a pair of high heels. The credits actually thanks the wife of Todd Farmer (the bald dude, who wrote the film) for allowing them to film him naked.

  • "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" - A 1972 zombie flick about a group of theater players who go to an island cemetery to invoke the devil to raise the dead with some deadly results. It's poorly acted with some really bad early 70's fashions, which means I love it!

  • "Deathdream" -- A 1974 horror gem, written and directed by the same guys who did the "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" movie. This movie deals with a soldier who returns home to his family who believed him dead. The problem is that he is dead and must kill to keep from rotting. It's an interesting flick, because the mother overlooks the obvious problems with him while the father can't help but notice that things are wrong. Side fact: The aforementioned director is Bob Clark, who directed 1974's "Black Christmas" (my favorite), "Porky's," and, most famously, "A Christmas Story."

  • "R.I.P.D." -- The 2013 box office bomb starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges as two supernatural police officers who must arrest and capture the dead who roam the world. It's not a perfect movie, obviously, but it has some fun bits and I'm always a fan of Reynolds.

Ugh... Monday is tomorrow. I am so not ready to go back to work, but I'm like that most Sunday nights.
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It's been a busy week so far:

  • My boss is out of town, so I'm acting branch director this week. Luckily, there are a lot of trainings going on, so we're on a near skeleton crew. It's not been crazy busy, but the workflow has been constant.

  • Playing competitive teams at softball continues. It's an unusual thing really. We got trashed by a team who we should have beaten, but then beat one of the best teams in the league afterward. I actually had one of my best hitting nights. I have found that my "no f**ks to give" attitude seems to be helping my game as there is no longer any pressure on me.

  • Boo the Kitten is settling in well. She got her first bath at home last night. She jumped into the unflushed toilet, thinking the lid was down I'm sure. She wasn't happy and neither was I. She fought the bath, but it was a necessary thing, I assure you. She is getting along with Milo the Cat, which is a good thing.

  • Most of my evening time is being taken up with coloring the pages for the next issue of "Grizzly and the Bear Patrol." It's taking about 90 minutes a page. Not sure why, but I'm trudging through it.

  • Dentist appointment this morning, so I'm going in late today. I did manage to get my bicep workout in this morning, so ... yay...
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It's been a busy, busy week.

145 - SledgehammerOne of my coworkers is on vacation this week, so I've been trying to cover my workload and his. And it's really worn me out having to review his cases when people call or email me with questions. So far I think I've managed to keep both trains rolling along, but I'll be happy when he makes it back on Monday.

My evenings have been busy too. Besides softball, I have several work friends in town for a conference, so I've been doing after work dinners and happy hours this week. This kind of busy has been enjoyable though.

My routine activities, like house work, drawing, etc. have fallen by the way-side as a result, including any LJ posting. This drawing is from last year, but it seems fitting.

Things will be back to normal next week.
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It's been a very busy week at work, generally wearing me out so that I didn't want to do much after work, but spent a lot of it getting things ready for the next day.

  • I've been asked to join another training class for work. With my recent, permanent foray into the world of import compliance, a fellow instructor in my computer class recommended me for a national import compliance class taught in DC annually. It's a neat opportunity. I enjoy teaching and this literally goes hand-in-hand with what I do daily. To join the teaching group for this class, I have to "audition." So in June I go and teach for one hour in front of the latest class, where they will judge to see if I'm a good fit. I hope I pass the swimsuit competition. I'll have my "world peace" speech ready.

  • Wednesday night, I went running around gathering items for a co-worker's 50th birthday today. I bought helium balloons, streamers, balloons, glitter, and ping-pong balls. I spent a large chunk of the evening drawing her a 50th birthday card (I couldn't find one I liked to buy). Given the way she decorated my office for my 40th, I needed to decorate her desk. On the surface, it didn't look like much. She even jokingly commented today that she "expected more." What she didn't realize is that I booby-trapped her desk. I filled her cabinet with the ping-pong balls, so when she opened it, they spilled out. The non-helium balloons on her desk are filled with glitter, so when she pops them... The more was there, it just was delayed.

  • Another co-worker is retiring next week after 40 years at work. Her retirement party is Tuesday after work. I am spending a good chunk of this weekend drawing her retirement cartoon. While she's a really cute person, I found that drawing a close-up of her was rough and didn't turn out flattering. So I went for a more cartoonish one. I'll finish it tomorrow night.

I am so happy the weekend is here...
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This week has been tiring and busy, so I haven't been in much of a posting mood. Not that I've been in a bad mood, but I'm fairly wiped out at the end of the day.

  • Milo the Cat continues his self-imposed, storage-space hiatus. He's almost like a sad kid who didn't want to go to his grandparents' home for the summer. When I am asleep, he does get out. When I'm at home, he stays in the storage space. When I check on him, he just stares at me, keeping his distance. I am getting some faint glimmers of hope. He meowed at me today when I looked in on him an hour ago. Baby steps, I guess.

  • I did catch up on my DVR. I've been really enjoying this season of "RuPaul's Drag Race." I thought the Snatch Game episode was a bit of a bore, but the queens are a varied bunch this season. So far, my favorite two are Bob the Drag Queen and Thorgy Thor, both of whom are doing well in the competition. I strongly suspect Bob the Drag Queen will win it.

  • The local softball season was supposed to start with a scrimmage this past Tuesday, but the fields were too wet from a couple of rainy days. I was both disappointed and relieved, as work has me so tired I wasn't sure what my game was going to be like.

  • On the car front, I found a brown Kia Soul that I really, REALLY like. I test drove a 2014 last weekend, but there is one at Carmax that's a 2015 with fewer miles and less cost, so I'm having it shipped down to Cincinnati from Illinois. I'll give it another test ride when it shows up, but I think I'm wanting it.

  • I'm in a bit of a creative slump. I've started writing Issue #20 of my comic, but it's slow going. I guess I'm just not in the mood.

  • I am getting the itch to do some hard-core Spring Cleaning, including some purging of the comic books. I tried this once with little success, but I'm starting to buy into the idea of uncluttering those that I really haven't read or wanted to read for some time.

  • I burned through some of my earned credit card points this week. I decided to get into my "wish list" and get some DVDs. One that just came available this week is 7500, which I wrote about a while back. It never got a wide-release in the US, which is surprising as it's better than some of the other crap that has been put into theaters of late. I'm watching it as type this up. I have seen the movie as someone posted a subtitled version on YouTube.

Luckily, the weekend is looming and I'm grateful. I'm looking forward to sleeping in and enjoying the warm, sunny weather we're supposed to have.

The Good...

Mar. 6th, 2016 11:11 am
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I've been out of communication for a bit this past week. It's been a busy one. Sorry for the bullets, but it probably is the best way to put it all together.

  • I flew out to the Seattle, WA area for work this week. The purpose of the trip was a planning meeting for the computer class I help teach in Washington, DC. We have to submit a design package to make sure the students can get their CEUs for the course. The package necessitates that we change a few things for the class and it was a great opportunity to get together face-to-face to revise and update the materials. It was good to see the other instructors and it was my first time to the Seattle area. I didn't get to do much sightseeing because our schedule was pretty packed.

  • Last Wednesday night, I did manage to spare an evening and have dinner with [ profile] clintswan! Clint and I have been LJ and FB friends for years, but we've never met in person. The fact that he lived in the Seattle area completely escaped me, so I was happy that he messaged me. We had a great dinner and caught up a bit.

  • During the week, I managed to get several pages of the next issue of my comic book inked. I only have about seven pages left to do, which was not easy to do on a plane.

  • Speaking of LJers, [ profile] mikiedoggie sent me a message earlier in the week to see if I was going to be home. Mike came to Cincinnati and hung out with me for the weekend. We went to dinner Friday night at "The Tilted Kilt," which is basically a Hooters with a Scottish theme. Saturday was meeting LJers Derek ([ profile] _decibel_ and Chris ([ profile] kybigstew) at the Incline Public House, which was where the two of them got married last year. They were a bad influence as they convinced me to get a new iPhone 6s. Last night, Mike, Derek and Chris, and I met up with Brian ([ profile] cincycub) and his BF Justin and some other local friends for a Thai dinner. It was a good time.
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Sometimes the hardest part of recovering from a cold is trying to physically get back into the swing of the usual routine. Those energy reserves that normally help with the odd stresses of the day just aren't back yet, so the end of the day leaves me unusually drained.

Still, I'm trying. It was a sunny and mild day here today, so I decided to go for a run. I'm not back to where I was in terms of time, but I did push to get the distance in. It felt good at the time. After getting home and showered, I was wiped out. Muscles have started aching from the sudden usage after weeks of taking it easily. I'm going to seriously regret that tomorrow.

So I crashed in a sense. I was going to work on my comic book tonight, but my creative drive isn't there. Instead I decided to do the most un-creative thing possible.... my tax returns. Luckily, my refunds are pretty good, which I plan to put to good use.

I watched the new "X-Files" episode tonight, which was goofy and a bit disappointing to me. The new series "Lucifier" is pretty interesting though. I found the premiere episode last week to be fun and I knew right off the bat that it would raise the hackles of the One "million" moms group, who have already threatened sponsors with boycott and everything. I couldn't care even if I had the energy.

Yay... Monday is done at least.
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Nothing major happened this week. It's been busy at work and I've been relatively tired when I get home from work. A few naps occurred. Here are some bits and pieces of news and other things I remember (so far):

  • Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed away this week. During my teenage years, his hits "The Heat is On" and "You Belong to the City" were popular thanks to the movie "Beverly Hills Cop" and the show "Miami Vice." I remember thinking that he was very handsome and I enjoyed his videos for the music and the eye candy. It's rather sad when artists you sort of grew up with start passing away. It brings your own aging to the forefront.

  • I have managed to get the next issue of "Grizzly and The Bear Patrol" plotted out. Hopefully, I'll have the pages plotted out and can start drawing soon. However, I've been in a bit of a drawing slump of late. After the 365 days of cartooning, I guess I subconsciously took a bit of break.

  • Caribou Barbie (aka Sarah Palin) endorsed Donald Trump for President. What a spectacle... As one circulating online meme states, "Hot Mess Endorses Dumpster Fire!" I snort-laughed at the one, which almost never happens. Since McCain lost the presidential election with her as a running mate, I don't see her endorsement as a positive one for Trump. I dread the election season. It makes us look so ridiculous to other countries.

  • I've been binge-watching "Criminal Minds" and "Keeping Up Appearances" on Netflix. How is that for two ends of the spectrum in terms of entertainment.

  • The snow is a-coming apparently. The volume keeps changing, but it looks like my area will be getting around 6 inches. The rest of KY is looking at much more. Luckily, I've already been to the store for groceries. Friday is looming, so I'm good with the snow.
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I took the day off, the last of my "use or lose" vacation time from 2015. I used the day to write off a few of my usual birthday time errands, like paying the property taxes on my car, getting new car tags, etc.

I paid my taxes with one of my "Grizzly" checks, which got a few odd looks from the assistant clerk. It's not every day a check comes to her office with the image of a hairy-chested, bearded superhero on them. After I left, I'm sure she probably said something to other clerks.

So now I have a three-day weekend and no distinct plans, which is fine. That head cold of mine is still hanging on, with lingering congestion, making mornings a bit gross. So the big idea this weekend is probably getting some rest.

My dreams have been a bit odd lately too. I'm not sure if the medication is to blame or not. Last night's dream had me being critiqued by old college friends after I gave a speech or something. The biggest negative was my apparent lisping, which they stated made me sound incredibly gay. I don't have a lisp in real life, so this didn't make sense to me, but the feeling was a bit unnerving, being judged by old college buddies.

Anyway, it's Friday and I'm off work, which makes me happy.

I feel a nap coming on. :)
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Nothing major happened this week, so I don't have a specific theme for the post. Here are the odds and ends:

  • The cartoon for my coworker is done. I'll email it him tomorrow. And by "done," I mean it is finished and not available for changes.

  • I finished up "Jessica Jones" this week. It's a great series. I look forward to another season of it (if they make one). I think the next hero series is supposed to be about Luke Cage (aka Power Man), but I'm sure Jessica Jones will make appearances in it. I've been going through Netflix and found an Australian series called "The Principal" that is pretty good. It stars a swoonworthy bearded hottie named Alex Dimitriades as the lead.

    Alex Dimitriades-The Principal

  • I need to mix up my workouts. I "like" Men's Health on Facebook and I've seen some interesting cardio workouts to try. One of them involves kettlebell swings, something I can do when it's raining or snowing and can't run outdoors. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the guy demonstrating the workouts is BJ Gaddour, their fitness director, and another bearded hottie.

    BJ Gaddour

  • Yesterday, I was standing in line at Starbucks, which was full of holiday shoppers wanting caffeine. I stood in line for ten minutes when this blonde 20-something witch came up and started chatting up her friend in front of me. Then she just stood there. I was staring daggers at the back of her head until she finally turned around, saw me, and said "hi." I smiled and immediately told her where the back of the line was, which was behind me and the ten other people she cut in front of. She giggled and said that she was only in line to talk to her friend. Sure, I thought. She then whispered to her friend how rude I was. Ironic, isn't it? She left the line, but her friend ordered something for her as the little bitch left drinking an iced coffee.

  • Hopefully, my Christmas shopping is done. I went last night to (ugh) Wal-Mart. Since I am shopping for folks far away, it made sense to get the stuff where they could exchange them. And worse, I ended up buying things I need/wanted, spending more on me than on everyone else. Yeah, I bought the kettlebell. Sigh...

  • Last night, I did a sketch of the kettlebell, just a doodle while watching TV. I uploaded it to my Flickr account and two folks marked it as a favorite. I checked one of the folks who picked it and saw nothing but nudes and sexual pics among his favorites. It just struck me as funny that among all of these x-rated favorites is this one pencil sketch of a kettlebell.

  • Monday is looming. Luckily, I'm working the week and then will be off for the holidays.
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I seem to be lacking for topics to write about. Well, that and the time. I've been spending a lot of my free time drawing and inking the next issue of my comic. Between my trying to get back into the swing of work after my time off and getting the house back in order after being gone, it seems that each day seems to evaporate a bit.

All of the pages for the comic book are inked and scanned, so now I get to start coloring pages. At an hour a piece, it'll take me around 24 hours to finish. My goal is to get the comic book done by the end of October.

Speaking of comic books, a comic book project I've been working on with Bill ([ profile] boomerz1) is coming to fruition. Bill and I put together a six page preview called "The Crime Fighter Inquiry: Prologue," which got published in a comic anthology a couple of years back. Since it was published, Bill wrote a first issue and I did the art for a first issue. Bill launched a Kickstarter for it this week. Funding seems to be coming along. Bear Nerd, a bear-centric pop culture website in Brazil, will be interviewing Bill on Saturday about it (and me if I can get the app to work). They interviewed me a couple of years ago about "Grizzly and the Bear Patrol" and they are great guys.

Tonight, I going to start the coloring and am digging through my usual stack of DVD's to occupy my side-eye as I'm working on it. I've been catching up on a British mystery series, "Rosemary & Thyme," about gardening detectives. I saw the premiere of the show when I was traveling through England in 2003 and grew to love it (no pun intended). I have the DVD sets, but they are also on Netflix. I also have a few horror flicks to pick through. More than a few actually.

Thankfully it is nearly Friday. I'm looking forward to the weekend.
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Sorry for another "bulleted" entry. I was out of town for a large chunk of the week, so I didn't have a chance to write up anything.

  • I spent a lot of Monday and Tuesday nights inking pages for the next issue of "Grizzly & The Bear Patrol." Inking usually doesn't take as long as penciling pages, but I end up doing a lot of correcting and adding details on the way.

  • Wednesday, I flew out to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to hang out for a few days with [ profile] brownbearon. He was a great host and tour guide. He took me around to many of the Ottawa sights and a couple of jaunts to Quebec which is across the Ottawa River. Many photos were taken. I'll be fixing them up to post soon. I also chatted a bit with Ken (former LJ-User "Ottawacub") on Friday night, who said he would have come out to meet us but he was a bit tipsy after a glassblowing class he is in.

  • Saturday, I flew home and it took FOREVER! After clearing security and customs, the first flight ran late. So I had to race through the Washington-Dulles airport to meet my connection. I arrived at the gate to find it was delayed by a 1/2 hour. A group of Canadian students heading to New Orleans were not so lucky, as their boarding time started before they even got off the Ottawa flight. I had a few minutes, so I ran to their gate and told the gate agent that the students were getting their bags and were on their way. She said they'd wait for them and I hope she meant that. I finally got home at 8 PM. I was beat.

  • Sunday, I skipped my workout (I counted the run through the airport Saturday as a "workout"). I ate lunch and went to see matinee of "The Green Inferno". A young (and stupid) girl crushes on a guy who runs a group that wants to protect a Peruvian tribe from deforestation. He's a douche, has a bitch girlfriend, and treats the group like they are stupid. And yet, they all fall under his spell, sign up to travel to Peru, and chain themselves to the bulldozers while posting their activities to the web. Patting themselves on the back for their efforts, they try to fly back to the city and crash in the South American rain forest. There, the survivors are captured by the very tribe they went to protect and bad things begin to happen. Yeah, it's very gross. The plot is predictable. And the acting for some of the cast was questionable (I'm being kind). However, there were a couple of very handsome bears and cubs in the group of survivors, so at least the eye candy was good. My favorite is a bearded Chilean actor Nicolas Martinez. And it's set up for a sequel I think.

    Nicolas Martinez
    Nicolás Martínez in "Aftershock"

    I spent the rest of the day doing laundry, inking comic pages, and watching TV. I was still beat from the day before. I decided to bail on work on Monday. I have a lot of vacation time to burn still, so I figured why not.

  • Today was a relaxing kind of day. I got a chest and back workout in, showered, had lunch, and sat at Barnes & Noble with an iced coffee and inked more comic pages. I finished them up tonight while catching up on my Netflix. It's been a good day.


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