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A big thanks and bigger hugs to everyone for your condolences regarding Maggie. It means a lot to me.

Today was my first day back in the office after being out for a week due to travel and yesterday's events. Several folks stopped by my office to express their sympathies for the situation. A lot of my coworkers are pet owners and they know how hard it is. One of the new employees in my branch volunteers at a cat organization. She has fostered cats for adoption in the past. She told me that when I was ready that she would help me pick out a new pet (or a pair), if I wanted. I may take her up on it sometime this summer.

I spent most of the day catching up on my work from the previous week. It was a warm and sunny day, mid-70's. It was a perfect day to run outdoors, but by the time I got home I was exhausted. I was in my bedroom, changing out of my work clothes, and planning on going for that run. I laid down on my bed for a second and was out for two hours.

I'll sleep well tonight, I bet, though I really need to work out. I may try to squeeze one in before work tomorrow.
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"I really don't want another cat," I said to my co-worker back in 2003.

The cat was a small stray she and her husband had found at their rural house. She was guestimated to be around two years old and they had named her Zinnia. She insisted that I needed another cat, that my one cat Murphy needed a companion for those days I was out of town. I stated that I couldn't take her because she had claws and wasn't fixed. It was a grand excuse really. However, she showed up soon with the same cat, front claws gone and spayed. Now I had no reason to say no, so reluctantly, I accepted her.

So, the cat gave up her plans for world domination and her ovaries, albeit involuntarily, and moved in with Murphy and me. I renamed her Maggie the Cat (TM).

Maggie by Mikie
Maggie the Cat (photo by [ profile] mikiedoggie)
2002(?) - March 7, 2016

Unlike Murphy who was very affectionate and playful, Maggie was neither. She was aloof and skittish. Where Murphy was more of a pet, Maggie was almost like a roommate. She would fool with me only when it suited her. She often fought with Murphy anytime he wanted to play. Luckily, her lack of front claws saved him from serious harm, but it never deterred him from trying to snuggle up to her.

When Murphy got sick and left us in 2013, Maggie took up the mantle of head housecat, resulting in a big reversal of behavior. She was still aloof, but seemed to want to be in my lap more often. She was more affectionate. She seemed to enjoy being around me. The line between being playful with her and annoying her was still very fuzzy, and I have the scars to prove it.

Maggie Attack
Maggie the Cat Attacks!

As I'd mentioned in a previous post, Maggie had a seizure over the weekend. The vet initially called me on Sunday evening to let me know that she hadn't had another seizure and I could pick up her the following morning. When I went to the vet ER this morning to get her, they informed me that she had two seizure episodes around 4 AM. The vet told me that the blood I'd seen was the result of Maggie biting her tongue during the seizure, which she had done again there, meaning that she had likely had one or more while I was out of town. They recommended I take her to my usual vet and discuss the possibility of seizure meds.

I left the Vet ER to my usual veterinarian immediately. He and I had a frank discussion. He said that in cats Maggie's age such seizures are often the result of brain tumors or lesions. To determine if this was the case, it would be a costly MRI. He said that the end result would be knowing a physical defect was there, but there was nothing they could do about it. Maggie would get worse over time. I weighed the options, including the amount of care I could give her with the quality of life she would have.

It is one of those decisions that we have to make that truly places us in the grown-up category. I've done it before, but the idea of choosing euthanasia for a pet you care for is horrific, no matter how much sense it makes logically.

Maggie put up a fuss one last time on me, drawing blood on both hands and nearly getting the veterinarian too. She always hated going to the vet, and almost always bit me when there. So this was normal. She definitely had felt better. He gave her a couple of shots and it was over. I kissed her forehead one last time and stroked her chin. We wrapped her in a thin, white towel and placed her in her carrier. I cried all the way home.

I took her inside our house one last time. I grabbed a couple of things and then took her into the woods behind the house. I found a nice tree for a marker, dug her a grave, and gently placed her inside. I put Murphy's ashes next to her, said a little prayer, and finished up. I placed a small log to block it off.

Be nice to Murphy when you see him on the Rainbow Bridge, Maggie. He'll show you the ropes.

And remember that I love you.
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Last night's dream was pretty frenetic, all over the place.

I was with my Mom and a tour group at a bookstore, where they had everything. They even had an apparent adult books/movie section. To get to this section, you had to go on a tour. Mom and the old ladies stayed behind (thank heavens). The tour involved leaving the one store to go to others.

Before we left, I went upstairs and there was a bedroom where I found the late Murphy the Cat on the bed. This didn't seem to surprise me one bit. I sat down and started petting him and other people walked in (part of the previous tour maybe). There were kittens on the bed too. I started telling the guys how the kittens got there, that we had a female cat besides Murphy who never got pregnant, so we had assumed they were both too old and never got them fixed. Then suddenly, the female cat got knocked up and had her only batch of kittens.

I enjoyed petting Murphy again. All of the kittens were taken by the people, except for one squeaky female kitten. I assume this was one of Murphy's kids. I gave her a kiss and named her Melody. I put her on Murphy's tummy and he started licking her.

The tour left and I rode with a young guy and a few others in a mini-van, zooming around some tiny streets. And then I woke up.

No real theme to this one. I was just happy to see Murphy the Cat again.
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It's been over three weeks since Murphy the Cat took off for the Rainbow Bridge and it's been something of an adjustment in the house for both me and for Maggie the Cat.

Maggie has always been the aloof, skittish kitty that would scramble the moment someone new came into the house. She would get in my lap on occasion, but usually was quite content to park herself on the back of the couch. She wasn't very vocal. She usually wasn't much for being petted. I always referred to Murphy as my buddy and Maggie as my roommate.

Maggie the CatSince Murphy passed away, Maggie's behavior has done an almost full 180 degree change. It's almost as though she knows that she's now the top cat in the house with all the duties and obligations that come with the title.

Now she wants in my lap all the time. She meows at me when I come home, happy chirp sounds sometimes. She sleeps next to me in bed and doesn't mind being petted (usually). She follows me from room to room sometimes. Even when [ profile] aceofspace was here last weekend, she rubbed up against his leg when she normally would scamper away at the sight of him.

I'm happy with the change in her behavior, but it's making me wonder if getting another cat, or even a kitten, to keep her company during the day is a good idea. I suspect she'd likely accept a kitten over an adult, but I also worry that the kitten's high energy would not be compatible with her low-key (and often low-patience) nature.

It's something to think about. Meanwhile, I'll try to take cute photos of her now that she's acting cute.
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Thanks everyone for the condolences and e-hugs in my last post. I really appreciate them and it helps immensely. Losing a guy like Murphy is hard, as he was the playful kitty in the house. Maggie the Cat is a bit more like a roommate, though she's been very affectionate these last few days. She misses Murphy too.

Here are a couple of videos of Murphy at his best.

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In 2002, I was cat-less. A coworker said she had an orange-striped cat that she wanted to find a home for and asked if I'd take "her." I agreed, and when she showed up with this behemoth of a cat, I immediately knew it wasn't a female. Due to some gender confusion by my coworker about her then-new kitten, her cat was saddled with female pronouns. I didn't want a male cat, but she made me a deal for me to keep him for two weeks as a trial run. For two weeks, this cat hid in the storage space under the main floor of my house. I went and got him twice, only to have him run back in. He ate and got water in the night when I was sleeping.

At my wit's end, I called her and told her to come and get him, as the cat was clearly miserable. She asked if I'd keep him over the weekend and that she'd come and get him on Monday. I agreed. As I hung up the phone and turned around, the cat was sitting on the top stair looking at me. We had an understanding now. He had moved in.

That cat was Murphy.

Murphy the Cat
Murphy the Cat
Born 2000 - Died August 13, 2013

The veterinarian called me this afternoon to tell me that the mass in Murphy's tummy was likely cancer. He gave me several options, but none of them were good. The expensive surgery would need to be followed up with cancer care, such as chemotherapy. Whether a biopsy showed it was cancer or not, the mass needed to be removed and Murphy was terribly weak already. He said I could just take him home and we'd treat him with medication, but the idea of him slowly wasting away was horrible to me. The final choice was letting him go. The vet told me to come to the office and we could discuss it further after work.

When I went there, they brought me Murphy. He was more alert, but so weak that he couldn't do much more than lay in my lap. He meowed a bit and I stroked his back. As I held him it made me realize that none of the choices but one was appropriate. I love him so much and it's the roughest decision a pet owner can make. I finally told the doctor that I could not let him suffer. She understood completely. I had some time alone with him, hugged him, kissed his head, begged him to forgive me, and told him how much I loved him repeatedly. He was purring finally.

The doctor returned and gave him the overdose of sedative while I held his head. He was gone so quickly and quietly, like a candle burning out. I felt so guilty, so empty, but logically I knew it had to be done.

When I was a kid, I remember a Baptist preacher telling me that people went to Heaven and that pets didn't when they died. People have souls, he said, and pets do not. Even as a child, I thought that sounded so amazingly wrong. I couldn't imagine a God that created such wonderful puppies and kittens to make us happy and share our lives and then just let them blink out of existence.

Over the years, I have had a few pets, each one had a different personality, a different way of reacting to me and others, showing the individuality of them all. I loved them all. While they may not be able to think like a human, they do feel and I think they can care for us. They sometimes find us, not the other way around.

As I held Murphy as his life faded away, I hurt so inside. Murphy left for Heaven, leaving me behind. I hope to see him again someday.

He left here with a soul.

At the very least, he left here with the piece of mine I gave him.

I love you, Murphy.
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After work and workout, I was settling in on the couch, eating some leftovers for dinner. Murphy was still lethargic, but vocal and I almost thought he was better. When he didn't try to beg for some of my dinner, I grew even more concerned. His mews were sad and desperate almost and he would do this when I was out of sight of him. He literally was almost passing out wherever he was.

So I called the vet and the tech said they wouldn't comment on him unless they saw him. Fine. I threw on some jeans and shoes, picked up Murphy who almost went ragdoll-limp in my arms and put him in his carrier, and raced to the vet who closed in an hour. Murphy meowed a bit more in the car and then he'd quit, which completely freaked me out as I wasn't sure he was unconscious or worse. He'd come to again and make a little noise.

Luckily, my vet is only 10 minutes away depending on the lights, so we got there fast. I explained that I was there on Friday to get his shots and an exam and that his behavior had changed drastically. The little bitch behind the counter just asked, "will that be cash, check or charge?" Ummmm... you unfeeling little creep, I wanted to say, but I just glared at her and said "charge..."

I sat down to a crowded waiting room with Murphy in his carrier in my lap. I opened the door to pet him and he didn't have the energy to even try to get out of it. With the abundance of dogs in the area, I was surprised he wasn't freaking out more.

More and more people kept pouring in, including a bleached-blond, tube top-wearing, spare tire and near toothless chick and her brood with a dog. Her half-naked brat began roaming the waiting area looking at all the pets.

He finally got to me and asked "Do you have a dog or a cat in there?"
"It's a cat," I said.
"What's wrong with him?" he asked.
"He's sick."
"Why?" he inquired.
"Well, that's why I'm here," I sternly responded, wishing his white-trash mommy would come and get her welfare-check child away from me.

Little, dirty barefoot Johnny finally left me and went crawling all over the chairs and area dividers. After a large white pitbull showed up, I was getting antsy as his owners didn't have good control over him. After an hour, they called me to an exam room at last.

The tech weighed Murphy who had lost two pounds in three days. I told her I recalled him eating for the last time on Friday. With Maggie in the house, I think she was eating his treats when I wasn't looking, but I was assuming Murphy was eating them. I explained to the tech that my biggest proof of a grand problem was right in front of her. Murphy is an absolute nervous terror at the vet usually. When I got him out of the carrier this time, he was barely moving, making no noise, and was practically catatonic.

The vet eventually checked him, told me he was dehydrated and drew blood to check for things. In looking at the x-rays on Friday and based on his behavior, she recommended I take him to vet ER a couple of exits away as the mass appeared to be more than fatty tissue.

At this point, I was nearly in tears, as I feared I knew how this evening was going to end, but I held it together. I paid my bill, took the blood they drew with me along with his medical records, and drove Murphy to the ER. My vet called ahead with their diagnosis so far.

Like any ER, they were busy. I filled out the necessary paperwork and they checked the blood samples. I sat with Murphy in an exam room for a couple of hours. I kept petting him, but he was not really responding to any stimulus. I was and am worried that I wasn't going to see him again. Eventually, the vet showed up and said he suspects that mass is actually an enlarged spleen and that it was causing multiple issues, including kidney problems. They were going to keep Murphy tonight, put him on fluids, and the internal medicine vet will confirm the diagnosis tomorrow.

If it is the spleen, they can remove it and he will hopefully get better and I will have several more years with my furry feline buddy. I am supposed to be in DC next week, but I may have to see about skipping that as I don't have anyone to take care of Murphy if he has surgery. I may be able to have him boarded at the vet if necessary.

Needless to say, I'm home very late and very drained. I'm hoping for good news tomorrow.
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The weekend was kind of blah after Murphy's stressful visit to the vet's office. Now I'm getting concerned about his behavior since.

Murphy's Cold Shoulder

When we got home on Friday, he fell over and acted incredibly cute, very normal behavior for him. I walked up to the kitchen and he ate like a horse. He was famished. I thought this was okay as I thought he was just stress eating a bit.

Then the weird behavior started the next day. He would sleep in the middle of the floor... anywhere. I would catch him drinking water and making the odd mewing sounds. He seemed very tired, like he aged overnight. At first I thought he was mad at me, but now I'm thinking he doesn't feel well. I know the vet visit stressed him out, so I was concerned that this was the after-effect.

I did some checking online. He got his vaccination shots while we were at the vet and there are several blogs where cats have odd behaviors afterward. They suggest that after getting shots, their immune system is reacting to them, making them feel odd and maybe even a bit sick, so I'm wondering if that's the problem.

Has anyone gone through this with their pet before?
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I have written before about Murphy's visits to the vet's office. While he is a sweet, loving kitty at home, he turns into an absolute terror at the vet. Today's visit was no different.

Murphy at the vet
Murphy is not a happy kitty at the vet.

A couple of weeks or so ago, I felt a weird mass next to Murphy's rib as we were going to bed. At first I thought it was a rib, but it was soft and felt round. He never flinched or gave me any indication it hurt. He's been eating well, but he's not as active. At his age (13 or so years), I never thought of that as odd.

To be safe, I took him to the vet this morning. On the short car ride to the vet, Murphy vocally demonstrated his usual displeasure of being in a carrier. Everything was okay after check-in, and then the vet assistant called us into a room. Once out of the carrier, Murphy got nervous as usual. He meows, his tail balloons to three times its normal volume, and he starts to shed like crazy. He starts to emit a strange growl that he's unhappy, but it's usually not directed at anyone or anything specific.

I held him while the assistant took he temp and got his weight. He's lost a pound (down to a svelte 11 lbs.) and his temp is normal. Then we waited for the veterinarian to come in. He started trying to bite me, growling more, and occasionally wanting to get off the exam table. I'm sure he looked at me like, "you never want me on the table at home, so why are you keeping me on this one??"

Once the vet showed up, I told him about the mass and he was having trouble feeling it. Murphy was tense, which hid it. When he's relaxed, it's easy. Eventually he felt it. I told him that it doesn't cause him any apparent pain. He scheduled an x-ray and an ultrasound. This whole time, Murphy is getting more and more aggressive. He finally managed to bite me. I told the vet that he's never like this at home... seriously.

The x-ray tech came in to get him soon after. Murphy was getting more and more upset. The tech had been warned about Murphy because she grabbed him by the scruff immediately to take him. He cried out, which is hard for a pet owner to hear, but I know it was needed.

I sat in the room waiting for them to return. After 15 or so minutes, the tech walked back in, Murphy bundled up in a bath towel. I started laughing, because I can only imagine what he put them through that required such treatment. The tech told me that they even had to get out the heavy gloves. Murphy's obviously a fighter (and a biter). He had alcohol on his fur where they used the ultrasound gel. I noticed that Murphy was bleeding from his ear. I'm guessing he fought them a lot.

The vet came back and said that the mass isn't attached to any organs and he suspects it is a fatty mass that older cats and dogs can sometimes have. He has no outward signs of infection or bodily reactions to it. He said that other than the mass, Murphy was in great health. However, he gave me the option to have a specialist look at it. Because of the location, the vet wasn't wanting to try to aspirate a sample of it, but to let the specialist do it. He mentioned that it would require sedation. I told him that I can't imagine them trying it any other way.

On the drive home, Murphy was fairly quiet. After the experience and getting his shots along with them, I'm guessing he was worn out. As soon as I let him out of the carrier at home, he was his normal sweet self, flopping over on his side with a purr. Jekyll and Hyde, I swear. We walked up to the kitchen and I fed him. He was famished.

Now he's sleeping it off. Kitty's had a rough day.
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Ugh. Rainy Monday morning. Karen Carpenter would have needed pep pills to get through this one. Bless her.

Monday Morning Murphy

Murphy the Cat has the right idea. I envy him the ability to sleep in every day. Oh well. It was a busy weekend:

  • I saw R.I.P.D. on Friday. While Rotten Tomatoes is currently tearing this movie apart with its reviews, I have to say that I enjoyed it. My love of Ryan Reynolds went undiminished, though the movie was sorely lacking in any shirtlessness on his part. Jeff Bridges stole the show though with his old-time cowboy character Roy. The story revolves around a young cop who dies and is recruited for the Rest In Peace Department (RIPD) whose job is to capture the undead who didn't leave this world. I thought it was a fun movie.

  • The Cincinnati MovieBears went to see RED 2 on Saturday. I caught the first RED at home on DVD the night before. It's basically a big "shoot-em-up" movie with some great humor thrown in. Helen Mirren is wonderfully bad @$$ in the film. Funny enough, Mary-Louise Parker plays Bruce Willis' overly-eager spy girlfriend in the movie and plays the "Proctor" in RIPD, so she had two movies released on the same day. It was a lot of fun to watch. No one in the group appeared disappointed. We're starting to move the outings to different theaters in the Cincinnati area, so variety is going to be the norm for a while.

  • After the movie, the group went to dinner at Cheddars where we all overdosed on good tasting, but bad for you food. I admit that the next day I was feeling a bit of the food hangover with an upset tummy and a complete lack of desire to do anything. I slept alot.

Now Monday has arrived and I'm acting boss all week. Um... yay...
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Trick-or-treaters were not out in mass last night. I bought 10 lbs of Tootsie Rolls and assorted candy and still have 2/3 of it left. I think I had about a dozen kids and I encouraged them to grab handful after handful. Sigh... I brought the rest to work so my co-workers will hopefully eat it.

Shake that money maker for daddyI did find that sometimes enticement was needed to get the kids to the door. With the porch light on, I left the front door slightly ajar, so Murphy the Cat would plop himself down between it and the screen door. Kids saw Murphy and yelled "KITTY!" and came up. That's right, I whored my cat out to attract the kids. Don't judge. I had candy to be rid of. I'm not ashamed.

Between the sparse visits, I was watching my DVR'd shows and getting goofy texts from my sister. They went something like this:

Sis: "Happy Halloweenie to my favorite weenie!"
Me: "Happy Halloweenie!!"
Sis: "Weenie!"
Me: "You are what you eat, you know."
Sis: "LOL. True. Guess that makes us both weenies. Lol."
Me: "LOL! I've had four treaters in 30 minutes. Going to be a slow night."
Sis: "Haha. I've had zero. I never have any. Woohoo. Good thing 'cause all I got to give em is some bacon and maybe a couple of tomatoes."
Me: "LOL! Glad you're prepared!! ;-)"

Geez! It's November! Brrr!
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So far, not much has happened this week. I'm not complaining, as last weekend was quite the blow-out of things to do. A bit of downtime is in order.

Green Shirt ThursdayAfter work, I skipped my usual workout for two hours of yardwork -- cleaning gutters, trimming bushes, weed-eating the tough spots, raking and mowing. I'm sure my pregnant neighbor (at least I think she's preggers, I didn't ask just in case she was just gaining weight) would have preferred I put my shirt on.

The fun of mowing the yard and such is that I come into the house with a very lawn-landed, earthy odor that the cats love! I usually don't get this much attention from them, but they smell freshly cut grass on my legs and go rubbing them. Murphy has even tripped me doing this.

Not much else to report, just looking forward to the weekend.

Happy Green Shirt Thursday!
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The joys of taking off a Monday is always counterbalanced by the feeling of it being "Monday" the next Tuesday morning. And it started off this morning with typical Monday weirdness.

The first event was my waking up and staring at the mirror to get ready to shave at 5:30 AM only to heard scratching at my closet door. I opened it to find Murphy the Cat in there who had apparently spent the night with my clothes. Last night around 10 PM, I last went into the closet to hang up a new pair of pants I'd bought. The little monster must have snuck in behind me unnoticed. I accidentally shut him in for the night. The 7.5 hour lockdown in cellblock C didn't seem to hurt him much, but he was very loving the rest of the morning. I've heard when you do hard time in solitary that prisoners are often more affectionate. Luckily, he seems to have "held it in" for the night as I didn't smell any presents in the closet and he went to the litter box before his morning treats.

The next thing was that the papasan chair pillows didn't find new homes it seems. The blue one was leaning against my garbage can this morning. It was heavy and I figured the kids weren't strong enough to drag it home. However, as I came up to the stop sign, I saw the green one next to the garbage can two houses down. The frames were no where to be seen. I can understand that a parent might not want the kids to bring things like that into the house with the current bed bug issues running about. Still, I was hoping they'd have gone to people who would have used them.

Finally, I won our Survivor competition without even trying. In the office, everyone draws a name before the season starts and if your person gets eliminated, you have to bring in donuts for the rest. I signed up because the coordinator needed another person. I don't even watch the show, but my gal managed to outlast the rest. So I don't have to bring in donuts for the masses and they have to take me out to lunch at some point.

Now I'm back in the office and staring at the looming piles. Softball tonight! I have the 8 and 9 PM games. Ugh. I'll be napping after work if I can.
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It's good to be off today, considering I went to bed around 5 AM this morning. My sleep schedule is a bit skewed because of the NYE party I went to. I did some cartooning, so I put the late night to good use.

Giving Murphy Some AttentionAfter this morning's workout, I showered and dressed and went out for lunch. I bought some birthday cards to send out for my nephew and brother. While I was out, the snow started falling fast and furious. I was getting nervous about that as snow makes people drive like nutjobs.

I stopped by the post office to send out the cards and a woman stopped in to see the postmaster. The post office window was closed due to the holiday. I suspect that I must have one of those faces suited for counseling or something, because often strangers will stop and tell me all sorts of things without my asking. I get stopped in department stores and asked for help, even though I'm in jeans and tee-shirt with no apparel to suggest I work there. This woman stopped me in this relatively deserted post office to show me the Christmas cards she sent out that were mangled in the shipping. She wanted to give the post office a piece of her mind and I think she believed I worked there because I knew why the window was closed. I gave her a polite "wow, that's rough..." and left.

So I'm home now and am happy to be in the warm house and giving Murphy a bit of attention. It's win-win, because he's really warm and I have a bit of a chill.

And to close out 2011, I counted my Found Money for this year: $3.96. It's slowly going up from the 2009 total ($3.17) and 2010 total ($3.51). I so need a life.
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On Saturday night I felt a strange bump on Murphy the Cat's left shoulder and it worried me. Murph is getting up in years and I was concerned. So yesterday on my day off, I packed up both Murphy and Maggie and dragged them meowing and hissing to the vet.

Once I got them in the exam room, the technician weighed Murphy who had lost a pound and was down to 13 lbs. Murphy was already freaking out, his tail ballooning to three times the normal volume and there was a lot of growling. So I held him down while the tech took his temperature the "old fashioned way." I just whispered for him to take it like man.

Maggie's turn was more comical as she wouldn't come out of the carrier. I had turned it vertically in the hopes of dumping her out, but that little kitteh has some strong legs. After literally pulling her from it, she weighed in at 7 lbs (1 lb heavier) and hissed incessantly before the thermometer was poked in.

The vet later checked them both and gave them shots. Maggie hissed even more and the vet commented that she had "potential biter" in her file. I thought, "Great, she has a reputation at the vet..."

The vet believes that the bump on Murphy is a cyst under the skin as it moves and doesn't appear to be attached to any organ. He told me to check it for any size changes (it's about the size of a "BB"), but he wasn't overly concerned.

So we're now up-to-date on shots and everything, so no more vet visits unless something comes up. After dragging them home, they became quite the affectionate kitties. I wonder if they think the vet is something akin to the principal's office.
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My big (and only) sister hits the big 4-0 today. I haven't quite figured out if she's happy about it or not. She leans one way, then the next it seems, but maybe that's only to fart. I'll be calling her later to see what she's up to and to sing horribly to her. I'm hoping she's got big plans. I wish her birthday had fallen on the weekend so I could swing home.

Softball last night was fun. We only lost by three runs, but I had at least one beautiful shot to the outfield. My teammates even said let loose a big grunt when it smacked it. Sadly it got caught, but it looked really good. One day I'll go over that fence, I promise. It was a good night though, perfect weather, and the Lesbian team we played included some really jokers.

Sleeping MurphyI snapped this other night when Murphy wasn't being a pest while I was drawing. My couches are only a couple of years old, but the back pillows have these huge depressions in them. They are essentially kitteh sleeping compartments. It's hard to get upset with him when he looks this cute. I'll just fluff the pillows up later.

Happy hump day, y'all....
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Around 4:30 AM this morning, I was in bed sleeping with Maggie (the gray cat) snuggled up next to me. Murphy (the orange cat) popped onto the bed and apparently wanted the presumably coveted spot Maggie had. I was waking up at this point.

Morning ScufflesInstead of finding a new spot, he did something I find humorous and surprising. He crawled under the covers right next to my chest, burrowed in, turned around and literally nudged her out of the way. Maggie let loose a resounding hiss, then accepted her new spot on the bed cover.

I found this funny that Murphy would be so competitive in a sense. I chuckled a bit and sleepily said "Murphy, that isn't nice..."

Eventually I got out of bed to get ready for work. Maggie stayed right where she was until Murphy climbed onto the bed again while I was shaving and decided to sniff around on Maggie. Maggie woke up, hissed at him, and took a couple of well-aimed swats (sans claws). I couldn't pass up the photo-op, so I grabbed my iPhone and caught her in full defensive mode. Murphy is a bit blurry because she had just tagged him not a split second before.
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While this may look like abuse, I promise you it isn't. Murphy is a 15-lb. monster of a kitty and is very sturdy. You'll notice he doesn't run away, but comes back for more. Here is 90 seconds of subjective cuteness.

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The weekend went by a bit calmer than most, which is a good thing. Friday night I decided to tackle a project I have been wanting to try for a while. I took photos along the way for the heck of it, figuring it would be good to document the success or failure for entertainment purposes.

Mark the Candle Maker -- cut for the uninterested )
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Half-Price Books Murphy and Snow Murphy Has Had Enough

Yesterday I went to a new Half-Price Books shop that opened up down the road from here. I love the place and it was the grand opening weekend, so it's attracted huge crowds. I feel sorry for the poor person in the padded bookworm suit. I laughed after getting this photo at the guy handing out coupons at the door. I just caught him in a perfect eye-rolling moment. I snagged a few DVD's, but the place was really far too crowded to do any good book shopping, so I left after standing in line at the checkout for twenty minutes or so. I'll definitely go back.

This morning, I got up to see even more snow falling. Sigh... I was off anyway for the holiday, but the streets look bad enough that I'd have taken the day off anyway. I opened the front door to watch the snow fall and Murphy the Cat, who can sense the opening of the front door no matter where he is in the house, came running. He meowed the sound that says, "please let me go outside."

Heh... okay...

So I picked him up and dropped him in the snow right next to the porch, which came up past his chest and sides. And Murph is a big kitty. He's also a big pussy, and realizing now that snow is wet and cold, he wussed out and wanted back in. It was funny to see him pawing at the screen door from the other side for a change.

Not sure what today will bring, but the snow-covered streets make for few options. Watching a shirtless Mike Rowe on "Dirty Jobs" doesn't hurt though. My god, what a chest on that man... *drool*


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