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It's only Tuesday. Ugh. It just seems like it is definitely crawling along.

  • Over the weekend, I helped my mom move to her new room at the nursing home. She had a single as long as she did rehab. When her rehab stint ended, she had to move into a room with a roommate. Change is not easy for anyone, so I went down to try to ease the transition, which was surprisingly easy. Mom was in good spirits and very clear-headed for a change. I found out last night through my sister that Mom had fallen in her new room, tumbling out of her wheelchair when she stood up to water her plant. As good as she's doing according to the physical therapist, the reality of it is that she cannot live on her own anymore. Luckily, nothing was broken this time.

  • I'm not feeling the post-issue malaise that usually comes with posting my comic book. I've been so busy on weekends and at work that I've not noticed. Tonight, with softball canceled due to rain, I found myself oddly out-of-sorts with nothing that I HAD to do.

  • My newest TV binge watching has been "Schitt's Creek". I've heard of this show for a couple of years, but I finally managed to buckle down and watch it. OMG! How have I missed this?? I've always been a fan of Eugene Levy (who is a wonderfully furry daddy bear) and Catherine O'Hara. Levy's son Daniel also stars and writes the series, and he's very handsome and furry himself. The comedy is both silly and biting. The story of a very rich family who loses it all and has to move to a rural community is prime with possibilities. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix streaming, season 3 is on DVD right now.

  • I'm teaching class next week. We usually have 5 or 6 instructors for 30 students, but several of the instructors are unavailable, so we're down to three instructors and one newbee, so I'll be teaching half of the class this round. I'll tell the students to set their universal translators to "hillbilly" (*writing down this joke for class*)
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I was pretty happy to have the weekend start. Knowing I have several days off certainly did help. It's been a good weekend so far.

  • Friday was a Christmas party at a friend's house. I had a great time. I met several new folks and I wish I had gotten last names so I could connect with them again, but I'm sure I'll see them around.

  • Saturday was unseasonably warm. I got a break between rain bursts to get a late morning run in. I managed to do a full 3.4 miles, which felt really good. Once it gets really cold, I lose my enthusiasm to go out, but I force myself to do it.

  • Saturday afternoon, I went with friends to see "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" at a swank new movie house called Cine-Bistro, where they serve dinner along with the movie. The movie was AMAZING! I'm not giving anything away, but, in my opinion, it is exactly what Episode Three should have been.

  • I was invited to another Christmas party after the movie, but the rain was torrential and I just wanted to get home. It was so heavy that it almost doubled my drive home.

  • Today, I went out to grab lunch and get the last of my Christmas shopping done. It was just a trip to Bath and Body Works to get some lotion that my mom likes, but it was a zoo. I was the only guy in there and the lines were long. I grabbed three of the lotions and a bath soap from the men's section for me, only to have the cashier tell me that I could get two more for free. After standing in line that long, I didn't want to get out of line to grab them, so I just told her that I didn't need them. She told me it would be cheaper and I still begged off, saying it was worth the money not to have to stand in the line longer. She nicely said that if I told her which ones, she would grab them while I paid for the goods with my credit card. So I got three of my bath soaps too.

    But still, this is how I feel about standing in lines during the Christmas season, I'm willing to forgo free stuff to get out. Luckily, I am now DONE!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!
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Besides photographs, I don't have a lot in my house from my days as a kid. One of the things I have managed to keep is a small white, dingy teddy bear known in my childhood as "Littl'un," a hillbilly truncation of the name "Little One."

Mom and BrotherThe teddy bear has a history. In late December 1973 or very early January 1974, the twin decided to get into the stuff under the sink and drank bleach (or Brasso, the story has been told both ways) and was taken to the hospital. The twin was in the hospital for several days, spending our first birthday there. This pic is Mom and the twin at the hospital. The little bear in the photo was a gift to him while he was there.

After he came home from the hospital, he seemed to have no interest in the bear. So Mom and Dad gave him to me, starting my life-long interest in bears, starting with the teddy variety then seguing into the more human version as an adult. Every year until I was 16, my mom got me a teddy bear for Christmas. I had quite a collection for the longest time, including a giant blue and white one called "76," named after a gas station where my dad bought him. It was about this time, the little white bear garnered his name "Little One."

After I left for college, my teddy bear collection was put away. After I graduated, I moved to Cincinnati then Kansas City. Mom and Dad moved out of our old house because of Dad's health and the house fell into a horrible state. On one of my trips home from Kansas City, I collected a few things of mine from the house, including Littl'un to make sure nothing happened to him and he's been in my custody ever since.

When I had that nasty bout with blood clots a few years back, my sister and twin came up to see me at the hospital. They stayed at my house overnight and noticed Littl'un resting on the bed in the spare bedroom. They couldn't believe that I still had him. I can't imagine why they'd think I'd NOT have him.

He's more off-white, than white. His paws are worn. He is missing an eye, most of the nose, etc., but it's how I remember him from my childhood. He's been drooled on, peed on, dragged outside and back. In reality, he's probably a toxic wasteland of baby germs. I'd throw him in the wash, but I don't think his body would hold up to the agitation. I've given him a thorough dousing with Lysol though.

He's a huge part of my history. It's strange how we imbue inanimate objects with so much of our lives. Like a kid, I worry about his comfort, which is why is sleeps on the spare bed and not on a shelf. I'm happy he's still here with me.

Little One
Littlun in His Natural Habitat
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More odds and ends…

  • Last week I dealt with a snarky IT contractor regarding an issue with a training database. I’ve been complaining about an issue with him for over two weeks, even going as far as sending him screen shots of the issues and the error messages. I’ve done this sort of help desk thing before and I know it’s usually helpful. He finally IM’d me and I described what happened (again). He tells me that I need to update “A” and then “B.” Having used and trained others on this system for 18 years, I explain to him that “A” and “B” are updated on the same screen, which causes an error when put in an update mode. He then quotes me some stupid Zen something or other, followed by a snide comment. That’s the issue with these contractors, they really don’t know the system they’re supposed to be supporting. I’m sure I’ll be dealing with him again this week.

  • My phone call with Mom yesterday was less than fun. Her fascination with NASCAR continues and she always tells me the “racin’” is coming on. When I tell her in a flat, monotone “… great…,” she responds fully-knowing that I couldn’t give two $#!+$ for it. Then she proceeds to talk to me about it for ten minutes, about Richard Petty and how he won some stupid race 40 years ago and his nephew won the same race on the very day Richard Petty retired some 40 years ago and how Richard Petty’s wife passed away but he was still a great racer and how these new kids have no idea what it’s like to race like that… blah… blah… blah… She broke stride just long enough to tell me that my sister and brother-in-law were traveling to Atlanta to see his grandson who turns two and she hopes that they won’t leave him in the car in the hot sun, as people have been doing that and their kids are dying. She’s a bucket of laughs, my mom.

  • I saw a fun horror movie yesterday called “Kiss of the Tarantula.” An early 1970-something flick about a young woman who has a fascination with spiders. Her father runs a funeral home and when some high school thugs break in to steal a coffin on Hallowe’en, one of them kills one of her pet tarantulas while threatening her. She then uses the spiders to get revenge on the high school jerks, such as setting them loose in their car when they’re on a double-date at a drive-in. What’s unusual (and somewhat humorous) about it is that these people end up killing themselves essentially out of panic over the spiders. In trying to kick and fight their way out of the car to escape, they basically tear themselves apart. Now I don’t have a huge fear of spiders, but I know others do, so it’s not so far fetched.

  • Okay, it’s Monday again… yay… Hope it’s a good one for everyone, or at least not a bad one.

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First, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope that everyone has traveled safely if they traveled and can unbutton their britches to relieve the pressure from eating way too much. I certainly know that feeling, thankfully. I've been to my hometown and back in the last two days. There have been a few fun little things happen over the days, which made it a great time.

Cut for brevity )

And it's good to be home after three hours of driving, two of which in the pouring rain. Work tomorrow. Hopefully an easy day.
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It's been a rough few days. The short story of it is this: my older brother Ronnie passed away on Wednesday from apparent complications to cancer. Funeral in Dalton, GA on Friday. Burial in Lily, KY today. Home finally just a few hours ago.

Mom's Five Kids - January 2000
Mom's Five Kids in January 2000 -- My brother Ronnie second from left

The rest of it is very long. I'm not sure why I'm typing the rest up, I think as a reference to me.

The rest of it -- cut for the uninterested )
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Since I was traveling on Sunday, I called Mom on Saturday to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. I know the conversation with Mom isn’t going to go well when she starts off saying, “I’m going to tell you something and you’re not going to like it.”

Apparently, she had been collecting pop cans for another lady in her building at the assisted-living facility. The cans had piled up and she told the lady that if she didn’t come and get them, Mom was going to pitch them. So the lady came, but Mom decided that she didn’t want to save them for her any longer. I don’t blame her. Mom’s apartment is small and she drinks her Pepsi like most drink coffee, so the cans can pile up quickly.

So Mom wasn’t being green and pitching the cans into the trash. The little old lady started digging through Mom’s trash at the dumpster to get the cans. Mom balked when she found out, saying she didn’t want the woman going through her trash. So Mom has been pouring things like used grease and old gravy into the bags to teach the lady a lesson.

Sigh… I explained that once trash is throw away, it’s fair game. And that she could just throw the cans away in a separate bag if she knows the lady will be looking for them. And the gravy thing… sigh… how to combat that….

The lady “retaliated” by putting a sign on her door that if someone leaves cans at her door, to please wash them out and don’t put cigarette butts in them.

This set Mom off as she believes she is the ONLY smoker in the building. I asked if she was the only smoker and she said she was sure of it. I asked if she dumps her cigarette butts in the cans, she said no. I asked if she dropped cans at the lady's door, she said no. So, I explained that the note is likely for someone else.

I told Mom that she should just separate them out, put them in or next to the dumpster so the lady could just pick them up and all will be well. Mom wasn’t happy with my suggestion.

Mom will be 71 next weekend. I fear Mom is becoming the crabby old lady. It is almost comical to see the little old ladies in the building act like clique-ish college girls.

I wished her a Happy Mother’s Day and sent her several paperbacks of a new favorite author.
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I called my mom last night. The weekend was fun, but very busy, so I didn't make the usual weekend call, something that she mentioned over the phone.

"You forgot about me this weekend, didn't you?" Mom half-joked.

"No, Mom, but I didn't get in until late both nights and thought I'd wait," I responded.

"Well, you know I'm up late," she said.

"Yes, Mom, but I was tired and not in the mood for a long conversation, but I'm calling now," I said, "So what has been going on?"

"Well, I've rolled twenty cigarettes today," she stated proudly.

"Rolled?" I said, imagining her in the back of Cheech and Chong's van rolling doobies and asking where they put the Funyuns and Cheetos.

"Yeah," Mom said, "Amy (my niece) brought me some pipe tobacco, papers, and filters."

In an effort to save money on cigarettes, Mom has taken to rolling her own cigarettes from the aforementioned materials. She went through the cost comparisons with me and it sounds like a savings, but an odd way to go about it.

"And you can't tell the difference in them," she added.

I laughed at the idea, but Mom apparently rolled cigarettes for her father many, MANY years ago when my grandpa lost the tip of his middle finger in a mechanical incident. Apparently she was pretty good at it, according to him.

The image of Mom rolling cigarettes obviously makes me think of her doing the same for more illicit substances, but she is the type of person who would have watched "Reefer Madness" as a serious morality film rather than the comedic cult hit it is today.

Heh... Funyuns...
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I usually call my mom every weekend. The time varies, but the tone of the discussions are usually pretty constant. This past weekend, I called Mom on Saturday while driving to dinner. With my iPhone headset on, I talked to Mom for 20 minutes, sitting for most of it in the parking lot of the restaurant and taking notes on what topics she chose to tell me. Here they are:
  1. They had snow that morning. Not much, but enough. It's everywhere, except for Florida who got tornadoes.
  2. The sister-in-law of her ex-husband has broken or bruised her ribs. Her daughter has to help her to the bathroom. She'll be laid up for three weeks.
  3. The doctor of said former sister-in-law (S-I-L) also had bruised ribs and told the S-I-L that she was in for a rough time.
  4. My cousin missed two days of work due to athlete's foot. He hasn't taken care of it and it's getting infected.
  5. The daughter-in-law of the apartment building manager died of cancer this week.
  6. Fred, the bearded guy down the hall from her that she calls Santa Claus, has cancer under his beard. The hairs must have gotten into the sore and it got infected. She told me to be careful as I have a beard too.
  7. [ profile] aceofspace's dad will be performing with his bluegrass gospel group on a local church broadcast. She'd heard he's been in bad health (which isn't true, I saw him over Thanksgiving).
  8. My nephew has a cold. This is somehow due to him running around in shorts in a heated gymnasium while he practices with his basketball team.
  9. More snow is coming.
  10. She asked what I did today, then interrupted me as I tried to answer.
  11. My sister and the twin both keep their houses too cold. They'll not do that when they get old and their blood doesn't circulate as well.
  12. She complained that her neighbor comes over to watch TV and promptly falls asleep. When I asked why she asks her to come over to watch TV, she replied, "well, she's good company."
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I was happy to get this day over with. I got home, mowed the lawn, and did some last minute stuff before Mom arrived. Big bonus, she brought my quilt with her!!!

15 Years of My Life Quilted -- Thanks Mom :)

The Tee-Shirts, all 20 of them -- VERY long, cut for brevity )

Me and the Quilt Matron herself )


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