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It was incredibly cold night to play. The temps were in the low 60s, but it was overcast and windy, which made for a very chilly night to play. We had a double-header, the early game and the late with a hour break in between.

The first team we played was not very good, but both teams are in the recreational division. Several of them were working out injuries. We beat them easily, but we were courteous, taking only one base when we could grab two. One inning, we even gave them six outs so they could bat around more. Playing right field, I caught a pop fly for the final out of the game.

The second game was more aggravating. It's the team "formerly known as Shooters," named after a closed country/western bar. They were in the competitive division last year, but they claim they've lost and replaced players and now are in the intermediate division. I saw some of their replacement players and they are past players on the team. On their whole team, I'd say maybe two of them play at the intermediate level. The rest are still at the competitive level.

Naturally, they trounced us, 30-something to some single-digit score. Sore losers are bad enough, but sore winners are freakin' worse. One of our guys had three fouls and was about to bat again, when the pitcher said he should be out. He said the rule was one free foul, but the ump was allowing it. Now, the Sheldon Coopers of the world would say rules are rules, but when you already have a double-digit lead on us, it looks very petty.

Worse, I was catching the second game and had to listen to three straight, insufferable twats on their team sit on the bleachers and give ESPN-like play-by-play of every mistake we made. When two outfielders nearly collided on a high fly hit, dropping the ball, they were laughing and talking about our team's lack of communication. They communicate better, they said cackling. It grated on my last nerve.

Normally, I'm very jovial, cracking jokes with the batters as they come up, and I did for the first part of the game, but after this insult to injury I had no f**ks left to give. After they batted through their line up the second time or so, we finally got a third out. I was coaching first and the other team's first basement tried to joke with me, but I just smiled and let it go. Their scorekeeper tried to flirt with me, but I wasn't in the mood and just nodded without a word.

Ironically, while I ended the first game by catching the last out, I ended this game by being tagged out at second.

I think our captain is going to report their playing level to make sure they play in the right division. We're not perfect, but against an intermediate team, would have done much better. I don't want it to sound like we're sore losers. We lost both games last week and had a great time, but dealing with the overly macho crap with this team made it no fun at all.
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I've been in Seattle for the past week for a work meeting. There wasn't any time for sightseeing or meeting local friends, as we worked long days. When Friday rolled around, I was looking forward to getting home, but not the long trip as had my first flight at noon and with a layover and connection, I wasn't slated to get home until 11 PM.

I wish I had gotten home so easily.

Just after I had boarded my flight to Houston, United Airlines canceled my connection from there to Cincinnati due to weather, notifying me by email. I literally got the email as I was shutting down my phone as they were closing the plane door. So, I was stuck. If I had gotten it 20 minutes earlier, I could have switched the flights.

Four hours later, the flight landed in Houston, and I trudged my way to the United information desk for help, which they weren't. There were no other flights to get me home, supposedly even on other airlines, so I was stuck there for the night. I was on standby for a 10 AM flight, guaranteed to a flight at 7 PM. Really, that was the "best" they could do, which sucked. United gave me a number for a discounted hotel rate, but made no offer to pay for it. She told me that my bags were on the baggage claim carousel, so I could pick them up at least.

I walked over to the baggage claim only to find that I would have to wait 2-4 hours for them to get my bag, as the bags from the flight were warehoused. F**k! So I got a bag of cheap toiletries from the baggage claim lady, spoke with a lady with a horribly thick accent on the phone to get a hotel, then waited for the hotel shuttle.

First thing I did at the hotel was wash my shirt, socks, and underwear at the hotel. I just can't handle doing without clean clothes. I called my sister to complain, got my clean clothes from the dryer, showered, and went to bed.

The next morning, I went to the airport and to the gate for my standby flight. The flight was oversold. Seriously, they put me on STANDBY for an OVERBOOKED flight. I was so frustrated and angry, I was shaking. I went to the information desk, my voice quivering as I was nearly exploding. The agent was pushing me through Chicago to Cincinnati. She played the same game as the agent from the night before, put me on standby for one flight, but guaranteed me for another.

I ran like a madman through the airport, running from Terminal B to C, to try to catch this flight. In my sweaty clothes with no deodorant, I puffed my way to the gate to find they had booked me STANDBY on another OVERSOLD flight. It was like a cruel game, to get my hopes up on something that was near impossible.

I made the next flight to Chicago, sitting next to a "sleeping" older man who farted four times during the two hour ride, and made the flight home to Cincinnati. After landing, I got to baggage claim, realizing my bags were there way ahead of me. To put the cherry on top of this very bitter cake, I had to deal with this lazy queen at United's baggage service. When I told him that I was looking for my bag, he pointed me over to the baggage carousel. I told him that my bag had been sent ahead because of a canceled flight, described the bag, and offered my baggage claim ticket. The guy didn't even look at it, put the orange he'd been eating down, and reluctantly went to the next room to get my bag. Bitch...

It took 32.5 hours to get home. The time above includes:

- Four airports in four states
- Three time zones
- Two connections
- One canceled flight
- Two stand-by tickets that failed
- One fruitless long-distance run through the Houston airport
- Six mocha frappacinos
- One pair of underwear
- No deodorant

In almost 23 years of air travel, both domestic and international, I have never experienced anything close to this. I pray I never do again.
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I have all but stopped listening to the radio on the way to work. Nowadays, I tend to listen to various podcasts on my drive to and from work. RuPaul's What's the Tee, The Pandora Box Show, Lore, Marc Maron, etc., these are the things I go through and often look for others.

The podcast today was What's the Tee with the guest being Suzanne Somers. Being a fan of "Three's Company," I thought RuPaul and Michelle would be talking about her acting career, but the bulk of the show is all about Somers' keen interest in alternative medicine, vitamins, etc. I knew Michelle was all about the "organic" foods and detoxifying herself, most of which I think is pure bull$#!+, but putting her and Somers in the same room just magnified it. Listening to Somers talk about how bad our food is, the horror of GMOs, how drugs cause more problems and illness that vitamins could fix was just causing so much eye-rolling I was getting dizzy. Once they kept talking about getting colonics and detoxifying themselves and how a broken hip causes a lifetime of lead contamination in the bones to be released to the brain and resulting in dementia, I just had to turn it off.

I find it fascinating that Somers is all about being organic and all-natural, but has had a slew of cosmetic surgeries to try to keep a young-ish appearance. I'm sure the collagen in her over-inflated lips is all-natural. I'm sure the Botox in her forehead is not consider a "toxin."

I need to find a better podcast to listen to. I'll be deleting this episode at least.
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This afternoon, I drove two of my co-workers to lunch. While we were in the parking lot, a black Toyota Tacoma was in front of us and pulled into a parking space. I was going to pass him and park into an empty spot beyond him. Just as I approached the truck, he started backing up. I threw my car into reverse in hopes of getting out of his way, honking my horn a bit too late. The truck dragged his bumper across the front of my car.

So, after having my car for six months, I now have the first damage done, by some dude who was backing his truck up to "straighten it up" in the space without looking in his rear view mirror. FML!

I called the police. I sent my co-workers on to eat while the truck's driver and I waited for the officer to show. No report was filed because it occurred on private property. The damage is cosmetic. We exchanged info with the officer and I called my insurance company when I got back to the office.

My concentration was shot, so I left work early. I grabbed lunch on the way home, watched TV when I got there, then went for a run. After the initial shock and my adrenaline rush wore off, I felt myself crashing tonight.

I'm not mad at the truck's driver. He actually turned out to be a decent guy. I'm upset at all the coming activities as a result of the accident. I now have to get estimates for repairs, be without my car for several days while they fix it, pay for a rental car for it, arrange to pick up my car, and deal with the ambulance-chasing attorneys who will inevitably be calling to see if I want to sue.

It's just one more thing to wreck anything else I'd planned to do.

... sigh...
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So I got up this morning feeling better, after catching a quick bug the other day. I worked out and mowed the yard, feeling a bit energized. I grabbed lunch and drove to the Cincinnati Comicon (the "Con") held in Northern KY. I had not attended this particular comic book convention before, but I had a list of comics I wanted to get and though I could grab some deals.

After spending $35 to get in and $5 for parking, I went inside, grabbed a vendor map, and started my shopping journey. And was bitterly disappointed.

The "Con" was very heavy on the creators and very light on the back issue vendors. I found a few good deals at one table, but didn't want to spend all my money in one place, so I ventured to look for others. There was only one other vendor with a huge supply of back issues, but he's local and I've already seen his goods in his store. The other handful listed as "vendors" basically had about 10-12 long boxes of comics, which is almost nothing, and certainly not enough to pay for the rental space.

I was there for maybe an hour, spent $27, stopped by Starbucks for a Frap that the barista screwed up, and went home for a nap.

The "Con" was a waste of time. The Comic Expo in two weeks is usually much more fun.

Lesson learned.
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I took the day off from work today. I woke up and just ran out of energy. With all the vacation time I have built up, burning a day certainly wasn't hard to do. I worked out, ate lunch, ran some errands, and finished coloring the pages of my comic.

At lunch, I was reading an article on Facebook about how the Noah's Ark replica "theme park" in Kentucky is not having the desired attendance and outcome. I roll my eyes and think "I could have told you that."

It's a "Christian" theme park, with the supposedly accurate replica of the Ark. However, the truth in the place gets lost after that because the group that built it believe that the world is 6,000 years old, that Jesus rode the dinosaurs and they were saved on the Ark, and that fossils were placed on the Earth to trick us. They use "science" only to support what they want and try to ignore the rest.

After it was built, the attendance was low and continues to be so. Tourists are not flocking to it in droves, and the few who do are not hanging around to expand the economy of the surrounding area. All the incentives used to sell this idea to the idiots in KY government who bought into this plan have not come to pass.

However, I could have told you that this was a bad idea. If I were there when it was presented, I'd have told them all the things wrong with it.

  • Such an attraction has a limited fan base. It really is only a draw for Christians, and mainly just those who are willing to suspend any scientific belief. The rest who go are probably only curious visitors.

  • It's not really near a big city. It's about 45 minutes south of Cincinnati and about an hour north of Lexington, KY. To go there, you have to make a special trip. Most folks are only passing through that stretch of Interstate 75 on their way to somewhere else.

  • In terms of exhibits, unlike a museum with rotating themes and articles of interest, it doesn't change. Once a person has gone, there isn't much of an incentive to go again.

  • Because of separation of church and state, public schools should not be using this as a field trip. I suspect that some schools may try it, but realistically parents (and science teachers) should be vehemently against it.

The group who designed this place is also the folks who run the "Creation Museum" outside Cincinnati, Ohio. Aside from the animatronic dinosaurs, I cannot fathom any reason to go there as they also take a twisted view of science, using only the bits that support what they want to project and dismissing that which doesn't. For example, I have heard that they believe carbon dating is not reliable, because to them the Earth is only 6,000 years old, so how can something be carbon-dated to be older than that. The problem is that science is true whether you believe it or not.

I've not formally visited either place, nor do I plan to. [ profile] guinnesscub and I went through the Creation "Museum" gift shop a few years back, which doesn't require a ticket, and the science-phobic attitude were pretty prevalent then. We did it as a lark before he flew back to his then home in Philadelphia. That's as close to it as I'm willing to get.
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The last couple of weeks I have been getting "robocalls" from the "IRS" or the government. There have been some variations on each call as they're not the same. They basically say that this is my "final notice" to contact them regarding a federal lawsuit against me for some undefined legal matter or violations. It also states that if I choose to ignore this phone call that I will be arrested by the "cops" (their word, I swear). The call ends with a phone number that I need to call to settle this matter and the number changes each time as well.

This is a known scam. From what I've read online, if I call the number, someone (probably with a foreign accent) will curse and lambast me, stating that I owe a significant amount of fines that must be paid in that instant (via credit card or bank transfer). Failure to do so will have the federal authorities at my door within seconds to cart me off to prison. These @$$holes prey upon the elderly quite a bit with this scam, from what I've heard.

I am half-tempted to call them, put on a full-blown crying jag, complete with anxiety attack and begging fit, just to see what they'll do, to waste their time as they have annoyed me.

I'm actually surprised that Uncle Sam has not cracked down on these fools as they are presenting themselves as federal agents, which is against the law in itself, not to mention the extortion angle.
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Cincinnati Pride is next weekend. It's something I look forward to every year. With the Orlando tragedy still fresh in everyone's minds, Pride is going to be very emotional this year, I'm sure.

So, it irritates the $#!+ out of me that a local public gun-waving, open-carry enthusiast is organizing a group to go to Pride to show us gays that guns aren't scary.


After a gun-loving homophobe just killed 49 of our brothers, sisters, and allies at a gay bar, this f**king moron thinks that walking around our Pride celebration with his gun will make us feel better. Obviously, he doesn't care one bit about the gay community, our feelings at this very sensitive time, our rights, etc. He just wants to make a political statement and make us nervous at the same time. He has apparently done this sort of thing at other public gatherings.

Several local folks have pleaded with him to respect our celebration and not do this on FB, but he has ignored them, blocked them, or tried to convince them that he's doing us some sort of distorted favor.

He's not going to scare me away. While we probably can't stop him or his fellow douchebags from showing up (the religious nuts come every year too), we can ignore him just like we do them. The City of Cincinnati had already promised an increased police presence this year.

I need to get my Pride shirt ready for this year.
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While I know that Facebook has its uses, it often becomes a forum for people to troll and toss out opinions that no sane person would speak. I try not to engage in such discussions, because too often people defend their opinion so strongly that it becomes abusive. The responses by some can be incredibly telling though.

I was reading a post there about a group of Japanese high school students who had developed a process on how to observe the development of a fertilized chicken egg. The process seemed incredibly basic, yet fascinating. They cracked open an egg gently, placing the yolk and albumen in a clear cellophane/plastic cup, capping it, and placing it into an incubator. The video showed the chick forming and eventually "hatching" without a shell. The resulting chick was just chirping around.

One commenter was a high school teacher who lamented that Japanese classes in science was "light years ahead" of American classes. While I don't necessarily agree with the statement, I think generally people believe that Japanese schools are more rigid and advanced. Lots of the opposing comments refuted his claims, some more vehemently than others.

The comments that made me both laugh and shake my head was from younger folks who commented that "light year" was a unit of distance not time, implying that the teacher was incorrectly using the terminology and, therefore, had no place to comment on education issues. When the teacher told them that "light years ahead" was a common expression of advancement, and even provided a dictionary link for the term, he was dismissed by the same commenters because they had never encountered it before.

The irony was amazing, these ignorant younger people arguing about the expression versus the literal in a discussion about the status of American education. I just shook my head.

Disgusted, I just moved on to a cute story about rescued kittens.
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I seriously didn’t mean to leave you all hanging on the whole neighbor van thing. The neighbor eventually managed to drag himself out of bed and move the van, too late for the mail, but any progress is good.

However, when I drove home on Tuesday, there was ANOTHER car blocking my mailbox, a little red convertible piece of crap that I swear had a cassette player in it. I was ranting in my driveway, giving the neighbors a good show with my flailing arm movements and blue language. Luckily, my mailman must have felt sorry for me (and was tired of hold my mail) and delivered it anyway, complete with a DVD I had ordered.

Wednesday was not a good day either as I drove up to find yet ANOTHER car blocking it, this time a Toyota SUV. By blocking, I mean that it is too close to the mail box. The mailman does not have to exit his vehicle to deliver the mail (unless there is a package). If he cannot swing in, drop off the mail, and leave, then technically he doesn’t have to deliver the mail and he writes that the box was blocked. City ordinance says cars cannot park within 10 feet of a mailbox, but realistically if you give the mailman five feet, he can get in and out without trouble. My mailman knows me personally, so he’s cut me a break or two, and I managed to catch him yesterday and get my mail.

I left a friendly note under the wiper to ask the drive to not block my mailbox. Then I thought to myself that I should call the city. An officer stopped by and was very friendly about it, and told me that he would ticket the car if it happens again. Since I managed to get my mail (I was still holding it when he showed up), he didn’t leave a ticket this time. He also said that until the road construction is done, I might want to drop my mail off at work or a postbox, which I might do.

So we will see what happens today. I’m trying not to get too mad at this, but it’s becoming very inconvenient and the inconsiderate people are driving me nuts.
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I've been reading several postings online about a tow-truck driver named Ken Shupe who refused to tow the car of a disabled woman because he saw that she was a Bernie Sanders supporter via her bumper sticker. He said that Jesus would not allow him to help this woman. He also is a Donald Trump supporter.

Political affiliations aside, this is just someone being a $#!++y human being. It's amazing how low people can go for their political beliefs. He calls himself a Christian and yet does something that Christ would never do -- abandon someone in need.

The story of this hit home for me this past Sunday. After a long drive from my hometown, I stopped at nearby gas station to fill up before heading home. As I pulled up to the pump, I saw a couple of guys pushing a large SUV from the pump out of the way. It looks like they were moving it next to another SUV, so I'm guessing the two families were traveling together. The guys pushing were really struggling, so before pumping my gas, I ran up to help them.

I'm not sure if it was my weight behind it, or the three of us, but the SUV moved a heck of a lot faster once I stepped up. The cute bearded man of the two thanked me. As I was stepping away from the vehicle, I noticed the Trump sticker on the back.

While I don't agree with the political affiliation, and now think the cute bearded guy is a bit stupid, I don't regret helping them. And I'd have helped them regardless.

Not because Jesus told me to.
Not because I wanted recognition.
Maybe (partially) because the one bearded guy was cute.

I did it because I was taught better than super-douche Shupe. And if I were in their place, I would hope that someone would help me. /rant
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I was going to say that I had another weird dream this morning, but most of them are weird, right?

In this dream, I was out of town somewhere. It felt like I was staying at some kind of resort and I might have been there for work, but it's not clear. At some point, on my own time, I went to the back deck of a cabin or building with my laptop/iPad for a little "me time." It was a nice day so I thought going outside would be great.

I was on some sort of website that was more like Facebook, but seemed to have some sort of proximity-displaying element like Scruff or Growlr. While I was searching around and minding my own business, a young woman and her two young daughters came walking through the grass to play. I looked up at her and saw it was Candace Cameron Bure, the "Christian" actress and talk-show host.

Now I am not one of those people who go nuts over celebrities, especially when I don't agree with their political or religious viewpoints, so I just politely nodded and smiled and went back to my laptop.

A few moments later, a new "post" appeared on the website from Bure. It read something like this:

  • "Why is that guys like to sit alone in the park by themselves? It's very creepy when a mom is out with her kids."

And she tagged me, by name, in the post, which is why I think it popped up on my feed. Very surprised, I looked up and around for her, seeing how she just called me out, wondering if she'd be brave enough to confront me face-to-face. She had gone to play elsewhere it seems.

I sat back and was working up my response, hitting her with the fact it is a public space (but not a park, as I recall) and that it is unfair to infer that I'm creepy considering that she doesn't know me, but feel comfortable enough to publicly post about me otherwise. I was probably going to throw some serious shade at her political beliefs fueling these perceptions.

However, I never got the chance to type up these things as I woke up. You dodged my wrath this round, Candace.
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Nothing major happened this week, so I don't have a specific theme for the post. Here are the odds and ends:

  • The cartoon for my coworker is done. I'll email it him tomorrow. And by "done," I mean it is finished and not available for changes.

  • I finished up "Jessica Jones" this week. It's a great series. I look forward to another season of it (if they make one). I think the next hero series is supposed to be about Luke Cage (aka Power Man), but I'm sure Jessica Jones will make appearances in it. I've been going through Netflix and found an Australian series called "The Principal" that is pretty good. It stars a swoonworthy bearded hottie named Alex Dimitriades as the lead.

    Alex Dimitriades-The Principal

  • I need to mix up my workouts. I "like" Men's Health on Facebook and I've seen some interesting cardio workouts to try. One of them involves kettlebell swings, something I can do when it's raining or snowing and can't run outdoors. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the guy demonstrating the workouts is BJ Gaddour, their fitness director, and another bearded hottie.

    BJ Gaddour

  • Yesterday, I was standing in line at Starbucks, which was full of holiday shoppers wanting caffeine. I stood in line for ten minutes when this blonde 20-something witch came up and started chatting up her friend in front of me. Then she just stood there. I was staring daggers at the back of her head until she finally turned around, saw me, and said "hi." I smiled and immediately told her where the back of the line was, which was behind me and the ten other people she cut in front of. She giggled and said that she was only in line to talk to her friend. Sure, I thought. She then whispered to her friend how rude I was. Ironic, isn't it? She left the line, but her friend ordered something for her as the little bitch left drinking an iced coffee.

  • Hopefully, my Christmas shopping is done. I went last night to (ugh) Wal-Mart. Since I am shopping for folks far away, it made sense to get the stuff where they could exchange them. And worse, I ended up buying things I need/wanted, spending more on me than on everyone else. Yeah, I bought the kettlebell. Sigh...

  • Last night, I did a sketch of the kettlebell, just a doodle while watching TV. I uploaded it to my Flickr account and two folks marked it as a favorite. I checked one of the folks who picked it and saw nothing but nudes and sexual pics among his favorites. It just struck me as funny that among all of these x-rated favorites is this one pencil sketch of a kettlebell.

  • Monday is looming. Luckily, I'm working the week and then will be off for the holidays.
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So as anyone with a Facebook account probably knows, Kentucky is at the center of the battle between good and evil, right and wrong, everyone else versus bad hair/fashion/attitude, etc. Of course, I'm speaking about the unfashionable, morally-challenged Rowan County Court Clerk Kim Davis and her continuing refusal to issue marriage license from her office to same-sex couples.

While I am getting incredibly sick of the coverage, I have to admit that I'm also somewhat riveted by it. I find it just fascinating that someone could be so defiant after every relevant court has disagreed with her. She turned to them to stop things, but is not willing to abide by their decision since it isn't in her favor.

Of course, she's made this a national spectacle, posting a statement though her anti-gay legal contingent that she's not against gay people, she's only for the Biblical definition of marriage (*cough* *cough* bull$#!+). I wish she would watch Betty Bowers' video on Biblical "marriage," she might reconsider things.

I'm wondering what would happen if someone filed a lawsuit against someone for infringing their freedom from religion by pressuring them to live based on a religion that wasn't her or her own. Wouldn't that be interesting?

So maybe soon, Kentucky can go back to being known for thoroughbreds, bluegrass music, and fried chicken restaurants, instead of being so backwater that we don't know that we can't legislate from religious perspectives.

On the plus side, I think I have my Halloween costume idea this year... :)
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The week is barely half over for me. Here are some bits and pieces so far:

  • Saturday, I went to see a matinee of "Mr. Holmes," at the local arthouse theater. It's a really good movie. Ian McKellen and Laura Linney are wonderful and it's deserving of the praise it's getting.

  • News about my not applying for the branch director position has been slowly getting around. I think a large majority of people just assumed I had put in for the job, so very few have directly asked. Today, I told one of my coworkers at lunch and he looked genuinely disappointed. It made me second guess my decision for a split second, then it passed.

  • The latest internet person who is being judged in the court of public opinion is a Minnesota dentist who went on a big game hunt and ended up killing a tracked, famous lion in Zimbabwe. He paid about $50K for the hunt, killed the prized lion, took the head and skin as trophy, and had his photo taken with the kill. It sounds like there was some illegal activity in getting this lion lured from the preserve where he lived so he could be hunted. I honestly don't see the appeal in the big game hunt, especially when you're essentially doing it from a staged vantage point with a paid guide. My college roommate was a deer hunter, but at least he does eat what he hunts. This guy is just trying to compensate for some short-coming, I think. He put the info out online, so I really don't feel sorry for him and his horrible hobby of hunting.

  • I had a voice mail at work today from my credit card company that a questionable charge had been attempted. I called my credit card back via the number on my card. I don't trust anyone from the credit card company who calls me. It turns out someone in Florida had attempted a $60 internet charge at some uniform shop. I verified all the other charged on my card, but because one was fraudulent, they canceled the card and will send me another. This is the second time this particular card has been replaced in the last three years. Not a big trend, but still, it's very annoying.

  • Softball tonight was a mixed bag. It was insanely hot and humid. By the time both games were done, I was soaked to the skin, literally not a single dry spot on me. We won the first game and lost the second, but overall it was my best hitting night in a LONG time. Every hit of mine was a base hit. I was playing right center and caught way more than I anticipated. So, playwise, it was probably my best night of the season so far.

  • This weekend is my 25th high school reunion. I'm starting to actually look forward to it. It's hard to believe that it's been that long. I'm curious to see how everyone has changed.
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So tonight, the Cincinnati MovieBears went to go see the remake of "Poltergeist." The movie was so-so, the updated special effects were great, the acting okay, but the story was a bit crammed and rushed. We had only six guys in attendance, with myself included, so that's a pretty standard crowd. We also went to a different theater, north of downtown Cincinnati.

141 - Poltergeist

What surprised me was the crowd in the movie. I'd say half the attendees were small children of single-digit ages. While this movie is PG-13, it is a horror movie, so I was shocked how stupid these parents were to drag small kids to such a flick.

The grandmother with the three kids in the back row were the worst. The kids had no volume control and constantly asked questions about the movie. After I shushed them three times, they started shushing each other annoyingly. The problem toward the front was the three-year-old with his parents who whimpered throughout the flick. His dad at least tried to keep him quiet, but you could tell the kid wasn't happy to be there.

When the movie was over, everyone filtered out and I saw even more kids. I hope each of them dreams tonight of killer clowns beneath their beds and closet doors that open on their own. I hope they end up sleeping in the beds of their parents, keeping them awake all night, in the hopes that maybe they'll understand that this was not an appropriate movie for small children.

... (/rant)
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Just a few odds and ends from the weekend and this morning:

  • I saw “It Follows” on Friday night. The movie tells the story of a young woman who finds herself stalked by an unknown entity after having sex with the entity’s previous stalkee. The entity follows the person at a walking pace and changes its appearance each time. The movie is original and the low-budget feel definitely gives it a creepy edge. I enjoyed the movie and the theater was packed the night I went, so word of mouth is selling it.

  • Saturday night, I went to see the “Girl Power” concert of the Cincinnati Mens Chorus. Earlier that day, I got saw an SOS on Facebook from the volunteer coordinator, asking for help manning the sales and ticket tables. I volunteered as I was going to the go there that night anyway. While the show was great and the guys sounded fantastic, I only got to see about half the concert with the volunteer duties, but I enjoyed the experience.

  • Facebook exploded over the weekend with Indiana Governor Mike Pence signing that nasty “religious freedom” discrimination bill late last week. The social and political backlash has been wonderfully quick and devastating to him and his supporters. Pence went on a morning news show to “clarify” the “misconceptions” about the bill, but floundered horribly and predictably when asked repeatedly if the bill could be used to refuse service and goods to GLBT people. A simple yes or no question that he dodged as gracefully as a drunk on a skateboard with three wheels. He is a piece of crap, that one. Indiana folks need to get him out of office to save their state and repeal that piece of trash bill.

  • The season finale of “The Walking Dead” was last night. LOVED it. No spoilers though.

  • I did managed to get a few pages of Issue #17 of “Grizzly and the Bear Patrol” done. I had to insert a new page last night to put a bit more action into the comic. I particular loved how this panel of Polar Bear, the last I drew for the evening, turned out. I’ll hopefully start inking this week.

088 - Polar Bear Power Up
Polar Bear Powering Up

Happy Monday, if that’s possible….
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We had two softball games tonight. We played the first one very well, coming back from a crappy first inning where they were ahead 8-0, to finishing the game with us winning 20-11. So we had an hour break and then another game, this one against a team in the division above us.

I had high hopes as we came off the first game playing very well, even though the other team called The Dirtbags was in the division above. I was the designated hitter, so I didn't field the game. I was keeping the scorebook during the inning. We held our own the first two innings, but then fell apart the third inning. They were hitting really well and our fielding moxie just tanked. By the end of the third inning, we were behind by ten or so runs.

I can handle losing, but I get very irritated by the Dirtbags' fans, particularly two goofy drunk women. We've had other teams that have had the f-ed up fans who blast airhorns and goofy party favors, but they've mostly died down. These bitches' "ladies'" (loose term) big thing was to say everything with the word "hashtag" in front of it.

"Hashtag good pitch! Hashtag strike! Hashtag swing!" and on and on and on. They were friends with one particular lesbian on the opposing team.

So after three innings of this, I was getting sick of it. Again, it's annoying, but it's hardly affecting the game.

Then suddenly, they turned their attention toward us when we were batting. Teammate Bruce was up and they started heckling him.

"He's got nothin'! Hey batter, batter, batter, swing...." Again... over and over.

I will say this, I've never EVER heard anyone do this during the softball games in the nearly ten years I've played in this league.

Now, if we were in a dead heat, neck and neck in scoring, I might have been understanding, but their team had a 10+ run lead. They had no reason to do this as we were losing and it felt much like them rubbing salt in the wound. It was full-blown douchebaggery. And this is where I felt they crossed the line.

So eventually we were run-ruled as the other team had more than a ten-run lead at the end of the 5th inning. As we were taking the field to do the "good game" high-fives with the other team, I decided to do my own hashtagging while with my team.

I've talked about my ability to crank up my intimidation levels at work. Instead, I decided to use a rarer setting, "the mocking @$$hole." It's an add-on function.

"Hashtag OMG! Hashtag That Was So Much FUN! Hashtag Awesome! Everyone, let's do our annoying Hashtag chant!" said in my loudest, valley-girl swishy voice.

My team was laughing as we'd all suffered through this crap throughout the game.

"Hashtag Have a Safe Drive Home Everyone!"
"Hashtag You Guys Are AWESOME!"
"Hashtag Go TEAM!"
"Hashtag Bitches!"
"Hashtag OMG This is ANNOYING!"
"Hashtag Mocking!"
"Hashtag F*&@, it's late!"
"Hashtag Hashtag!"

All the while staring over at the two bitches who refused to make eye contact.

If I were going to be in town for the games next week, I would make it my mission to go watch the Dirtbags next game, cheer for the opposing team, and playing the mocking "Hashtag" game every spare moment I had. Get a few drinks in my teammates and I bet they'd join in.

Okay, I'm tired now and need to get to bed.
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More odds and ends…

  • Last week I dealt with a snarky IT contractor regarding an issue with a training database. I’ve been complaining about an issue with him for over two weeks, even going as far as sending him screen shots of the issues and the error messages. I’ve done this sort of help desk thing before and I know it’s usually helpful. He finally IM’d me and I described what happened (again). He tells me that I need to update “A” and then “B.” Having used and trained others on this system for 18 years, I explain to him that “A” and “B” are updated on the same screen, which causes an error when put in an update mode. He then quotes me some stupid Zen something or other, followed by a snide comment. That’s the issue with these contractors, they really don’t know the system they’re supposed to be supporting. I’m sure I’ll be dealing with him again this week.

  • My phone call with Mom yesterday was less than fun. Her fascination with NASCAR continues and she always tells me the “racin’” is coming on. When I tell her in a flat, monotone “… great…,” she responds fully-knowing that I couldn’t give two $#!+$ for it. Then she proceeds to talk to me about it for ten minutes, about Richard Petty and how he won some stupid race 40 years ago and his nephew won the same race on the very day Richard Petty retired some 40 years ago and how Richard Petty’s wife passed away but he was still a great racer and how these new kids have no idea what it’s like to race like that… blah… blah… blah… She broke stride just long enough to tell me that my sister and brother-in-law were traveling to Atlanta to see his grandson who turns two and she hopes that they won’t leave him in the car in the hot sun, as people have been doing that and their kids are dying. She’s a bucket of laughs, my mom.

  • I saw a fun horror movie yesterday called “Kiss of the Tarantula.” An early 1970-something flick about a young woman who has a fascination with spiders. Her father runs a funeral home and when some high school thugs break in to steal a coffin on Hallowe’en, one of them kills one of her pet tarantulas while threatening her. She then uses the spiders to get revenge on the high school jerks, such as setting them loose in their car when they’re on a double-date at a drive-in. What’s unusual (and somewhat humorous) about it is that these people end up killing themselves essentially out of panic over the spiders. In trying to kick and fight their way out of the car to escape, they basically tear themselves apart. Now I don’t have a huge fear of spiders, but I know others do, so it’s not so far fetched.

  • Okay, it’s Monday again… yay… Hope it’s a good one for everyone, or at least not a bad one.

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Last night before I went to bed, I was going to burn a CD of my files for the last comic book issue. I put the hard copy in the file with the printed copy. However, the blank CD wouldn't go into the Mac Mini drive. I pushed it into the slot and it wouldn't accept it. So after much internet searching, I found that the CD drive likely had died. Ugh.

So I took the Mac Mini to the Apple Store after work and had a "genius" check it out. As I was in line to check in, some gum-chewing @$$hole in a shirt/tie carrying his iMac cut in front of me to check in. He was giving off this aura of self-importance, smacking that gum impatiently like he had "places to be." I immediately took a dislike to him. Meh.

Ironically, I ended up sitting next to him at the Genius Bar. He got served before me. Apparently, his hard drive crashed and was unfixable. "Ha," I thought, "Karma is a bitch."

Unfortunately, my optical drive was dead. The guy said I could pay $150 and be without my computer for a week so they could fix it. Or, I could buy an external drive for a 1/3 of that and just leave. So, based on the guy's (and [ profile] aceofspace's) recommendation, I bought a new one online which should be here later this week.

So, I worked out and settled in for the night only to hear my next door neighbor mowing the yard. I couldn't understand it because when I got home Saturday, It was obvious that he had mowed while I was gone. He's essentially trimming off the half-inch of growth from Friday. I mowed Sunday and our yards were essentially even. Whatever. With gas prices as they are, I'd not have wasted the gas for it.


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