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This morning, I was chatting with the ever-handsome [ profile] kodanuki, who asked if I was going to post any more videos. Earlier, I had been looking through my photos from my last Ireland trip and found the last video I made before I left. I didn't get a chance to post it before I left and then I forgot about it. So here it is, in my Guinness-laden state, a recap of my last night in Ireland. :)
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I'm on the last leg of my trip, the last stop being here in Bunratty, Co. Clare, Ireland. The Bunratty Castle is literally right across the street from my hotel, which is a really cool sight. I love castles. I took a tour at the castle and the folk park that surrounds it, which are constantly being patrolled by a gaggle of roosters that crow all the time (as evident in my video above).

No big write-ups this time, but the photo gallery for the castle and grounds is here. The end of the gallery has some bearded bears visiting the castle along the time I was there, including a cutie for [ profile] cincycub. Heading home on Friday.

A Pint!

Apr. 20th, 2008 07:45 pm
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Another Pint Gone
A Pint for [ profile] guinnesscub!
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James the Tour Guide at Reginald's Tower
Click the photo for the gallery

I didn't make it to the Kilkenny Castle today. I went to bed late, some jerk decided to bang on my door and run as a gag at 3 AM, so I didn't get up until noon. After hearing about the lack of photography I hadn't had much desire anyway. I got dressed, ate lunch and decided to visit Reginald's Tower instead.

The rest, cut for the uninterested )
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Waterford Crystal Factory
The Waterford Crystal Factory in Waterford, Ireland
click the above photo or any of the others to see more

The highlight of my day was visiting the Waterford Crystal factory here in Waterford. This is a lengthy post with multiple photos, so I put it behind a cut for the uninterested.

The Waterford Crystal Factory Tour )
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As requested by [ profile] snowboardjoe, here's my very first video post, totally unrehearsed.

I'm squinting and blinking a lot because it's windy and raining in my face. I'm looking away because there are some weird skater dudes nearby... and well... lots of "ummmm's" as I wonder what to say. It's as real as it gets.

I hope everyone in the home area is doing okay after getting a bit of shake today, I hear.

And does anyone know how to change the preview shot on the video. Geez, I look like I'm about to spit up...
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The power of a Diet Coke chilling...
A little surprise in my room after work...

After a long day reviewing paperwork and such, I came back to the The Granville Hotel to find this above gift waiting for me. The note says it's an apology for not being able to get the room with the balcony back as the door would have to be replaced and it is unlikely to be done during my stay. I thought this was very sweet of the guest relations manager to do this for me, especially when the room I ended up with is still a very nice room.

What surprises me is that they obviously went through my trash to see what I enjoyed drinking and went out of their way to supply it. The bottle of wine, the fruit, and the water are fantastic, but the Diet Cokes are what really won me over :)
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Waterford is not so cold...

Welcome to Waterford, Ireland... Click above for more photos
My visit in Waterford so far... cut for the uninterested )
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The sun is shining, the air is cold, but I'm stuck in my hotel room report writing. It's not so bad, it means I'll have less to do when I get back. I've had a good time here in Malahide, but I admit that I'm ready to move on to the next city to see what's going on there. Waterford should be fun.

My laptop computer is unfortunately acting up. Every time I try to run the Safari browser, it locks up. I tried downloading the newest version, but it doesn't change anything. Strangely, my Netscape browser works fine.
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Last night was interesting. I went to the hotel pub for a pint and a sandwich that I basically had to go get myself. Not a good start for the hotel pub, seeing how it's the first visit this week.

I went to bed around midnight and was snoozing heavily when I heard this pounding in the hallway. At first I thought it was a kid or something in the room next door and I patiently prayed it would quit on its own. It kept going .. and going.. and going. Finally, I looked up and saw it was 3 AM. So I threw on my PJ bottoms and opened to the door to find some bleached-blonde chick in a pink dress that was so short that we'd call it a halter top in the States. She was continuously knocking on the door across from me.

At the same time, a lady from across the hall had opened her door and asked what the hell was going on? The blonde was pounding on the next door and asked if one of us would call the room.

"Umm.. honey.. that's what the reception desk is for!" I said groggily.

The lady across the hall relented and called. We heard the phone ring in the room with no answer. The sleepy lady across from me told her to quit pounding and waking up everyone and just go to the desk.

I shut the door and tried to go back to bed only to hear a car alarm go off in the parking lot outside my window. I thought, darn her, that blonde has tried to get into the car next. The next sound was that of a police car siren, very short and to the point... then silence. I hope they took her in.

The drama of life, it is everywhere. Even at freakin' 3 AM.
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Welcome to Dublin
Click above for more photos

I finally plunked down the money for internet access here at the hotel tonight after getting about a 1/4th of my photos resized and such. Just some of the highlights. I've been working most evenings, so most of my sightseeing has been happening on weekends. Despite the photo above, I didn't get to see the Guinness factory last weekend as there were several tour buses dropping dozens of tourists off and the line was impossibly long. I may try again tomorrow. I keep thinking of [ profile] guinnesscub when I want to take the tour. I'll have a pint in your honor :)

I should be out having a pint tonight, but two hours of walking in the rain and cold have taken its toll on me today and I really just want to crash. More will be coming as the travels continue...
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It's been a long week and I admit that I'm thankful it's finished. Work has been long days and have extended into several hours each night. It's not left me a lot of time for anything else.

Last night I went out the company folks for a pint and an Indian dinner which was incredible. My diet has gone to hell this past week, though I tell myself I've been compensating by hitting the gym at least a half-hour every day. I'm off to walk to Swords, a nearby town today for some shopping and a movie. It's about 2 miles away, but I need the exercise after last night's pigout.

The oddest thing about the trip so far has been my apparent lack of perception of time. I left my watch at home and my cell doesn't work here, so I've left it off for the most part. My internal clock may be adjusting, but my awareness of the time of the day is still fouled up, especially with it getting darker later here due to being at a higher lattitude.

Okay, this is a pretty boring post. I'm buying internet time at the hotel today, so I can post the photographs I've taken so far later tonight.
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I found the local library -- free internet access -- YAY!

I'm staying in a coastal town called Malahide. It's a very nice place, lots of restaurants and pubs, shopping, and a cool castle I went to visit on Sunday. I have photos. Many photos. I'll try to post them this weekend when I buy a "day" of internet time at my hotel.

Work is going well. The Irish folks here are truly amazing. They are so friendly and helpful it feels surreal. Saturday, I got lost on my train ride back to Malahide from Dublin and asked an older couple for help on which train to take. They basically were heading my way and babysat me from train to train until my stop.

Sunday, I was walking about looking for a local coin laundry to do my washing later this week as my office doesn't pay for laundry service on foreign trips (don't get me started on that one!). I asked a lady at a crosswalk if she knew of one in town and she literally walked me down a couple of blocks to see if a local one was still in business. When she realized it wasn't, she actually offered to do my laundry for me!!! I didn't take her up on it, but the offer itself was stunningly sweet!

I should have guessed that the Irish were this nice, after all [ profile] boobooirl is evidence of that. I wish I had time to post more, but I'm on limited time and it's dinner time here. Not sure what is for dinner for me, but I know there is a pint of Guinness waiting.
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I'm up and staying up. I can't risk going to bed as the time change will be murder, so I'm on my 24th hour being conscious. I did close my eyes a few times on the plane, but I really couldn't call that sleeping. Just remember, I'm five hours ahead of most of you now.

Just the highlights as internet costs here are astronomical. My hotel charges 10 Euro/24 hours. That's about $17/day, if I want to use my computer in my room. If I want to use the one in the lobby, it's 1 EURO for 8 MINUTES! Good heavens... Luckily, there is an internet cafe down the road, where I am now, that charges 2.50 Euro/30 minutes, which is still high, but at least manageable. Sadly, my posts will be fairly limited until I get to my next destination in Waterford. Their high speed is complimentary at least.

Highlights from the flight:
  • Young hip Indian girl with fresh Tinkerbell tattoo on her shoulder (covered in petroleum jelly or something) spills apple juice in my lap on my way to Newark.
  • Handsome Asian guy in a business suit keeps looking back at me from his seat one row up. Not sure why, but he was cute.
  • Lavatories on the flight to Newark are just tall enough for me (I'm 5'8"). If you are taller, like say, [ profile] chrisglass, I have no idea how you'd fit in them. And as for mile high stuff, only contortionists could make it happen.
  • Newark flight ran late, mad dash for flight to Ireland in airport. Good thing I wore my tennis shoes.
  • Young cabbie who drove me to the hotel was wearing more perfume than a French prostitute. I had to roll the window down to breathe.

Okay, heading into downtown Dublin for lunch and sights. I'll post photos when I can.
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Packed and Ready to GoGood morning! Finally done with my work yesterday, turned everything in, cleaned off my desk, shopped on the way home, laundry and packing last night... I've resigned myself to the trip now, the weird eerie calm before the (hopefully fun) storm. As you can see, I'm dressed and ready to go, suffering no stress after effects.

My director went to Ireland on vacation last month and has given me some good ideas of things to see in Dublin, including the Guinness plant (free beer!), the Irish Writers Museum, etc. My office always says that we should never go to sleep as soon as we get to our destination. Getting there at 7:30 AM, not sleeping will be a challenge for me as I don't sleep well on planes and it'll be 2:30 AM for me.

Now I need to keep myself occupied for the next few hours. I have my DVD case full, my iPod (the infamous iZombie) loaded, my sketchpad for drawing naked bears in compromising positions, and comic books. Yeah, I'm overpacked. Both cameras are loaded and ready to go, I feel like [ profile] mikiedoggie. Internet is available at all hotels, according to their websites, so hopefully there will be posts.
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Click above for more pics

In response to some requests from my LJ friends, I went through my 350 some pictures from my Ireland-England trip and found a few more worth posting. These are some odds and ends really, but I liked the quirkiness of some of them. Enjoy...
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I slept about twelve hours last night, a testament to how utterly exhausted I was after flying home. Thank heavens I didn't go to work today.

New Ross, Ireland picturesI spent the morning working on pictures from my trip. I didn't realize that I'd had so many of them, even in New Ross, Ireland, but I guess I snapped pretty much anything that caught my eye. Clicking on the photo on the right will take you to the New Ross, Ireland photo gallery. Ireland is a beautiful country, I sincerely hope to go back someday on vacation, when I wont have to work. I feel like there were so many sights I didn't see. On Ireland, I noted a few things. One, watch where you step, the dogs crap everywhere and there are no apparent scooper rules. Two, the Irish seem to be all business when working. It seems idle chat is more for the pub, most of the customer service at restaurants or shops, the folks seemed very short because they had to get back to the other things. I'm not saying they were rude, just always seemed busy. Three, cell phones! Everyone had one, it seems. It made me wish mine worked over there :)

Welwyn Garden City and London picturesAfter the bombing incidents, I admit that I wasn't all that keen going to England, even though I was working outside the city. In looking at the pictures, I realized I caught some decent shots of the city and the Tower of London. The pictures of the missing folks sent some remorseful feelings. Some of the missing are being identified every day, but it's a painstaking process and their recovery from the tube is not easy due to the unsafe conditions.

On the lighter side, I did catch a few cute guys here and there. One of the finest was the London Tower Beefeater to the right. Clicking on his handsome mug will lead to the picture gallery for London and Welwyn Garden City, the latter being where I was staying.

Again, big hugs to everyone who wished me a welcome home, it is greatly appreciated.
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I spent the majority of yesterday working on reports. I have to force myself to remember that I'm not over here on holiday. Still, I can squeeze a bit of sightseeing in when possible. On my walking around yesterday, I finally found the internet cafe, in this little dive of a place with a counter clerk who spoke almost no English. It was a bit creepy, I think I prefer the visitors centre.

I also found part of a 14th century lookout tower on my way back to the hotel last night. It was being slummed by some local teenagers, so I held off visiting until this morning. It's really quite impressive considering it's age, but sadly the local teens have taken to leaving their trash about and some minor graffitti graces it's interior.

So, I dropped off my laundry at a cleaner for about $10, which is a bargain compared to what the hotel charges. Just a few odds and ends to deal with before packing tonight for England. The traveling I admit is starting to wear on me a bit, I'm starting to long for home, but that's typical as the third week is about to begin.

... and thankfully, there are now three bearded daddy bear types in the visitors centre right now... sigh... :)
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Well, I finished my work yesterday, so I'll be spending the rest of the week working on my reports and doing some odds and ends (laundry, etc.). Everyone in town keeps telling me to go to Tall Ships, which is an international boat race where large sailing ships from around the world are congregating in Waterford. They say about 250,000 people or more will be there. I hate to say it, but it doesn't interest me in the least. Everyone here is so excited, but from what I've seen from the news, it just looks like a bunch of boats in the water. It's not like they are historical vessels or anything, so the appeal just isn't there. I may take a taxi and see some of the more local stuff.

My trip to the hotel pool and lots of eye candy... )

Now I guess I need to see what I can get into. Today is the halfway point of the trip, so it's all downhill from here.
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low carb diet destroyed
Craving the familiar...

There is a shortage of restaurants here near the hotel. I was too tired to walk around for another evening, so I found a local Pizza Hut and decided to have at it. The place was full of American airline flight attendents. If only they were cute ones like [ profile] blueeyedbear and his hubby. Sigh... One of the great drawbacks about traveling with my job is that most of the time you travel alone. It's one of the reasons I try to meet folks on 411 or LJ, not for hooking up, but rather to have someone show me the area or to have dinner with. Being solo on the road can get lonely after a while and crave basic company.

Ah, enough of that... [ profile] demcub said I should take some pics to get some town flavor, so here are a few random points with photos:

  • Sunsets are amazing here, they occur about 10:30 PM at night. This is the sunset from my hotel room last night.
  • The area is really family oriented. Kids just bike around and play ball in the parking lot and in front of the grocery. I got a good shot of a soccer kick.
  • I saw this scooter for delivering pizza at the local Pizza Hut. For some reason, it just struck me as funny. As if delivering pizzas in a car isn't probably difficult enough.


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