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Last night was the annual costume party I attend. It was a fun bash as usual. The hosts were dressed up as the creepy nun from "The Conjuring 2" and looked amazing. What really made me happy was the photo booth, which was set up like a parlor room with a mirror that reflected others from the side.

My costume was a mime outfit. I felt it was a cop-out, but the "KY Jelly" tube costume was just too hard to assemble at such a short notice. I spent the last two weeks getting the pieces together for the mime outfit(the beret, the suspenders, etc.), but it was the make-up that did me in. Not really being well-versed in applying make-up, it was a mess on the first try. The cream make-up dried and cracked and looked more "zombie" than "mime." Since I couldn't find the right make-up, I had to resort to an old trick from when I was a kid -- shoe polish. I'm sure it's not good for the skin, but ... it worked.

Mime Time

Mime Time

After a few hours of enjoying the party, I came home and spent the better part of a half-hour scrubbing my face. Today has been a recovery day. I was beat from the party, but didn't drink, so I'm not sure what wore me out so much. Tomorrow is the costume contest at the office, but I don't think I can handle putting the get-up on again for an entire day.
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I spent a good chunk of last night running around to different stores, trying to get pieces for my Halloween costume. I was largely unsuccessful, finding only one part that would work. I still have two weeks to work on it, but I'm strongly considering switching to a different costume.

I want to go as a tube of lube. I have a great design for it, but finding the loops needed to form the body of the costume is proving to be problematic. Also, the costume is going to be hot because the plastic tube of the body does not breathe.

The alternate costume is going as a mime, wearing a sign over my neck that says "I'm not a clown!" The sign is in reference to the odd surge of clown-sightings, one of which has caused local schools to close for the day a couple of weeks back. This costume would be less warm, but it would not be so funny.

I'll spend today trying to find the pieces for the first, but I'm willing to go to costume #2 if it proves too difficult.

And I'm sad the weekend is almost over...


Nov. 1st, 2015 01:00 am
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Halloween is my favorite holiday of year. A lot of people say their favorite is Christmas or Thanksgiving. The odd person may say Labor Day or Columbus day I guess, but Halloween has always done it for me. Horror movies are playing every night. Costumes and costume shops appear. Certain candy is only on sale this time of year. It is when I think my creativity reaches unusual heights.

So this year, when I was putting my costume ideas together, I was thinking of the most horrible person the public has encountered this year, seemingly ripe for parody for her bigotry and most public spectacles.

I went as Kim Davis, "Christian" wignut and media whore in her daily guise as Rowan County Clerk here in my home state of Kentucky. She's that "lady" (I use that term loosely) who was refusing same-sex couples their constitutional right to get a marriage license.

Halloween Costume 2015
Bearded Kim Davis

After going through a couple of wigs and finding that ankle-length horizontal-striped dress at KMart (for a whopping $4.99), the costume seemed like a must! A couple of other shirts, some accessories, and an iron-on transfer and I was good to roll.

The party I went to tonight was fantastic, thrown by a couple of guys I play softball with. I was thinking I'd be one of many Kim Davises in attendance, but amazingly enough I was the only one. The shirt sold my identity to anyone who had questions. I had a blast playing the role, telling people that "Jesus loved them (so I wouldn't have to)" and that I was in search of my fifth husband because the last one had gotten dirty.

What was fun was that everyone played along. Most people didn't bother learning my real name, and I was called "Kim" across a room all night. In the photo booth the hosts set up, I gave my disapproving looks, my hands to the heavens poses, and a photo op for anyone who wanted it. One lady was involved in the legal proceedings of the Obergefell case and wanted a photo with me, particular with me in a headlock. I gladly obliged. Other pics involved my being kicked in the cooch, having a dude dressed as a S&M chick up my dress, getting laid by Twisty the Clown from AHS: Freak Show, and me laying sexily in front of a group of partygoers. I can't wait for the guys to post the photos.

Like all good parties, it had to end at some point. So I took off my wig and dress and drove home in my tee-shirt and gym shorts.

The party was a blast and I'm already wondering what I'll wear next year. Hopefully, it will not involve a wig as they are a pain in the butt.
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I had posted that I've been working on a Halloween costume for this year. I saw the executioner costume in the costume shop for about $50. It looked good, but it was cheap and was still missing a lot of the extras that would have to be bought separately. I already had the boots and pants, so I need a tunic, belt, armbands, and an axe. A cut up hoodie, long tee-shirt, big-girl belt, and old black socks, along with some metal studs, a glue gun, and a bit of scissor work later and here's the result. Axe and manacles bought separately. I probably spent about $50 on it total, so it was all good.

Halloween 2014

I do love the creativity of Halloween! :)
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It was a pretty busy weekend, but it was a great time.

  • Friday night, [ profile] mickeymac and I grabbed dinner followed by a visit to the USS Nightmare, a haunted riverboat on the Ohio River. He told me that he usually doesn't get to do these things because his partner isn't much for scary stuff. So I took the lead through the boat, he was right behind me, followed by a trio of girls we didn't know. I loved the layout and the shocks. It was really fun. The best part was watching [ profile] mickeymac scream and jump throughout the ship. Afterward, we decided to go see "Annabelle," which he hadn't had a chance to watch. Again, more jumps -- so much fun.

  • Saturday was the usual working out and lunch, followed by some shopping for my Halloween costume which is nearly done. That evening, the Cincinnati MovieBears met for a showing of Dracula Untold. It's an interesting twist of the history of Dracula prior to the events of the book by Bram Stoker. It's not overly accurate historically, but twisting Dracula into an anti-hero of sorts was pretty cool. And Luke Evans, the Welsh actor who plays the title role, is pretty damn hot. And he wasn't the only one. The movie also stars English actors Ferdinand Kingsley and Dominic Coopers, both very woofy! So the eye candy alone was good. The guys seemed to enjoy it.

  • Sunday involved my working on the costume. That was pretty much a huge chunk of the day. I spent most of last night catching up on "American Horror Story: Freak Show" and "The Walking Dead"... OMG, that was good entertainment.

  • I took today off because I have quite a bit of unburned vacation time.

  • Tomorrow, I scheduled an impromptu Cincinnati MovieBears event to go see "Pride" at the local arthouse theater. It's drawing a decent crowd, so it should be fun.
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I've spent a large chunk of the weekend getting stuff together for an upcoming Halloween costume. I went to the local costume shop (not the seasonal Halloween stores, but a real costume shop) to look for a costume. Originally, I had wanted to go dressed as a priest. I bought an online comic called "Bulldogs" and the second issue is about a couple of bearish vicars getting it on. I felt inspired.

However, the priest costume at the shop was cheap and not very interesting. It means a lot of acting on my part to make it fun and I'm not sure I felt up to it. I found another costume for a medieval executioner, a black hooded figure with an axe. I liked the look, but the price was a bit high. Also, the costume seemed cheap again for the price. As I looked at the picture, I realized that I had a lot of the pieces already -- the black boot covers, the arm bands, the pants. So really, I just need the axe and a few costume pieces and it would it be more comfortable.

Tonight, I bought the last couple of pieces at Wal-Mart. I loathe that place, but they did have everything I need, including a wide black belt with a cool buckle that will look neat. I found in the women's belts. I'm sure people looked at me funny, but I've never really given a $#!+ what Wal-Mart shoppers thought of me. Sadly, the belt might be too big (seriously), so I may need to exchange it. That should be fun.

It's late, but luckily I don't have to work tomorrow. I'll post pics of the outfit when I get it done.
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Before I get started, I've noticed today that when I respond to a comment, the user pic resets to my default no matter what icon I choose for the posting. Is this happening to anyone else? If I go back and edit the comment, I can reselect a different icon and it works. Weird.

So last weekend, the Cincinnati MovieBears and I went to see "The Maze Runner." A young man awakes to find himself in an elevator, arriving at a camp full of young men. None of the men have any memories prior to their arrival at the camp, except for their first name. The camp is surrounded by a maze that select members race through to map when the doors open in the morning. They must hurry back before the doors close at dusk or remain trapped in the maze overnight, which no one has apparently survived. When the new guy breaks the rules and rushes to help a fallen man, he gets trapped on the other side and learns a lot about the maze and why they are there.

The movie was okay. It's trying really hard to be the next "Hunger Games" series, but it never really sold itself to me. A lot of the bears in attendance agreed that it probably doesn't have the momentum that other series have.

Last night, I watched a Netflix horror DVD called Nurse 3D, about a nurse-by-day/serial-killer-by-night type who fixates on a young nurse and starts framing her for different crimes. It has a five minute cameo by Kathleen Turner and supporting roles by Corbin Bleu and Judd Nelson. The lead actress is Paz de la Heurta who was HORRIBLE. Her only redeeming quality is that she apparently has no problem with full-frontal nudity as she's naked for significant parts of the movie. Her voice is childlike, she can't project feeling, and her sole expression is boredom. The fact that she not only has the lead role, but does a great deal of voice-over in other scenes means she's wrecking large chunks of the movie. Sadly, everyone else is really good in the film, but it doesn't save the flick. The chick fights were fun though. Overall, it's a movie to be heckled.

Tomorrow night, a buddy and I are going to see "Annabelle," which looks to be good. I do love the Halloween season. :)
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Last night, I handed out candy for about a half-hour. One of my local, non-LJ buddies was having an impromptu birthday bash at a nearby restaurant. So I shut down early, giving away candy to about a dozen kids. As I was pulling out of my drive, it started to rain hard. I guessed that shut down most treaters, which was a shame as there seemed to be more kids out this year.

Dinner was great as was the company. The man who owned the restaurant kept trying to pair up the birthday boy with a beautiful young hostess, unaware that he had just gotten back from Maine this week where he married his longtime partner. I broke off my diet in order to have some birthday cake which was delicious.

Autumn Leaves
... so... many... leaves...

I took the day off and tackled the yard. The rain and cooler temps had finally caused the large maple in my front yard to shed its leaves... in droves. Luckily, the gutter guards seem to be doing their job pretty well. I raked the wet leaves and hauled them into the woods behind my house for about two hours. It's pretty exhausting.

Raking Leaves
Me, Rake, Leaves...

So naturally, I had to take a break. Thankfully, I don't feel the urge to workout now as I'm beat. Not sure what I'll do with the rest of my day, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Happy Friday!
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I've spent several weeks putting together my Halloween costume this year. My folks never really had the money to spend on costumes, so we kids always had to be somewhat inventive. One of the perks of being an adult is that I can spend a little money, but still like to put my costume together myself for the most part.

I wont lie, I love how this one turned out. I did one last "dress rehearsal" of my costume to make sure there were no snags to fix. I took some photos and couldn't decide which I liked more. You can tell me which you think is the best.


(click the name above if you have no idea who this is...)

Star Boy

Star Boy

Star Boy

I never thought I would ever wear spandex. Thank heavens black is slimming!

[ profile] bestbear_icanbe, you can borrow the costume if you want ;)
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Shadowy Chris GlassThe weekend was a good one! Saturday afternoon I grabbed a Mexican lunch with Tim and hung out at his place for a bit before heading over to the Cincinnati Movie Bears outing to see Where the Wild Things Are in Newport.

I thought the movie visually captured what I could recall of the book, but the story left me ... well... bored. I think there is only so much interpretation that you can do with a dozen or so pages of material from the children's book. To stretch it out to an hour and a half was asking alot. The kids around me seemed a bit unimpressed with it, but I think it appeals a lot to some adults who grew up with the book in hand.

After the movie, we grabbed dinner at the newly re-opened Hamburger Mary's, which I love. The food is hit-or-miss (just like the old Mary's), but I love the atmosphere and have missed it.

After dinner, [ profile] chrisglass, [ profile] cubtharsis and I drove to the wilds of Kentucky to take a haunted hay ride. One of Chris' friends was in the "show" of it. We paid the extra $5 to move to the VIP line and rode a very cold ride into the dark. Living scarecrows in the cornfield, serial killers on the path, a barn full of movie-based horrors, a pursuing tractor, and a visit from a headless horseman made for a great ride. Yeah, one of the scarecrows got me screaming like a little girl (shut up!). I snagged many photos with my iPhone, but none really turned out. This shadowy shot of our Chris was the best of the bunch, but I think he managed to snag better with his camera.

I love Halloween!
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Local Brownie Scout Does Good...Due to a tie for second place, the voting lasted another day to get some additional votes in, but I was just notified that I won first place in my office's Halloween Costume Contest. Those with congratulatory hugs, smooches, and/or gropes can line up to the left here.

Being a past winner in 2002, I know the honor of being crowned and this time it came with a sash, albeit one of my own making. The prize is a $15 gift certificate. Given that I spent well over $40 for my costume pieces, I can honestly tell you that it was not about money, but bragging rights and the joy of making people laugh out loud when they see you for reasons other than the norm. The fun of having to stand before a new employee class and teach in a skirt all morning was just gravy. Never have so many camera phones been pointed at me at once. I felt like Paris Hilton, only smarter.

Where do I go from here? Who knows. The problem with winning the contest is that you are now expected to somehow top it next year and it always brings out the creative juices of others and the competition can be so fun. Given the often-mentioned magical power of lipstick, I may buy a tube and grow from a petite flower of a brownie scout to VP Candidate for the Republican party.

... 'cause I'm a Mav-er-ick... *wink*

... but I'm sure by then something better will have come along...
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Happy Halloween Everyone! I'm off to teach my computer class for the day at work.

Selling My Cookies

I hope you get lots and lots of candy :)
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Undead and In Business Attire

I wasn't planning on dressing up this Halloween at the office, but I discovered yesterday that a planned meeting had been canceled, which gave me 24 hours notice to come up with something. My planned costume had to go by the way side (I'm keeping it a secret until next year), so I wondered what I could throw together without having to repeat a past costume.

I saw the horror/comedy Fido the other day, a movie about people using zombies for everyday things and after my "office of the living dead" post, I figured why not this. One old office shirt with permanent ring around the collar, one pair of $9 khakis from an unmentionable store, and some make-up (non-drag queen quality) and voila!

I can't wait to go to lunch dressed this way. Here are more pics of some other office folks and me.

More Work Safe Pics Behind Cut )
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This is my first official post outdoors. The joys of wireless internet, I'm sitting on my front porch ready for the costumed kids to come a running.

Sadly, this year, my heart just isn't in it. I don't mean the handing out candy, which is always fun, I mean the other stuff that I usually do. I usually enjoy dressing up for Halloween, and my costume for this year was a doozy.. if I had gotten around to making it. I mean, what holiday where you can go in public (versus the usual bedroom setting) in a cape, leather boots, and a mask and get laughs versus nervous stares isn't great.

I skipped the office costume contest because I didn't feel up to it. Not sure what is up there. Apathy? I don't know. Given the costumes that people had on, I could have won it easily this year. Maybe we're all feeling it.

I'm ready for the kids thought, laptop and DVD of horror movies ready to roll to keep me occupied between dressed kiddies.

Jeez, what a lame post...


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