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I meant to post this earlier this week when I heard of the news, but things got away from me. I read online that Canadian ginger daddy-bear actor Chris Wiggins had passed away at age 87.

F-13 Chris Wiggins
John D. LeMay, Chris Wiggins, and Robey
from "Friday the 13th: The Series"

He's probably best known by most of us as Jack Marshak, the occult expert on "Friday the 13th: The Series" that aired back in the late 1980's. There was one episode where Wiggins was shirtless and the fur was plentiful. He was in his late-50's at the time, but still in great bearish shape.

I also saw him in the 1969 "The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kaladar", which won him the Best Actor Canadian Film Award (the Canadian equivalent of an Oscar, now called a Genie award). The movie is pretty good, and also stars a young Margot Kidder in her first feature role. You can watch the full movie online on YouTube and on the National Film Board of Canada website:

I'd recently bought a book about Friday the 13th: The Series, which included behind-the-scenes commentary from the actors, but noticed that Wiggins was not included in the interviews. I guessed that his advanced age might have been the reason and I was right. Wiggins passed away on February 19, 2017, from complications from Alzheimer's disease.
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One of the big perks of rejoining a gym is the eye candy. I'd not belonged to a gym in years, so I'd forgotten how much fun it is to watch muscled, furry guys sweat outside of an adult movie. The local Planet Fitness to me is definitely good for the view.

Now the Planet Fitness gym model is no "lunks," meaning the big roid boys generally don't belong, so as not to create an intimidating environment for the everyday joe or jane. I like the general idea of it, though it doesn't block out the former, just their stereotypical behavior.

This morning, I was up at the crack of o'dark to get to the gym to do my bicep workout. I've been trying to go in the early hours because the after-work hours are insanely crowded, especially in the free weight area. I've managed to do this for a few weeks now and there are some clear regulars in the gym.

The one that has caught my attention the most is a very fit, handsome otter-type. He has golden brown hair, a very thick, but well kept beard, and a lean muscular body, of which he can lift, stretch, and move in a way to distract everyone. He's muscled, but not huge. I don't see any fur on his chest, but it's well defined and I haven't seen him in the locker room yet. He has one of those bodies that an anatomy text book would use to point out external physical features -- "these are 'abs'" and "biceps are located here."

He's smiled at me once at the gym last week and I melted a bit. I admit it. So I like to think that he's a nice guy at the very least.

And I'm happy to see him at the gym, as motivation of a body I'll likely never have (I'm not an otter build) and as a welcome distraction for the number of miles I've left to run on a treadmill.
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A couple of weeks back, I decided to rejoin a gym. After five or so years of working out at home and running outside, I felt like I needed a change. I had grown bored with the workouts and have talked myself out of doing them or stopping them mid-way. The seasonal malaise doesn't help either. With a gym like Planet Fitness costing $20/month, I thought it would be reasonably inexpensive and help with my motivation.

And it's working.

There is a location on my way home from work, so I have no excuse not to stop by, short of leaving my gym bag at home. I'm still trying to transition my workout schedules and routines to the free-weights and weight machines, but I feel that it's going well.

In addition, I have something that I didn't have working out at home -- eye candy!

Lawd, the eye-candy! While Planet Fitness doesn't have the muscle-heads running about, as it's not really their target audience, it does have some very fit fellers running about, often without underwear or jocks, so flopping is visible. And as it caters to folks who are just trying to get in shape, a lot of the guys are bears, bearded, furry -- your average blue-collar joes.

Thus far, I'm back into my five to six-day workouts, including legs, which I typically never enjoyed, but the workout machines are good for them.

I'm still waiting for the new year's resolution people to filter out, but so far I'm enjoying it quite a bit. And I've not given up my home workouts, but I'm saving them for days where getting out of the house isn't good (like rainy or snowy days).
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Chris Messina - DevilWhile I was getting the latest issue of my comic book done, I spent a lot of time watching horror movies and true crime shows. To be fair, I do that often anyway, but I'm always looking for new shows/movies to watch. During the coloring of pages, I watched a couple of things that had some significantly handsome fellers in them.

The first was the movie "Devil". I avoided this movie when it was in theaters as I'd gotten burned so much by anything M. Night Shyamalan directs. I figured it was crap and dodged it. However, several friends had said it was good, so I watched it on Netflix. A movie about five strangers trapped in an elevator only to find one of them is probably the devil, and I found it was actually pretty good. The guy that caught my attention was Chris Messina (<---), who plays the police detective who shows up to solve a suicide/murder in the building.

While he's a bit on the skinny side, there is something very attractive about him. From what I've seen of him online, he seems to be pretty furry. What caught my attention was his lips. Seriously, his lips are full and made me want to kiss him!

Derek Russo This past weekend I watching the true crime show "Killer Couples." This show generally does re-enactments using actors that are far more attractive than the actual people involved in the crime. In this particular episode, a muscled fitness guy who shares a house with a single woman is murdered by her and her new fiance so he'll get out of the house.

The murder victim in this episode was played by actor/stuntman Derek Russo (-->). He's big into science fiction and horror. Muscled, bearded, and furry, he also seems to have a great sense of humor. While he's not a big name yet, he definitely caught my attention.

Granted I'd have watched these things if such handsome guys were not in them, so it's just icing on a particular cake for me.
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While I've been sick, I've not done much other than flop on the couch and watch TV. I've been in recovery mode. I think I'm about 90% better, so I'm going to attempt going to work tomorrow. My co-workers will just have to get used to my raspy, frog voice for a while.

Stanley Tucci, Sofie Gråbøl, and Richard Dormer of "Fortitude"

The first disc of "Fortitude" showed up from Netflix on Monday. I popped it in the DVD player and settled back. This British series involves a murder in a small fictional Arctic Norwegian settlement called "Fortitude." One murder leads to another death along with other discoveries and indiscretions among the townspeople. US audiences will recognize stars Stanley Tucci, Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccelston, and (possibly) Sofie Gråbøl, the last being the lead in the award-winning Danish series "The Killing."

When I got through the first three episode on the first disc, I was disappointed. Netflix is good, but I knew it was going to be two days before I could watch more. While I was looking at to see season one was available on DVD, I found the season was available through Amazon Prime for free. And there was much rejoicing (yayyyyyyyy!!!)

So Tuesday and today, I binge-watched the rest of the season. I thought it was remarkably well-written, with various storylines interwoven together. I also enjoyed how the series led me to question the morality of a character, believing his or her actions to have been shady, only to reveal later that other circumstances were involved that exonerated him or her in my mind. It's a good mix of police drama, murder and mystery, and even a touch of horror. There was also quite a few bearded bears (series lead Richard Dormer is a handsome blond bear of a guy) as well as a bit of delightful male nudity (though sadly none with Mr. Tucci).

I am learning to appreciate the short seasons that British TV usual goes. Twelve episodes are actually quite a large season for the UK. According to Wikipedia, there is a second season being made. I'm looking forward to it already.
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Nothing major happened this week, so I don't have a specific theme for the post. Here are the odds and ends:

  • The cartoon for my coworker is done. I'll email it him tomorrow. And by "done," I mean it is finished and not available for changes.

  • I finished up "Jessica Jones" this week. It's a great series. I look forward to another season of it (if they make one). I think the next hero series is supposed to be about Luke Cage (aka Power Man), but I'm sure Jessica Jones will make appearances in it. I've been going through Netflix and found an Australian series called "The Principal" that is pretty good. It stars a swoonworthy bearded hottie named Alex Dimitriades as the lead.

    Alex Dimitriades-The Principal

  • I need to mix up my workouts. I "like" Men's Health on Facebook and I've seen some interesting cardio workouts to try. One of them involves kettlebell swings, something I can do when it's raining or snowing and can't run outdoors. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the guy demonstrating the workouts is BJ Gaddour, their fitness director, and another bearded hottie.

    BJ Gaddour

  • Yesterday, I was standing in line at Starbucks, which was full of holiday shoppers wanting caffeine. I stood in line for ten minutes when this blonde 20-something witch came up and started chatting up her friend in front of me. Then she just stood there. I was staring daggers at the back of her head until she finally turned around, saw me, and said "hi." I smiled and immediately told her where the back of the line was, which was behind me and the ten other people she cut in front of. She giggled and said that she was only in line to talk to her friend. Sure, I thought. She then whispered to her friend how rude I was. Ironic, isn't it? She left the line, but her friend ordered something for her as the little bitch left drinking an iced coffee.

  • Hopefully, my Christmas shopping is done. I went last night to (ugh) Wal-Mart. Since I am shopping for folks far away, it made sense to get the stuff where they could exchange them. And worse, I ended up buying things I need/wanted, spending more on me than on everyone else. Yeah, I bought the kettlebell. Sigh...

  • Last night, I did a sketch of the kettlebell, just a doodle while watching TV. I uploaded it to my Flickr account and two folks marked it as a favorite. I checked one of the folks who picked it and saw nothing but nudes and sexual pics among his favorites. It just struck me as funny that among all of these x-rated favorites is this one pencil sketch of a kettlebell.

  • Monday is looming. Luckily, I'm working the week and then will be off for the holidays.
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Subtitles can be a bit distracting when watching a foreign movie or television show, but in time I've learned to cope with them, as there is some really good shows and films out there in other languages. I love Spanish horror movies. I also became a big fan of "Les Revenants" (aka The Returned), a French television drama about people who suddenly returned from the dead.

The second season started on Halloween night on the Sundance Channel and it's getting REALLY GOOD! One of the big changes (and major pluses) for this season is the higher bear quotient. Characters from last season have grown beards, making them even woofier, and new characters are being introduced, including one brawny ginger bear.

Because I like to share, here are a few photos of said bearish actors:


Daddy Jerome and his daughter Lena (top)
Son and Father - Serge and Milan (bottom)

So far, this season is better than the last as the action is starting to heat up. One thing that has changed for the worse is the sudden blurring of nudity. Last season, they showed everything, including full-frontal on the guys, but the last episode had them blur out the breasts of a character. The French are not prudes when it comes to nudity, so I'm guessing Sundance is doing this for some reason.

Still, I'm loving the show and can't wait for next week.
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When I got this DVD in the mail from Netflix, I honestly don't remember why I added it to my queue. It doesn't star any actor I'd heard of before. Maybe it was one of those recommended with I added something else. Anyway...

John TurnerThe movie is "The Black Torment", a 1964 historical British gothic flick. When Sir Richard returns to the manor with his new bride from London after several months of being away, he's received with scowl and suspicion, as the local villagers believe he is responsible for the murder of young local woman. Several times people claim to have spoken to him when he was somewhere else, including his new wife. In addition, the ghost of his deceased first wife is now appearing at night in the manor and the grounds, proclaiming him a "murderer."

The movie isn't bad, but it's a dated flick. I'd say it's a typical gothic movie for the period and I can see some of the scenes being very frightening for the early 1960s. I figured out the "twist" pretty early on, but I still enjoyed watching it unfold.

Black Torment

The movie stars handsome British actor John Turner as Sir Richard. He's a tall, burly man, with sculpted facial hair for the movie. He has a furry chest, which you can see in the opening of his shirt in a few scenes. The lady show tons of cleavage, but too bad they couldn't throw in a shirtless shot of the lead actor on occasion.

Not sure I'd buy the DVD, but it was a good way to spend 90 minutes or so.
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It was a pretty busy weekend, but it was a great time.

  • Friday night, [ profile] mickeymac and I grabbed dinner followed by a visit to the USS Nightmare, a haunted riverboat on the Ohio River. He told me that he usually doesn't get to do these things because his partner isn't much for scary stuff. So I took the lead through the boat, he was right behind me, followed by a trio of girls we didn't know. I loved the layout and the shocks. It was really fun. The best part was watching [ profile] mickeymac scream and jump throughout the ship. Afterward, we decided to go see "Annabelle," which he hadn't had a chance to watch. Again, more jumps -- so much fun.

  • Saturday was the usual working out and lunch, followed by some shopping for my Halloween costume which is nearly done. That evening, the Cincinnati MovieBears met for a showing of Dracula Untold. It's an interesting twist of the history of Dracula prior to the events of the book by Bram Stoker. It's not overly accurate historically, but twisting Dracula into an anti-hero of sorts was pretty cool. And Luke Evans, the Welsh actor who plays the title role, is pretty damn hot. And he wasn't the only one. The movie also stars English actors Ferdinand Kingsley and Dominic Coopers, both very woofy! So the eye candy alone was good. The guys seemed to enjoy it.

  • Sunday involved my working on the costume. That was pretty much a huge chunk of the day. I spent most of last night catching up on "American Horror Story: Freak Show" and "The Walking Dead"... OMG, that was good entertainment.

  • I took today off because I have quite a bit of unburned vacation time.

  • Tomorrow, I scheduled an impromptu Cincinnati MovieBears event to go see "Pride" at the local arthouse theater. It's drawing a decent crowd, so it should be fun.
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I was a bit surprised to read online that Robin Williams had died at the age of 63. Despite being so incredibly funny and energetic, he's had many personal problems, including depression and substance abuse. His death is suspected to be a suicide.

The BirdcageI basically grew up watching Robin Williams on TV. "Happy Days" was a staple in my house growing up where he first appeared as "Mork from Ork," which was quickly followed by "Mork and Mindy." As a kid, it wasn't unusual to try sitting on your head or spew out a "Shazbot" or two. In those formative years when my eye was being drawn to the hairy chest of Tom Selleck, the fur of Robin Williams did not go unnoticed.

The Fisher KingWhile I always enjoyed seeing him shirtless (and occasionally naked) on film, it really was his talent that I loved. I have always been a big fan. When he did stand-up, he was phenomenal; when he was acting, he was amazing. Whenever "The Birdcage" is on, I invariably stop to watch it.

I think the greatest appeal of Robin Williams was his ability to make you connect with him. When he was happy, you were happy. When he was sad, you just wanted to hug him. To this day, when I watch "The Fisher King," I just want to take Parry (his character) home and make everything okay for him. That Oscar win for "Good Will Hunting" was well-deserved.

One of my favorite stand-up performances was at an anniversary for "The Comedy Store" that I had taped on TV over 20 years ago. He was all over the place, seemingly totally unscripted, playing off the audience is wild ways. One of my favorite lines was when he was dealing with a heckler of sorts. The guy said he was incognito.

"You're not incognito anymore," Williams replied, "You're not even in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! No, you're not, you're on Hollywood Boulevard. Hookers, transvestites, and pimps! Oh my!!"

The latter part of that was done with him skipping across the stage. [ profile] aceofspace and I still quote that last line to each other on occasion.

I'm sad that he's gone. It just felt like his talent was endless and to think that there will be no more is disappointing.
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One of my FB friends is in town, revisiting some of his old haunts when he lived and worked here in Cincinnati some 25 years ago. He's a photographer and asked if I would do a shoot with him. It was "pro bono" as he put it. So while I was at work, he scouted some cool locations in downtown Cincy. When I got off work, I grabbed a selection of different clothes, picked him up at his hotel, and headed to his first location.

The first stop was in "Over the Rhine" which was one of the city's more run down areas, but it in the midst of revitalization. There are colorful storefronts with some very neat architecture. So we picked out shirts and started in an alley. It took a while for me to relax, I admit, especially when he asked me to remove my shirt.

Now, I'm not shy about taking my shirt off really, but to mix that with an unfamiliar setting, a photographer, and people walking down the sidewalk, it gets a bit odd. Some people just walked past gawking, some asked questions, and others just told to themselves. One kid asked if I was a model.

I laughed, saying "yes, I'm the 'before' model, you should see the 'after.'"

With three different set of shirts and driving to three settings, my buddy Dave took about 250+ pics. I'll post what Dave sends me. I previewed some of them and I have to admit, he's REALLY good. :)

So after my "Tyra Banks" afternoon, we went to the Incline House, a restaurant in the Price Hill part of town that overlooks the city. Dinner was good and it was a stunning view, of both Dave and of the city. His BF is a lucky feller to have such a nice and handsome guy.
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Tonight, I settled in after my workout and dinner to do some inking of some comic pages. I looked through my DVD's for a movie to watch. I selected The Howling (1981).

I remember watching the movie when I was a kid and I remember it being thrilling. As an adult, I admit that the movie has aged a bit, but it's still a pretty good movie and story. A news reporter (Dee Wallace) is nearly killed by a serial killer while working on a story. Rattled and suffering from post-traumatic stress, she agrees to go to a psychiatrist's compound called "The Colony" to recover. While there, she starts to realize that something is very wrong as there are werewolves running about the Colony.

The movie has quite a list of stars -- Christopher Stone, Patrick MacNee, Slim Pickens, and John Carradine. It's been a long time since I've watched the movie, so what I didn't realize was the future stars who were in the movie. The late Meshach Taylor was there as a police detective and Robert Picardo, the actor who is best known as the holographic Doctor from "Star Trek: Voyager," plays serial killer/werewolf Eddie Quist. It was fun to see them both young and in early roles.

Rob BottinIt was nice to see Christopher Stone in his prime and showing off his body, so it hits many fun points for me. The special effects were especially impressive, especially for the time. The were done by then 21-year-old Rob Bottin (left), who could have very easily passed for a werewolf himself, with that hair, beard, and chest fur.

It definitely made for a good choice tonight.
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Not being able to add entries to LJ at work has severely bummed me out. I can still read and comment when time permits, but all new entries will have to be done at night. Darn.

For the flight home from Arizona, I downloaded a couple of movies to my iPad. One was "Elvira's Movie Macabre" where she skewered "Hercules and The Captive Women" starring British beefcake Reg Park in the title role.

The movie is just as bad as you would expect of the 1960's Italian Hercules movies, but no one can deny that Herc is fantastic eye candy. Bearded and muscled with a smile that could remove underwear from a distance, Reg Park certainly lifted and hauled his way through this movie and kept me incredibly entertained. The rest of the flick is full of things to be mocked and Elvira does it well.

Of course, there are more than a few errors in filming, the most noticeable by me was Herc's magic chest hair that vanished and appeared several times in succession as he struggled to haul an escaping ship back to shore by the anchor chain.

Herc Smooth
Smooth-chested Hercules

Herc Hairy
Hairy-chested Hercules

It's obvious that the close-ups were filmed long after the original beach scene, but I certainly am not complaining. Personally, I think they should have left him hairy throughout the movie. It wasn't a bad way to get through a three-hour flight.
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  • Work. Ugh. Stress levels high. Grouchiness at critical levels.

  • Trip to Arizona is on the horizon. Just three more work days and then my first real vacation in 11 years. I'm tempted to turn off the cell phone when I leave and not turn it back on until I get back.

  • Got my hair cut VERY short this week. I like running my hand through it and being ready to go.

  • I was flipping through the channels tonight and saw a new Hallmark Channel period drama show called "When Calls the Heart." I saw Bruce Harwood from "The Lone Gunmen" playing the mayor. He's aged well into daddy bearish territory. Nice.

  • Cat farts are gross. Maggie the Cat (TM) has been dropping some serious cat treat air biscuits lately.

  • It was 68 degrees and sunny today. I went for a run outdoors. Two miles of running, 1.4 miles of sprints. It felt great.

For Sale
Post Run-Selfie in a Questionable Tee-shirt
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It's been a busy weekend. I don't usually travel on holiday weekends because I despise the traffic that comes with them.

After a brief overnight visit from [ profile] aceofspace who was driving through on his way to our hometown, I went to watch my team play in the MIST softball tournament on Saturday. The tourney brings in teams from Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto, etc. I'd never played in it before, so I was really kicking myself for not being able to play in this one because my hurt calf was back to normal yet. I watched my team play in a couple of games and it was KILLING me... I really wanted to play so bad and just keeping score wasn't doing it for me. The last game was interrupted by a big storm that saturated the fields, so we were done for the night. I did have to run after some signs blown by the storm, and realized that my leg held up well.

So... the next morning, I wrapped my leg up as best I could, threw on my softball jersey, and headed out to the field at 7 AM. It was fortunate I did because we were short players and had exactly enough to cover the field. We won our first game, lost the next two so we were out. The good news is that my leg held up for the most part, just a bit of soreness this morning, but nothing really painful.

The best part of the tournament was the visiting teams actually. Toronto sent several hotties down. I fell in love with the catcher of Woody's Woodpeckers, a beautiful man named Tyler, as well as their left center, a muscled furball named Randy. I chatted with both a bit, both of whom are nice guys. In chatting with Danny, I found I wasn't his type as he liked the bigger bears (and left with one -- heh), but that I was Tyler's type. Sadly, Tyler had already left to go shopping with the team after they were eliminated from the tournament. I skipped the fireworks party as I didn't get my wrist band to get in. The aforementioned bigger bear went to the party and sent me a message later that Tyler thought I was cute. Great... I guess there is always next year...

Overall, the weekend has been great. I dread going to work tomorrow.
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I intended to spend the weekend to recover. While it's better, it still needed some rest. So I skipped working out and went to the movies.

After lunch on Saturday, I went to see a matinee of "You're Next". This horror movie has a great indy vibe that I liked. When a family gathers for an anniversary party at their parents' remote vacation "mansion," things go terribly wrong when they are picked off by unknown assailants wearing animal masks. The killers, however, are in for a surprise when one of the guests at the party has an unusual talent for survival. The movie stars A.J. Bowen (right), who is a super-handsome bearded bear of a guy. I've seen him in several horror movies and I've now elevated him to my short list of potential celebrity husbands for me. I'm definitely buying this one when it comes out on DVD.

I've not done a double-movie day in a long time, but I really wanted to squeeze in "The World's End" this weekend too. So before the first movie started, I sent out a text message to several friends asking if they wanted to catch an evening showing of it.

After the movie, I went home and did some laundry and cleaned the bathroom. I finally found a combination of cleaner and scrubbers to get my bathtub as clean as the day I moved in. I've been fighting that hard water discoloration for years and it's gone. I know it's strange to get excited about something like cleaning the bathtub, but it really is nice to have it shiny and new-looking again.

So that evening, a group of us, including [ profile] chrisglass and [ profile] _decibel_, went to the new theater in Oakley to see "The World's End". I adore Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright. "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" are among my favorite movies of all time, and this film didn't disappoint. When a down-and-out man decides to get his old school buddies together to repeat and finish the 12-bar pub crawl from their youth, they find out that their old home town has changed in ways they hadn't expected -- people have been replaced with "robots." The men continue the pub crawl in an effort to not be noticed, but beer after beer makes it harder to do. It's funny and exciting as the bar fights begin and the effort to escape gets harder. Definitely one to add to the collection.

Even more fun was that the movie was filmed in part in Welwyn Garden City outside London where I did a work trip in 2005. I saw a few familiar sights as the guys were racing around from pub to pub.

Sigh... tomorrow is Monday. These weekends just aren't long enough.
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Big hugs and thanks to [ profile] caviecub for providing the clue to finding him.

The actor from the orange juice commercial I wrote about in my last post is John Lacy. He's been in quite a few television shows, including "Bones," which was the series that Steve recalled seeing him in. He's been in several movies I've seen, but I didn't recall him in them.

One of the movie he was in was Red State, the Kevin Smith horror flick. He played the father of Michael Angarano's character.

John Lacy in Red State
Anna Gunn, John Lacy, Kevin Smith, and Michael Angarano from the film "Red State"

Another acting bear to watch out for... :)
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Friday night, I went to see Sinister. I decided to treat myself to the "21 and Over" section at the Rave Theater. It was $5 more, but I thought I'd experience the film without teenagers. Overall, I thought the movie was very good, some really great scares, and was pretty darn creepy in its story. The only thing that messed things up was the setting. While the adults section is very comfy with leather seats and servers bringing you food and drinks, it's distracting to have the servers walking in front of the screen all the time and whispering to patrons. I am not sure I'll do it again for that reason, as it's hard to lose myself in the movie.

Saturday, I was up early for my morning run. I put in my four miles, rushed home to change, then went to the movies again to catch a cheap matinee of Smiley. This was a "Bloody Mary" style flick where typing a phrase three times in a chat room would cause "Smiley," an internet killer, to appear and kill the person chatting. The movie was predictable, the writing was horrible, and the acting was dull. It was something worth holding off until Netflix.

On a bright spot, I saw this cute actor in an orange juice commercial. He's burly with a nice voice. I do wish commercials had a database so viewers could learn the actors names and see if they have done other work. I'd park illegally to see if I could get him to come around. :)

Joe the Tow Truck Driver
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Lately, very few commercials have caught my attention. I boil it down to the dancing/rapping hamsters in the Kia Soul commercials and the Farmer's Insurance commercials of late. I like the Farmer's Insurance commercials because 1) they are pretty funny and 2) there is a really cute bearish guy in them. It has driven me crazy trying to figure out who he is. He's the "distracted driver" in one of my favorites.

I posted the question on the video and another commenter gave me his name: Thomas Fowler. Of course, now I can look at his other works, which per IMDB isn't many, but he seems to be a commercial/skit actor for now. I did find that he's "Kabukiclown" on YouTube, so I can see his future exploits there. Here's a video from his page. It's not the best sound quality, but I like how he fills out a tee-shirt.

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The Lumberjack
The Lumberjack from Bad Blood

I love a creepy horror flick and I have a growing appreciation for foreign films, so I ended up buying Bad Blood (Coisa Ruim), a Portuguese horror flick about a haunted house in a remote area inheirited by a city family. The movie has little gore, but relies on the little things I love -- footsteps upstairs when the sole person at home is downstairs, mysterious people appearing in the distance, etc. Things come to a boil when one of the family members is possessed and things start moving around on their own. It's not an exceptional movie, but it's not a bad one either.

I'm trying not to buy DVD's without seeing them first, but this one was on sale. In the first scene, I found out that it was worth the money as the above handsome bear appeared as a lumberjack chopping wood in the first scene and a few smaller appearances. He has no real speaking part and isn't listed in the credits. In the "making of.." extra, the writers state he was a local extra. He is definitely a good choice :)


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