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It's been a fairly active weekend, so here's a summary of everything that went on:

  • Friday I called the cable company and set up a repair visit. They could have done it over the weekend, but I have to take Wednesday off, so I scheduled it for then. And the repair will be free believe it or not. I still plan on giving the installer company a good chewing out. While it isn't costing me anything, the annoyance of being without cable in my bedroom for nearly two weeks has sucked

  • Saturday was a Cincinnati MovieBears outing to see "IT." It was a beautiful night and it was good see the guys. Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie, which I've now seen twice. I imagine that clowns will be a popular this Halloween.

  • Brian ([profile] cincycub) brought me a wonderful gift. While he was at Market Days this year, he bought me three issues of "How to Kill A Superhero," by Pablo Greene, autographed to me. According to the author's website,, the novels tell the story of Roland, a young man who is changed forever by an occult book that grants its reader dangerous but seductive superpowers. It involves some superheroic bondage, which is very enticing. I was so thrilled with them, I hugged Brian twice. I look forward to reading them. The author is very much into superheroes, spandex, and singlets. I can relate :)

  • Sunday was mostly home stuff. I mowed the yard (by removing the boot and wearing the ankle guard), did laundry, and finished a retirement cartoon for a co-worker. It did wear me out a bit.

  • Tonight is the series finale of "The Strain." I'm curious to see how our heroes defeat the Strigoi (the vampires). It's been a very interesting show, with some cute leads. After the last season where Zach set off a nuke and gave the vampires reign over the world, I'm kind hoping he gets offed. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch it.

  • My next doctor's appointment is Wednesday. I sincerely hope I'm done with the boot. I need to get back into working out, as my lower body and mid-section are seriously out of shape.
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It was a very busy weekend, but spectacular.

Our Cincycub Brian got hitched to his sweetheart Justin in a very fun wedding and reception last night. They had the wedding and party at the Reingeist Brewery in Cincinnati, which I admit sounded a bit strange for a wedding, but the space is actually really cool.

The wedding was very sweet. And very funny and cute, with little quips and pieces of humor from the officiate, the wedding party, and the grooms themselves. Mikiedoggie, his partner John, and Decibel Derek was sitting in the row with me while we watched the nuptials. The after wedding party was just upstairs with beers a plenty, a great dinner, and lots of friends.

I am deliriously happy for the guys. :)
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One of the big perks of rejoining a gym is the eye candy. I'd not belonged to a gym in years, so I'd forgotten how much fun it is to watch muscled, furry guys sweat outside of an adult movie. The local Planet Fitness to me is definitely good for the view.

Now the Planet Fitness gym model is no "lunks," meaning the big roid boys generally don't belong, so as not to create an intimidating environment for the everyday joe or jane. I like the general idea of it, though it doesn't block out the former, just their stereotypical behavior.

This morning, I was up at the crack of o'dark to get to the gym to do my bicep workout. I've been trying to go in the early hours because the after-work hours are insanely crowded, especially in the free weight area. I've managed to do this for a few weeks now and there are some clear regulars in the gym.

The one that has caught my attention the most is a very fit, handsome otter-type. He has golden brown hair, a very thick, but well kept beard, and a lean muscular body, of which he can lift, stretch, and move in a way to distract everyone. He's muscled, but not huge. I don't see any fur on his chest, but it's well defined and I haven't seen him in the locker room yet. He has one of those bodies that an anatomy text book would use to point out external physical features -- "these are 'abs'" and "biceps are located here."

He's smiled at me once at the gym last week and I melted a bit. I admit it. So I like to think that he's a nice guy at the very least.

And I'm happy to see him at the gym, as motivation of a body I'll likely never have (I'm not an otter build) and as a welcome distraction for the number of miles I've left to run on a treadmill.
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This week, I'm burning through the rest of my 2016 "use or lose" vacation, as this is the last possible week to use it. I had no specific plan or agenda, but I have been filling up the time as best I can. Today has been an exercise in doing "adulty stuff," the things that truly makes me feel like being old.

  • My first stop on the morning adult errand trip was getting my property taxes paid on my car. There was a nice burly daddy bear in line ahead of me, so at least the view was good while I waited in line. The tax amount was less than I had expected so that was a nice surprise.

  • This is also the year I had to renew my driver's license. The license renewal had been moved to a different office, so I had to do a trip to get that done. As usual, the DMV camera worked its magic wonders and I looked terrible. I often wonder if they don't have "reverse Photoshop" that makes people look even worse. I'm stuck with this for a few years, barring my losing this thing.

  • The last errand of the day (so far, as it's only just after noon) was a visit to the bank. I told myself that I was going to do this in 2017 and it's as good a time as any. I requested a pay off amount for my mortgage. I pulled money out of my bank account and paid it off. On the cusp of being 44, I am now mortgage-free. It's a very odd feeling. I expected something magical, so deep meaning, but it felt like paying off a credit card almost. The bank rep congratulated me as I was leaving and it felt good. It is a good birthday gift to myself.

Napping... that's adulty, isn't it???
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Last night was the annual costume party I attend. It was a fun bash as usual. The hosts were dressed up as the creepy nun from "The Conjuring 2" and looked amazing. What really made me happy was the photo booth, which was set up like a parlor room with a mirror that reflected others from the side.

My costume was a mime outfit. I felt it was a cop-out, but the "KY Jelly" tube costume was just too hard to assemble at such a short notice. I spent the last two weeks getting the pieces together for the mime outfit(the beret, the suspenders, etc.), but it was the make-up that did me in. Not really being well-versed in applying make-up, it was a mess on the first try. The cream make-up dried and cracked and looked more "zombie" than "mime." Since I couldn't find the right make-up, I had to resort to an old trick from when I was a kid -- shoe polish. I'm sure it's not good for the skin, but ... it worked.

Mime Time

Mime Time

After a few hours of enjoying the party, I came home and spent the better part of a half-hour scrubbing my face. Today has been a recovery day. I was beat from the party, but didn't drink, so I'm not sure what wore me out so much. Tomorrow is the costume contest at the office, but I don't think I can handle putting the get-up on again for an entire day.
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I was more than happy to have a three-day weekend thanks to the Columbus Day holiday. There is nothing I enjoy more than sleeping in, especially when there is an extra day. It was mostly a weekend of odds and ends.

  • Friday was a bit of a blur. Because of the number of people who had taken the day off and the employee picnic, the office was practically empty by lunchtime. I think when I left, there were four people in the office counting myself. I'll head into the office tomorrow asking what the employee picnic was like.

  • I found a new podcast over the weekend that I am loving. It's called "Lore," produced by a writer named Aaron Mahnke, and each episode describes something scary or horror-related from the past. They're only 15-25 minutes long, but they have a great NPR kind a feel to them. From what I've read online, a producer of "The Walking Dead" is in talks to turn it into a TV horror anthology. The podcast is available on iTunes, or you can find it at

  • Saturday was sleeping in, followed by a grueling workout. It's an alternating workout of kettle bell swings, squat thrusts, and standing squats. You do 15 swings, followed by 15 thrusts, and then 15 squats. Then you do 14... then 13... then 12... until you get to 1. I am soaked to the skin with sweat by the time I get halfway done and am exausted at "1." Still, it does work those butt muscles.

  • Saturday night I went to my buddy Rob's birthday dinner. It was a good time, but I ate WAY TOO MUCH. His birthday cake was almost half-made of icing, I swear. I woke up Sunday with what I call a food "hangover."

  • Sunday was more of the same. Sunday night was the 2nd presidential debate. It was pretty much the train wreck I expected, but sadly I wasn't as irritated as the first. The Orange Dumpster Fire pretty much showed his true colors again, especially after his past p*ssy-grabbing comments have come to light, refusing to answer questions and deflecting what he could to topics he half-understands. The online world had a field day with the debate afterward. I really wish the election was over and done.

  • I spent most of the day cleaning out old tee-shirts and socks. It sounds weird, I know, but it's amazing how fast old undershirts get stained and socks lose their elasticity, but they always end up in the drawer again. I think I made some room in some overcrowded drawers.

Tomorrow is a substitute Monday... ugh..
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After attending the horrible Cincinnati Comic-Con a couple of weeks back, I was excited to go to the Cincinnati Comic Expo this weekend. Historically, the Expo has always been a good time, it has great creators come to the show and the number of vendors rarely disappoints.

And this year was no different. This year's big attendee was none other than Stan Lee himself. I hit multiple comic book vendors before running to the ever-handsome Derek ([ profile] _decibel_). Wearing our superhero shirts (he in Superman and me in Green Lantern), we went around and around this afternoon, looking at comic books, cute bears in attendance, and up to 20 different Harley Quinn cosplayers. There were more of a few examples of spandex abuse, but a lot of other that looked great. I found a lot of good buys, but am still missing a few things on my list of comics to get. Derek got a cool "Thor's Hammer" ring and some fun tee-shirts, as well as meeting artist Darryl Banks and getting some Green Lantern comics signed.

My messenger bag was getting heavy and my feet tired, so we walked to Starbucks for some frappacinos and air conditioning. After dropping off my first buys to my car, we went around the expo for another hour or so.

I have quite a few comics to read now, so I'm a happy kid again. And I'm already looking forward to next year.
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I originally had two separate entries to post about work, but both of them seem so negative that I didn't feel like spraying that around. So instead, here's some bits and pieces of the week:

  • Now that Issue #20 of my comic book is out, I am feeling a bit of the post-issue malaise that comes with it. Working on the comic book engulfs a lot of my free time when I'm working on an issue, so the sudden flood of free time throws me. I tried to draw some cartoons, but the ideas just don't seem to come. The well feels somewhat dry.

  • I am enjoying the 2nd "season" of "RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars," but I swear I think there must have been a sale on lip injections. A lot of the queens have been visiting their plastic surgeon to get those lips plumped up and it seems to throw off their faces when they are out of drag. Seriously, Alaska and Adore Delano are fish-lipping it. I'm thankful my full lips are natural :D

  • Got my full 5K run into today without taking a break. I'm going to pay for that tomorrow, but I'm feeling accomplished today.

  • The Midwest Invitational Softball Tournament (MIST) is this weekend! I am playing for the team I may be switching to next year. I've got the jersey already. I'm looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to meeting the visiting teams. We are playing in the lowest level, recreational bracket, so I expect lots of campy fun.

  • I took all next week off. I have four weeks of vacation time I need to burn before the end of the year, but I've been too busy to take it. I will be off a lot in the next four months. Definitely a first world problem, but a great one to have.

  • Pride Night at King's Island is next Friday! Six hours of no lines for rides, beautiful bears everywhere, great friends visiting to go, and Lady Bunny will be performing!

Hello Boo!

Aug. 7th, 2016 09:14 pm
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I have noticed that Milo the Cat (TM) is incredibly excited to see me when I get home. I think he's starved for attention and gets lonely when I'm not here. So I had planned to get another cat at some point. Murphy had Maggie and I know it made a significant difference in his stress level when I adopted her. So I have been looking to adopt another cat at some point.

The search has been tiresome. I have often read online that black cats are often the last ones adopted, due to superstition or to volume, I'm not sure, but I had made my mind up to adopt a black cat or kitten. In addition, I thought a female would be a better fit so Milo wouldn't feel threatened by another male cat.

A co-worker volunteers at a local cat organization and has been on the lookout for a black female kitten for me. Well, this past week, she had found one. The rescue named her "Skylar" (gag!) and I put in an application to adopt her and was approved. While I went to my hometown this weekend, the shelter was open today and I could stop in see if she'd be a good match once I drove back. So, she seemed to be a good match, so I adopted her today. Meet the renamed Boo (short for "Boo Boo Kitty" if you know the reference from 1970s TV).

Boo the Kitty
Boo the Kitty

Boo's story is very interesting. In the photo, you can see her left ear is clipped. She was captured from a feral colony by the this organization. She had been fixed and her ear clipped and she was slated to be returned to the colony. When they took her to be released, she refused to leave the trap. Apparently, she knew a good thing when she saw it and had become very acclimated and socialized. So she was put up for adoption instead.

So far, I'm keeping her in my home office and not letting her roam the house. She met Milo and the two of them seem to get along. They are currently chasing each other around my drafting table. I need to but some screening to block off the laundry room from the crawlspace. I really don't want to chase Boo in there like I did Milo. After a couple of days, I'll turn Boo loose in the rest of the house.

My household just got a lot more animated.
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It's been a while since I've given an update on Milo the Cat (TM).

Milo Sleeping
Sleeping Milo

Basically, he's doing well. He's settled into a routine from what I can tell. When I adopted him, the shelter estimated his age to be "around" two years old. Given his behavior and his size, I believe that he is actually closer to a year old.

He has very kitten-like attributes. He's very playful, incredibly vocal, and amazingly affectionate. When he's in my lap, he falls asleep quickly. He trusts me and that makes me feel really good.

His very sweet and innately trusting personality makes me wonder what his previous owner was like. It's clear that he was socialized in a home, I think. He was healthy, with a nice coat, and a full tummy when I got him. He was also intact when I adopted him. The shelter said he was a stray, but I can't help but wonder if he belonged to someone who let him out and he got rounded up by animal control. Worse, maybe he was "set out" by a family who didn't want him any longer.

I can't fathom that last bit as he seems to be a perfect pet. Someone's loss was definitely my gain.
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After a long day of work, errands, and getting a tire fixed, I met my buddy Rob for dinner and a movie. We went to go see "The Conjuring 2".

This sequel tells another supernatural investigation by Ed and Lorraine Warren, this time they travel to London, England to help a family terrorized by the ghost of a elderly man. Weary of the stresses this is having on them, the Warrens reluctantly agree to go to monitor the situation, but become very engrossed in the supernatural goings-on in the home.

The first Conjuring movie gave way too much away in the previews. The sequel learned their lesson and loaded this movie with startling jumps and scares galore. The demon in the film takes on the form of a terrifying nun, guaranteed to spook anyone, especially anyone with a Catholic background. The theater was packed and the young lady sitting next to me was stereotypically jumping and screaming at every hair-raising moment.

With the scares and the wonderful 1977 setting, including the teenage girl room full of posters of Starsky & Hutch, The New Avengers (with Joanna Lumley), and pop stars of the era, I loved it.

Patrick Wilson, who plays Ed Warren, has some nice pecs under that shirt of his, though no bare chest scenes (darn it). My buddy Rob proclaimed this as the best horror flick I ever dragged him to. It's got a 70-something % rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is high for a horror flick.
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I've been reading several postings online about a tow-truck driver named Ken Shupe who refused to tow the car of a disabled woman because he saw that she was a Bernie Sanders supporter via her bumper sticker. He said that Jesus would not allow him to help this woman. He also is a Donald Trump supporter.

Political affiliations aside, this is just someone being a $#!++y human being. It's amazing how low people can go for their political beliefs. He calls himself a Christian and yet does something that Christ would never do -- abandon someone in need.

The story of this hit home for me this past Sunday. After a long drive from my hometown, I stopped at nearby gas station to fill up before heading home. As I pulled up to the pump, I saw a couple of guys pushing a large SUV from the pump out of the way. It looks like they were moving it next to another SUV, so I'm guessing the two families were traveling together. The guys pushing were really struggling, so before pumping my gas, I ran up to help them.

I'm not sure if it was my weight behind it, or the three of us, but the SUV moved a heck of a lot faster once I stepped up. The cute bearded man of the two thanked me. As I was stepping away from the vehicle, I noticed the Trump sticker on the back.

While I don't agree with the political affiliation, and now think the cute bearded guy is a bit stupid, I don't regret helping them. And I'd have helped them regardless.

Not because Jesus told me to.
Not because I wanted recognition.
Maybe (partially) because the one bearded guy was cute.

I did it because I was taught better than super-douche Shupe. And if I were in their place, I would hope that someone would help me. /rant
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I feel sad today as my coworker and her husband came by to purchase my old 2007 Toyota Corolla. They bought the car for their soon-to-be 16-year-old daughter. Their daughter was with them and she was absolutely beaming at the idea of having this car for her own. I literally sold it to them for $2000, which is what Carmax was going to give me for it and is about half of what it's worth. It feels good that it's going to a "good home."

The Corolla was my first (and so far only) new car. I was the car's only owner until today. And the story of the battle with the dealership is one I still tell to this day. It's also the one that made me go to Carmax instead of a dealership this time around.

I've put over 160,000 miles on that car in the 9+ years I've owned it, lots of memories, including hours of me singing at the top of my lungs while zooming down the highway (with the radio cranked up). The miles include mostly trips to work, but also multiple jaunts to my hometown, to Columbus to visit friends, and at least one trip to Chicago. I fell in love with the color and the reliability of that Corolla. I hate to see it go, but it was time to pass it on.

And sadly, I can't find a single photo of the car on my computer. I should have taken a shot of it when I first bought it, but it's lost among the hundreds of photos on my desktop. I didn't grab a photo of it before my co-worker's hubby drove him away. Oddly, my co-worker told me that she would send me progress reports in the future.

I do love my new car. I may name it (another first).
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Friday, I got a text message from handsome salesperson Jeff from Carmax that my shipped car had arrived and asked when I could come and test drive it. I had paid a fee to have it transferred. I thought it would take a while to get here, but arrived in a couple of days, which surprised me. I wasn't ready to go buy it, having no plan whatsoever to get my other car home, as the Carmax is about 30+ miles away from my house.

I left work on Friday to test the car. I fell in love with it, the color, the way it handles, the amenities, etc. It is a 2015, has about 12K miles, and has a brief history as a rental car. So, thanks to my buddy Rob who agreed to drive me back to pick it up and my local bank who cut me a cashier's check for the car, I have a new ride.

My New Wheels
My 2015 Kia Soul

A buddy asked me if I have named the car yet, which isn't something I've ever done and will require some thought if I chose to do it. I'll drive it to work tomorrow for the first time.

It's a nerd car, according to one of my friends, but what could be more appropriate for me.

The Good...

Mar. 6th, 2016 11:11 am
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I've been out of communication for a bit this past week. It's been a busy one. Sorry for the bullets, but it probably is the best way to put it all together.

  • I flew out to the Seattle, WA area for work this week. The purpose of the trip was a planning meeting for the computer class I help teach in Washington, DC. We have to submit a design package to make sure the students can get their CEUs for the course. The package necessitates that we change a few things for the class and it was a great opportunity to get together face-to-face to revise and update the materials. It was good to see the other instructors and it was my first time to the Seattle area. I didn't get to do much sightseeing because our schedule was pretty packed.

  • Last Wednesday night, I did manage to spare an evening and have dinner with [ profile] clintswan! Clint and I have been LJ and FB friends for years, but we've never met in person. The fact that he lived in the Seattle area completely escaped me, so I was happy that he messaged me. We had a great dinner and caught up a bit.

  • During the week, I managed to get several pages of the next issue of my comic book inked. I only have about seven pages left to do, which was not easy to do on a plane.

  • Speaking of LJers, [ profile] mikiedoggie sent me a message earlier in the week to see if I was going to be home. Mike came to Cincinnati and hung out with me for the weekend. We went to dinner Friday night at "The Tilted Kilt," which is basically a Hooters with a Scottish theme. Saturday was meeting LJers Derek ([ profile] _decibel_ and Chris ([ profile] kybigstew) at the Incline Public House, which was where the two of them got married last year. They were a bad influence as they convinced me to get a new iPhone 6s. Last night, Mike, Derek and Chris, and I met up with Brian ([ profile] cincycub) and his BF Justin and some other local friends for a Thai dinner. It was a good time.
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In Lexington, KY, about 80 miles south of Cincinnati, there was superhero-themed bear run. You would think that I would have flocked to something like this, but I just am never comfortable enough to go. I'm not sure why, I should brave it, but I let it go.

It being the 3rd Saturday of the month, I scheduled a Cincinnati MovieBears outing. The Cincinnati MovieBears is a social group in the Cincinnati area where a group of bears go to a movie, followed by dinner, in the area. I've been the coordinator of the group now for several years. I pick the theater time, the theater, organize the restaurant for dinner, etc.

With near 70 degree temps and sunny weather, it was a perfect night to try a newer theater. We all went to see "Deadpool," which a lot of us had already seen, but wanted to see again. There is so much going on in the movie, so many new and dated pop culture references, both visually and in dialogue, that there is always something new.

At the 4 PM showing, the theater wasn't packed, but I think people wondered when an entire row of the theater was almost all taken up by a group of bearded men. Thirteen bears showed up for the movie, about twice the normal group attendance. The eye candy outside the group was good too, every girl seemed to come in with a bearded cubby, a bear, or a daddy bear. We had three new people come last night, one of them was a local daddy bear and his out-of-town partner Kelly, who was a stunningly beautiful bearded muscle bear. And he was so sweet too, which magnified his attractiveness. One of the other guys made a comment when he walked past, "Wow, I wish he was with us," I responded, "Oh, he is!"

The group loved the flick. We walked to the nearby restaurant who had a table ready for us (even though they don't take "same day" reservations). We were an easy group to handle, I think. One of the new guys bought my dinner for coordinating the outing, which was nice. Everyone had a good time, I think.

Our outings end usually around 9 PM, as it allows for guys to head to the bars if they want. I usually go to a coffee shop with some to hang out. Last night, I didn't do either. Organizing these events, especially getting restaurant reservations, sometimes puts a bit of stress on me, so I'm relieved when everything works out but I'm also a bit tired when it's done. I slept well last night.
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A few years back, there was a "meme" of sorts going around, where users would take a photo of themselves every day for a year. Quite a number of handsome fellers did this and it was fun to watch.

On a different page, I was listening to a podcast last year that said that creative people (people who write, draw, whatever) should engage in their creativity every day, even if it's something small or quick.

Last year, I decided to combine both ideas into a meme of my own. I decided to challenge myself to draw something... anything... at least once a day, every day, for 2015. It took a lot of effort to remember to do it every day, but as of last night, I finished the last drawing for the set. You can find the whole set here on my Flickr account or click on any of the big image behind the cut.

365 Toons Part 01365 Toons Part 02365 Toons Part 03365 Toons Part 04365 Toons Part 05365 Toons Part 06365 Toons Part 07365 Toons Part 08365 Toons Part 09365 Toons Part 10365 Toons Part 11365 Toons Part 12

It's been an interesting little experiment. I didn't want to skip a day if I could avoid it. So on weeks or weekends I traveled, I had to make sure to set aside a few moments to draw something. I carried a small pad of paper with me, but also drew on napkins, scratch paper, even wooden blocks when needed. One morning I did forget to intentionally draw something, but luckily, I recalled doodling on the blotter on my desk at work when on a conference call the previous day (see Day 167 - Calendar Scribbles). Some of the cartoons were elaborate, others not so much, and some were pencils, inks, and colored pages of the Bear Patrol comic.

Keeping track of the numbers seemed to cause me issues too. I've had to re-number the set twice because I skipped a number, but not a day.

The most fun of the set is looking back and seeing reflections of my mood, of life events, of different stresses that played out during the year. It's all there really. So it's been like having a second journal of sorts.

Now that 2016 is here, I'm not going to try to make it a point to do it every day, but I'm sure I'll be drawing nearly the same amount anyway. Still, I'm glad I put myself through it. It was fun and I enjoyed the outcome.
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Yesterday, I saw on Facebook that RuPaul's Drag Race Season Six winner Bianca Del Rio was bringing her "Rolodex of Hate" comedy show to Bogarts here in Cincinnati. I'm a huge fan of Bianca and thought seriously about going to the show.

Bianca Del RioAfter a rather rough week, I came home after work and took a nap, thinking I just might skip the show. I had no idea how good it was and the ticket prices seemed unusually high for Bogarts from what I heard from friends.

So after the nap, I revisited the idea, still sitting on the fence. I wasn't in the mood to go solo and it was really too late to ask anyone. Then I heard two voice in my head.

The first was my Genetics professor in college who told me that if I only went to things when people were available, I'd never see anything. Basically, she said go and enjoy these things, even if you have to go alone. I've remembered those words since college and she has always been correct.

The second voice belonged to my mother, the reigning shut-in queen of Southeastern KY. It went something like this:

"Why would you want to go to a thing like that? I would just stay home and save the money."

*insert eye roll*

Naturally, I bought the ticket, paying a few extra bucks for the front row for good measure, and went and had a grand time. Bianca is really funny and was very engaging with the crowd. Several of my local buddies were there after all. Hustler Hollywood was there giving away "prizes" (i.e. sex toys). The prize I got requires batteries and comes with a remote control. I felt special walking through the dark streets of Cincinnati carrying a bag with a sex toy. Needless to say, I drove the speed limit all the way home.

I really enjoyed the show. If you have the chance to see it, I recommend you go.
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Whew! I just got home. Overall, Christmas went very well back in my hometown. I'm still a bit wiped out from jumping from house to house as I usually do, but Mom was in fairly good spirits all things considered. What really made me laugh was unwrapping presents last night at the twin's house. My 8-year-old nephew Bradyn has a really smart mouth and it gets him in trouble with his parents. He comes by it honestly as the twin's mouth was (and is) pretty much the same way. Here are the two examples that left me laughing when I shouldn't have been:

The twin was getting irritated when my nephew was acting all hyper and huffy, so he told him to sit down on the couch next him.

The twin: Sit down! You sit down right here and don't you move! (The nephew complies reluctantly)
Twin's wife: (from the kitchen) Bradyn, come in the kitchen for a minute!
Nephew: (sarcastically) Caaaannnn't!

Later, after everyone had eaten and we'd unwrapped presents, I saw my nephew had gone to the kitchen and made himself some pop tarts. I've long learned to shrug my shoulders at anything he does, so I said nothing. His mom came by a moment later and made comment.

Twin's Wife: Bradyn! Why are you eating a pop tart??
Nephew: (insert eye roll here) I'm not eating A pop tart. I'm eating TWO pop tarts!

Yeah, my twin deserves every minute of this.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)


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