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I had this idea during my all-day training meeting today at work.

Here is my Goth-spinster, alter-ego Bitchie Ann McSourpuss, pushing her latest money-making idea to fleece the syrupy-sweet romantic couples of the season.

Anti-Valentine 2017
Oh... Crap!
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From the Golden Age to the Bronze Age of comic books, every superhero had a collection of villains who took turns irritating their heroic foe. I think the Flash has the largest group, but really each one of them has a stable of super villains to fight, otherwise it would look like Spy vs. Spy all the time.

Some of the villains are pretty cool, while others come across as though the writers didn't give them much thought. Some of them border on the ridiculous. Even some that are respected now were a little silly if you give them a bit of thought. Could someone really create the Penguin these days and take him seriously (and I mean how he looks stereotypically in history)? What about Egg Fu, the egg-shaped Asian foe of Wonder Woman? I often wonder if the writers, under deadline, didn't just create a throw-away villain in some stories. Admittedly, if the comic was a bit campy, a campy villain would be fun.

Madame Banana
Madame Banana

Sitting in front of the TV the other night, this character came to mind. I thought the name was so silly, but funny. I drew a rough sketch that made me laugh too. I can't imagine she'd be taken seriously as a villain. Tonight, I sat down and drew her out as a serious villain. It helps, but it's still just too weird. The big black banana behind her didn't help. I may use her as a distraction villain in my comic, the side story to move things along while the real story takes place.

Can you imagine her powers? Maybe she could make people slip and fall. Or maybe she's has an arsenal of banana-themed gadgets, like the banana ray (they could look like half-peeled bananas), the banana copter, etc. Perhaps she turned to a life of crime after being rejected for the Fruit-of-the-Loom commercials.
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Few cartoon characters I've created bring me as much perverse pleasure as Bitchie Ann McSourpuss, my Goth-Spinster alter-ego. Far from pretty, lacking in all social graces, and brimming with more than a bit of bitter magic, she usually appears when I lament being single. So naturally, she appears on Valentine's Day more than most days of the year. If you want Bitchie's origin, it's in this long ago entry.

And I don't really lament being single, but I do hate the commercialism of this fake holiday reminding me of it at nearly every turn. My response to it is humor. Dark humor. Dark, twisted, bitter humor. It keeps me warm.:

044 - Annual Bitchie Anti-Valentine
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I took a break from working on some side art projects to watch a movie and this drawing came to mind. I wasn't watching "Showgirls," but something triggered the memory tonight of the original movie poster. I thought it could use a bit of modern bearish tweaking. Enjoy!

030 - Show Bears
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Yesterday, I saw on Facebook that RuPaul's Drag Race Season Six winner Bianca Del Rio was bringing her "Rolodex of Hate" comedy show to Bogarts here in Cincinnati. I'm a huge fan of Bianca and thought seriously about going to the show.

Bianca Del RioAfter a rather rough week, I came home after work and took a nap, thinking I just might skip the show. I had no idea how good it was and the ticket prices seemed unusually high for Bogarts from what I heard from friends.

So after the nap, I revisited the idea, still sitting on the fence. I wasn't in the mood to go solo and it was really too late to ask anyone. Then I heard two voice in my head.

The first was my Genetics professor in college who told me that if I only went to things when people were available, I'd never see anything. Basically, she said go and enjoy these things, even if you have to go alone. I've remembered those words since college and she has always been correct.

The second voice belonged to my mother, the reigning shut-in queen of Southeastern KY. It went something like this:

"Why would you want to go to a thing like that? I would just stay home and save the money."

*insert eye roll*

Naturally, I bought the ticket, paying a few extra bucks for the front row for good measure, and went and had a grand time. Bianca is really funny and was very engaging with the crowd. Several of my local buddies were there after all. Hustler Hollywood was there giving away "prizes" (i.e. sex toys). The prize I got requires batteries and comes with a remote control. I felt special walking through the dark streets of Cincinnati carrying a bag with a sex toy. Needless to say, I drove the speed limit all the way home.

I really enjoyed the show. If you have the chance to see it, I recommend you go.
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A local Cincinnati guy thought he'd cash in on "The Interview." He found out that our local art house theater, The Esquire, was one of 300 or so theaters showing the movie. So he went and bought 50 tickets to the movie though with the intent to scalp them. When the movie was released online, the demand apparently dried up and now he wants the Esquire to give him back his money.

Now I've been to the Esquire many times over the years and I know for a fact they don't make deals on "special engagements," which this movie would be. Their website (which the news story says they don't have oddly) makes no comment on refunds. The theater has refused to refund this idiot his loss. After all, scalping is illegal in Cincinnati.

The comments to the news story are naturally scathing toward the guy. The story is here. I posted the story behind the spoiler cut below:

Man Wants Refund After Buying $650 in Tickets to ‘The Interview’

Sony apparently isn’t the only one who lost money on “The Interview” last week.

A man in Ohio tried to cash in on the buzz surrounding Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new comedy when he purchased $650 in tickets or 50 passes at $13 each to the movie.

According to WCPO in Cincinnati, Jason Best learned that a local theater in Clifton was among the 300 theaters to play the controversial film on Christmas day and hoped to re-sell the tickets online at a higher price (a.k.a. he wanted to scalp them).

“I saw all the hype about ‘The Interview’ on the 23rd and thought, ‘hey, folks are selling these tickets in other cities and it seems like that’s the thing to do right now so why not give it a shot so see how it goes,”’ he said.

But the plan backfired once Sony announced it was streaming the film online for half the price on sites like YouTube, Hulu and Netflix.

Now the man is demanding a refund from the Esquire Theatre.

“I thought I’d get my money back because the theater’s website *very clearly* said the tickets were refundable,” Best told WCPO in an email.

But a theater manager told Best that the art house didn’t have a website and that “The Interview” was listed as a special event.

It turns out Best had purchased the tickets from movie which specifically warns on its website that theater owners reserve the right to withhold refunds for special events.

Plus the manager said that scalping tickets was illegal.

The $40 million-budgeted “Interview,” which expanded to iTunes on Sunday, recently changed from a wide to limited release after North Korean hackers threatened to harm theater goers.

The R-rated comedy earned nearly $3 million at the U.S. box office this weekend.

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Whew! I just got home. Overall, Christmas went very well back in my hometown. I'm still a bit wiped out from jumping from house to house as I usually do, but Mom was in fairly good spirits all things considered. What really made me laugh was unwrapping presents last night at the twin's house. My 8-year-old nephew Bradyn has a really smart mouth and it gets him in trouble with his parents. He comes by it honestly as the twin's mouth was (and is) pretty much the same way. Here are the two examples that left me laughing when I shouldn't have been:

The twin was getting irritated when my nephew was acting all hyper and huffy, so he told him to sit down on the couch next him.

The twin: Sit down! You sit down right here and don't you move! (The nephew complies reluctantly)
Twin's wife: (from the kitchen) Bradyn, come in the kitchen for a minute!
Nephew: (sarcastically) Caaaannnn't!

Later, after everyone had eaten and we'd unwrapped presents, I saw my nephew had gone to the kitchen and made himself some pop tarts. I've long learned to shrug my shoulders at anything he does, so I said nothing. His mom came by a moment later and made comment.

Twin's Wife: Bradyn! Why are you eating a pop tart??
Nephew: (insert eye roll here) I'm not eating A pop tart. I'm eating TWO pop tarts!

Yeah, my twin deserves every minute of this.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)
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Last week, someone posted the following on Facebook:

what-if-when-you-die-the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-is-just-a-vaginaBeing raised as a Baptist, I was taught that this doesn't happen. I was told that when we die, we go to Heaven if we haven't danced, drank, swore, had sex outside of marriage, taken the Lord's name in vain, honored our parents no matter what they do, etc. Only good Baptists go to Heaven. I've met "good" Baptists and quite frankly they are not the folks I'd want to spend eternity with. As an adult, I've come to the conclusion that Heaven is for good people, not just "good" Baptists.

The idea of reincarnation is actually intriguing to me. While the pic is somewhat in jest, what if it were the truth? Would it make living this life more tolerable if you knew that the next life would or could be a reset button of sorts? And I haven't even addressed the idea that being good in this life would reward you in the next, an idea that seems common in most religions regardless of whether you believe in reincarnation.

I have seen psychics over the years at Renaissance fairs and most recent in Salem. Each of them have mentioned that I am an "old soul," telling me that this life was not my first go around. My mother has told me the same thing, that I always acted more mature than my age in some situations, even when I was little. I don't put a lot of stock into psychics as it's not like there is a training program for them, but I find it strange that I exhibit certain behaviors so the psychics can make the statements.

Pushing the idea a bit further, what if a past life influences your present one? Does it explain your likes and dislikes? I am very enamored with the early 1970's -- the culture, the clothes, etc. Being born in 1973, does that mean I was around just before that? I can't imagine I would have been so intrigued with this era if I had been an older person, so I must have been younger. If I was younger, what happened? A fall (explaining my fear of heights)? A snake bite (my dislike of snakes)?

Not that I really believe in this but I certainly don't discount the possibility. It is fun to think about though. I hope in my next life I'll be taller, with muscles, and a trust fund. :)
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I admit that I wondered about her condition for the last few days. At the age of 81, I figured that her health was good, but fragile. Still, I was a bit surprised to hear on the radio on my car drive home that Joan Rivers had passed away. She just seemed like she'd be around forever.

The Life and (Hard) Time of Heidi Abromowitz

I've been a fan of Joan's since I was little and first saw her do a monologue on "The Tonight Show." Her delivery was so rapid, her wit was so sharp, and her humor was biting. I was enthralled. My mom didn't want me watching it and sent me to bed. Instead, I turned on my small TV in my room and covered my mouth to muffle my laughing.

Later, at a "book sale" for some school thing, I found a paperback of her book, "The Life and (Hard) Times of Heidi Abromowitz." It was 50 cents and missing it's cover. It was bawdy, even "dirty," and had these fantastic cartoons drawn by James Sherman, all describing the life of a slut named Heidi. I loved that book and read it many times. At some point, that book vanished. I'm guessing that Mom might have snatched it from my room and disposed of it.

A few years ago, I bought a used hardcopy of the book online. I laughed just as much as I did the first time and I'm happy I still have it.

I've followed Joan's career for decades and enjoyed it. I loved her stand-up specials, the documentaries, and recently her "In Bed with Joan" web series. She recently had drag queen comedian Bianca Del Rio in bed with her and you can tell they were kindred spirits (the language is very NSFW!).

Thanks for the laughs, Joan, you'll be missed ...
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Sometimes when people tell me stories, my mind puts together an image of what they are describing. And that's the beginning. Eventually, my imagination takes the facts and runs a little wild with them.

Tonight, I went out to dinner with the other instructors from the class I teach and one of the students. The student was telling the story of how he and his wife were visiting a college town for vacation.

At an intersection, a gaggle of drunk sorority girls lazily crossed against the light and he and his wife had to wait in their car for them to cross. Irritated, the student and his wife honked the horn at the drunk college girls.

This of course resulted in a flurry of middle fingers from the college girls to the student and his wife. The birds were returned.

While his story ended there, in my mind, the story went even further. I crafted an image of a blonde, drunk girl named Buffy. She stood in front of the waiting car, and motioned for them to bring it on.

Eventually, the loud obnoxious drunk girl Buffy created such a ruckus that a passing police car turned the lights on and set off the siren.  The girls, drunk and now shocked by the presence of the police car, quickly panicked.

"Oh my God, Buffy, run the police are here!" said one of the girls.

The completely discombobulated Buffy turns to run, forgetting that she's wearing a flip-flop on one foot an a stiletto on the other.

I described this image to the others, laughing so hard I could barely catch my breath. Yeah, I can be silly sometimes.  It was super-funny in my head.  I even told them, if they could only see the images I'm dreaming up, they'd laugh too.

Stumbling as she runs in a completely random direction, Buffy eventually trips on a discarded beer bottle cap and face plants onto the filthy asphalt.  In my mind, I see the image of this blonde bimbo sprawled out on the street face down on the concrete. Moving and yet not moving.

Muffled by the street concrete, I imagined Buffy weakly saying "Oh Cindy, I'm going to be sick. Hold my hair back. "

Honestly, this is a cartoon story I might need to draw.

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I've been looking at a lot of Facebook and YouTube videos on Bianca Del Rio, the winner of this season's "RuPaul's Drag Race" (if you've not watched the finale by now, I'm sure you've had it spoiled already). The more I see of her online, the more I enjoy her work. I knew she and an editor buddy have been doing fundraising for an independent movie called Hurricane Bianca, starring Roy Haylock (Bianca's real name) as a schoolteacher who gets fired for being gay and then comes back as Bianca to exact revenge. It looks like it could be very funny, so I really hope they garner enough money. I'll be contributing soon I think.

During the finale, they did a retrospect on drag and its place in history, including drag queens who were social activists, actors/singers, and famous comedians who had drag characters, such as Flip Wilson's Geraldine. It wasn't entirely serious, because when they got to Lady Bunny, they described her as:

Lady Bunny Filthy Bitch

I admit, I bust out laughing at that one.

Gilda Live

Apr. 17th, 2014 08:11 am
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As I was driving home this past weekend, I changed up the CD’s in my CD player. Yeah, I know, how archaic is that nowadays, but my iPod often gets static in some of the hilly parts of the drive, so CD’s give me a chance for clearer sounds. Typically, I put audiobooks in the CD player, but this time I put a mix of music and audiobooks.

One that I put in was the soundtrack to “Gilda Live!” which was Gilda Radner’s Broadway show back in 1980. It features most of her Saturday Night Live characters doing various skits as well as a couple of original songs like “Let’s Talk Dirty to the Animals.” While they are a bit dated in a sense, they do make me laugh out loud. They also make me remember SNL when I was really young. I only caught the earliest seasons of SNL in reruns, but I do remember watching Gilda during the 1979 season when I was all of six and got to stay up late on Saturdays.

It also saddens me a bit to listen to her work, knowing that there was really so little of it due to her untimely death in 1989. I often wonder what she’d be doing today if she were still around. She’d be 68 years old, but really that’s not very old these days, and I can imagine she’d be playing great parts on “Hot in Cleveland” or an Emily Litella-grandmother character on some sitcom. Even better, I can imagine her hosting SNL now and putting the new talent to shame. She really was wonderful.

Here is probably one of my favorite skits from “Gilda Live!” Those of you who know me and my work will understand why.

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For your reading enjoyment. Think of this the next time you fly.

I think he may have gone a little overboard, but she really shouldn't have slapped him. I think I'd have let the airport police arrest her. That stuffing recipe must be amazing.

Happy Friday. Big hugs. Smile.
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I was reading Wikipedia's entry on "South Park" earlier this morning. I do that sometimes. Not specifically the "South Park" page, but often I'll pick something at random on Wikipedia and take a spin through it. I did similar things as a kid with encyclopedia volumes, just grab a volume and flip through it. I got to the section of the entry regarding how the four main characters often use profanity amongst themselves. The show's creators say that it demonstrates how little kids talk to each other when there are no grown-ups around.

There is a lot of truth in that. When the twin and I were about that age, we were experimenting with cursing. Both of our parents cursed in their usual banter, but moreso when they were angry or excited. Neither of them ever said the "f-word" that I can recall as a kid, but everything else was fair game. Even Mom and Dad had a limit I guess.

As kids, the twin and I would "trade" cuss words, meaning "if you say one, I'll say one." It was an interesting situation, as by each vocalizing the word, we put ourselves on a level playing field. The twin couldn't turn me in, as I could turn him in, and then we'd both be in trouble. So we threw out the occasional "shit" followed by a "hell" or a "damn." Then we'd giggle at the naughty we'd just done.

Once, the twin turned me in for saying the "f-word." It was written in orange crayon, followed by the familiar "YOU" in HUGE letters above the bathroom urinal wall at school. And honestly, I had no idea what it meant. One day, the twin irritated me to the point of yelling, where I belted out "F#@K YOU!" at him. Stunned, he threw his hands over his mouth like he'd witnessed something horrible, and then proceeded to run to Mom to tell on me. Little shit thought he had me good, but I confessed truthfully to Mom that I had no idea what it meant. I didn't get in trouble, as she believed me. She warned me not to say it again, but refused to tell me what it referred to.

Later, in junior high school, I let my filthy mouth roam free. Being a kid, I realized that it garnered me attention, so I used it among the students when the teachers weren't around. One day I lamented profanely about leaving my bubble gum at home. A nearby student, a better-than-you teenager named Becky, told me that she hoped that I died in my sleep that night so I would go straight to Hell, because that's where people who used that language would go. I was bad for using curse words, but Becky was being a good Christian by telling me that she hoped I'd died soon.

Becky always was a bitch.

However, that moment did strike a chord with me and I toned down the language for more practical uses, like arguments and storytelling. When I went to college, I kept my mouth in check because of my born-again Christian roommate, moreso out of respect for him and not because of my memory of Bitch Becky, who could douche with Drano for all I cared.

As I've gotten older, I guess I've gotten crankier. At work, when something that is so simple goes so wrong, I find myself tossing the "f-word" around when among my familiar co-workers. It's not the most professional talk I could use, but the word often conveys a feeling that many other words just cannot match.

However, I am trying to use the language less frequently, especially in a professional setting, as its appropriateness isn't always there. I said less frequently, because I certainly don't believe in turning it off completely. The words definitely have their place and sometimes you can't help but need that vocabulary.

There is something about a good, old fashioned "F#@K YOU!" that just sends the needed message in a split second, especially when you haven't the opportunity to add gestures.
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I learned watching a segment of a Swedish (I think) documentary show that one of my favorite humorists, David Sedaris, had lost his youngest sister to suicide this past summer. I've listed to Sedaris on audiobooks in my car for years and have always enjoyed his humorous stories about his family, including his sister actress Amy Sedaris. It is strange how familiar you can become with a family that isn't your own in this way. He had written stories about his sister Tiffany before. She was the youngest daughter, the fifth of the six Sedaris children, and had a rocky teenage period where she ran away from home and was sent to an institution for troubled kids. From his description of her, she was the least social with her family. In fact, David had not spoken to her for eight years when she ended her life. I thought that sounded bad, but then I realized that I'd not spoken to my brother Ronnie for ten years when I had learned he died.

The story below is titled "Now We Are Five," which is familiar to me in a sense as I have titled journal entries in a similar fashion after the passing of my older brothers in the last three years. It is an odd feeling when telling someone how many siblings I have as I always feel the need to qualify, saying "I have three brothers and one sister, but two of my brothers have died." Such a statement always invites questions, but it feels even stranger and almost mean to not acknowledge them in saying "I have one brother and one sister."

I was wondering how long it would be until he would write about losing his sister. The story was posted in the New Yorker online at the link below.

As always, it has a bit of humor in it. It's a good read, I think, and I do feel sad for his loss.
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Ugh! It must be a change in the weather or something, but today feels like a double-Monday. Twice the heavy and sleepy of a usual Monday. I'm managing. *Yawn*

Over the weekend, I was in Half-Price Books browsing around and a kid said something smart to his parents. Usually this sort of thing would annoy me, but it reminded me of another funny kid-mom exchange that I overheard in the store some weeks back.

A kid came up to his mother who was browsing the DVD section, saying "Mom, I can't find Katelin in store. She's disappeared."

I would have expected his mom to lose her mind and go off hunting her, but without skipping a beat, she replied, "Wow. I guess I won't be spending as much at lunch then."

I laughed under my breath, thinking that this mom had her act down and ready to go on the road...

... and yes, the daughter showed back up moments later.
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Yay! I'm back to work. Thankfully, as I was getting a bit stir-crazy at home.

Last weekend, my buddies Drew and Bill had a few of us over for a late evening cookout. It was a spontaneous thing with little notice. Brian ([ profile] cincycub) was there and so was a new guy, a 23-year old cubby named Jordan. So after dinner, we went to the living room to watch a movie. Bill had just received the 35th anniversary edition of "Halloween" from 1978, so we coerced his other half to sit through it with us.

I have to admit, the new Blu-ray version was crystal clear on their HD television. You could see everything, the leaves on the trees, the knit of the outfit, etc. It's strange to see such detail on a movie filmed that long ago. Everything also seemed brighter, which was one of the complaints online was that the special blue filter they used to make it look like fall was supposedly gone.

What struck me so odd was that the improvements that made the movie seem so clear and detailed also made the movie appear cheaply done. I know it was an independent movie done on a shoestring budget, but the original version hides a lot of imperfections that the new HD detail seems to bring forward. The movie is still fun to watch, but it almost looks like it was filmed with a hand-held camera.

The best part was watching it with friends after drinking a few beers and critiquing certain parts:

  • "If Laurie looked out the window to see a guy across the street in a mask staring at her, why doesn't she scream?"

  • As Annie and Laurie are driving to their respective babysitting gigs, they are sharing a joint. Annie freaks out when she sees her dad, the sheriff, at the hardware store that has been burglarized. She quickly tries to get rid of the joint. Drew asked, "surely she realizes that she doesn't have to stop, right? She could just drive on by as her dad is busy."

  • We think that the Sheriff and Dr. Loomis are having a thing, since they are spending so much time together in the bushes.

  • Dr. Loomis finally turns around and sees the state car that Michael stole right behind him, parked on the street, even though he's been hiding in the same bushes for hours and never looked around.

Even more fun was explaining the older stuff to the 23-year-old, such as a rotary dial phone, how taking a phone off the hook would prevent it from ringing, why there is a phone booth in the middle of nowhere for people to use, etc.

I liked the remastered movie, despite the flaws I see in it. I ordered it from Amazon today.
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While the VMA's were a few days ago, everyone has seen the video of Miley Cyrus' lame attempt to ditch her good-girl Disney image and successful feat to cause parents to swear they'll never allow their young daughters to watch the VMA's again. I'm chiming in a bit late, but I can't help myself.

First, while I was never a Hannah Montana fan, I guess I always had the impression she could sing. According to the video, she holds a tune as well as I do... and I stink. I saw her gyrating on stage with teddy bears, then stripping down to her flesh-toned plasti-kini, tongue wagging like she was Gene Simmons. Then Robin Thicke comes out in his Beetlejuice outfit and she assaults him with her undulating buttocks, tongue still wagging like a thirsty mutt. Again, the singing (if you call it that) continues... I think.

My first thought seeing her do this was:

"Robin Thicke is going to have to throw that suit away now. Those stains will never come out."

Everyone online and at work seems to be dissing the performance. I can't say I was entertained by it, but I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm old. I've heard multiple people say "Well, Madonna did it before.." or "Lady Gaga does that sort of thing..." And I have to disagree.

While Madonna and Lady Gaga have both done some pretty shocking things on stage, they usually were done within the theme of a song or a show. They fit my definition of a performance piece. While they were sexually charged, I'd not call it vulgar.

Poor Miley. She's trying so hard to be grown up. It looked like she just wanted to burn that Disney bridge, and she did I'm sure, but she traded the art of the performance in exchange for shock value. Dry humping Robin Thicke, doing things with a foam finger that sports fans never dreamed, and rimming a candy-dispensing dancer dressed as a teddy bear -- overall effect was WTF at first.. then meh.

Give me Madonna singing "Like A Virgin" while rolling around in a wedding dress over that anytime.

However, Miley's twerking rear did create the latest internet meme I think, and that's her twerking on literally anything else. My favorite so far as been her twerking in famous paintings:

Miley Cyrus Twerks on Famous Paintings (click for link)

Now that is funny and entertaining. She should take some notes.
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After I got home last night from softball, I took a hot shower and put more Ben Gay on my aching calf. The smell of menthol filled my bedroom, which naturally got the cats very curious, so they were all over me as I was climbing into bed.

I had the TV on and watched a bit of "Family Guy" before going to sleep. I was still a bit keyed up from the game. A commercial came on for "Cougar Life" or cougarlife dot com or something similar. It had a beautiful blond lady, in her late 30's or 40's going around in a restaurant as she overheard these beautiful young 20-something girls basically dissing young men or such. With each situation, she'd give a fun little quip that was snarky and comical. The one that caught my attention was:

Beautiful girl snidely says to her date with an air of disappointment, "Oh... you're a computer geek..."

To which, the blonde cougar replies, "... and you fold sweaters for a living, honey..."

It was like Anatasia Beaverhausen was alive and well and trolling the bar for fresh meat.

After the show was over, I went to sleep. I woke up this morning with a VERY sore calf as the muscle had tightened up overnight.

I took another hot shower to loosen it up and managed to get dressed though getting that right sock on was a trick! Hopefully with a bit more stretching, it'll be fine by the end of the day.
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So between meetings today, I was checking my home email, looking for an email from a local salvage yard about my hubcap need. Thinking that it might be in the spam folder, I took a quick look and it wasn't there. What was there though is pretty funny if you are in the right frame of mind. I'm thankful that my email throws this crap in the appropriate place, but the subjects can be pretty funny... and a bit desperate. Among them:

  • Find Love with HOT CHINESE WOMAN
  • HOT Latin Ladies Waiting Inside
  • Free Access to Local SLUTS
  • Fingerhut: Shop Now with Low Monthly Payments
  • HOT ASIAN WOMEN who want to meet an American Man
  • Dear Beloved in Christ
  • Browse Christian Singles for Free
  • Russian Women Want a Better Life
  • Lonely Married Women
  • Why Wait -- Have an Affair with a Cheating Wife Today
  • Hot Russan Singles. Free Trial.
  • Stronger, Thicker and Harder. Free Trial.

This is an email account I usually use for ordering online, so the list puzzles me as it is full of weird stuff I have never used this account for (except maybe the Fingerhut thing, I may have ordered Mom something YEARS ago).

I can only imagine what my other email spam folder has it in.


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