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Since 2009, I've been keeping track of all the money I find outside the house during the year. A penny here, a dime there, the occasional quarter found in parking lots, on the carpet at work, or in the grocery aisle. I've kept track of the money for one year to see how much I would accumulate.

The rule is that it must be found money, money lost or discarded by someone else. So the change in my washing machine or dryer, the coins between the sofa cushions, the money in my car's floor -- none of them count because that's already my money. I call it the "found money." It takes little effort on my part, but I like to see how the amount tallies up.

The annual total has been $3.05 on average. Some years were closer to $2, while last year was the largest at slightly over $4. Until this year.

This past year's "found money" total was $11.76.

The amount was skewed from the average when I found $9 in cash laying on the ground at a Kentucky rest stop this summer. I had come out of the restroom and was walking toward my car when I saw it laying on the concrete. I looked around to see if anyone could have dropped it and there was no one about. So, I pocketed the cash with the intent of putting it in the found money jar.

Without the $9, the total would have been $2.76.
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I got up a bit late today, but the day has been fairly decent.

  • I did my first run in two weeks today. Holidays and head colds have really put a major dent in my diet and workout routine. It wasn't a bad run. I did two miles without stopping, then ran sprints for another 1.5 miles. It was cold out, but sunny and that is actually not bad running weather.

  • The head cold is down to a nagging intermittent cough right now. Hopefully it'll be all gone next week.

  • A buddy of mine and I saw "The Hateful Eight" last night. It was a long movie, but very entertaining. Like typical Tarantino, it was loaded with curse and had copious usage of the n-word, largely directed at the top billing star Samuel L. Jackson. He really is a great actor. Actually, the whole movie was loaded with good actors and the story is told in "chapters." The audience seemed very engrossed in it and clapped when it was done.

  • The found money total for 2015 was $4.02, which is the most I've found since starting this in 2009. Oddly, I've been finding quarters a lot lately.

  • I've been working on my computer today. The "El Capitan" OS X has wrecked havoc on my use of my desktop computer, to the point where it is very counterproductive. I can't imagine what the reviews of this system are, but it blocks so many different types of software I use. So I tried to partition the hard drive so I could load an older OS X version on it and boot from it, seeing if it would allow me to access the software I need, but El Capitan blocks any way of reading the older discs I have. I have an idea or two to try to see if I could get this partition set up, but it's turning into a nightmare.

  • I forgot that my nephew's birthday is Monday. Sigh... I'll see if I can't send him a belated card.
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I slept really well last night, after staying up after midnight and sending out various text messages. I got up and worked out, had lunch, and took a nap. Yeah, I lead an exciting life. Here are a few odds and ends of the day:

  • the best damn fiddler from calabogie to kaladarAfter an online discussion last night with a certain burly bear in Ottawa, I wanted to watch "The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kaladar". It's a 1969 Canadian Film Award Winner for Best Picture (these are now called Genie Awards, the Canadian equivalent of an Oscar). It stars Chris Wiggins, a nice furry bear of a guy who is well known as "Jack Marshak" in "Friday the 13th: The Series," in the lead role and was the first film for Margot Kidder, who plays his daughter. It's the story of a poor bush worker who refuses to sacrifice his dignity to provide his family with a better life. It's a very good, low budget drama. You can watch the whole flick on YouTube.

  • Today being New Years Day, I counted my Found Money for the year. For those who are new to the journal, I keep track of all the money I find throughout the year in parking lots, etc. It started as a little experiment, I just keep doing it. The amount seems to be relatively small, but shrinking, as this is the lowest amount found in six years.

    Found Money 2014

  • After dinner, I sat down to watch the above movie, a so-so horror flick called "The Damned," and a couple of episodes of "Criminal Minds." I also got started on drawing the next issue of "Grizzly & The Bear Patrol." Two pages down so far, just eighteen to go. Here are some rough pencils of page 2.

    001 - Rough Pencils
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Nothing much to report on today. It's been that sort of week so far. The odds and ends of the week up to hump day...

  • Happy Birthday to [ profile] jeffinthebox.

  • The weather is a bit crazy. It was in the high 40's yesterday and sunny. I loved it. I managed to get in a 3.2 mile run at 10 min/mile. My time sucks, but I keep hoping to improve as the year moves forward.

  • I ran out after dinner to buy a Blu-ray of "You're Next", a horror flick that I enjoyed late last year. I sat down and watched it before bed. It's one of those slasher flicks that has just enough humor in it. And it stars AJ Bowen, who is adorable.

  • I finally broke down and counted the "Found Money" jar. For 2013, I found $2.17. It was a leanest year in the four years I've been doing this. People are keeping better track of their cash, I guess. Last year's take (2012) was $2.39. Other years were above $3.

  • Ugh. Woke up tired this morning. Running does that to me. Looking forward to the weekend already.
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It's good to be off today, considering I went to bed around 5 AM this morning. My sleep schedule is a bit skewed because of the NYE party I went to. I did some cartooning, so I put the late night to good use.

Giving Murphy Some AttentionAfter this morning's workout, I showered and dressed and went out for lunch. I bought some birthday cards to send out for my nephew and brother. While I was out, the snow started falling fast and furious. I was getting nervous about that as snow makes people drive like nutjobs.

I stopped by the post office to send out the cards and a woman stopped in to see the postmaster. The post office window was closed due to the holiday. I suspect that I must have one of those faces suited for counseling or something, because often strangers will stop and tell me all sorts of things without my asking. I get stopped in department stores and asked for help, even though I'm in jeans and tee-shirt with no apparel to suggest I work there. This woman stopped me in this relatively deserted post office to show me the Christmas cards she sent out that were mangled in the shipping. She wanted to give the post office a piece of her mind and I think she believed I worked there because I knew why the window was closed. I gave her a polite "wow, that's rough..." and left.

So I'm home now and am happy to be in the warm house and giving Murphy a bit of attention. It's win-win, because he's really warm and I have a bit of a chill.

And to close out 2011, I counted my Found Money for this year: $3.96. It's slowly going up from the 2009 total ($3.17) and 2010 total ($3.51). I so need a life.
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Back in January 2009, I started something I call the Found Money project. It basically involves me keeping track of the loose change I find on the ground, in soda machines, etc., for the entire year. It's not hard and I don't put a lot of effort into it. I just keep a glass where I put my wallet and throw any found change into it.

In 2009, I found $3.17, after I converted the Canadian and European coins I'd included. I realized I hadn't posted the 2010 total when I found the first penny of 2011 this afternoon.

This year's haul was $3.51 -- eight quarters, eight dimes, five nickels, and 46 pennies.
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I took the day off. It's not the snow I fear so much as the hideous traffic I'll encounter on the way home today. I have a lot of comp time that needs to be used before I lose it, so today sounded like a good day to do that.

Around this time last year, I started my Found Money project, collecting money that I found on the street, in the coin slots of vending machines, etc., just to see how much I could accumulate in the course of a year. I even included any foreign currency I found here (mostly Canadian) and abroad (Euros and Danish Kroners).

The grand total for 2009: $3.17, mostly pennies.

I'll likely continue to do it, though I don't think it'll make me rich.
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  • You know you're getting old when the superheroes in the comics you read since you were a kid are now YOUNGER than you are.
  • On comics, the "Blackest Night" storyline at DC is the bomb. Also, I hope that the Legion of Super-Heroes is going to get a separate series, as I don't see me getting enough out of a back-up in "Adventure Comics."
  • What has happened to Bearciti? Is it now gone for good?
  • On Friday, Tim (making his second appearance in the journal now) and I watched Rebecca, which I'd always heard about (mainly through the Carol Burnett Show Parody "Rebecky"), but not seen. Incredible movie. A young woman marries a wealthy widower and moves into his mansion only to discover that the shadow of the previous wife still reigns in the house. The best of the movie is Judith Anderson who plays the evil Mrs. Danvers! I bought this one.
  • I saw District 9 this past weekend. The movie starts a bit slow and silly, but turns into a really good movie. I would hope that we as the human race would treat aliens better than this. The acting was good, as was some of the eye candy and the special effects. I can see a sequel in the future.
  • I haven't stopped doing the found money project for the year. I haven't counted it in a week or so, but I think I'm now above $3, which isn't bad considering it is mostly pennies.
  • I am in a drawing mood, but hitting a drawing block. Dang...


May. 1st, 2009 11:04 am
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Yesterday was a lengthy day of odds and ends, mostly revolving around traveling:
  • At the training office at 6:30 AM with luggage in tow to beat the long line of folks who would be bring their bags and having to go through the x-ray machine at the entrance.
  • Good end to the class, but didn't have enough time to go over our second set of documents. They'll be emailed to us.
  • Metro ride to the airport with one of my classmates who is a stunningly beautiful woman from Texas -- long dark hair, brown eyes, radiant smile. I wonder if she has a brother.
  • The Delta airlines guy played a joke on me, putting his foot on the scale and telling me my bags were overweight. I was two seconds from freak out when he fessed up.
  • Had lunch at T.G.I.Friday's and sat across from a sweet pretty Lesbian named Lindsay who has a new black Lab puppy and plays softball.
  • Stopped at a news stand after going through security and the cashier short-changed me by $5, when I confronted her about it, she handed it over without argument.
  • Multiple iPhone camera shots.
  • Baby sat one row ahead of me on the plane. Luckily, he was 16 months old and didn't hardly fuss at all. Karma making up for my flight out. His dad was cute too.
  • Stood at baggage claim for 40 minutes for my suitcase before finding out it was in the baggage office.
  • Home! Cats happy and alive! Thanks SOOOOO much Brian ([ profile] cincycub), you're a godsend. You've earned dinner and gifts! A cloned cubby of your choice as soon as I get the process figured out!
  • Qdoba for dinner, because I needed it.
  • Found Money total thus far = $1.05.
  • Sleeping in my own bed, the happiest place on Earth for this weary traveler.

Today: Mowed yard (despite wetness) and waiting for the window replacement guy to show for an estimate!
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Thanks to the generosity of the DC Metro populace, the found money total is up to $0.40 with four cents found so far, including one death-defying penny-pickup in the middle of crosswalk.

Heading to see "I Love You Man" with the DC Movie Bears tonight.

And with only one week or so remaining, just a reminder: It's Question Meme Month. If you have any questions, you'd like to ask, post it here.
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"Could you put your answers in the form of a question?


Q: Skyline Chili."

What is sweet ambrosia of the gods, made even better with hot cheese and hot sauce? :D

If you have a question you'd like to ask me, post it here.

On Watchmen:

Definitely a great movie. I freely admit that I'd not read the entire comic book, but from what I have read, it mirrored the story and settings very closely. The story is so intricate, I really can't give it a good description without this getting too long. It's bloody, it's gory, it's graphic, and it has full frontal male nudity (with good looking men no less). Jeffrey Dean Morgan... sigh... Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach is incredible. Just so you know, there is no extra scene at the end.

I enjoyed it, I'd watch it again, and I'm seriously considering buying it.

On Found Money, the total after February stands at 36 cents. I haven't found a single penny anywhere since January, but it's hard to see it through all that snow on the ground.
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  • At work today for the first time all week. Bah..., but I am feeling better.

  • Found money total is up to $0.36. Mostly pennies, which isn't a shock. I am finding more of them in parking lots than anywhere else.

  • The second installment of my "Grizzly and the Bear Patrol" origin story is 1/3 of the way drawn. I drew between covered sneezes and Nyquil-induced naps.

  • The second season of Night Gallery, the 1970's anthology series by Rod Serling, has kept me occupied most of the week. I love creepy stories.

  • While taking a break from drawing the "Grizzly" storyline, I wondered what would happen if the Scarlet Witch from the Avengers was a man. This quick drawing is my version of the Crimson Warlock -- work safe toon )

  • Back to work this morning... ugh...
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I've been thinking about doing this for the last few months, but wanted to wait until the first of the year to give it a go. I was just reminded of this little project in the Chipotle parking lot at lunch.

How much money can a person find in a year? A penny here, a dime there, the occasional quarter found in parking lots, on the carpet at work, or in the grocery aisle. I've decided to keep track of the money for one year to see how much I accumulate. What I'll do with the money is up in the air, but I'll try to do something creative or charitable with it.

The rule is that it must be found money, money lost or discarded by someone else. So the change in my washing machine or dryer, the coins between the sofa cushions, the money in my car's floor -- none of them count because that's already my money.

Today at lunch I found a nickel in the parking lot, so I'm off to a favorable start.

Current total -- $0.05.


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