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I haven't posted much in the last week because I was out in my hometown for the holidays. While I have internet access on my phone, it's not easy to make LJ entries on it.

My best friend Brian and I went on Monday night to see the new Star Wars movie, which was a wonderful mix of nostalgia and newness. The story was captivating and mirrored a lot of what I recall from the original Star Wars Episode IV film. No spoilers, but I was incredibly entertained and am already looking forward to the next installment.

I had a pretty good time back home, spending time with friends and family. What surprised me the most was the weather, which was ridiculously warm. Christmas Eve was 73 degrees F and sunny all day. It certainly didn't feel like Christmas-time.

As usual, I did need a bit of "me time," so I snuck off a couple of times to the local coffee shop to get myself a bit centered and do a bit of cartooning.

357 - Checking It Twice 358 - Showtime

Obviously, I had Santa on the brain. I enjoyed doing these and the coffee shop was a great respite from the holiday craziness.

Last night, my family unwrapped Christmas gifts as we usually do. I bought my 9-year-old nephew the game Simon. He continued to unwrap toy after toy, including a go-cart, and he kept coming back to the Simon game, as did my other nephew... and my brother... and my brother-in-law. It was ironic to see this kid get so much for Christmas and ignore the expensive for a relatively cheap game.

After breakfast with family, I headed home today. It felt good to get home.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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Whew! I just got home. Overall, Christmas went very well back in my hometown. I'm still a bit wiped out from jumping from house to house as I usually do, but Mom was in fairly good spirits all things considered. What really made me laugh was unwrapping presents last night at the twin's house. My 8-year-old nephew Bradyn has a really smart mouth and it gets him in trouble with his parents. He comes by it honestly as the twin's mouth was (and is) pretty much the same way. Here are the two examples that left me laughing when I shouldn't have been:

The twin was getting irritated when my nephew was acting all hyper and huffy, so he told him to sit down on the couch next him.

The twin: Sit down! You sit down right here and don't you move! (The nephew complies reluctantly)
Twin's wife: (from the kitchen) Bradyn, come in the kitchen for a minute!
Nephew: (sarcastically) Caaaannnn't!

Later, after everyone had eaten and we'd unwrapped presents, I saw my nephew had gone to the kitchen and made himself some pop tarts. I've long learned to shrug my shoulders at anything he does, so I said nothing. His mom came by a moment later and made comment.

Twin's Wife: Bradyn! Why are you eating a pop tart??
Nephew: (insert eye roll here) I'm not eating A pop tart. I'm eating TWO pop tarts!

Yeah, my twin deserves every minute of this.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)
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Yesterday, I hopped in the car and drove to my hometown to help my sister out with my nephew's upcoming move to college. She and her hubby had a few unexpected money issues this past week, so I told her I'd help out to get my nephew some odds and ends he needed.

After we spent the entire day shopping and burning a hole in my credit card, we had dinner with the twin and his family (Mom refused to go out, but that's a whole different negative story). So eventually, I crashed around midnight and was up around 5 AM this morning. My sister didn't even go to bed, she stayed up doing laundry.

The Alumnus and the FreshmanWe got to the Berea College campus around 9 AM and did a quick unload in his dorm room. His roommate had moved in, but had gone to soccer practice already. After we got everything settled, his roommate and his family showed up. His roommie is a great guy, he likes horror movies and comic books. Honestly, he'd have made a perfect roommate for me back when I started there in 1990. I think he and my nephew will hit it off well.

Next, we ran all over campus, getting his student ID, his books, his laptop, etc. We stood in line for HOURS. I felt like we'd gone to Kings Island without the rides. The one thing my sister was amazed about was the fact that everyone was so nice. There were students to guide you anywhere on campus, some students were there to help you move your stuff, etc. My sister said that when she went to Eastern Kentucky University, the student guides just ignored you.

Eventually, we grabbed a late lunch at one of my old hangouts, which was wonderful, before they had to go do the parent-student thing. At that point, I left them to head home. I'm sure my sister was a mess to let her kid go.

I'm so envious of him honestly. It made me remember my first day on campus and being both excited and terrified. If I could do college over again, I'd do it in a heartbeat I think.
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My sister sent me a text message earlier today, giving me some of the details for my nephew's upcoming orientation at Berea College, where he's starting as a freshman in a couple of weeks. I called her and we discussed things. He has his schedule, his roommate is a guy named Jacob from West Virginia who he doesn't know, and he's got his dorm assignment (a fairly decent dorm really).

My brother-in-law asked my sister if she would ask me to go with them next Saturday. As a Berea alumnus, they feel like I know the ropes better than they do. I can tell they are starting to freak a bit. This is my sister's only kid, so she only gets to do this once.

I talked to my sis about making sure he had all the odds and ends -- a fridge for the room, a TV, bed sheets and towels, pillows, garbage can, laundry basket, washing powder, shower shoes, etc. I told her that he needs to call his roommate to see what he's bringing so they don't double dip.

I told my sis that I'd be there Saturday morning to help him get settled. I have a feeling I may be buying his books for the first semester. Just a feeling. We'll get his room situated and I'll take him to lunch at one of my old favorite hangouts. I hope to see my old dorm room if I can.

Before I got off the phone, my sister told me, "This $#!+ is getting REAL!"

Yeah, it is. Her baby is grown and going off to college. I hope she can handle it.
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As I was coming in from lunch today, my phone gave that special "double-vibrate" that signifies that I've gotten a text message. I wasn't expecting anything specific today, so it took me a few moments to get my phone out to take a look.

The message was from my sister. She told me that my nephew had gotten his acceptance letter to Berea College. She and my nephew have anxiously been waiting for news and I'm happy that he made it in. It will be a good experience for him I think and the proximity to home (it's 45 minutes away from our hometown) will give him some security but enough distance for independence. At least that is what Berea did for me. He will get a good, well-rounded education there, with small classes and individual attention. I expect it will also be an eye-opening experience for him too.

The funny part is that he still doesn't know yet. After classes today, he went straight to work and won't be home for another 10 minutes or more. My sister didn't text him or call him, she wants him to read the letter himself. I replied via text to her soon after reading the message to express my congrats!

So, another Berea alum in the family. I'm happy. I suspect I'll be buying his books and paying some odds and ends expenses for him at times, but I'll be glad to do that.
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This dream just ended a few minutes ago and I rushed to get to the computer before I forgot the big parts of this, so the writing might be a bit hurried.

I was sitting in my car next to another car. A friend named Tracey was next to me at my window and she and I were laughing about a bachelorette or charity thing where our common friend Jackie was there, playing the drums on stage. The party included several male dancers performing on stage while Jackie was playing the drums. Tracey and I were laughing because the main dancer, a hung and particularly muscled guy sneaked up behind Jackie on stage. Jackie had turned around and saw him, only to freak out. I am guessing she was a fan. Tracey and I were being obnoxiously loud, which resulted in a shush from the car next to mine. The shush was from my paternal grandfather Ted, who we kids referred to as "Papaw." He was watching something, a fireworks show or something and we were disturbing him.

Tracey and I kept receiving the shush from him. I pulled out my clipboard and started writing messages on it to Tracey in an effort to be quiet. Tracey had asked who the man in the other car was, I wrote that it was my grandfather with an arrow pointed to him. She said, "really?" and I wrote down "really!" This prompted another round of laughing.

Papaw had had enough. This short, slender man in a suit got out of his car, opened the passenger car door, and dragged me out. I tore the paper from the clipboard and quickly threw it in my mouth to eat. I'm not sure why, there was nothing incriminating or bad on it, but I didn't want him to see it.

He wanted to know why we were being so loud. I fibbed and told him that we were just being silly and that it was courtship. I told him that if he ever wanted great-grandchildren that this sort of thing needed to happen. It was stupid, I know, because I never had any interest in Tracey this way obviously and I'm feeling strangely guilty now for lying to Papaw, even though it was in a dream.

Papaw told me that he had learned when a certain tree was going to lose their leaves or blooms and not grow back until the next year. This part I admit I don't recall very well.

We walked back to our cars. I walked up to his car while he sat in the driver's seat. I leaned in and gave him a hug, my head at his chest and I could hear his heartbeat.

"I love you, Papaw," I said.

As I walked back to my car, I started crying.

"I'm sorry, Papaw, I held on to you as long as I could," I said to myself. I think I knew at this point it was a dream, because he was supposed to be dead. Papaw had passed away back in 1984 when I was eleven, long before I was old enough to drive or court or anything.

And I woke up.
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Genealogy and genetics have always fascinated me. It probably started long before I even knew what genetics was really. Everyone always made comments about me and the twin whenever they were told we were twins. "Wow, they don't look anything alike," people would say. We were amazingly opposite in appearance back then, the twin being slim and having that blond (nearly white) hair and hazel eyes in contrast to my stocky build and dark hair and eyes. Yet, looking at other family members, I saw familiar pieces in them in each of us.

Considering that it is supposed to be a dominant genetic trait, the dark hair and eyes appear in very few of us. In the 21 kids in my generation, only three of us do not have blue eyes -- my sis, the twin, and me -- and only I have those nearly black eyes where the pupils are hard to see without a light. I could play a Star Trek Betazoid without the need for colored contact lenses (geek reference).

One of the big mysteries in my family was where this dark hair and eyes came from. There is a "vein" of people in the family who have these characteristics -- my great-grandmother, my grandfather (her son), my mom (his daughter) and me and my sister. Doing the family tree provided no clues as the documentation wasn't the best and my family has been here for 170+ years (in the same county no less). We long suspected that we had some Native American ancestry. There was also the possibility of some Portuguese descent that is relatively common in Eastern Kentucky, or African genes that could have been undocumented.

A couple of years ago, [ profile] guinnesscub posted his results from his "23andMe" DNA test that provided some info about his genetic diversity, where genetically his ancestors hailed from based on his DNA. I thought that was pretty cool and wanted to do it for some time. The FDA cracked down on 23andMe because of some disease diagnostic stuff in their data, so they aren't doing the test right now until it gets cleared up.

So around Christmas time, I bought the AncestryDNA kit online and sent it off for testing. Well, the results are in:

About Me GeneticallyThe results are only estimates, but they provide some clues to things and offer up a few surprises that go against what I had anticipated. The largest percentage is Western Europe which is primarily the areas of France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, etc., but may also include England and Denmark. We don't have a lot of family names that reflect these areas, but maiden names are hard to find. Great Britain includes England, Wales and Scotland, which were no surprises as I knew of several ancestors from those areas, but the percentage was a bit lower than I expected. Ireland was not a surprise either, but the lower percentage was, as I'd always guessed we had a lot more Irish ancestry.

The "trace region" data is curious to me, especially the "Iberian peninsula" data, which includes Portugal and Spain. This may actually support that the dark hair and eyes could be from ancestry of this region, which also is thought to be the reason for the "Black Irish" phenotype in Ireland.

One of the biggest surprises was that I had no Native American or African DNA. Having Native American ancestry was always a family rumor, but it seems it was just a rumor now.

I'm glad I did this because it was fun and informative. However, I admit I am curious now what the 23andme data set would have said about me for comparison.
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My next door neighbor stopped by last night to drop off some cat treats his wife bought and won't use and to let me know that our neighbor Steve across the street had passed away on Thanksgiving night. Steve was an older gent with two teenaged sons. He'd had major health problems over the last few years, but it seemed like they would come and go. This last time, the illness involved brain tumors, but still he was in and out of the hospital until the last time.

Tonight was his visitation and ceremony. While I probably only spoke to Steve a few times over the last 12 years, he was a likeable guy, so I felt I should at least go and pay my respects. I threw on a decent shirt and a tie and drove to the funeral home. It was full of family and friends, which wasn't a surprise as he grew in the Cincinnati area. I signed the guestbook and got in line to meet his widow. I saw his older son in his Naval uniform with his friends and his younger son dressed in a suit with his buddies.

I met up with Steve's wife (sadly her name escaped me). She recognized me and I expressed my condolences. We had probably the most awkward hug felt by both of us. We really are pretty much strangers, our communication usually just a casual wave from across the street. I told her I felt bad for not being a more social person, but she commented that she knew I went to work very early in the morning. So I said my "I'm sorry's" again and left. I probably was there for all of ten minutes.

The 701 Bar was nearby, so I drove over for a beer on Woof Wednesday. The place was not very busy. I got my beer and sat down by myself for a few seconds before I was called over to another table by a young lady and her friend. She was a gregarious young black lady and he was her fun gay escort to the bar. We joked and had a good time discussing things.

She really liked my tie. I told her why I was so dolled up for the night. The ensuing discussion evolved into talk about ghosts and whether we believed they existed. Alcohol was involved, but it was a fun topic. She told me stories of how she feels her long-deceased grandfather still watches over. She can go into her daughter's room why she sleeps and she swears she smells his cologne in the air sometimes in those warm moments.

Her story reminded me of a recent discussion I had with my soon-to-be 18-year-old nephew while I was home for Thanksgiving, which I reiterated to her. When he was four, my mom was living in her mother's house with her sister. My mom often would babysit my nephew and my grandmother (whom we grandkids always referred to as "Mother") adored him. When she passed away unexpectedly in 2000, we were all pretty much devastated. Several days after her funeral, Mom was babysitting my nephew in Mother's home.

"Mamaw, where is Mother?" my nephew asked.

"Honey, Mother isn't here. She's gone to Heaven," my mom responded.

"No she isn't," my nephew replied, "She was in the hallway a second ago."

It's always been a good memory for the family. He had no concept of death really, so the comment threw everyone for a loop. I've had very vivid dreams of Mother since then and I always enjoyed the idea that she checks on me from time to time.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my now nearly-adult nephew and I were going to see the movie "Homefront" at the theater. On the drive there, we were discussing the whole ghost visit story again. I asked my nephew what Mother looked like at that time.

"She looked like she always did," he said. He remarked that she was dressed for bed, wearing what looked like a pink nightgown.

This sent a chill down my spine. My grandmother was buried in a pink-ish nightgown and bedjacket. As my nephew was a very small child at the time, he wasn't taken to Mother's funeral and had no knowledge of her burial outfit. I asked him if he had been told what she was buried in and he said no, not until I had told him in the car just then.

Now I'm home, winding down for the evening. I looked out the window and noticed the Steve's house is dark. His family isn't home yet. I feel bad for them as I'm sure things have not been easy.
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I learned watching a segment of a Swedish (I think) documentary show that one of my favorite humorists, David Sedaris, had lost his youngest sister to suicide this past summer. I've listed to Sedaris on audiobooks in my car for years and have always enjoyed his humorous stories about his family, including his sister actress Amy Sedaris. It is strange how familiar you can become with a family that isn't your own in this way. He had written stories about his sister Tiffany before. She was the youngest daughter, the fifth of the six Sedaris children, and had a rocky teenage period where she ran away from home and was sent to an institution for troubled kids. From his description of her, she was the least social with her family. In fact, David had not spoken to her for eight years when she ended her life. I thought that sounded bad, but then I realized that I'd not spoken to my brother Ronnie for ten years when I had learned he died.

The story below is titled "Now We Are Five," which is familiar to me in a sense as I have titled journal entries in a similar fashion after the passing of my older brothers in the last three years. It is an odd feeling when telling someone how many siblings I have as I always feel the need to qualify, saying "I have three brothers and one sister, but two of my brothers have died." Such a statement always invites questions, but it feels even stranger and almost mean to not acknowledge them in saying "I have one brother and one sister."

I was wondering how long it would be until he would write about losing his sister. The story was posted in the New Yorker online at the link below.

As always, it has a bit of humor in it. It's a good read, I think, and I do feel sad for his loss.
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My sister and her family came up yesterday to hang out. We goofed around the house for a little bit before heading to the softball field. This is the first time in my life that my family has seen me in a gay-friendly setting. I wasn't nervous as my sister has always been supportive, but I always worry about her hubby JB being uncomfortable. My 17-year-old nephew is a modern teen and is always okay with stuff.

Everything went well. My sister and brother-in-law were slightly inebriated (I drove) and had a lot of fun at the games. I hit a great shot my first time at bat. At my second time at bat, my sister yelled from the stands, "GO T-BUD!" "T-Bud" was my dad's nickname and he was a horrible athlete. I turned to the stand with the "WTF??" look, my sis laughed, and I ended up hitting a beautiful shot three feet in front of home plate. I hauled ass to first and was luckily safe, turning around and nearly giving my sister the finger for distracting me. She was laughing and her hubby told to her keep her mouth shut when I bat. :D

I sat out the second game as we had other folks who hadn't played, so I spent time with them watching the second game. My family was having a great time and my sister was sad that our hometown doesn't have a co-ed league that she could play in. She even made comment that she might come up and play in the tournament over Labor Day with my team. My team captain actually looked hopeful she would (my sis is a good softball player).

We won both games and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a late dinner. We got home and stayed up talking until about 1 AM. I asked my sister if she got hit on at the park. She said no, but she noticed that her hubby got a few looks. I told her that a couple of them came from my dugout, according to what some of my teammates were saying about him. JB took it in stride with a smile. I like a straight guy who can take a complimentary glance from a gay man. :)
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Santa the Muscle Bear 2012
Merry Christmas! I hope Santa is good to you tonight

I drove down to my hometown on Saturday morning. Traffic was not bad at all, which was great. I dropped off [ profile] aceofspace at his parents and then drove to my Mom's house. Her TV gave up the ghost a few days ago, so she's buried herself in some very cool craft projects, mainly her embroidering things again. While I like that she can keep herself occupied, I bought her a new TV on Sunday because it really isn't a luxury in my book. Her new TV picks up the digital music channels from her cable, which she loves!

Comic Book Locker BoxBesides hanging out with family, including my oldest nephew Chris who showed up unexpectedly, the best part of the trip was the gift exchange. We did it a day early as my brother, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law all had to work today. My sister got my name in the drawing at Thanksgiving and she presented me with this! A locker box that she decoupaged comic book panels and images on. It was quite a surprise. I had no idea what she got me, though I discovered the Mod Podge on her counter the day before. I haven't figured out what to use it for yet, as the possibility are endless.

I decided to come back home today as most of the family was occupied with other things. I really wanted a day to myself and sleeping in my own bed.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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The Kids
Mom's Five Kids, January 2000 (L to R)
Joe, Ronnie, Rhonda, Donnie, and Me

Last night around 1 AM, my older brother Donnie passed away from cancer in a crowded hospital room at the age of 54.

Donnie and his twin Ronnie have always followed each other. If one moved away, the other would soon follow. When one moved home, the other was there in months. Ronnie died in his sleep about two years ago. Donnie almost immediately started going downhill. I can't fathom how losing an identical twin must affect a person, but as in life Donnie followed Ronnie.

At his request, Donnie is being cremated with no funeral. We will have a family get-together to bury his ashes in the coming weeks when all the family can be here.
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Last week, I noticed that my work had slowed down considerably. Strangely, given the upcoming holiday, no one had called dibs on taking the week, so I jumped on it. Having no specific plans though, my days have been oddly empty of plans.

On Monday, I headed down to visit family, which always seems to involve drama. Some of it is understandable considering what is going on, but the rest is unneeded icing on a very bitter cake.

As I've written before, my older brother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. It's spread from his colon and liver now to his lungs. He's been doing chemotherapy with no success and the bulk of responsibility for his affairs and transport has fallen to my sister. I can't sugarcoat it, he's wearing her out and my mother isn't helping because she can be just as demanding on her. We found out Tuesday that my brother's chemo has been ratcheted up to three days a week every other week. My sister is currently unemployed and she's not been looking for a job because there's no way she could work and handle my mom and brother with a job.

I feel guilty for not being able to do more from a distance. The twin tries to help, but mom won't call him for help and my older brother doesn't seem to want to either. The situation will be even worsened when my sister has to go to the hospital next month for a hysterectomy. We will manage, but I'm not sure how yet.

On the lighter side, I had a double-header softball game Tuesday night. We won both games, the last one by a single run, but it felt good. I had some decent hits, so I was happy.

Now I need to do a bit of yard work and such. Looking forward to some good movies this weekend.
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On Saturday, I drove home to go to the visitation for my sister's father-in-law, who passed away Thursday. It was a surprising lively place at the funeral home. With his five sons, their spouses, and friends of the family, it was a packed place. It was almost like a party, seeing folks you never see regularly, including some of my sister's high school classmates who haven't seen me since graduation. One of them even called me "handsome," which was strange considering she rarely paid me any attention back then. On the other hand, her husband is a stunning blue-collar cubby. It was good to see them both!

Kentucky Blue LightsI drove Mom back to my brother's, taking a few moments here and there to admire some Christmas lights along the way. Mom loves doing this. This house was my favorite. Afterward, I went back to my sister's house alone and crashed. Driving the three hours to my hometown tends to wear me out. I nearly froze to death in my sister's house because it was cold. I wrote it off as the sudden dip in outside temperature, only to find out the next morning that she had turned the A/C on to combat a hot flash earlier and forgot to turn it back to heat. It's hell getting old, as I keep telling her :)

After lunch with my mom and brother, I drove back today, stopping for a break in Lexington, KY to refill the gas tank and go to the restroom. At this gas station, there was a line forming at the men's room. As I stood in line, there was a smell emitting from the restroom that grew increasingly rank. The guy next to me and I were talking about it, wondering if the guy in there was okay. The guy behind me finally gave up and went to the ladies room instead.

While he was in there, an elderly man poked his head out holding his soiled shirt and said a bit angrily, "Do you want to come in here!!? I have amoebic dysentery! Do you want to come in??" I just shook my head no as he closed the door back. The smell from the room was STAGGERING! I went to the empty ladies room (I'm not ashamed of it) and left. I'm not sure what was going on in the mens, but I have a feeling an ambulance should have been called. Just some lovely Kentucky goings-on...

I went for a run, then decided to stay in for the night. The DVD player has started working again. I watched Tucker & Dale vs Evil tonight. Such a fun movie, and Tyler Labine is adorable.
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It's sad that the only time family really gathers is for a funeral these days. My family for the most part is not scattered about, most still live within a quick 15 minute drive of my hometown.

Chris and MeOne of my favorite people in the world is my nephew Chris. He is my oldest brother's son and is only two years younger than me. My sister, the twin and I have often referred to him as our "little brother" because he basically grew up as such.

When I found out he was coming to the funeral for his uncle, my niece said that I wouldn't recognize him with his ponytail braid that was so long it was nearly to his butt. So I was surprised when he showed up without it, but was even more surprised to see the full beard and the big tummy. He didn't have either of those the last time I saw him, but I have to admit he looks good with both.

I never dreamed he'd grow up to be a straight pocket bear (he's only 5'5"). I have other pics of my nieces and nephews, I'll post them later.
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It's been a rough few days. The short story of it is this: my older brother Ronnie passed away on Wednesday from apparent complications to cancer. Funeral in Dalton, GA on Friday. Burial in Lily, KY today. Home finally just a few hours ago.

Mom's Five Kids - January 2000
Mom's Five Kids in January 2000 -- My brother Ronnie second from left

The rest of it is very long. I'm not sure why I'm typing the rest up, I think as a reference to me.

The rest of it -- cut for the uninterested )
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Yesterday I was talking to a co-worker about how people tend not to use their first names, but their middle ones and sometimes their nicknames. It got me to thinking about my dad and his gaggle of friends, almost all of whom had nicknames.

My dad was known as "T-Bud" since he was a child. No one seems to recall where it came from, but he rarely used his legal name of "James." He was once nearly taken to jail by a police officer who couldn't verify his identity with his work because the lady who answered the phone didn't recognize Dad's given name. His nickname was so ingrained in his identity, we even put it on Dad's tombstone to keep confusion to a minimum for future generations.

I was thinking yesterday about his group of friends and how many of them had the odd nicknames. In doing so, it surprised me how many of them were just the strangest collection of small-town oddities.

The rest of the group -- cut for the uninterested )
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I don't smoke. I grew up around my mom and her siblings, all of whom were smokers. My sister is a smoker and my twin dips snuff. It is not on some moral high ground that I never took it up, but rather I just didn't enjoy any time I tried it. I spoke with my mom this weekend and she's not smoked since January thanks to new medications. I am happy to hear that.

My mom's youngest sister is my aunt Ruth Ann who is possibly the funniest member of my family. I've written about her before. I remember the time she told me how much effort it took for her to START smoking...

...And the rest of the story, cut for the uninterested.. )
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After last night's movie and an exhausting week at work, I got up this morning for an hour and elected to go back to bed. I slept until nearly 2 PM. I guess I was really tired. Instead of the usual nightmare or bizarre dream, I did have a great dream where I got to see my dad and my grandmother, both of whom are long gone.

Visiting with family... )

It was good to see them again. I do miss them.
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It's been pretty calm this week. The twin has the internet back up, but let his cable get turned off (older twin to the rescue there). I've been hanging out with [ profile] aceofspace, who is in town for the holidays with his folks too. So far all is well. Some points of interest this week behind the cut )

Well, one more shopping day until Christmas. For those traveling this weekend, be careful and safe journey :)


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