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While my foot heals, my doctor gave me a muscle relaxing medication so I could sleep with this bum foot of mine. I think it might be the cause of a very strange dream I had.

I had ridden my bicycle to a local shopping center to meet some friends and watch a parade. I parked the bike in a small parking space next to another bike and met with friends. While we were talking, I happen to notice a family giving my bike some attention, to the point where their 14-year-old daughter sit on it.

The mom picked up the bike and began walking away with it. Her directional sense was off though, as she started walking right toward me. I stopped her and asked where she was taking MY bicycle. She said it wasn't mine, that she had given it away to charity and wanted it back. I followed her and her daughter into a jewelry store where an unassuming man in a suit seemed surprised to see us.

She told the man that the bike was hers. She explained that she had given it away to charity and wanted it back. I told the man, who apparently was ambushed as an uninvolved third party, that I had bought it at a flea market for $80 and that if she had surrendered it to a charity, she no longer has a claim to the property.

The man was getting his checkbook out and was going to write me a check for $80, presumably to get rid of us. I asked the woman how she knew it was her daughter's former bike. I asked if she recognized any damage that looked familiar, or if she had written her name on it somewhere. The daughter said no and the mother was unsure. I stated then that she could not guarantee that it was her former bike and couldn't take it from me. The man stopped writing the check, giving up on being involved in the crazy.

The woman seemed reluctant to continue and her husband and son then walked into the store. I was getting ready for another argument, when I woke up.

And, by the way, the bike was small and pink. Yes, this was the bike I'd bought and whose ownership I was defending.

In the words of Mr. Mackay from "South Park," "Ummm... drugs are bad...m'kay..."
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I had a quirky dream this morning. It started off by my dreaming about an older woman who went around spending money, but she was spending it on others. She put large tips in the buckets for street performers. I saw a large volume of change sliding down a change catcher, playing for everyone getting on a bus. I seemed to have the impression that this woman was not long for this world and was spreading as much joy as she could with all the money that she had. She wasn't miserable or sad, she was happy.

The last part of the dream was me on a metro train and I had paid $200 to pay for several people on the train. The train folks said that they didn't have the change for it, so I told them not to worry as I had paid for multiple folks. They said I wasn't supposed to do that, but I exited the train before they could chastise me for it. It just seemed more important to spread the happy around instead.

And then I woke up to Milo head-butting my chin.

"Feed me, human," he lovingly appeared to say.
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I was in graduate school I think, which is strange because I didn't go to graduate school, with my best friend from college Greg and some other guys. Our "dorm" was actually fancy apartments with huge bathrooms, so we were probably incredibly far in debt.

The dream started with us in the bathroom. I was getting ready for bed. Greg and the others were going out with friends. I slept and woke up the next morning. I went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. When I got out of the shower and went to the mirror, I noticed my beard was gone. Or rather, it was "almost" gone. The fur on my cheeks and chin was gone, but the slight under growth along my jawline was sticking out and my mustache had been trimmed back. I looked awful. I was in shock and furious. I couldn't figure out what happened.

After getting dressed, I went looking for Greg for an explanation. After running into one of our other friends who told me where he was, I found Greg having coffee with a fancily dressed couple in a bookstore cafe. I walked up to him and asked him if he noticed anything missing on me. He tried to dodge the question, which made me furious. So I screamed, "What happened to my beard??!"

I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him to the floor and punched him in the face twice. He finally told me what happened. The couple were his friends from the night before. They had gotten completely trashed and he had dragged them to my room. In my groggy state, I apparently had said something being 60% sober or whatever, which angered them. In revenge, the group of them drugged me and took me to a barber shop or salon to get shaved.

Tears came in my eyes because of his betrayal. I said something hateful to him that I don't recall and threw him back to the floor. I got in my car, wondering what I'd do next, including moving out of the dorm.

It was definitely a dream because, in real life, Greg doesn't and has never drank alcohol and he would never have done something like this to anyone. Not sure what happened in my brain for this, because I'd never have cast Greg as a dream villain.
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I've not posted one of my dreams for a long time. Last night's was a doozy though.

I have never dreamed of a historical person before, but the dream had me hanging out with Albert Einstein. He had the messy hair, big stache, everything. He was a physics professor at my old college. He was just taking a walk on campus and I introduced myself. I joined him on his walk, talking about things.

During the walk we ran into Howard Wollowitz from the Big Bang Theory. He was playing a shoot-em up game with all these different guys on campus. When you got shot, which involved a player pointing his finger like a gun and going "pew pew," you had to drop. Everyone around us was involved in the game it seems, as complete strangers would dramatically grab themselves and fall when shot. Einstein and I joined in and I went down rather quickly.

The dream then took a very dark turn.

When I "came to," everyone was gone. I heard music coming from the building and knew that something more ominous was coming. I ran into the building to warn the musicians that they needed to hide. There were three men with string instruments when I got into the auditorium. When I told them to hide, they scoffed at me. I heard noises coming toward the room, so I ran toward a cabinet to hide, but when I opened them, the advancing horde was in the cabinet, which was a tunnel.

They pushed the doors off the hinges and one of them fell on top of me, hiding me from these men. I kept still as they took the musicians. One of them, an Asian man in 1940s garb and glasses, pulled the door off of me and told me to stay hidden until they left.

So I did... then I woke up.
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So after running 3.5 miles yesterday, followed by 2 hours of pressure-washing the house exterior, I felt sore. Actually, I felt weirdly light-headed too, but attributed that to being dehydrated. After a shower and lunch, I took a nap and felt worse. The chills surprised me. I managed to crawl out of bed eventually and checked my temperature, which was 100.2 deg F. So I bundled up on the couch, took some ibuprofen, and settled in to catch "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars." The fever broke before the top two lip-synced for their legacy (ugh, that just doesn't roll off the tongue easily).

I went to bed early, despite the nap. The dream I had last night was odd, but I don't think being sick was the cause. I dreamed of my first house, a small two-bedroom, one bath that was literally next door to the house I grew up in. My mom and dad lived there for six years, including my first four, before we moved.

114 Andrew Street Corbin KY
Courtesy of Google Maps

A realtor was showing the house and I asked if I could take a tour. She took me to the roof to enter, which was silly. We went back down and through the front door. The previous owner had obviously done some renovating. They had torn out the ceiling and created a vaulted ceiling to the roof. The living room was basically a show room of cabinets full of clothing and jewelry for sale. It was obviously a dream as the inside of the house was larger than the outside.

I looked the house up on Google maps this morning and saw the house had been remodeled. My cousin did the first remodel years ago, but it looks like the current owners did more. The elephant-ear trees had been cut down in the front yard. The stumps are still there.
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I was acting branch director today. It was a busy one, but it flew by for the most part. I came home with the plan of going for a run. After I changed out of my work clothes, I laid down on my bed for a brief second. The next thing I knew, three hours had passed. Naps are becoming common for me, but they trash the night for me, especially when I have things to do.

The dreams were pretty cool though. For some reason I was dreaming of my old elementary school, East Ward. Because my grandmother was the head cook there, she took me and my siblings to school bright and early every day. I was there at 6 AM, long before anyone else was at school, so we were left to our own devices until around 7 AM.

Normally, we stayed in the lunchroom/auditorium. On one end of the room were the lunch tables and benches, which could be folded up into the wall, leaving the area huge for indoor recess when it rained.

On the other end of the room was the school stage. The stage was open, but had stage doors to the side, as well as steps up from the lunchroom floor. There was a piano that always needed tuning, tables and folding chairs, and rolled up mats for tumbling for rainy-day recess. The best part of the stage was the slight upper area to the left next to a very large window that let you look out over the playground and the nearby creek. I spent many hours sitting on that window sill, staring out, and daydreaming.

I don't remember the specifics of the dream, but I remember the setting well. It made me sad that I never got to take photos of the school, as a lot of details are getting lost to me as I get older. The school was remodeled in the last couple of years, turning it into affordable apartments, so the stage is now history, as is the big daydream window.

I really need to force myself to stay awake and work out.
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On this rainy Saturday, I decided to grab a nap. I had a very strange dream and the weirdness seemed to land on the name of a co-worker.

I was in my office and giving some boxes of office supplies to a new secretary, a young, pretty African-American lady who was taking them to our downtown location. We apparently had not met before, but I was reading her ID badge and asked about her name, which was spelled "Kaiba."

Me: "How do you pronounce your name? 'Kay-ba?'"
Kaiba: "Close, you missed a syllable."
Me: "Oh, 'Ka-ee-ba?'"
Kaiba: "You got it!"

What struck me as odd is that I don't have a co-worker named Kaiba. I had never seen this name before that I can recall.

I did a Google search to see if I could find the name somewhere. It is the name of an Anime character, but not of any series I've watched, so I'm still wondering where my subconscious picked it up.
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I was going to say that I had another weird dream this morning, but most of them are weird, right?

In this dream, I was out of town somewhere. It felt like I was staying at some kind of resort and I might have been there for work, but it's not clear. At some point, on my own time, I went to the back deck of a cabin or building with my laptop/iPad for a little "me time." It was a nice day so I thought going outside would be great.

I was on some sort of website that was more like Facebook, but seemed to have some sort of proximity-displaying element like Scruff or Growlr. While I was searching around and minding my own business, a young woman and her two young daughters came walking through the grass to play. I looked up at her and saw it was Candace Cameron Bure, the "Christian" actress and talk-show host.

Now I am not one of those people who go nuts over celebrities, especially when I don't agree with their political or religious viewpoints, so I just politely nodded and smiled and went back to my laptop.

A few moments later, a new "post" appeared on the website from Bure. It read something like this:

  • "Why is that guys like to sit alone in the park by themselves? It's very creepy when a mom is out with her kids."

And she tagged me, by name, in the post, which is why I think it popped up on my feed. Very surprised, I looked up and around for her, seeing how she just called me out, wondering if she'd be brave enough to confront me face-to-face. She had gone to play elsewhere it seems.

I sat back and was working up my response, hitting her with the fact it is a public space (but not a park, as I recall) and that it is unfair to infer that I'm creepy considering that she doesn't know me, but feel comfortable enough to publicly post about me otherwise. I was probably going to throw some serious shade at her political beliefs fueling these perceptions.

However, I never got the chance to type up these things as I woke up. You dodged my wrath this round, Candace.
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I took the day off, the last of my "use or lose" vacation time from 2015. I used the day to write off a few of my usual birthday time errands, like paying the property taxes on my car, getting new car tags, etc.

I paid my taxes with one of my "Grizzly" checks, which got a few odd looks from the assistant clerk. It's not every day a check comes to her office with the image of a hairy-chested, bearded superhero on them. After I left, I'm sure she probably said something to other clerks.

So now I have a three-day weekend and no distinct plans, which is fine. That head cold of mine is still hanging on, with lingering congestion, making mornings a bit gross. So the big idea this weekend is probably getting some rest.

My dreams have been a bit odd lately too. I'm not sure if the medication is to blame or not. Last night's dream had me being critiqued by old college friends after I gave a speech or something. The biggest negative was my apparent lisping, which they stated made me sound incredibly gay. I don't have a lisp in real life, so this didn't make sense to me, but the feeling was a bit unnerving, being judged by old college buddies.

Anyway, it's Friday and I'm off work, which makes me happy.

I feel a nap coming on. :)
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I had this dream this morning. It was so vivid, so creepy, that I wanted to post and entry on it, but didn't have the proper means to make an LJ post. So I dictated it to my iPhone's Notes program so I wouldn't forget the specifics as most memories of my dreams tend to fade after a few hours.

In the dream, I was working with a group of paranormal researchers at a haunted house on a snowy night. When we arrived, there was a group of people formed into a single-file line going into the house. At first, only I could see them. In the course of our investigation, we learned that an evil man had hypnotized them to respond to commands by ringing a bell.

The house was full of books, but looked less like a library, and more like a used bookstore. There were shelves and stacks of hardback books, paperbacks, small flip books, and pamphlets. We started looking through the house, but I don't recall the specifics of what we did.

Eventually, we begin to be attacked by the ghosts of these people. At first, it was just books flying at us and then they began to fully materialize and chase us, knocking over books, reaching for us through bookcases, etc.

The only way to stop them was to open a book and put it over the face of the ghost, like you were trying to suffocate them. The book would somehow absorb the ghost's attention, making them part of the story, so they would become confused and lost in the book's world. Once the ghost was confused, you could remove the book and quickly set it on fire. Once the book was consumed, the ghost would vanish.

The larger the book, the more confused the ghost would be, but it would take longer to burn the book. If the book was small or short, the ghost would be confused for a shorter amount of time and you had to burn it quickly before the ghost shook it off.

I fought a particularly handsome ghost. He was dressed like a theater pirate, wearing black tights and billowing shirt. He lunged for me, knocking me to the floor. I grabbed the closest thing I could, an old and crappy romance paperback, and threw it over his face as he struggled with me on the floor. With him on the floor with a book over his face, I groped his butt aggressively while waiting for him to be absorbed by the book. I have no idea why I did the groping part. It felt good in my hand (I admit) and it kept him distracted until he was fully engulfed by the story.

Because it was a small book, as soon as I pulled it from his face, I reached for a nearby candle. Because of its aged paper, the book lit up quickly. The phantom writhed on the floor, eventually disappearing as soon as the book was burned up.

At some point, the investigation team had fought and freed all of the ghosts and was wrapping things up. We were getting ready to head back to the lab to analyze our data.

As we were walking out, the group of students that had walked in single file were now standing near the entrance, thanking us for freeing them. They all had cell phones out and called the main researcher on her phone at the same time and in unison said thank you. It was eerie to hear all of their voices come through on her phone. The main researcher left and the rest of us were preparing to leave as well.

As we were walking out, somebody rang a bell. All of the students suddenly stopped moving and looked back at us in unison. I knew by their behavior this was bad.

I walked quickly out of the house and to the gate at the edge of the snow covered yard. As I exited through the gate, I saw an older car waiting with the engine running and the back door open.

I didn't know who the car was waiting for, but I shut the door and kept walking quickly away from the house.

In the distance, one of the other researchers cried out in terror. I started to run.

In the snow on the sidewalk, I could see the head researchers footprints. I kept running thinking I would catch up to her, but eventually they stopped and I didn't see her anywhere.

Then I woke up.
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Last night's dream was pretty frenetic, all over the place.

I was with my Mom and a tour group at a bookstore, where they had everything. They even had an apparent adult books/movie section. To get to this section, you had to go on a tour. Mom and the old ladies stayed behind (thank heavens). The tour involved leaving the one store to go to others.

Before we left, I went upstairs and there was a bedroom where I found the late Murphy the Cat on the bed. This didn't seem to surprise me one bit. I sat down and started petting him and other people walked in (part of the previous tour maybe). There were kittens on the bed too. I started telling the guys how the kittens got there, that we had a female cat besides Murphy who never got pregnant, so we had assumed they were both too old and never got them fixed. Then suddenly, the female cat got knocked up and had her only batch of kittens.

I enjoyed petting Murphy again. All of the kittens were taken by the people, except for one squeaky female kitten. I assume this was one of Murphy's kids. I gave her a kiss and named her Melody. I put her on Murphy's tummy and he started licking her.

The tour left and I rode with a young guy and a few others in a mini-van, zooming around some tiny streets. And then I woke up.

No real theme to this one. I was just happy to see Murphy the Cat again.
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Oh crap, it's 5 AM! What the heck am I doing up this early?

Oh yeah, I'm on a panel at my college taking about my experiences after getting a chemistry degree.

Well, that would explain the dream I had last night. I was back in college waiting to find out my dorm assignment. Why it was not assigned before I got there, I have no idea. So while I was worrying, I ended up in a girl's dorm and each of them was figuring out where their rooms were too. Each would move into a room, hopefully they'd get to stay there. Oddly, they were not shocked to see me there.

Eventually, it got late and it took forever for me to get out of the maze-like dorm. As I was walking back to my dorm, I saw a couple of girls trapped in a plexi-glass bus booth. They weren't stuck in there because of the doors, but because of the angry crowds that wanted to mob them for protesting something stupid on campus. I never quite got the reason, but I happily walked away.

The last thing I recalled in the dream was seeing a billboard car driving around with a sign from one of the college students. It read something like "Dad, I'm okay, but call the dorm so I can get my insulin." It didn't give a name or anything, or a number, so I wondered how that was going to work. I gave the student props for an inventive way to get in touch with his dad though.

And then I woke up. At 5 AM. On a Saturday. Ugh.
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This morning's dream was a doozy.

It started out in a post-apocalyptic society, where a handsome, blond and bearded scientist would swing down in a large, octopus-like machine and scoop up as many people as it could. It was considered an honor to get scooped up, as it meant a better life somewhere else. At this point, I was just watching the scene unfold and not participating.

The scientist took the people to a different planet where he had terraformed it into a "Small Earth." His machine would land and leave a large geometrically-designed pattern in the soil. The grass and everything would then reclaim the space, but the design remained.

I was on this "Small Earth" with the latest group of settlers. Everyone seemed very happy and settled in. I was invited to a Lesbian wedding (a couple of the ladies I play in the softball league with actually). It was a large party in a multi-level house. The wedding went off without a hitch. I stood on a stage and watched the ladies fight for the tossing of the bouquet. And what a fight that was! Vicious wasn't the word for it. They fought, scratched, kicked, tackled, etc.

The house had layers where each was a different area -- a dining area, a shopping area, etc.; it was practically a mall. Every time I tried to leave the party and go home, someone would stop me, saying it was too early to leave or that something else was going on. I was hanging out with the recently-wedded ladies only to see that one of them was missing a breast, like an Amazon. It was unsettling to see, considering she was leaving it just out in the open.

Later, it was apparent that those throwing the party didn't want anyone to leave as they started attacking people. They weren't zombies or anything, just crazy. I led a group of party-goers down through the levels, saving two guys along the way from a father-son duo who was trying to strangle them. As we got down the lowest level, we came across a sacrifice situation, where people were painted in kabuki-like make-up. The ones being sacrificed were the party planners, who were willingly giving up the ghost to garner some greater reward.

One of the ladies from my group looked out the window and saw a storm in the distance. The lightning and wind were behind a large swarm of ravens flying in formation. This conflagration was heading right toward this house. The lady screamed out, "We never left! We never left!" implying that we never left the post-apocalyptic world after all.

Everyone ran outside and laid down on the dirt, holding hands, as though it was the only thing we could do. And then, thankfully, I woke up.
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As my temporary work position is winding down, I've been thinking about taking time off and debating on where I'd go. I'm sure this influenced the dream I had this morning.

I was on vacation, heading by plane to Portugal. I've always wanted to go back to Portugal, after having visited Lisbon back in 2009 for work. As the plane was nearing the coast, I went to the back of the plane and jumped off into the ocean. I swam to the shore where I saw huge numbers of people rushing into the huge waves that were crashing into the beach. Thia activity was a local custom called "The Breaking of the Waves." People rushed into the water, breaking the waves coming to the shore, swam back to the beach, and repeated their run. I joined in with the locals, which included men, women, and children of all ages.

When the fun of this wore off, I trekked up to the road where I found my car. I guess as part of this adventure, I had paid for a car with all my stuff in it. It was getting late and I drove down this one highway. It was dark, but very picturesque in a way. The sky was dark enough to see stars but only around the edges of the trees. It was like it was too light above me to see stars, but the horizon was dark enough for them to shine.

After a couple of hours on the road, it ended to another road. I noted the name of the street I was on as "Armitage" and decided to turn right on the connecting street. Eventually, I came up a hotel, which was full of American tourists. The cute cubby at the front desk seemed to know I was supposed to show up. He had an American accent, which I found odd. When I told him about my day, how I had jumped from a plane and participated in the wave breaking activity, he looked at me like I was crazy.

"My dad has never done that," he said, looking at me incredulously.

I'm not sure what his dad had to do with it, but I accepted my room keys to go to my room and that is when I woke up.
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Lately, I have had some pretty wild dreams, but I haven’t managed to get any of them written down. That’s sad, as I’ve really enjoyed some of them, but the details get lost pretty quickly unless I jot down notes or write up an entry here right away.

Last night’s dream was a great one though. I love finding old stashes of comic books. There is nothing more satisfying than rummaging through a comic book bin and finding a gem that got lost in the dozens of issues of crap that is being put out these days. In my dream, I was at work, showing new employees how we handle our files. After 10 years, most hardcopy files are purged from the system.

When I pulled out a section of files to sort through, I found them full of comic books, the really good ones from the 1970s and 1980s – Wonder Woman, Justice League of America, Adventure Comics, etc. I asked my supervisor about the files who told me that since they were over ten years old, they had to go.

I was in a euphoric state at hearing that. Since the comic books were not government files, there was no problem with confidentiality issues. Since they were being thrown out, I could take them home.

Definitely a happy dream for me.
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Last night was a dual dream kind of night.

  • The first dream basically had me lounging on the couch watching TV at home. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone starring at me through the side window next to my front door. Normally, this window is covered by a curtain, but the curtain was missing. The guy was an older guy, relatively handsome, with silver hair and no facial hair, but a bit of scruff. I was kind of freaked out, so I stood up, looked right out the window, and pointed at him. He seemed unfazed. So, I rushed toward the door, flinging it open and he started to run off. I hollered for him to stop... and I woke up.

  • The second dream had me at a training course for work. At lunch, my friends ditched me and I started working on my comic book again. Getting hungry, I went to Taco Bell where I started my afternoon job. My first day apparently where the @$$hole manager handed me stacks of phone-in orders and asked me to type them into the register, while taking orders for people who walked up.

    It really was an impossible task. Lunchtime crowds were getting angry. My boss came up to me and told me my drawer was short over $20, which was odd since I'd not touched any money yet. He told me that this might not be working out. A group arrived for their order, which hadn't even been punched into the system yet, and said they'd have to leave if it wasn't ready. The group leader was a former boss of mine, so this embarrassed me to greatly.

    A child walked up to the counter and asked me for a quarter. I told him I didn't have one. He argued with me that I did. I shooed him away. Next a woman came up with a gaggle of a dozen kids of multiple ethnicities and started berating me for not giving the kid a quarter. I lost it on her, explaining how crappy this place was run, how the boss expected me to do things without training me, and how there wasn't enough staff at lunch to help everyone. She started bawling and rushed into the manager's office. I am not sure how she even knew where it was and I suspected I just blew up on a spy. I finally woke up when I had decided to just quit the place, realizing that fast food wasn't for me.
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Because of the crappy weather and road conditions, I stayed home yesterday. Today's weather is worse and yet I made it to work somehow. The drive here was a butt clencher, but I got here safely. Oh well....

My dreams lately have been a little off the mark (as much as they are ever on, actually). Here are a brief synopsis of the last couple of days as much as I can remember them so long after the fact.

  • My dream from Tuesday involved me being a stage magician. I had just finished a successful show and changed backstage. Magician David Copperfield was there backstage and was congratulating me on a fine performance. He helped we push my gear to my car and said good night. I was in a hurry to get home because I needed to fix up my stuff. I was especially concerned because a small mouse I used in my act was still in my stage costume pants and I needed to let him out.

So after I got home, I reached into the pants and found the mouse. He was in a small plastic container. I was going to turn him loose outside as I didn't need him for the act anymore. When I pried open the container he was in, the mouse exploded. Not in a red, bloody mess, but in a white blob, kind of like a bug. And on that note, I woke up.

  • Last night's dream was not so detail oriented. My hair had grown long. Really long. Like romance novel cover hunk long. Everyone was noticing it and I could feel it swaying on my neck as I turned my head. It was strange. And obviously a dream because my hair doesn't grow long as much as it grows out into a frizzy mass. I attempted the mullet in high school and my hair wouldn't cooperate, so I stopped. A blessing in disguise because high school photos of my brother's mullet still exist and are hilarious.
  • I've seen some guys with longer hair and they can pull it off. Personally, I don't think my face is designed for such a mane of hair, and I don't think I'd enjoy the upkeep on it. Original designs for my Polar Bear hero had him in a Viking type costume with long white hair, but it wasn't so easy to draw, so I nixed it. Still, I may bring it back for another hero. The toon below was from earlier this year and shows it could be fun.

    035 - Beard and Mane

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    Last night, I went to a friend's house for his semi-regular, monthly game night. It's a potluck. We eat and play card games and video games. It's a great evening and I am happy to go. Last night, dinner was chili, which was tasty. We played some Cards Against Humanity and Fluxx, both of which are really fun and slightly wicked.

    However, the chili did not agree with me during the night. I usually know which foods give me that acid reflux issue, but this one caught me off guard. So it was a fitful night and I didn't get a lot of rest. I was going to work out this morning, but begged off as I just had no energy.

    Eventually I laid down again and drifted off to sleep again. Then came the strange dreams.

    I was at the Weed Laundry, which was a laundry service back in my hometown that operated from 1901 to 1973. I have no idea where the "Weed" name came from. It was just down the road from my house and the abandoned stone building sat there for at least three decades after it closed. It was on the corner of two cross streets and had an odd diagonal shape, the structure being like a 45 degree angle with the point at the cross streets. I always thought the building was cool.

    Anyway, in my dream, my family owned this building. My father had passed away and I was inside taking some sort of inventory. In the garage, there was the shell of an old-time truck, the kind with the big fenders and side boards. Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi was there and asked me about buying the truck, offering me $2K for it. I didn't trust him and told him that I needed to check with my siblings as I didn't own it alone.

    As I went upstairs, it was as though I was seeing it for the first time. In reality, I vaguely recall going into the building once and remember that it was nothing but an empty shell. In the dream, it had multiple levels with shaky staircases, peeling paint, and slanted floors. It was though all the moisture from the laundry operations had caused the building to become unstable. Adding to the weirdness, each floor was decorated in typical 1970s colors and dressings.

    What made this worse that there was all sorts of people, mostly older ladies, in the building. I was trying to corral them out of the building, but they each took their time, like they were sighteseeing what they believed to be their last trip to see it. As I took groups of them down creaking staircases, I noticed dripping water from the ceiling that pooling in sinks on the landings.

    I actually would have enjoyed going through more of the dream, but I woke up before I could see what else was going on. I tried to find a photo of the building online, but couldn't, and sadly the building has long since been torn down.
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    I blame the porter beer I had last night for this one.

    Strangely, from what I recall, the dream started out with me not participating in the action. It was like I was watching a movie. A young couple was driving along in their car down a secluded country road. They were dressed like a couple out of an early 1960s movie, very conservative, her in a sweater with one of those period bullet-bras that turned her boobs into a pair of vertical torpedoes and him in a suit.

    On the road, they were attacked by a couple of guys who were dressed as filthy clowns. The husband or boyfriend was kidnapped but the girl managed to get away with just her hair slightly mussed. Freaked out, she ran down the road until she somehow came upon me several miles away. I wasn't sure what I was doing out in the middle of nowhere, but I guess I could have been visiting family.

    So, being the Southern gentleman I am, I agreed to go back with her. Having no car, we took a scooter. Yes, a scooter. She was driving and I was sitting behind her with my hands around her waist. All the way there, she was asking me if I thought she was fat. I told her no. She wasn't skinny, she was normal, built like women were in the 1950s and early 60s, trim but not necessarily toned. I didn't even get to the part about her torpedoes.

    A ways down the road we came upon what appeared to be a garage sale along the road. She stopped the scooter and a man stood in front of the bike. He was a tall, clean-shaven and balding, but with that 5 o'clock shadow that showed he could grow a great beard. He wore a pair of leather pants, no shirt, and a thin white robe that was open in the front, exposing a very furry body, big chest, and even bigger and round furry tummy. The last bit was so big and round, the went over the edge of the pants. I admit I was a bit turned on.

    He acted like he was a member of some cult, inviting us to stay. He came around the back of the bike and wrapped his arms around both of us. His tummy was so furry I could feel the hair through my shirt as he pressed against me. He was kidnapping us. He took us into the house where his buddy, a skinny, greasy guy was attacked me while the bear took the lady into another room. I managed to get free from the skinny guy who then took a swing at me. I gave him a swift jab directly to his nose and he went down in tears.

    I ran to the room where the furry guy had taken the girl and found him closing the lid of a very large, round topped wooden chest. His leather pants and robe was on the floor. He had changed into regular street clothes. When I pointed it out, he claimed he had to go to work. Just as he moved forward towards me, his skinny buddy came in. I pushed the one into the other and grabbed a rope or belt from the floor. When I swung it at them, they both grabbed hold of it.

    Now here, it gets a bit superhero-ish. I pulled the belt back and they both held on. I started spinning, pulling them around and around, building up great momentum, until I let go and threw them both through a window nearby. Knowing others were coming soon, I raced for the chest to let the woman out, but when I opened the chest, it was full of clothes. I kept digging and digging through what seemed to be a bottomless chest and never found her.

    At this point, I woke up.
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    I woke up late today after a fitful night of sleeping. This morning I woke up after having a dream about a closet in my parents' old house.

    In the dream, my sibs and I were adults, but living back with our folks in the old house. In my old bedroom that I shared with the twin, there was a big, long closet. As a kid, it seemed endless and mysterious things always seemed to be found back there. In the dream, this was magnified as the closet seemed to extend throughout the length of the house, literally linking all the bedrooms together and going through areas beyond the bedrooms.

    My sister had redesigned this closet area. She had put down hardwood flooring. She had put in cupboards and shelves, every bedspread and sheet set was in plastic and was labeled, and there was drawers for little things. It almost looked like the linen department in a store. It was very impressive.

    Eventually, we got tied up working on it and we were ordering pizza. The dream ended there.

    The dream itself was fairly unremarkable. What struck me as odd is that this is not the first time that I have dreamed of the endless closet. I've had dreams where the closets went on and on. Sometimes they look just like they did at home. Sometimes they look like a farm house, with loose board and light going through them. My dreams usually involve finding false doors or hidden paths that extend the closet beyond the norm.

    No great analysis of them really. It just seems like an odd recurring theme.


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