Mark at 44

Jan. 5th, 2017 09:16 pm
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The first real snowfall of the season fell today. I do love the snow (provided I don't have to drive in it), as it makes the world look very clean and tidy. Snow covers so much up, the stray leaves and twigs in the yard, the imperfections in the driveway, etc. Everything becomes very smooth and uniform, however briefly.

Mark at 44
Me at 44

I woke up to it this morning. The fact I didn't have to face the work traffic and I got to sleep in felt wonderful. Boo the Kitten and Milo the Cat were in my face wanting to be fed. I was relaxing as I did a lot of my big errands yesterday.

Facebook was lovingly blowing up with birthday messages and my phone was buzzing with text messages, so I took my time this morning getting stuff going. I did my bicep workout and grabbed lunch. As you may know, calories and carbs don't count on birthdays, so I ate badly. I splurged on some comic books and crashed at home, inking comic book pages and watching Netflix.

I've crossed into my mid-40s with no mortgage, good friends and family, and a worthwhile career. It's not a bad place to be!
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Happy Birthday and Happy Hump Day [ profile] champdaddy! I hope it's spectacular!

Spanking Ginger

Mark at 43

Jan. 5th, 2016 08:56 pm
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I won't lie. Today started out pretty crappy.

Last night, my foot started hurting and I suspected a gout flare up. So in the middle of the night, I got up and took the meds. I was so beat this morning that I slept in. The twin called and woke me to wish me a happy birthday. I'm sure I sounded terrible. I wished him one back and got up. I didn't get into the office until late. I have tons of vacation time, so this isn't really an issue. However, the foot didn't feel better all day, so I spent most of it hobbling around.

Mark at 43
Me at 43

My phone vibrated all day with birthday wishes from friends and family, mostly through Facebook notifications. It was definitely a pick-me-up as I enjoyed reading the messages, the funny pictures, the flirting from handsome bears, etc.

I was invited to go to a bear dinner tonight, but I was so beat that I didn't want to drive across town this evening, I begged off. I got home and took a nap. Thankfully, my foot started feeling better this evening. Instead of sitting at home, I took myself out for dinner, followed by cheesecake (oh, my waistline). I went to Friday's just down the road from the house and enjoyed it.

My waiter was a cute, short otter named Steven with big blue eyes and a longish brown beard. I admire anyone who waits table for a living, as it is overall a very difficult job, having done it myself during my freshman year in college. Being polite to everyone, even on your worst day, is a skill. I'm sure Steven was have a decent night and he took good care of me. If only I could have reciprocated (okay, that was a tad pervy). I did the next best thing and left him a 40% cash tip. After he took the check up, he stopped by a second time and thanked me again for coming in. So, I made someone feel a bit better tonight. It's a good self-gift I think.

The night is nearly done and I'm looking forward to getting a good night's sleep tonight.

Mark at 42

Jan. 5th, 2015 03:07 pm
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Forty-two. According to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," it's the "Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything."

Mark at 42
Mark at 42

I usually have some kind of idea of something to write about when my birthday rolls around, but strangely enough, I haven't thought anything. Usually, there is some sort of anticipation or excitement or something associated with it, but this year it just seemed to get tied up with the rushes of everything else.

January 5 at 1:30 PMI never really put a lot importance to my birthdays. When I was a kid, my sister often got cookouts on her birthday. When I asked Mom why I never got a cookout, she replied that she was not going to cook outside in January. Rhonda's birthday is in June.

Today, I got up and shaved (though I didn't have to). While it's cold out, the sun is shining. I drove to the county clerk's office to pay my property tax on my car, and only got dirty looks by two drivers who were obviously in a bigger hurry than me on the highway. On my way out of the courthouse, I ran into a man with fused fingers on my way out who joked that we were both doing the same thing. I told him it was my birthday and THIS was the first thing I did to celebrate. He wished me a happy birthday with a laugh. I stopped by the post office to mail some things where I was helped by a cute postal cubby.

For lunch, I treated myself at TGI Fridays, blowing my diet out of the water with cheesecake (mmmm... cheesecake...). My phone has vibrated like crazy today. Over 130 folks have wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook, text messages, emails, and one country feller with fused fingers. It feels good.

42 feels good.

Mark at 41

Jan. 5th, 2014 01:01 pm
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Hmmmm... what can I say about turning 41?


I actually would like to say that I'm redesigning my life, going to become more outgoing, travel for fun, etc., but the reality of it is that life is fairly good right now. 2013 was not my best year by any stretch, so I've had to learn a little something about maintenance of myself, especially in relation to the number of doctor visits I've had.

In 2014, I plan on doing some of those aforementioned changes, but I know a lot of things are unforeseen that can derail such planning. I had a chance to pursue a job change in Louisville, but I let that one go by as things just didn't feel right. Not that there was anything wrong with the job, but it felt like I hadn't really finished things as they needed to be here yet, that my current job and life here still had enough challenges to keep me interested and occupied. Most of all, I am very curious what this year holds for me.

I've had tons of birthday messages, which started filtering in after midnight last night and haven't stopped yet. It's good to feel loved by many. It also feels go to have a cellphone that vibrates with each message when the phone is in your pants pocket, but I digress.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Big warm hugs to every body :)
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I have co-workers that take great glee in celebrating those milestone birthdays for us. One coworker in particular is pretty involved about decorating offices and leaving surprises. I was off work all last week, so she and her cohorts had a week to get my office in shape. And what a shape it was...

Me and My Office at 40
Click above for the Flickr set

I'm actually happier than my photo suggests. My coworker shrink wrapped my office -- my chair, my computer, my phone, etc. And the most devious part was that she shrink-wrapped my scissors, then put them in my chair and shrink-wrapped the chair!

Evil, I tell you. Pure evil. Her 50th is coming up in a few years. I'll start planning now. :)

On the flip side, she made me a delicious rum cake as a peace offering. YUM!!!!

Mark at 40

Jan. 5th, 2013 05:04 pm
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Me at 40. It's a funny feeling to actually say it, but I don't know why.

Mark At 40
Me at 40

I never had predictions or hopes for what I'd be at 40. I don't know if that strange or not. I always thought I'd be married with kids at 27, when 2000 came around, but never really wondered beyond that. When 30 hit, I finally admitted to myself that I was gay and things took an amazing upswing in my life and my attitude towards it. Having such a milestone happen, I wasn't sure what would top it.

Last night, I was getting my hair did by a young woman from Ecuador. In trying to strike up conversation, she asked me if I had kids or was married and I said no to both. She then asked me if I wanted kids, and I found myself admitting that I've accepted that I likely will not and that I'm okay with that too. A part of me wondered if she was fishing for a husband.

At a young age I had projected what I felt I should have based on what everyone else was doing at 27 or 30. Part of growing up is realizing that those things are just not what will happen, even though it defies a great deal of convention. 40, unmarried, and childless. Eh, that's okay.

The twin sent me a birthday card that said "We Made It!" inside. It caught me off-guard because I never thought for a moment that we wouldn't. Maybe having no long-term goals at milestones is for the best. I suspect it will only get better from here and I won't be disappointed.

Mark at 39

Jan. 5th, 2012 10:33 am
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Usually for my birthday, I recount some story with accompanying photos. For some reason this year (and it seems the last couple), I'm coming up empty.

Mark at 39
Great Scott! The end of my 30's are approaching!
A quick costume change and I'm ready to save the world!

I've wondered about this and I think that my reason for not recounting something is that I'm slowly learning to live in the present instead of the past.

Turning 39 today is a bit unnerving. It's my last year in the thirties. I think when people think of folks in their 30's, they're still viewed as having some sort of "young adult" properties. This can be both good and bad, depending on the situation. I think people 40 and over are looked at as more authority figures, while those in the 30's are viewed as still having much to learn. It's all about appearances as it really depends on the person if the stereotype holds true or not.

I think everyone has a few things in life that they hope to have done by a certain age. I have a lot of what I love at this age and a few things, some life-changing, that seem to have yet occur. If you had asked me ten years ago if I would have had them by now, I would have guessed that I would. I don't feel that I'm necessarily behind, but rationalize that these things just haven't presented themselves yet. Logically, it gives me something to look forward to.

So at 39, I'm working on grace. Accepting the losing of the hair, the silver in my beard (and my chest hair), and hoping I can get a decent body through working out. I think it's called growing up. I'm still working on that a bit, but not completely convinced it's worthwhile.

After all, how many people my age still dream of being a superhero?

Mark at 38

Jan. 5th, 2011 10:05 am
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Ah, here we are again. Thanks so much to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday so far :)

I woke up at my usual time too, which really stinks when I've taken the week off and looked forward to sleeping in. Still, I did manage to get in a little bit more before the twin called at 7 AM to wish me a Happy Birthday.

January 5, 2011Thankfully, he didn't call at 12:01 AM like he usually does. I've been trying to cut down on the four-letter words and I'd hate to use up a year's supply in one phone call.

Normally, I'd recount some story about me and him, but this year nothing seemed to come to mind.

Last night, I was working on drawing a cartoon to post with today's entry, but I couldn't get anything to materialize on the pad.

I think the last couple of months of constant decision-making has burned me out. I took the week off to recharge the battery a bit. I'm also making a few changes to things that I'll post about later.

Hope everyone is having a grand day!
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Here is some photos and toons since my birthday.

Grizzly OtterThese are two birthday toons drawn by online buddies. The first is an Otteresque cartoon of Grizzly done by the very sweet [ profile] designerotter. I adore this as it's both cute and hot at the same time. I envy his skills. The detail in the uniform, the colors used, everything is perfect. Click the image for a larger version :)

Me by FuzzbellyThe next is a toon of me done by [ profile] fuzzbelly from a photo of myself. He's doing 365 bear drawings and I'm #5. I've never actually seen a cartoon of me that I didn't draw myself. I feel pretty honored here and I think it's a fantastic likeness. Click the image for the larger version.

Charlie 01-05-2010I really didn't spread the word around my office that Tuesday was my birthday. I have been very busy lately and trying to get a lot done. My coworkers were meeting my predecessor Charlie and his wife for lunch and I begged off to get some stuff done. A coworker took this photo of the now-retired Charlie because she couldn't get over his beard being so long. I had her send it to me. I wish I had gone now. I think the longer beard looks great on him and I wish mine could grow that thick.

Looking outside, it looks like I made the right call skipping work. The snow seems to have fallen earlier than predicted. Still, before it got too rough out, I headed out to get my hair cut.

Haircut Freshly ShornIt really isn't until I get a haircut that the gray and silver hairs on my head stand out. I can hold the tufts of hair that fall and see that they really are becoming more plentiful. I'm not sad about it or anything. It's just the way things are and it seems to blend well with the dark hair. I only hope I look half as good as Charlie does when I retire and can begin my career as a daddybear model *wink*.

Mark at 37

Jan. 5th, 2010 06:24 pm
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Mark at 37Nothing really stinks worse than working on my birthday. I spent a large chunk of the day reviewing reports and staring out the window watching it snow.

There were several bright spots in the day though, most of them in the form of birthday wishes from all y'all here on LJ and on FB. I think I counted over 40 of them. Thank you guys and gals so much for that! My iPhone vibrated so many times with new messages that I should have left it in my pocket and enjoyed that feeling (*wicked grin*)

I got calls from the twin, my sister, my mom, two nephews, and sadly missed a call from a sweet bear in London, England.

I'm seeing a bit more silver in the beard this year and way too much (in my opinion) in my chest hair.

Tonight, I'm watching movies, eating junk food, and drawing. Three of my favorite things. Calm birthdays aren't so bad.
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A very devilishly-handsome chat buddy of mine named Jim Locke who is a singer and a novelist sent me a very sweet, unexpected birthday surprise to my email. For the first time in a long while, I think I'm speechless. No one has ever recorded a song for me. Thank you so much Jim! Big warm hugs!

Happy Birthday!

Mark at 36

Jan. 5th, 2009 04:37 pm
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Mark at the 6's
Me at my six's -- Age 6, Age 16 (*shudder*), Age 26, and today (Age 36)

Big thanks to everyone who texted, emailed, posted (LJ and Facebook) and called today, I really appreciate it! And big birthday hugs to [ profile] coachbear, who shares my birthday!

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I really don't have new pics of the twin to post today (someone else took Christmas pics this past year). You'll just have to look at past ones.

Birthdays for my family are often low-key affairs. My folks never made a big fuss over them other than saying happy birthday on the day. I don't blame them for it, my birthday being after Christmas and New Years, I think they were partied out and still recovering financially from Christmas shopping. Mom used to hide one present back from Christmas for our birthday, but we often just asked to get them together as no kid can wait 11 more days for a present if it's in the house. I'm thankful my sibs are not following suit, as evident by my sister taking the nephew out to dinner and games (his birthday was yesterday).

And the day thus far:
  • I took the day off! The best present to myself ever.
  • Got my driver's license renewed. DMV cameras are designed to make you look as bad as possible. My skin has a greenish pallor like I'm sea sick and I was apparently caught in mid-thought. Oh well, I only keep it for five years and if I get pulled over, the cop may feel sorry for me.
  • Got my car tags renewed since I was there. That's one rush trip I wont have to make this month.
  • Worked out at the gym while watching "Iron Man" in the cardio cinema. Nice burly guy in the locker room for eye candy made working out completely worthwhile.
  • Comic book shopping with a $25 coupon I earned from past purchases. Because of the trouble I'd had using it in the past, the clerk rounded my $29 total purchase to the $25.
  • Qdoba for lunch. Enough said.

... And left to do:
  • Call the twin (left a vmail already).
  • Pet Murphy & Maggie.
  • Watch Netflix flicks.
  • Work on next Grizzly & The Bear Patrol installment.
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Hey all, welcome to my temporary non-[ profile] cincycub filter. I'll explain why you're on it in a moment.

Over The HillI was supposed to go to Cleveland this week for work, but thanks to Mother Nature's vengeful attitude toward Northern Ohio, I got a week's reprieve. As I am now in town for [ profile] cincycub's 30th birthday today, my curious mind went where all devious kids' minds go when they have some free time, a pack of matches, kerosene, and a quantum singularity to play with... no good.

As we may turn 29 several times in life, we generally only hit 30 once, so I wanted to do something funny for his birthday. The card is in the mail, but I figured this one needed something special. So first, I bought a dozen black helium balloons saying, "OVER THE HILL."

Signs!In looking at them, I just didn't feel that the balloons sold the message alone. So I thought I would buy a sign to post in his yard, but couldn't decide on just one, so I bought the three that caught my eye. My plan began to take shape. I got up EARLY this morning before Brian left for work and planted the signs and balloons in his front yard and front porch. I should have done this late last night as the signs weren't that cooperative in the frozen earth. I wont win any awards for artistic merit, but the thought is there. I'd have taken photos, but I found that black balloons don't photograph well in the pre-lit morning hours. Who knew...

Repent!Now, when I was in church as a kid, I learned the Good Book says "Do Unto Others Before they Do Unto You..." or something like that... Hell, I never paid that close of attention. Figuring that I am doing something slightly evil, I was hoping I could get a few of you to go along with the joke in another way. Now you'll know why you're on this filter. I want you guys to post something in your journals wishing Brian a happy 30th birthday, and mention that you hope he enjoyed the balloons that YOU put in his yard. If you don't want to admit to it, just say that you heard the "birthday fairy" (ta da!) visited him this morning. Just don't tell him I did it. Think of it as a limited circulation meme. The final part of the gag will be his friends list will be full of folks admitting to it. I'll reveal that it was really me later tonight, but I'm sure he'll suspect.

Shush!If you want to do it, that would be great. If you don't, that's fine too, but I ask that you keep it a secret.

Thanks! :)

Update: LOL! According to Brian's Twitter account, he has found the balloons.. and yet, he makes no reference to the Hannah Montana sign.. hmmm. *wicked grin*

Update 2: The jig is up! I've removed the temporary filter. Happy Birthday, Brian!!! :)
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Big thanks and hugs to everyone who emailed, LJ-posted, IM'd, and called me to wish me a happy birthday. It means a lot to know you guys thought of me. You guys are great! I'll also throw out a big birthday hug to [ profile] coachbear who shares my birthday too :)

Usually, I recount something about the twin and me on our birthday. I'm thankful he didn't call right after midnight last night like he usually does. To quote him, "well, if you only curse me out once a year, that's pretty good."

This year, I'll post about video games.

Text and Toon behind the cut, cut for the uninterested )
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The birthday fun continued tonight with Brian ([ profile] cincycub), Derek ([ profile] _decibel_), Chris, Sean, and Aaron ([ profile] aaron1978) at Jax Grill at the Levee in Newport. I fell off the low carb wagon for dinner, which was really good! Brian gave me a card "for a little girl" with a Target gift card inside. Derek and Chris got me a gift certificate to Comic Book World. Excellent choices, gentlemen, giving the gift of shopping is wonderful. Big hugs and thanks!!!

Jay Hernandez fights back
Jay Hernandez stars in Hostel

After dinner, Brian and I went to see a showing of Hostel. It was a decent movie, the story of two young American men who are traveling abroad and have a grisly encounter with torturers. Jay Hernandez plays one of the pair and I think he did a good job. He's cute too. :)

Brian and I agreed that you could boil the movie down to two words -- boobies and gore. There was an amazing amount of female nudity in this movie, lots of beautiful European women walking around naked. There was also a lot of gore in this movie, so much I was cringing in some scenes and I'm no lightweight when it comes to horror flicks. I enjoyed the movie, I think, but I don't see me buying the future DVD or recommending to others, except those who really enjoyed Saw.

On a side note, AMC Theater was actually checking ages for those going in this movie and was turning them away too. I was surprised.. and a little pleased. I only saw one kid around ten or so in the movie.
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Several good things happened today at work. It started with a phone call from the adorable [ profile] susobear who wished me a happy birthday all the way from London.

Around mid-morning, a tall, muscle-bound, handsome black man (he's our receiving clerk) came down the aisle carrying this:

Large bear shaped cookies!
Oooh.. look at the cookies!

I looked at him and asked who that was for and he pointed his finger directly at me. I was stunned. I wondered who would have sent them and was pleasantly surprised. The very handsome, incredibly sweet [ profile] fritzsea sent them from Cookies by Design! Five cinnamon, bear-shaped cookies iced as a fireman, a cop, a football player, a fisherman, and a doctor, with one large sugar cookie with "Happy Birthday Mark" at the top. It's honestly the first gift I've ever had delivered to my work, I was stunned and very happy. Low carb diet be damned... everyone got a bit of cookie to try and they were awesome.

More pics of cookies and me behind the cut )

I went to the gym after work and worked off the cookies and the lunch my co-workers bought me. When I trudged into the house I noticed the blinking light on my phone. It was a call from one of my dearest and oldest friends, [ profile] bleuvalentines, all the way from Germany, wishing me a happy birthday.

This birthday is going down as one of my best, thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday :)
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One of the big projects I plan to do sometime is to scan in family pictures and give copies of the CD's to my family. I'm the unofficial family historian of sorts. I was looking around the other day and found the aged Polaroids of my and the twin’s second birthday.

Me, Joe, and Rhonda in January 1975
Me, Joe the Twin, and Our Sister Rhonda

Another Polaroid Shot of Us )

To this day, I am amazed that my mom held it together with three small children in the house at the same time, each driving the other crazy on a daily basis. Even more amazing I’m surprised that we’re not wearing that cake in the picture (or maybe we were after the Polaroid photo was snapped).

Hard to believe that was 31 years ago today. Eek, that means the twin and I are now …. *gasp* … 33!

Unlike my older brothers Donnie and Ronnie (yes, they’re identical twins), Joe and I never exhibited the unusual psychic twin stuff. While the older two could often read each other’s thoughts, know when one was hurt, and speak same sentences at the same time (they are creepy sometimes), Joe and I were very different. However, it was like having an in-house partner-in-crime.

Among our hi-jinks )

Hmmm.. maybe Joe is the evil twin…
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Wondertwin Powers... Activate!

What can I say? I’m 32 today… and I didn’t turn it alone!

I’ve made several references in my posts regarding the "twin." I put together this quickie collage to satisfy those who have often wondered what he looks like, as you can see we’re not identical. Joe (the twin) and I do not have rhyming names, we do not dress alike (anymore) and we’re happily as opposite as night and day. We always have been, despite numerous attempts by parent and relatives to dress and influence us otherwise. Joe and I were born on this day, within three minutes of each other (I often refer to him as my former "wombmate"), and people have always expected us to be the same.

Strangely enough, Mom wasn't sure she was having twins with us. Because of the orientation of our positions in the womb, the doctor couldn't give her and Dad a sure evaluation. It was 1973, technology wasn't what it is today. According to Mom, the nurses were literally taking monetary bets on whether there were two of us or not in the delivery room. She says when Joe appeared after me, there was alot of screams because some of the nurses just made some money (and some just lost). We were also the young doctor's first set of twins he'd every delivered. He is still Mom's doctor today and reminds her of that.

When growing up, we fought more than got along, mostly because we had little in common other than family. We do much better as adults. I’ve gone through the differences for those interested parties.

Night and Day )

Despite our differences, we do get along and I love him dearly. Even though the goofy shit called me at 12:01 AM to wish me a Happy Birthday, even after I told him not to do it. Big happy birthday to my "little” brother (aka "The Golden Child”).

Update: Revenge is sweet. I called the twin to wish him a happy birthday this morning... at 4:30 AM.


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