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Birthdate:Jan 5
Location:Covington, Kentucky, United States of America
It's all about me...

I am proud to be a born and raised Kentuckian, currently living in Northern KY in the Greater Cincinnati area. Despite what you may have heard about KY, I did have electricity and indoor plumbing while growing up, although I think peeing in the woods is still fun and very natural. However, some KY stereotypes ring true, I do have cousins who married each other and a great uncle who had a moonshine brewing still in the woods somewhere.

I love different kinds of music from alternative to bluegrass to country to rock. I'm also a huge movie buff and can be found many weekends at the local theaters. Scary and horror movies are my favorites. One of my big pet peeves are people who talk in movies, particularly bratty teenagers with cell phones. I am a recovering Baptist, so my views on religion might be a bit harsh at times.

I love hairy bears and furry cubs. Facial hair on a cute guy drives me crazy. I hope to find a furry man of my own someday.

I'm fairly a low-key guy, a homebody of sorts. I draw, I read comic books, and I chat on the internet. When most people are looking for me, I'm likely to be found reading or drawing with my headphones on, acting like I'm not looking at the hot bear across the room. Other than that, go ahead and ask me.

Now the disclaimer: This is the journal of an adult gay male and as such may include images or discussions of a frank (adult) nature. Persons under the age of majority in their area should not proceed to read my journal. Now a disclaimer: This journal is my opinions, thoughts, etc. If you're offended by any of my interests or postings, the internet is a vast place and there are many other places you can go.

Just so you know, I'm really slow about adding people back to my friends list. It's nothing personal, I just tend to forget to update things. Also, if you don't have a face pic on your journal, I likely will not add you back.

In addition, if you post nude or suggestive pictures or videos on your journal without putting them behind a cut, I'll likely un-friend you. I do look at this journal sometimes at work and I'd rather not take the chance of getting in trouble with the office IT folks.
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