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One of the big perks of rejoining a gym is the eye candy. I'd not belonged to a gym in years, so I'd forgotten how much fun it is to watch muscled, furry guys sweat outside of an adult movie. The local Planet Fitness to me is definitely good for the view.

Now the Planet Fitness gym model is no "lunks," meaning the big roid boys generally don't belong, so as not to create an intimidating environment for the everyday joe or jane. I like the general idea of it, though it doesn't block out the former, just their stereotypical behavior.

This morning, I was up at the crack of o'dark to get to the gym to do my bicep workout. I've been trying to go in the early hours because the after-work hours are insanely crowded, especially in the free weight area. I've managed to do this for a few weeks now and there are some clear regulars in the gym.

The one that has caught my attention the most is a very fit, handsome otter-type. He has golden brown hair, a very thick, but well kept beard, and a lean muscular body, of which he can lift, stretch, and move in a way to distract everyone. He's muscled, but not huge. I don't see any fur on his chest, but it's well defined and I haven't seen him in the locker room yet. He has one of those bodies that an anatomy text book would use to point out external physical features -- "these are 'abs'" and "biceps are located here."

He's smiled at me once at the gym last week and I melted a bit. I admit it. So I like to think that he's a nice guy at the very least.

And I'm happy to see him at the gym, as motivation of a body I'll likely never have (I'm not an otter build) and as a welcome distraction for the number of miles I've left to run on a treadmill.
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This has been an up-and-down week for me. Along with my new gym workouts, I'd scheduled a routine doctor's appointment for this week. It was 10 AM on Tuesday, which is a weird time for me, it's literally smack dab in the middle of my day. I debated on whether to go to work in the morning, then the doctor, or stay home, doctor, then work.

I elected to go to the gym in the morning, then the doctor, then work. I had to fast for the blood work, so by the time it was all over, I was ravenous. I literally was at work all of 15 minutes before we went to lunch. I needed that 1,000 calorie lunch.

Last night, while I was relaxing, I did a quick doodle online, with some obvious St. Patty's Day influence:

Grizzly & Guinness
Grizzly and Guinness

I do love drawing that man. Grizzly is the ideal, muscled superhero for me.

After work, I had every intention to hit the gym, but the weather was so nice and sunny (if not still chilly) that I decided to try an outdoor run. By the time I'd gotten home, I was wiped out, so I attempted a short nap. It lasted over three hours. I think the change in my workouts has drained me a bit more than I had thought.

I'm taking Friday off from work so I have an extended weekend. Yay!
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A couple of weeks back, I decided to rejoin a gym. After five or so years of working out at home and running outside, I felt like I needed a change. I had grown bored with the workouts and have talked myself out of doing them or stopping them mid-way. The seasonal malaise doesn't help either. With a gym like Planet Fitness costing $20/month, I thought it would be reasonably inexpensive and help with my motivation.

And it's working.

There is a location on my way home from work, so I have no excuse not to stop by, short of leaving my gym bag at home. I'm still trying to transition my workout schedules and routines to the free-weights and weight machines, but I feel that it's going well.

In addition, I have something that I didn't have working out at home -- eye candy!

Lawd, the eye-candy! While Planet Fitness doesn't have the muscle-heads running about, as it's not really their target audience, it does have some very fit fellers running about, often without underwear or jocks, so flopping is visible. And as it caters to folks who are just trying to get in shape, a lot of the guys are bears, bearded, furry -- your average blue-collar joes.

Thus far, I'm back into my five to six-day workouts, including legs, which I typically never enjoyed, but the workout machines are good for them.

I'm still waiting for the new year's resolution people to filter out, but so far I'm enjoying it quite a bit. And I've not given up my home workouts, but I'm saving them for days where getting out of the house isn't good (like rainy or snowy days).
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I had this idea during my all-day training meeting today at work.

Here is my Goth-spinster, alter-ego Bitchie Ann McSourpuss, pushing her latest money-making idea to fleece the syrupy-sweet romantic couples of the season.

Anti-Valentine 2017
Oh... Crap!
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After several weeks, I finally got Issue #21 finished. While I enjoy working on the comic book, I do realize that it turns me into a temporary hermit. Needless to say, winter is a good time to work on the comic as the weather usually isn't conducive to outside activities.

I can't believe that I've cranked out 21 of these. Anyway, the full pages are behind the cut below. Enjoy!

Cover 21


Issue Notes:

  • This issue is slightly shorter than regular. While I enjoyed the last issue, I needed a bit of a break after a 30-page wedding issue. I hadn't planned for it to take five months, but the holidays tend to get in the way. So, I planned a shorter issue to get it out a bit faster.

  • I've really wanting to do another origin story. I almost did this issue as a three-story issue, with each mini-story giving an abbreviated origin story of a Bear Patrol member. Once I started writing, I decided to stick to one hero and leave the others for future issues.

  • The costume that Red Beard dons in the flashback story is modeled after the original costume I designed for Red Beard (see page 20). Originally, Red Beard was going to have acrobatic powers and a flaming sword (insert joke here). I decided that it really didn't work and did a re-design that you see in the stories.

  • This is the first issue where none of the heroes are in their costume (minus the flashback story).

  • This issue probably has more panels and backgrounds per page than any I have done to date.

Questions, comments, criticisms... I welcome them all. :)
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I have only one more page to color and the interiors of Issue #21 are done. I really need to work on my shading techniques, but since I'm self-taught, I guess they don't look too bad.

As per my usual drawing/inking/coloring routine, I've been pouring through the horror movies. This week, I've watched:

  • Flight 7500 (2014)
  • Burnt Offerings (1976)
  • Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970)
  • Anarchy Parlor (2015)
  • SSSSSSS (1973)
  • The Sentinel (1977)
  • The Car (1977)
  • Chopping Mall (1986)
  • Motel Hell (1980)
  • Bloody Birthday (1981)
  • The Rezort (2016)

I'm sure I've left a few off the list that I've forgotten, but you can see I do love the scary stuff from the 70s and 80s for the most part. They do keep me entertained while I'm working on things.

I posted the pencils of this page a few days back. I finished the colors tonight and thought I'd post it too since it doesn't give any of the plot away.

Grizzly Awakens
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I've been in Seattle for the past week for a work meeting. There wasn't any time for sightseeing or meeting local friends, as we worked long days. When Friday rolled around, I was looking forward to getting home, but not the long trip as had my first flight at noon and with a layover and connection, I wasn't slated to get home until 11 PM.

I wish I had gotten home so easily.

Just after I had boarded my flight to Houston, United Airlines canceled my connection from there to Cincinnati due to weather, notifying me by email. I literally got the email as I was shutting down my phone as they were closing the plane door. So, I was stuck. If I had gotten it 20 minutes earlier, I could have switched the flights.

Four hours later, the flight landed in Houston, and I trudged my way to the United information desk for help, which they weren't. There were no other flights to get me home, supposedly even on other airlines, so I was stuck there for the night. I was on standby for a 10 AM flight, guaranteed to a flight at 7 PM. Really, that was the "best" they could do, which sucked. United gave me a number for a discounted hotel rate, but made no offer to pay for it. She told me that my bags were on the baggage claim carousel, so I could pick them up at least.

I walked over to the baggage claim only to find that I would have to wait 2-4 hours for them to get my bag, as the bags from the flight were warehoused. F**k! So I got a bag of cheap toiletries from the baggage claim lady, spoke with a lady with a horribly thick accent on the phone to get a hotel, then waited for the hotel shuttle.

First thing I did at the hotel was wash my shirt, socks, and underwear at the hotel. I just can't handle doing without clean clothes. I called my sister to complain, got my clean clothes from the dryer, showered, and went to bed.

The next morning, I went to the airport and to the gate for my standby flight. The flight was oversold. Seriously, they put me on STANDBY for an OVERBOOKED flight. I was so frustrated and angry, I was shaking. I went to the information desk, my voice quivering as I was nearly exploding. The agent was pushing me through Chicago to Cincinnati. She played the same game as the agent from the night before, put me on standby for one flight, but guaranteed me for another.

I ran like a madman through the airport, running from Terminal B to C, to try to catch this flight. In my sweaty clothes with no deodorant, I puffed my way to the gate to find they had booked me STANDBY on another OVERSOLD flight. It was like a cruel game, to get my hopes up on something that was near impossible.

I made the next flight to Chicago, sitting next to a "sleeping" older man who farted four times during the two hour ride, and made the flight home to Cincinnati. After landing, I got to baggage claim, realizing my bags were there way ahead of me. To put the cherry on top of this very bitter cake, I had to deal with this lazy queen at United's baggage service. When I told him that I was looking for my bag, he pointed me over to the baggage carousel. I told him that my bag had been sent ahead because of a canceled flight, described the bag, and offered my baggage claim ticket. The guy didn't even look at it, put the orange he'd been eating down, and reluctantly went to the next room to get my bag. Bitch...

It took 32.5 hours to get home. The time above includes:

- Four airports in four states
- Three time zones
- Two connections
- One canceled flight
- Two stand-by tickets that failed
- One fruitless long-distance run through the Houston airport
- Six mocha frappacinos
- One pair of underwear
- No deodorant

In almost 23 years of air travel, both domestic and international, I have never experienced anything close to this. I pray I never do again.
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Since 2009, I've been keeping track of all the money I find outside the house during the year. A penny here, a dime there, the occasional quarter found in parking lots, on the carpet at work, or in the grocery aisle. I've kept track of the money for one year to see how much I would accumulate.

The rule is that it must be found money, money lost or discarded by someone else. So the change in my washing machine or dryer, the coins between the sofa cushions, the money in my car's floor -- none of them count because that's already my money. I call it the "found money." It takes little effort on my part, but I like to see how the amount tallies up.

The annual total has been $3.05 on average. Some years were closer to $2, while last year was the largest at slightly over $4. Until this year.

This past year's "found money" total was $11.76.

The amount was skewed from the average when I found $9 in cash laying on the ground at a Kentucky rest stop this summer. I had come out of the restroom and was walking toward my car when I saw it laying on the concrete. I looked around to see if anyone could have dropped it and there was no one about. So, I pocketed the cash with the intent of putting it in the found money jar.

Without the $9, the total would have been $2.76.
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First, big thanks to all the birthday wishes! I really appreciate them! :)

I spent a large chuck of the last couple of days being somewhat lazy, napping and the like. The temps have fallen into the single digits and it's not much fun going outside. However, a few things did get me out of the house.

  • Friday afternoon, I went out to see a matinee of "Passengers", the sci-fi thriller about two people who wake up on a long-distance startship to colonize a new world. They wake up about 90 years early, while everyone else is still in hibernation, with no way to undo it. While the movie has a fairly low rating on Rotten Tomatoes (around 31% as of this post), I actually enjoyed it. There were some seriously big plot holes, the sight of Chris Pratt's backside was worthwhile.

  • I got home from the movies to find that my garage door wouldn't open. This happens quite a bit when it gets really cold. The metal contracts and provides some resistance that makes the door halt. This was different. So, I went inside through the front door and into the garage to find the track had come loose from the wall and blocked the door from rising. It was too late to go to Home Depot, so the Bearmobile had to sit outside in the freezing cold for the night.

  • Last night, I hunkered down and watched the Blu-Ray of "The House That Screamed", a 1969 Spanish horror movie staring German actress Lilli Palmer. The movie was in English and definitely had that late 60's Hammer-esque feel to it. It's set at a girls boarding school around 1900, where the headmistress runs a strict place, flogging girls when they are overly defiant. The headmistress has a gestapo-like "head girl" platoon who also do some questionable activities, with a distinct Lesbian vibe. Amidst all of this, girls who try to run away from the school are killed by an unknown assailant. Certainly, an odd movie of sorts.

  • This morning I got up early, without showering, to head over to Home Depot. I bought the necessary screws and support joints, checked out some very handsome bearded fellers roaming the aisles, and left to grab lunch. After I got home, I had the garage door fixed in about 30 minutes, which felt pretty good. A lot of it is common sense really, when it comes to fixing things, but I won't deny that it makes me nervous for some reason.

  • I was tempted to hit another movie, but decided to just grab a nap instead. It's cold outside.

Mark at 44

Jan. 5th, 2017 09:16 pm
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The first real snowfall of the season fell today. I do love the snow (provided I don't have to drive in it), as it makes the world look very clean and tidy. Snow covers so much up, the stray leaves and twigs in the yard, the imperfections in the driveway, etc. Everything becomes very smooth and uniform, however briefly.

Mark at 44
Me at 44

I woke up to it this morning. The fact I didn't have to face the work traffic and I got to sleep in felt wonderful. Boo the Kitten and Milo the Cat were in my face wanting to be fed. I was relaxing as I did a lot of my big errands yesterday.

Facebook was lovingly blowing up with birthday messages and my phone was buzzing with text messages, so I took my time this morning getting stuff going. I did my bicep workout and grabbed lunch. As you may know, calories and carbs don't count on birthdays, so I ate badly. I splurged on some comic books and crashed at home, inking comic book pages and watching Netflix.

I've crossed into my mid-40s with no mortgage, good friends and family, and a worthwhile career. It's not a bad place to be!
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This week, I'm burning through the rest of my 2016 "use or lose" vacation, as this is the last possible week to use it. I had no specific plan or agenda, but I have been filling up the time as best I can. Today has been an exercise in doing "adulty stuff," the things that truly makes me feel like being old.

  • My first stop on the morning adult errand trip was getting my property taxes paid on my car. There was a nice burly daddy bear in line ahead of me, so at least the view was good while I waited in line. The tax amount was less than I had expected so that was a nice surprise.

  • This is also the year I had to renew my driver's license. The license renewal had been moved to a different office, so I had to do a trip to get that done. As usual, the DMV camera worked its magic wonders and I looked terrible. I often wonder if they don't have "reverse Photoshop" that makes people look even worse. I'm stuck with this for a few years, barring my losing this thing.

  • The last errand of the day (so far, as it's only just after noon) was a visit to the bank. I told myself that I was going to do this in 2017 and it's as good a time as any. I requested a pay off amount for my mortgage. I pulled money out of my bank account and paid it off. On the cusp of being 44, I am now mortgage-free. It's a very odd feeling. I expected something magical, so deep meaning, but it felt like paying off a credit card almost. The bank rep congratulated me as I was leaving and it felt good. It is a good birthday gift to myself.

Napping... that's adulty, isn't it???
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I didn't go out last night for NYE. I'd been invited by a couple of folks to go out, but I really didn't feel like being social after being SO out and about over Christmas and having worked this week.

So instead I hunkered down at home and watched a bunch of horror flicks, including my new Blu-Ray of "Terror Train" (a 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis horror flick about a group of college students who board a private train to celebrate NYE, I thought it was appropriate). I hope everyone had a safe and fun NYE!

Most of most NYE evening was spent penciling pages of Issue #21 of my comic book. I finished this page tonight and thought I'd share it, as it doesn't give away any part of the story.

Yawning Grizzly
Yawning Grizzly!

Happy New Year!
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I was pretty happy to have the weekend start. Knowing I have several days off certainly did help. It's been a good weekend so far.

  • Friday was a Christmas party at a friend's house. I had a great time. I met several new folks and I wish I had gotten last names so I could connect with them again, but I'm sure I'll see them around.

  • Saturday was unseasonably warm. I got a break between rain bursts to get a late morning run in. I managed to do a full 3.4 miles, which felt really good. Once it gets really cold, I lose my enthusiasm to go out, but I force myself to do it.

  • Saturday afternoon, I went with friends to see "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" at a swank new movie house called Cine-Bistro, where they serve dinner along with the movie. The movie was AMAZING! I'm not giving anything away, but, in my opinion, it is exactly what Episode Three should have been.

  • I was invited to another Christmas party after the movie, but the rain was torrential and I just wanted to get home. It was so heavy that it almost doubled my drive home.

  • Today, I went out to grab lunch and get the last of my Christmas shopping done. It was just a trip to Bath and Body Works to get some lotion that my mom likes, but it was a zoo. I was the only guy in there and the lines were long. I grabbed three of the lotions and a bath soap from the men's section for me, only to have the cashier tell me that I could get two more for free. After standing in line that long, I didn't want to get out of line to grab them, so I just told her that I didn't need them. She told me it would be cheaper and I still begged off, saying it was worth the money not to have to stand in the line longer. She nicely said that if I told her which ones, she would grab them while I paid for the goods with my credit card. So I got three of my bath soaps too.

    But still, this is how I feel about standing in lines during the Christmas season, I'm willing to forgo free stuff to get out. Luckily, I am now DONE!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!
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I've not been posting much of late. There is no particular reason, other than I've been insanely busy at work and nothing post-worthy has been happening in the last couple of weeks. The cold and dreary weather is setting in and I've been pretty tired after work.

Tonight I went to a Christmas party hosted by some local friends. I almost begged off, but I realize that I can flip into "hermit" mode so easily and I need to find myself around friends. The party was a great time as always. I got to see a lot of friends that I don't get to see often, as well as a few new ones.

I left the party relatively early because some freezing rain was coming in tonight and I thought the roads might get a bit nasty. My windshield was icing up as I was driving, so I know that was a good idea.

Christmas shopping is done (almost). One more present and I'm finished except for the wrapping.

And I'm off work until the 27th! Yay!
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I was re-reading some of my Justice League of America comics, admiring the artwork by a younger George Perez, when I pulled one of the pre-Perez issues where the artwork was done by the late Dick Dillin. I loved Dillon's work on JLA. He drew over 100 issues of the comic from 1968 to 1980.

His artwork was one of the first introductions to comic books. Way back in the late 1970s, I went to yard sale at one of our neighbor's home. Among the multitude of junk was a handful of comic books. I had started picking up a few comics here and there after my cousins had bought me my first Wonder Woman comic, so I recall being excited to see them. Among them was Justice League of America #165 below. Being a huge Superfriends cartoon fan, I snatched up that comic for a dime and took it home.

JLA 165 Cover

The comic introduced me to several superheroes I didn't really know, like Elongated Man, Red Tornado, and Zatanna, and had my favorites present, Superman, Batman, and especially Wonder Woman. The artwork definitely intrigued me, as I'd not seen this kind of action on paper before.

JLA 165 Interior

I mean, Wonder Woman on FIRE! How could that not draw my attention! Art-wise, I also learned the importance of the under-boob shadow, a technical piece of cartooning that I use to this day. The story made me look for the previous issue and eventually to others.

Sadly, Dick Dillin passed away from a heart attack in 1980. He was in the middle of the annual summer JLA-JSA team-up, so DC brought in George Perez to finish it up, which was the start of Perez's run on the comic. I'd enjoy getting a piece of original Dick Dillin artwork, but from what I've seen it is pretty expensive. It makes me happy that I got the original art from Perez already.
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I have all but stopped listening to the radio on the way to work. Nowadays, I tend to listen to various podcasts on my drive to and from work. RuPaul's What's the Tee, The Pandora Box Show, Lore, Marc Maron, etc., these are the things I go through and often look for others.

The podcast today was What's the Tee with the guest being Suzanne Somers. Being a fan of "Three's Company," I thought RuPaul and Michelle would be talking about her acting career, but the bulk of the show is all about Somers' keen interest in alternative medicine, vitamins, etc. I knew Michelle was all about the "organic" foods and detoxifying herself, most of which I think is pure bull$#!+, but putting her and Somers in the same room just magnified it. Listening to Somers talk about how bad our food is, the horror of GMOs, how drugs cause more problems and illness that vitamins could fix was just causing so much eye-rolling I was getting dizzy. Once they kept talking about getting colonics and detoxifying themselves and how a broken hip causes a lifetime of lead contamination in the bones to be released to the brain and resulting in dementia, I just had to turn it off.

I find it fascinating that Somers is all about being organic and all-natural, but has had a slew of cosmetic surgeries to try to keep a young-ish appearance. I'm sure the collagen in her over-inflated lips is all-natural. I'm sure the Botox in her forehead is not consider a "toxin."

I need to find a better podcast to listen to. I'll be deleting this episode at least.
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Last night was the annual costume party I attend. It was a fun bash as usual. The hosts were dressed up as the creepy nun from "The Conjuring 2" and looked amazing. What really made me happy was the photo booth, which was set up like a parlor room with a mirror that reflected others from the side.

My costume was a mime outfit. I felt it was a cop-out, but the "KY Jelly" tube costume was just too hard to assemble at such a short notice. I spent the last two weeks getting the pieces together for the mime outfit(the beret, the suspenders, etc.), but it was the make-up that did me in. Not really being well-versed in applying make-up, it was a mess on the first try. The cream make-up dried and cracked and looked more "zombie" than "mime." Since I couldn't find the right make-up, I had to resort to an old trick from when I was a kid -- shoe polish. I'm sure it's not good for the skin, but ... it worked.

Mime Time

Mime Time

After a few hours of enjoying the party, I came home and spent the better part of a half-hour scrubbing my face. Today has been a recovery day. I was beat from the party, but didn't drink, so I'm not sure what wore me out so much. Tomorrow is the costume contest at the office, but I don't think I can handle putting the get-up on again for an entire day.
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I spent a good chunk of last night running around to different stores, trying to get pieces for my Halloween costume. I was largely unsuccessful, finding only one part that would work. I still have two weeks to work on it, but I'm strongly considering switching to a different costume.

I want to go as a tube of lube. I have a great design for it, but finding the loops needed to form the body of the costume is proving to be problematic. Also, the costume is going to be hot because the plastic tube of the body does not breathe.

The alternate costume is going as a mime, wearing a sign over my neck that says "I'm not a clown!" The sign is in reference to the odd surge of clown-sightings, one of which has caused local schools to close for the day a couple of weeks back. This costume would be less warm, but it would not be so funny.

I'll spend today trying to find the pieces for the first, but I'm willing to go to costume #2 if it proves too difficult.

And I'm sad the weekend is almost over...
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This afternoon, I drove two of my co-workers to lunch. While we were in the parking lot, a black Toyota Tacoma was in front of us and pulled into a parking space. I was going to pass him and park into an empty spot beyond him. Just as I approached the truck, he started backing up. I threw my car into reverse in hopes of getting out of his way, honking my horn a bit too late. The truck dragged his bumper across the front of my car.

So, after having my car for six months, I now have the first damage done, by some dude who was backing his truck up to "straighten it up" in the space without looking in his rear view mirror. FML!

I called the police. I sent my co-workers on to eat while the truck's driver and I waited for the officer to show. No report was filed because it occurred on private property. The damage is cosmetic. We exchanged info with the officer and I called my insurance company when I got back to the office.

My concentration was shot, so I left work early. I grabbed lunch on the way home, watched TV when I got there, then went for a run. After the initial shock and my adrenaline rush wore off, I felt myself crashing tonight.

I'm not mad at the truck's driver. He actually turned out to be a decent guy. I'm upset at all the coming activities as a result of the accident. I now have to get estimates for repairs, be without my car for several days while they fix it, pay for a rental car for it, arrange to pick up my car, and deal with the ambulance-chasing attorneys who will inevitably be calling to see if I want to sue.

It's just one more thing to wreck anything else I'd planned to do.

... sigh...
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This past couple of weeks, I have been feeling drained. I'm blaming the seasonal changes for this one. I took a look in past entries to see if this happened last year or the year before, but I didn't make specific note of it, it seems.

In the middle of the day, I'm getting sleepy. By the time I make it home from work, I'm ready for a nap.

My running game is going well strangely, I've been rebuilding my stamina, making the distance without stopping in the middle like I have all summer. However, my lifting game has been hurting. I've been petering out before I complete the workout. I did that tonight actually, only getting halfway through my bicep workout before I gave up.

Hopefully, this is a transitional thing and I'll re-acclimate soon. I'm looking forward to the weekend already.


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