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This morning I woke up from a pretty cool dream. I was dreaming that I was walking through the first house my parents owned, the one I lived in for the first four years of my life. We moved from that house to the house next door, which was my grandparents' house, which was slightly larger. My older brother and his family lived in the original house for a while, then my cousin and his family lived there for a time who did some needed renovating. So, even though I left the house at four, I was in and out of the house for years after.

In my dream, workmen were in the house renovating it and I went room to room reminiscing about my life there. The actual house is a small, two bedroom-one bath home. The renovated home was oddly larger inside than outside, with new hardwood floors and endless closet space and hidden pathways.

I was curious whether the remodel was being done to sell the house. If so, I was thinking of buying it. The workman told me that the cost for renting the house was going to be $2000/month, which was outrageous for my small hometown, even if the house did bend the laws of physics in terms of space. In reality, if the little house was for sale, I actually would consider it, I think.

I'm sure the reason for the dream is that I'm driving to my hometown today.
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