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Here are some odds and ends of the past week:

  • My holiday weekend started early. I took Friday off because I had to be home for the appliance repair guy to show up. I started it off by SLEEPING IN. An alarm clock is a necessity on work days, but the mornings where I don't have to hear it, it's pure pleasure to just come to consciousness.

  • It was a beautiful, sunny day, I went for a run. Both of my usual outdoor running places were taken up by picnics and such, so I went to Pioneer Park, which is down the road from me. I've driven past it many times, and planned to run there, but never got around to it until today. It's a nice park, definitely adding it to my list of places. However, I explored the running path behind the dog park portion and got lost, thinking the trail would loop back to another park section and it ended up on a public street. I kept running thinking another entrance would appear, but I ended up on the highway. So I had to run another 3/4 mile on the highway to get back to the park. A screw up, but it definitely increased my distance.

  • The appliance repair guy was not hot sadly. The good news is that the problem with the machine is a cracked hose. The only negative is that he has to order it, so I'll be taking more time off next week to actually get it fixed.

  • With no washer and laundry piling up, I went to the local coin-laundry. I've been there before to wash a comforter, so I'm familiar with the place. It is a nice little place, but it definitely draws a Wal-Mart crowd, so the people watching is fun. No hotties in there though. Still, the clothes are clean!

  • I've been working on Issue #22 of "Grizzly and the Bear Patrol." I'm about half-way through penciling the issue, which I hope to finish this weekend.

  • Going out with the guys tonight to see "Alien: Covenant" tonight. It should be fun.

Have a great holiday weekend guys!
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