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It's taken almost a week to dry out my family room. I tried in vain to get the carpet padding to dry, but it was hopeless. And because the padding is some foam composite, it acted like a sponge and allowed the water to continue to expand to more carpet.

I took off from work early Tuesday and bought some new padding to replace it. After removing the old padding, I noticed that the concrete was still damp. I swept and cleaned the affected concrete then sanitized it with a hot water/bleach solution. With a new giant power fan, I cranked up the airflow and the concrete was dry again the next morning.

When I finally got home today after work, I put the new padding down, which had to be done in sections. I replaced the carpet and vacuumed the junk off it. It looks good, but I'm letting the fan take one more hit on it tonight. I'm not sure if the carpet is damp, or it's just cold.

Needless to say, it has been a royal pain in the butt. I look forward to putting the furniture back and trying to get my house back into a semblance of order. It really has just unnerved me to walk into my cluttered house and knowing I couldn't do anything to speed up this clearing the mess.
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