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Tyler the Roto-Rooter Cub showed up just after 1 PM. He looks like he's 20 years old, a short, stocky clean-shaven cubby-type. Super nice, he went through what he could do for my drain. Because of the age of my house, the drain is not "up to code" so they can't guarantee the work, but he could clean it out.

While his motorized snake was grinding its way through my drain pipe (wow, that sounded dirty), I walked around the side of my house and I literally could hear the blade grinding through the crap in the pipe. It was like a weird snapping, knocking noise, but I could hear it as it moved forward. I desperately wanted to know where that pipe let out.

At the back of my house, I found a pipe, but it never seemed to be the right drain based on what the front drain was like. I suspect it to be the drain at the back of my patio door.

Next to the drain, I could hear the knocking of the snake. With Tyler's help, we found the broken end of a second pipe, clogged with dirt and covered with years of debris. I had always wondered why there were stones lining this hilly area of my back yard, now I know it was to prevent erosion from the drains. I cleared the debris and scooped out more and more of the dirt surrounding the pipe. Tyler flushed the line and lots of water came through it. I think it seriously may have been the first time it's ever been cleaned out.

Now that it has been flushed out, I am hopeful that I'll not have any repeats of Saturday. Now I can concentrate on the carpets again, which are finally drying, I think.

Geez! What an experience... After Tyler got all his stuff packed up, he gave me the bill, which was less than half of what I expected, which made me very happy.
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