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I've not posted one of my dreams for a long time. Last night's was a doozy though.

I have never dreamed of a historical person before, but the dream had me hanging out with Albert Einstein. He had the messy hair, big stache, everything. He was a physics professor at my old college. He was just taking a walk on campus and I introduced myself. I joined him on his walk, talking about things.

During the walk we ran into Howard Wollowitz from the Big Bang Theory. He was playing a shoot-em up game with all these different guys on campus. When you got shot, which involved a player pointing his finger like a gun and going "pew pew," you had to drop. Everyone around us was involved in the game it seems, as complete strangers would dramatically grab themselves and fall when shot. Einstein and I joined in and I went down rather quickly.

The dream then took a very dark turn.

When I "came to," everyone was gone. I heard music coming from the building and knew that something more ominous was coming. I ran into the building to warn the musicians that they needed to hide. There were three men with string instruments when I got into the auditorium. When I told them to hide, they scoffed at me. I heard noises coming toward the room, so I ran toward a cabinet to hide, but when I opened them, the advancing horde was in the cabinet, which was a tunnel.

They pushed the doors off the hinges and one of them fell on top of me, hiding me from these men. I kept still as they took the musicians. One of them, an Asian man in 1940s garb and glasses, pulled the door off of me and told me to stay hidden until they left.

So I did... then I woke up.
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