Jan. 8th, 2017

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Since 2009, I've been keeping track of all the money I find outside the house during the year. A penny here, a dime there, the occasional quarter found in parking lots, on the carpet at work, or in the grocery aisle. I've kept track of the money for one year to see how much I would accumulate.

The rule is that it must be found money, money lost or discarded by someone else. So the change in my washing machine or dryer, the coins between the sofa cushions, the money in my car's floor -- none of them count because that's already my money. I call it the "found money." It takes little effort on my part, but I like to see how the amount tallies up.

The annual total has been $3.05 on average. Some years were closer to $2, while last year was the largest at slightly over $4. Until this year.

This past year's "found money" total was $11.76.

The amount was skewed from the average when I found $9 in cash laying on the ground at a Kentucky rest stop this summer. I had come out of the restroom and was walking toward my car when I saw it laying on the concrete. I looked around to see if anyone could have dropped it and there was no one about. So, I pocketed the cash with the intent of putting it in the found money jar.

Without the $9, the total would have been $2.76.


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