Jan. 5th, 2017

Mark at 44

Jan. 5th, 2017 09:16 pm
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The first real snowfall of the season fell today. I do love the snow (provided I don't have to drive in it), as it makes the world look very clean and tidy. Snow covers so much up, the stray leaves and twigs in the yard, the imperfections in the driveway, etc. Everything becomes very smooth and uniform, however briefly.

Mark at 44
Me at 44

I woke up to it this morning. The fact I didn't have to face the work traffic and I got to sleep in felt wonderful. Boo the Kitten and Milo the Cat were in my face wanting to be fed. I was relaxing as I did a lot of my big errands yesterday.

Facebook was lovingly blowing up with birthday messages and my phone was buzzing with text messages, so I took my time this morning getting stuff going. I did my bicep workout and grabbed lunch. As you may know, calories and carbs don't count on birthdays, so I ate badly. I splurged on some comic books and crashed at home, inking comic book pages and watching Netflix.

I've crossed into my mid-40s with no mortgage, good friends and family, and a worthwhile career. It's not a bad place to be!


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