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I have a half-hour drive to work and home from work. With construction in town, the drive has been stretched to 40-60 minutes of late. To pass the time, I listen to a variety of podcasts in the car. Some are really good, including "You Must Remember This," "What's the Tee," "Nooner with Alec and Calpernia," "The Pandora Boxx Show," and "WTF with Marc Maron."

I often test-drive other podcasts related to shows I like. Last night, I downloaded a couple of episodes of a podcast that recounts and discusses the Adult Swim animated series "Rick and Morty" for today's drives.

And it was horrible.

It started off okay, but the hosts quickly fell apart. The commenters are obviously much younger than me. The female commenters and the one male host use the word "like" incessantly.

"Like, it was so strange... like, the moment that this happened, I was ... like, laughing so hard.."

It was insanely distracting. I counted that in one 60 second portion of the discussion, the hosts used the word "like" over 20 times. If this were turned into a drinking game where listeners took a shot with every use of the word, people would be $#!+faced in minutes, passed out in a puddle of their own vomit while crapping themselves.

I had to turn it to something different after about 20 minutes. I'll be looking for a different podcast to replace it.
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I've been having trouble with my feet lately. A couple of weeks ago, they hurt so bad after a softball game that I couldn't bear to wear my cleats. I took them off and walked in my stocking feet to the parking lot and my car. I blamed the cleats as they have been crushing my feet, so I think they were a bad buy.

That night, my feet ached like crazy, so on top of them being sore, I believe I had a gout flare-up. So I took my gout meds and went to work. The following weekend, I bought some new shoes in the hopes that it would fix the problem. I played in the new shoes last week and things went great. However, my feet started aching a couple of days later, which I believed was tendonitis in my heel.

I'd not been running as a result, which had been really bugging me. Today, even though my heel wasn't 100%, I decided to go for a run. I did a weird gallop the first couple of laps, but then my gait went to normal. I'm sure the endorphins were kicking in. By the time I was half-way through my 3.4 mile walk-run, the pain was pretty much gone. I've found this to be true in the past, that working out will often get whatever kinks taken care of. My heel hasn't hurt the rest of the day, so I'm hoping it will stay that way.

Softball is looming in a couple of days, I hopefully will not experience a repeat of the past week.
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I had a quirky dream this morning. It started off by my dreaming about an older woman who went around spending money, but she was spending it on others. She put large tips in the buckets for street performers. I saw a large volume of change sliding down a change catcher, playing for everyone getting on a bus. I seemed to have the impression that this woman was not long for this world and was spreading as much joy as she could with all the money that she had. She wasn't miserable or sad, she was happy.

The last part of the dream was me on a metro train and I had paid $200 to pay for several people on the train. The train folks said that they didn't have the change for it, so I told them not to worry as I had paid for multiple folks. They said I wasn't supposed to do that, but I exited the train before they could chastise me for it. It just seemed more important to spread the happy around instead.

And then I woke up to Milo head-butting my chin.

"Feed me, human," he lovingly appeared to say.
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I was visiting family down in my hometown over the weekend, checking on my mom, who has been adjusting to life in the nursing home. She's had a few falls, most of which involve her forgetting that she's not supposed to get out of bed or out of her wheelchair without assistance. She seems to be doing okay. So after having lunch with her today, I did the near three-hour trek back home.

The roads were full of the crazy today. I'm not sure what is happening, but the roads seemed to be crowded and people were not paying attention. I had or saw three different encounters on the highway that nearly led to a wreck.

  • The first had a black Chevy truck driving in the far left-hand lane that was ending. And it ended while he was driving to the left of me. So he started drifting back toward me and there was a car to the right of me, so I was boxed in. I hit the breaks and the Chevy-driving @$$hole swerved into my lane. Freakin' moron.

  • The second had a truck pulling a off-road buggy on a trailer in the middle lane. He swerved into the left lane where there already a car. The trailer slammed into the car and the car moved to the left to get away. There was contact, lots of burning rubber, etc. Both cars kept moving. I was expecting them to pull off to the side of the road, but neither did. I was surprised. Both eventually pulled off into Berea, but at two separate exits.

  • The last was after I pulled off the interstate, which was crowding because of construction. I pulled off to take the back road home. A guy was pulling out of a post-office parking lot, turning left when he would need to cross two lanes of traffic to go the other way. It's not so far fetched, as he could pull into the turning median. The truck ahead of me allowed the guy to pull out, but a beige sedan was flying up the turning median to get to a turn lane at the light and plowed right into him. I saw it all and cringed. Both drivers got out and were walking around, so no permanent damage to them, but their night just got horrible.

You'd think that would be the end of it, but then I pulled down my street and found my meth-lab @$$hole neighbor had parked his car IN FRONT OF MY DRIVEWAY! I looked at it incredulously, like it wasn't real. Now my neighbor has pissed me off before, but this was just unbelievable. This wasn't a mistake. So I pulled through my yard to get my car in the drive, then walked out to look at it. My other neighbor was spraying off his driveway and looked over at me. I told him that the guy across the street had blocked my drive. He said he hadn't noticed, so it likely hasn't been there long.

I overhead one of his kids yell in the house, "Mark is yelling that you need to move your car."

After about five minutes of expecting this butthole to move it, I went over and banged on his door. He looked up at me through the door and yelled, "I'm coming!"

"Today would be nice," I replied. I went back inside my house and waited for him to move the car. He took his sweet time. Even when he sauntered to the car and got in it, he spent a moment or two before it started and moved. It was almost like he was prolonging this just a bit more to piss me off.

I should have just called the police and let them deal with him. He better not do this again, inconsiderate jerk.
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After 15 1/2 years, I paid off my tiny house in January. I was thrilled to do it, to pay such a large debt in a reasonably short amount of time. I did it mainly by almost never taking a vacation. With all of my work travel, both domestic and international, I never felt particularly deprived in doing this. Work travel also meant per diem, which added to my bank account for anything I didn't spend.

Now that the house is all mine, I am beginning to fix and change things in the house. One of the biggest is replacing the patio door. The seal on one side was broken when I bought the house, as evident by the cloudiness in the window. Every year, I had planned to do this, but then other things would creep in -- a new heating/air system, new windows, family emergencies where the money was needed elsewhere. So it was constantly pushed off until this past week.

Earlier in the week, I had the patio door measurement done, then over the weekend, I went to Home Depot to drool incessantly over the men in orange aprons... and to order the door. It should be here in a week or so. I'm looking forward to the positive change in the house.

There is still a lot left to do. I need to remove the wallpaper in the living room and paint it. I need to replace the toilet in the main bathroom, which I'm very tempted to try to do myself. I'd like to replace all three sinks in the house. I need to have the exterior of the house painted. Eventually, I will need a new roof.

The replacement of the patio door has got me itching to do these things. I'm not sure how people buy a property and do all these repairs and remodels, as I was cash poor when I bought mine in 2001. However, I'm looking forward to doing some of that now.
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While I was traveling for work last week, I read a book I bought last year called "Horrorstör," a horror-comedy novel. I learned of the book from a post by [personal profile] barak and I thought it sounded like a real hoot.

The story deals with a group of employees at a Ikea-type store called Orsk, which sells various ready-to-assemble furniture with odd Scandinavian names. One night, the manager asks two employees to stay the night in the store with him to investigate who is damaging store property before a corporate auditing team arrives the next morning.

As the evening progresses, the employees find that the entity damaging the store property is of the supernatural variety and that they are all in danger because of it.

As someone who has worked retail in the past, I found the forced business culture and sayings as terrifying as the supernatural activity itself. I don't want to give any more of the story away, but I really enjoyed the story. It was a fairly quick read, as I breezed through it on the flight out and the flight back home. I especially like the way the book looks like a catalog and has pages describing various Orsk home and office products, which gradually become more and more disturbing as the story advances and each has an order number containing "666."

According to the Wikipedia page for the novel, the rights have been optioned for a television series. I would recommend not reading the Wikipedia page as it contains spoilers for the book.
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It's only Tuesday. Ugh. It just seems like it is definitely crawling along.

  • Over the weekend, I helped my mom move to her new room at the nursing home. She had a single as long as she did rehab. When her rehab stint ended, she had to move into a room with a roommate. Change is not easy for anyone, so I went down to try to ease the transition, which was surprisingly easy. Mom was in good spirits and very clear-headed for a change. I found out last night through my sister that Mom had fallen in her new room, tumbling out of her wheelchair when she stood up to water her plant. As good as she's doing according to the physical therapist, the reality of it is that she cannot live on her own anymore. Luckily, nothing was broken this time.

  • I'm not feeling the post-issue malaise that usually comes with posting my comic book. I've been so busy on weekends and at work that I've not noticed. Tonight, with softball canceled due to rain, I found myself oddly out-of-sorts with nothing that I HAD to do.

  • My newest TV binge watching has been "Schitt's Creek". I've heard of this show for a couple of years, but I finally managed to buckle down and watch it. OMG! How have I missed this?? I've always been a fan of Eugene Levy (who is a wonderfully furry daddy bear) and Catherine O'Hara. Levy's son Daniel also stars and writes the series, and he's very handsome and furry himself. The comedy is both silly and biting. The story of a very rich family who loses it all and has to move to a rural community is prime with possibilities. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix streaming, season 3 is on DVD right now.

  • I'm teaching class next week. We usually have 5 or 6 instructors for 30 students, but several of the instructors are unavailable, so we're down to three instructors and one newbee, so I'll be teaching half of the class this round. I'll tell the students to set their universal translators to "hillbilly" (*writing down this joke for class*)
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This issue took a LONG time to get done. I was writing the issue back in February, but family and work stuff got busy and I finally had the time to put the issue together. I drew the villain for this issue a long time back, but finally got around to using the character. I already have the idea for the next issue, so hopefully the next issue won't take so long to put together. Issue Notes are at the bottom as usual. Enjoy :)

Cover 22

Issue #22 - Shadows & Light )

Issue Notes - May Contain Spoilers )

Comments, questions, criticisms?
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Yesterday, I went to the gym for the first time in a couple of months. I work out regularly, but I often do cardio by running outside or lift free weights at home. I joined Planet Fitness back in January because I needed to change things up and a place to get my cardio in when the weather was nasty. For the first six weeks, I was in a great routine. However, with Mom's stroke and broken hip, the aftermath of her hospital stay, the flooding at my house, the washing machine, and other bits of family-related drama, the gym visits fell to the wayside. It was just easier to work out at home and then deal with the other things.

Yeaterday's visit was perfect really. In my absence, the New Years resolution folks have bailed and the gym is a more manageable environment. I grabbed a bench in the free-weight area to get some chest presses in next to a very brawny daddy bear, then hit some of the chest and back machines. I finished out with some cardio and an episode of "Bob's Burgers."

When I got home, I mowed the yard in anticipation of rain. I got my shower and hunkered down for some coloring of comic pages, while watching both "Friday the 13th" and "Friday the 13th Part 2."

I feel pretty good today. Seriously, why should that surprise me so much?
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This morning I woke up from a pretty cool dream. I was dreaming that I was walking through the first house my parents owned, the one I lived in for the first four years of my life. We moved from that house to the house next door, which was my grandparents' house, which was slightly larger. My older brother and his family lived in the original house for a while, then my cousin and his family lived there for a time who did some needed renovating. So, even though I left the house at four, I was in and out of the house for years after.

In my dream, workmen were in the house renovating it and I went room to room reminiscing about my life there. The actual house is a small, two bedroom-one bath home. The renovated home was oddly larger inside than outside, with new hardwood floors and endless closet space and hidden pathways.

I was curious whether the remodel was being done to sell the house. If so, I was thinking of buying it. The workman told me that the cost for renting the house was going to be $2000/month, which was outrageous for my small hometown, even if the house did bend the laws of physics in terms of space. In reality, if the little house was for sale, I actually would consider it, I think.

I'm sure the reason for the dream is that I'm driving to my hometown today.
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After work on Friday, I hurried to the nearest movie theater to catch a 3D matinee of "Wonder Woman". The character was one of the few highlights of "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice," so I was eagerly looking forward to seeing her solo movie.

I was surprised that the theater was so sparsely attended, even for a matinee, as it was just me and two other folks. I have to remember that I get off work earlier than most.

The movie was FANTASTIC! Any concerns I had about Gal Gadot getting the role of Diana were quickly dismissed. The story was great, the characters were entertaining, the setting was amazing, etc. The setting of the movie is WWI (hardly a spoiler), which is a bit outside of canon as Wonder Woman started in WWII, but it's forgivable. I loved the action. When Diana whips out her glowing lasso and it flies around the screen, I was almost giddy as it brings a character I adore to life for me.

I will watch it again in the theater, very soon, I think.

Saturday was a relatively dull day. The appliance repairman was supposed to show up early Saturday afternoon, only to show up at 6 PM that night. It does irritate me that I was left to linger about the house waiting for this guy to show, but the time wasn't wasted. I inked a lot of comic book pages that day. And the washer is fixed and fully operational again.

Now it's Sunday night and work will come early again tomorrow. Ugh.
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The Cincinnati MovieBears went for Saturday matinee of "Alien: Covenant." Well, it was me and one other guy. The holiday likely kept most away, but there were a lot of "maybe" attendees, so I was surprised that the attendance was THAT low.

Anyway, the movie takes place about a decade after "Prometheus," when a colony ship heading out colonize a new world responds to a signal coming from a previously-unknown and more approximate Earth-like world for colonization. Once they arrive, a landing party goes to check it out, a couple of crew folks get infected, monsters are born, and all hell breaks loose. The formula isn't bad, but it's not the first time we've seen this. There is a returning character in Michael Fassbender, who I admit I find strangely attractive.

The movie has a 71% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes (as of this writing) and I agree that the movie is fairly good, but I can't say I enjoyed it that much. I think my personal expectations were not met, but I can't articulate exactly what I felt was missing. I just thought that bits of it were not well-written. The landing party for example just seems to wander about on this planet without any checking of biological hazards. No quarantine, no protective suits, etc. They just exit the vehicle in their ship uniforms and start investigating. And this seems to be where the problems start.

Maybe I'm overthinking it.

Anyway, I doubt I'd watch it again. And it's not something I'd plan to buy.
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Here are some odds and ends of the past week:

  • My holiday weekend started early. I took Friday off because I had to be home for the appliance repair guy to show up. I started it off by SLEEPING IN. An alarm clock is a necessity on work days, but the mornings where I don't have to hear it, it's pure pleasure to just come to consciousness.

  • It was a beautiful, sunny day, I went for a run. Both of my usual outdoor running places were taken up by picnics and such, so I went to Pioneer Park, which is down the road from me. I've driven past it many times, and planned to run there, but never got around to it until today. It's a nice park, definitely adding it to my list of places. However, I explored the running path behind the dog park portion and got lost, thinking the trail would loop back to another park section and it ended up on a public street. I kept running thinking another entrance would appear, but I ended up on the highway. So I had to run another 3/4 mile on the highway to get back to the park. A screw up, but it definitely increased my distance.

  • The appliance repair guy was not hot sadly. The good news is that the problem with the machine is a cracked hose. The only negative is that he has to order it, so I'll be taking more time off next week to actually get it fixed.

  • With no washer and laundry piling up, I went to the local coin-laundry. I've been there before to wash a comforter, so I'm familiar with the place. It is a nice little place, but it definitely draws a Wal-Mart crowd, so the people watching is fun. No hotties in there though. Still, the clothes are clean!

  • I've been working on Issue #22 of "Grizzly and the Bear Patrol." I'm about half-way through penciling the issue, which I hope to finish this weekend.

  • Going out with the guys tonight to see "Alien: Covenant" tonight. It should be fun.

Have a great holiday weekend guys!
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So yesterday, I was in the middle of my chest and back workout. I had started a load of laundry, which is in the washroom next to my family room where the workouts occur. Between reps, I stepped in there to check on the load and heard the sound of trickling water.

I looked behind the machine to find water pooling. I lifted the lid to the washer and heard the sound of a stream on metal. Honestly, it sounded like my washing machine was taking a whiz. I let the machine finish the rinse cycle then turned off the water to the washing machine.

Back in 1996, I bought the Hotpoint washer and dryer from Best Buy. That was over 20 years ago and this is literally the first problem I've had with either one. While I'm elated at the longevity I've had with these units, I'm irritated that I have a new problem to deal with, especially with having just dealt with the flooding issue in the lower level. I checked on some Kenmore units at Kroger after dinner last night just in case and then posted on FB about my quandry, which pulled mixed responses from the peanut gallery.

Some encouraged me to get the unit fixed because they feel that new washing machines are not as reliable or work as well, while others commented that newer models are more efficient, saving electricity and water, and remarked that 20 years is an impressive amount of work to get out of my machines.

After much consideration, I decided to have it repaired if possible. I hate buying new things in desperation mode, so this will buy me some time. And a trip or two to a coin laundry won't kill me if I can't.
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It was a very busy weekend, but spectacular.

Our Cincycub Brian got hitched to his sweetheart Justin in a very fun wedding and reception last night. They had the wedding and party at the Reingeist Brewery in Cincinnati, which I admit sounded a bit strange for a wedding, but the space is actually really cool.

The wedding was very sweet. And very funny and cute, with little quips and pieces of humor from the officiate, the wedding party, and the grooms themselves. Mikiedoggie, his partner John, and Decibel Derek was sitting in the row with me while we watched the nuptials. The after wedding party was just upstairs with beers a plenty, a great dinner, and lots of friends.

I am deliriously happy for the guys. :)
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I bought my first lawn mower when I moved in my house in 2001. It's just like the one I grew up using, a 20" gas-powered mower. It's done a great job for all these years, but last week while I was mowing it seemed to be giving me a near-death rattle. The motor wasn't running as smoothly and it seemed to struggle quite a bit.

Since then, I've been looking online at different mowers. I have been wanting to try something different, so I've been spying the electric lawn mowers. Buying gas for the old mower is a pain, so I'd like to see about avoid it. Battery-powered ones have their ups and downs, mostly linked to battery life. Corded ones have their drawbacks as well, as many folks have told me about running over the electric cord.

On the way home from work today, I stopped at Home Depot to look at the furry eye candy... er, to comparison shop for mowers. They didn't have much in the way of electric mowers. The only model in stock was battery-powered and expensive. However, just next to it was something that caught my eye, something I'd not seen for a long time.

A manual reel mower.

The design is a bit fancier than the mowers I remember, but it principles are very much the same. I've never used one. My dad had one, but it literally sat outside in a corner of the yard, like a prop or a decorative item. The blades and wheels on it had long rusted in place, so it was completely non-functional.

So, on a lark, I bought one. It's far cheaper than the powered mowers and the online reviews are actually very positive. It's must quieter than powered models and, while it requires a bit more effort by me, it should be good for a cardio workout. For my 1/4 acre yard, which is 1/3 wooded, it may be an effective stop-gap while I continue a search for the electric mower. I put it together tonight after my chest/back workout.

I'm very eager to try it out tomorrow after work.
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I was in graduate school I think, which is strange because I didn't go to graduate school, with my best friend from college Greg and some other guys. Our "dorm" was actually fancy apartments with huge bathrooms, so we were probably incredibly far in debt.

The dream started with us in the bathroom. I was getting ready for bed. Greg and the others were going out with friends. I slept and woke up the next morning. I went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. When I got out of the shower and went to the mirror, I noticed my beard was gone. Or rather, it was "almost" gone. The fur on my cheeks and chin was gone, but the slight under growth along my jawline was sticking out and my mustache had been trimmed back. I looked awful. I was in shock and furious. I couldn't figure out what happened.

After getting dressed, I went looking for Greg for an explanation. After running into one of our other friends who told me where he was, I found Greg having coffee with a fancily dressed couple in a bookstore cafe. I walked up to him and asked him if he noticed anything missing on me. He tried to dodge the question, which made me furious. So I screamed, "What happened to my beard??!"

I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him to the floor and punched him in the face twice. He finally told me what happened. The couple were his friends from the night before. They had gotten completely trashed and he had dragged them to my room. In my groggy state, I apparently had said something being 60% sober or whatever, which angered them. In revenge, the group of them drugged me and took me to a barber shop or salon to get shaved.

Tears came in my eyes because of his betrayal. I said something hateful to him that I don't recall and threw him back to the floor. I got in my car, wondering what I'd do next, including moving out of the dorm.

It was definitely a dream because, in real life, Greg doesn't and has never drank alcohol and he would never have done something like this to anyone. Not sure what happened in my brain for this, because I'd never have cast Greg as a dream villain.
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It's taken almost a week to dry out my family room. I tried in vain to get the carpet padding to dry, but it was hopeless. And because the padding is some foam composite, it acted like a sponge and allowed the water to continue to expand to more carpet.

I took off from work early Tuesday and bought some new padding to replace it. After removing the old padding, I noticed that the concrete was still damp. I swept and cleaned the affected concrete then sanitized it with a hot water/bleach solution. With a new giant power fan, I cranked up the airflow and the concrete was dry again the next morning.

When I finally got home today after work, I put the new padding down, which had to be done in sections. I replaced the carpet and vacuumed the junk off it. It looks good, but I'm letting the fan take one more hit on it tonight. I'm not sure if the carpet is damp, or it's just cold.

Needless to say, it has been a royal pain in the butt. I look forward to putting the furniture back and trying to get my house back into a semblance of order. It really has just unnerved me to walk into my cluttered house and knowing I couldn't do anything to speed up this clearing the mess.
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It was incredibly cold night to play. The temps were in the low 60s, but it was overcast and windy, which made for a very chilly night to play. We had a double-header, the early game and the late with a hour break in between.

The first team we played was not very good, but both teams are in the recreational division. Several of them were working out injuries. We beat them easily, but we were courteous, taking only one base when we could grab two. One inning, we even gave them six outs so they could bat around more. Playing right field, I caught a pop fly for the final out of the game.

The second game was more aggravating. It's the team "formerly known as Shooters," named after a closed country/western bar. They were in the competitive division last year, but they claim they've lost and replaced players and now are in the intermediate division. I saw some of their replacement players and they are past players on the team. On their whole team, I'd say maybe two of them play at the intermediate level. The rest are still at the competitive level.

Naturally, they trounced us, 30-something to some single-digit score. Sore losers are bad enough, but sore winners are freakin' worse. One of our guys had three fouls and was about to bat again, when the pitcher said he should be out. He said the rule was one free foul, but the ump was allowing it. Now, the Sheldon Coopers of the world would say rules are rules, but when you already have a double-digit lead on us, it looks very petty.

Worse, I was catching the second game and had to listen to three straight, insufferable twats on their team sit on the bleachers and give ESPN-like play-by-play of every mistake we made. When two outfielders nearly collided on a high fly hit, dropping the ball, they were laughing and talking about our team's lack of communication. They communicate better, they said cackling. It grated on my last nerve.

Normally, I'm very jovial, cracking jokes with the batters as they come up, and I did for the first part of the game, but after this insult to injury I had no f**ks left to give. After they batted through their line up the second time or so, we finally got a third out. I was coaching first and the other team's first basement tried to joke with me, but I just smiled and let it go. Their scorekeeper tried to flirt with me, but I wasn't in the mood and just nodded without a word.

Ironically, while I ended the first game by catching the last out, I ended this game by being tagged out at second.

I think our captain is going to report their playing level to make sure they play in the right division. We're not perfect, but against an intermediate team, would have done much better. I don't want it to sound like we're sore losers. We lost both games last week and had a great time, but dealing with the overly macho crap with this team made it no fun at all.
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Tyler the Roto-Rooter Cub showed up just after 1 PM. He looks like he's 20 years old, a short, stocky clean-shaven cubby-type. Super nice, he went through what he could do for my drain. Because of the age of my house, the drain is not "up to code" so they can't guarantee the work, but he could clean it out.

While his motorized snake was grinding its way through my drain pipe (wow, that sounded dirty), I walked around the side of my house and I literally could hear the blade grinding through the crap in the pipe. It was like a weird snapping, knocking noise, but I could hear it as it moved forward. I desperately wanted to know where that pipe let out.

At the back of my house, I found a pipe, but it never seemed to be the right drain based on what the front drain was like. I suspect it to be the drain at the back of my patio door.

Next to the drain, I could hear the knocking of the snake. With Tyler's help, we found the broken end of a second pipe, clogged with dirt and covered with years of debris. I had always wondered why there were stones lining this hilly area of my back yard, now I know it was to prevent erosion from the drains. I cleared the debris and scooped out more and more of the dirt surrounding the pipe. Tyler flushed the line and lots of water came through it. I think it seriously may have been the first time it's ever been cleaned out.

Now that it has been flushed out, I am hopeful that I'll not have any repeats of Saturday. Now I can concentrate on the carpets again, which are finally drying, I think.

Geez! What an experience... After Tyler got all his stuff packed up, he gave me the bill, which was less than half of what I expected, which made me very happy.


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